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The Adventurer

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The Adventurer

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The Types

  • Superior: None
  • Normal: None

The Feats

Weapon Mastery: Adventurers receive a 20% discount on training the Weapon Mastery for all weapon types and only require one fight to progress in Weapon mastery.
Starter Equipment: Adventurers may select one uncommon Melee or Ranged weapon upon start for their Weapon slot. In addition, they may select a rare Quiver or uncommon Melee or Ranged weapon for their off-hand slot. Furthermore, they may select one uncommon Heavy or Medium headpiece and armor as well.
Equipment Discount: Adventurers receive a 25% discount on Armor, Weapons, Shields and Quivers.
Off-Hand: Adventurers can equip either a shield, quiver or another weapon in their off-hand slot. They must also purchase and hold two-handed weapons without needing the typically required strength to wield them. They still need to have the required strength to dual-wield the weapons.
Specialization: Adventurers naturally progress as they rank up and unlock new perks in a path tree of their selection.

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Adventurers are one of the most diverse classes which naturally provides the character with more perks are they progress with their character. Adventurers may go down different paths, Warrior, Ranger, and Shadow. After a character reaches C-Rank they may then choose one of the paths which will replace their class name with the associated name. Rising up in rank the user will retain the perks of the previous rank of that path. Alternatively, a character may progress down their path by completing and submitting 75, 100, 125, 150 posts as an adventurer in the character review section, relative to the rank the character is progressing to.


  • Apprentice (Warrior) - As an Apprentice, you have grown accustomed to heavy armor and weapons. The speed reduction that is applied for wearing heavy armor, shields, and weapons is negated.
  • Raider (Ranger)  - Raiders do not make any sound when moving on their feet on land. This allows them to remain undetected from those they're hunting.
  • Saboteur (Shadow) - Saboteurs can stay on their feet in a tricky situation, such as when they're trying to run across a sheet of ice, balance on a tightrope, or stay upright on a rocking ship's deck. It also allows them to perform acrobatic stunts, including dives, rolls, somersaults, and flips. Saboteurs do not make any sound when moving on their feet on land.


  • Juggernaut (Warrior) - Juggernaut only need half the normal amount of strength to wield two-handed weapons as though they were a one-handed weapon.
  • Scout (Ranger)  -  Scouts receives an additional 10 meters range, 10m/s in spell speed, and a One-post Cool-down Reduction to all their Ranged Weapon spells.
  • Assassin (Shadow) - Assassins deal twice as much damage to equipment with daggers and fist-based weapons.


  • Sentinel (Warrior) - Sentinels may ignore the effects of knock-back.
  • Trickshot (Ranger)  - Trickshots basic shots ricochet off the first thing they hit and may direct damage to another target for one rank lower.
  • Blackhand (Shadow) - Blackhands deal double damage when attacking from behind with a dagger and fist-based weapons.


  • Champion (Warrior) - Champions may buff their allies equivalent to all of the self-buff effects they gain from spells within 15 meters. Percentage-based effects do not apply to allies. This can not be stacked with other champions and will only have the highest stats applied from any available champion.
  • Deadeye (Ranger)  - Deadeye's basic shot spells do not have a range limit.
  • Marauder (Shadow) - Marauders may debuff their enemies equivalent to all of the self-buff effects they gain from spells within 5 meters. Percentage-based effects do not apply to enemies. This can not be stacked with other Marauders and will only have the highest stats applied from any available Marauder.

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