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Oak to Baska [Travel]

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#1The King 

Oak to Baska [Travel] Empty Fri Apr 23, 2021 9:29 pm

The King
As the King made his way out of a bar with his hood up covering his skeletal face, he looked back at the city around him, he could feel a dark pressance near him, perhaps it was a demon, perhaps it was a filthy pretender, regardless he could feel it drawing him towards baska. The king knew where he must go next the King, went around town collecting the last few essentials he would need for his travels. rumour was that there was a lot of activity in Oak, he was planning on doing a few quests here, however fate has decided otherwise. Whatever was waiting for him in baska he would be ready and maybe make his way to Fairy Tail after to find out exactly what happened to the guild. As he made his way to the to the front gate in order to purchase a wagon for hire, he would take one last look at oak, knowing that he must return. 

Before stepping on the wagon, he would say to the driver, "take the backroads." He sat down in the wagon, making sure to hide skeletal body from prying eyes. He hated how Rusty he was in combat, the moment he got to baska he was going to start hunting to test his skill, to gain his strength back again. With that in mind he laid his skeletal head back and relaxed, occasionally, looking out the window at the scenery until he would arrive in baska, and let fate take its course.

Once he got there he quickly rented a room, and then got a feel for his surroundings. He didnt want to be caught off guard, as he was watching the people walk down the main road he saw, a man, beast, and woman. They stood out amongst the other townsfoke. The presence he felt back in oak, was coming from the pale man and the King knew where to begin.

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