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Manzo's Forge

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This is my Forge.


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Name: Totsuka Blade

Slot: Weapon

Type: Katana

Handling: Two handed

Class: Legendary

Quantity: Custom

Element: Fire

Damage: 140

Durability: 3xS

Description: The Totsuka blade, said to be one of the legendary swords of Joyan Shinto lore. In legend it is said to be an ethereal blade with the capability of sealing away evil. It is a 1 meter long katana, single edged, with an 11cm handle. The black color of the blade is said to be from the flames it releases upon being unsheathed. Manzo stumbled across this blade whilst in a forbidden sector of the Blue Pegasus armory. He has since taken it for himself. The one part the legends were spot on about, is it is stored in gourd with the label sake on it.


  • The user must be Joyan


  • Susanoo's Sacrifice The user receives a moderate weakness to water.

  • -40 Speed


  • Amaterasu's Touch:
    Strikes from the Totsuka Blade cause Damage over Time, When a target is hit, flames will linger and they will receive half the damage in the next post in the same area. In the next post, they will receive half of that. This continues till the damage has gone below D-rank e.g. the target is hit by an A-rank spell, in the next post they receive B-rank damage, then C-rank damage, after that D-rank damage which concludes the flame's lingering effect. (Only resets on each subsequent strike)

  • Tempered Steel: Additional Durability

Points Breakdown: Please list equipment points gained and lost for a faster approval process.

  • Legendary (16)
  • Weapon (16)
  • Two Handed
  • Minor Draw Back- Water weakness(30%
    point increase)
  • Exclusive Effect (-18)
  • Enhanced Durability (-3)

Total points Acquired: 21
Total Points Spent: 21


Manzo's Forge Empty Fri Apr 23, 2021 3:16 pm

Totsuka Blade has been approved for use.

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