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Tempris Ashflare

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Name: Tempris Ashflare

Age: 12

Birthday: X778 December 25

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevenese

Class: Paladin

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Back of my left shoulder plate

Face: Charlotta - Grand Blue Fantasy


Height: 4'5"

Weight: 80lb

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Cold Blue

Overall: Tempris is a little petite girl. She dons a innocent and calm demeanor when in public or around those who are useful to her. Around so call heretics and fire, she dons a more sinister smile, relishing in the heat of the scorching flame.

Tempris prefers to dress up, preferring dresses, fine jewelry, with only boots tipping off any signs of work. Even when dressing up for battle, she tries her best to add feminine touches to her armor  such as skirts, fabric, or keeping metals polished.

As a follower of Illumin, Tempris always has her symbol on her gear, armor, and outfits. If she can manage to add it, then she will wear a necklace with the symbol, typically in gold. When doing "holy work" she prefers to don Veil with a metal band over her forehead with Illumin's symbol.

Extra: As a holy child, Tempris prefers to mark her body as little as possible. Thus she only has her guild symbol and ear piercings.



Tempris is a very devoted girl. The world is full of sin and Illumin has entrusted her to rid the world of it through holy fire. However, the girl as learned to stretch the meaning of sin to get what she wants out of people. She is not afraid of harming those who insult or threaten her and takes pride in freeing their souls. In fact, she relishes using her magic on others, especially those weaker than her. She takes every opportunity to put the inferior down and boaster her own accomplishments.

Tempris is very prideful and looks down on those she deems not useful. Their lives are as useful as dirt, no even less. You can grow trees out of dirt. Still, she's not a dumb kid. She knows when to bite her tongue and wait for her opportunity. When that opportunity arises, others will feel the righteous fury.

Despite all of this, Tempris can be quite immature. She is young and inexperience in a lot of things in the world. She loathes losing or being one up by her opponents. Sometimes, she does show mercy to those who really piss her off. However, that always comes with a greater pain she wishes to inflict.


  • Illumin: Tempris exist to exert Illumin's will. The world will be purge of sin.
  • Fire: Tempris loves playing with fire. Some nights, she finds herself just staring into a flame. Safe, warm, and eating away at whatever it touches. It is true living.
  • Fine Items: Being high class, means having all the best of stuff. Having the best stuff means nobody has anything better. Lets relish in the fact that Illumin loves me the most.
  • Peasants: If it were not for lowly people, she would not have anyone to bully educate and free from this sinful world.


  • Heretics: How dare they spit on the very being that brought them into this world. They are poor lost souls. The only way to save them is through fire.
  • Dirty Work: Why must someone like her get her hands dirty. That's what peasants are for. Oh did you know, dust is considered heresy. Let us free dust in the holy flames of Illumin.  


  • Illumin: Tempris officially lives to enact the will of Illumin. To purge the world of sin and recreate the world in her image.
  • Pleasure: Tempris wants to share her love of fire with the world. Everyone she be able to feel the flames embrace. Be it born renew or reduced to ash. Only then can your soul be renewed.
  • Fear: Tempris longs to be respected, to be seen as right. She is the Holy Child and she will enacted Illumin's will, though flame or fire. All those who wish to receive the blessing of the flame shall bend the knee else be reduced to ash.


  • Powerful Sinners: For there to exist a being who could withstand the will of Illumin. One who is immune to the searing flames and robs the world of true life. Worst, for this person to not value Tempris as useful till she is able to overthrow them.
  • Insects: They are the true embodiment of sin. They are creepy, dangerous, yet weak. They get into all the places you don't want them and lack respect for the flames. Nonmatter how many you burn, their is always 10 more surviving the fires.
  • Cold: Warmth equals Illumin's love. It's what keeps us alive. So the cold is only felt by those forsaken. To be forsaken by Illumin is to not be the Holy Child


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 1

Speed: 3

Constitution: 4

Endurance: 7

Intelligence: 10


Magic Name: Holy Flame of Illumin

Magic Element: Light

Magic Enhancement:  Mana Burn - debuffs

Magic Description: Bless with Illumin's will, The Holy Flame of Illumin smites foes and heal allies under the white and blue purifying flames. Victims of these flames will be burn to ash. Those outside of the flame's wrath will be privilege to bask in its warmth. Let all sin be purified from this world and all heretics feel the wrath of Illumin so that their souls may be freed


Tempris is a wealthy girl who grew up in the church of Illumin. Like many girls in her standing, she was taught the teachings of Illumin. Unlike most churches, Tempris and the other girls were treated with malice and abuse. Strict lessons filled the days and harsh punishes came to those who even inched away from the so called righteous path. However, this was just a cover up to hide the true natures of this congregation.

The girls were used, forced to endure different magicks in hopes of discovering way to be closer to Illumin. Of course there were others with less wealthy intentions but the girls were forced to remain silence to it all. They lived in cold rooms with only a single fireplace. They were taught that warmth was a sign of Illumi's love and they should embraced any signs of it, nonmatter how they felt. Forbidden to see their families the children endured this life until one day they found their mercy.

Tempris was taken away for getting distracted by torch. It wasn't the first time for the girl as the nun's could never break her of her habit of staring at the flames. So they devised a way to truly punish the girl. They locked her into a dark freezer. Tempris pulled out a match she stole and huddled as close to it as she could. She prayed to be freed, to be allowed to live life in Illumin's warmth. Succumbing the the cold She dropped her match.

When she woke up, she was covered in ash. Around her was white and blue flames which protected her from the raging fire with ate away at the building. People scream and cried but Tempris could only smile. This warmth was unlike anything she felt before. For the first time in her life, she felt loved. As the only survivor. Her family looked at her as a sign. She was the holy child, blessed by Illumin. The flames protected her and burned away the evil that was the church. To her it was a sign, a sign that she had a bright future, a future of love and flames.
Reference: Atani (Kela#0456)

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