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Age of Jenova - FF7 AU RPG

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Age of Jenova - FF7 AU RPG Ao-J-Advert-V1

The planet is dying.

[div align="justify"]The Lifestream was never intended to be used this way. It was never meant to be a source of energy for the planet's inhabitants, harvested by a mega-corporation. Shinra Electric Power Company has become a household name for many, using the liquid form of the Lifestream, Mako, to propel their company into the future. The harvesting of such a valuable resource comes at a cost that humanity may not survive. While a terrorist organization--AVALANCHE--has stepped up to stop the draining of the planet's lifeblood, the planet has also begun to react...creating its own source of defense.[/div]


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This is the link. I posted wrong and can't go back and edit. (:

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