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Glory to Hargeon City [Quest: Lee]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Glory to Hargeon City [Quest: Lee] Empty Thu Apr 22, 2021 1:28 am

Lee Nakamura
Lee walked himself to the center of the town. There was some sort of celebration going on or something. He was not really too concerned with the details. He was more interested in having something to do while he figures out what to do for Astrid. The walk from the Nakamura Manor was longer than usual with the dreadful lack of sleep weighing him down. He found himself at the Hargeon docks, where there were crowds of people cheering on some rich nobleman or someone of that much importance. If he didn't know any better, that was the client he had to meet for the job. Lee shuffled through the ground and finally getting a hold of the front row. He heard the client, Reign, celebrating something.

"I am here for you, Hargeon."

"More like lies."
That same voice in his head from days before, cackled a little bit. It was really freaky. He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand straight up. There was nothing in the world that could freak him out more than a crackling voice in his head that was not his own. Though, that was not of any concern at the moment. He found the steps leading to the client. On the center of the stage, he was standing holding up his arm, encouraging everyone to follow him. Lee waited for a good opening to start speaking to him. Finally, after several minutes, Reign was free. Lee walked forward with a small smile.

"Hello, Reign. That was a fantastic speech. My name is Lee Nakamura. I am here about the job," he spoke, holding out his hand. Reign shook his hand with a firm grip.

"Pleasure to meet you, Lee. I am Reign, of course. Thank you for coming and taking the job. Hargeon will thank you."

Lee laughed a little. "It's quite the pleasure to serve the Blue Pegasus's hometown. Now, what are the plans?"

Reign pulled out some drawings that were diagrams of what he wanted to be built. To Lee, it looked like a ship of some kind. IT was labeled "Warship" on top with all the supplies on the side of the paper. There were small arrows drawn, pointing where they would be placed at and how much they needed to build this. "This is the warship I want, built. All the materials are on these pieces of paper. You are going to grab the supplies from Mr. Olden and build this by hand. I want no magic to be used to honor my father. Can you do this?"

Lee studied the paper and nodded. "Yeah, shouldn't be a problem."

"Thank you." He handed  Lee the piece of paper and sent him on his way. Now, he had to find Mr. Olden's shop, where the supplies were stored. It took some time before he was able to locate the place.  He opened the door, the bell rang alarming an old man with a grinning, sweet smile. He lifted his eyes and adjusted his glasses. "Are you here for the warship supplies?"

Before Lee could answer, Mr. Oldsen leads Lee without a word or fuss to the warehouse. Several warehouses kept all sorts of items that reminded Lee similar to a library, only this one was full of supplies, not knowledge. A library was more his par too. Mr. Oldsen seemed to find himself lost leading Lee to the supplies, too. It was too big for even the shopkeeper to keep track. "Ah, here it is."

Two large barn-like doors made of oak or pine type of wood was the barrier, keeping Lee from doing the job. Both men pushed with all their strength to open the heavy doors. He even struggled to keep a steady grip with how slippery his feet were. His boots couldn't get a good grasp on the ground. "This is all the supplies, sir. I have some oxen ready to pull the lumber."

Lee turned his head to see sleeping oxen with a large cart. A heavy sigh came out of his mouth already regretting taking this job, but it was too late now. It took Lee several trips of lifting, hauling, and pulling all the lumber and other materials onto the cart to a certain spot he had picked out on the docks. It was a dry area too, which was nice. He liked the sea, but the water was not his strong suit. After a few hours of making the trips. Lee took a small break to catch his breath before starting the construction of the warship. From what he understood, this warship was vital to carrying supplies around the area since Hargeon was a port town, not a resort. He found this to be extremely interesting. He never really understood trades, but it was how the Nakamura family grew originally. They were a family of trade and still are to this day, but it was more managing them than anything. Though was something else he wasn't going dive into. Wiping his forehead, he began on the construction. He had to locate all the main supplies like the tool and nails. Those were very much needed, of course.

Lee followed the diagram, closely. He tried to the best of his ability to follow exactly how Reign had pictured it. The last thing he wanted on his plate was an angry noble on his tail when he already had too much. Astrid began to roam around in his head. She was alone right now, most likely. Everyone in the family was taking shifts to be with her in case she woke up and to protect her. Tadashi was the one he worried about the most since he was her twin and wasn't the most powerful mage in the family. Those two were extremely close growing up which reminded him and his elder brother, Hikaru. Though, the oldest was not to be spoken about. in the family. Lee had his turn in troubles with him from being picked on as a kid to now being pestered with requests for money. Their father was not too keen on him keeping the Nakamura name. He remembered his brother calling him slurs of not being blood-related when everyone found out he was adopted. Hikaru had accepted him with open arms as he had hoped, but the other brother was again not too keen. Hammering away at the warship, he was kept in his own thoughts about his family and brothers. He kinda missed having a sibling around to look out for or just to talk to. The guild was the purpose of that but still didn't fill that void he wanted and needed very badly.

Thinking about Hikaru made him think about what would he be like seeing him now. Hikaru would probably ask him a thousand questions seeing he was slightly protective of his younger sibling. When he was a female, everyone was too protective of him. He deinfeately was his father's favorite. Everyone in the whole country was made aware of that. Thinking about that really made him a little bit happier despite what was going on now. Right now, it was right at sunset. The light right about the water was starting to set, giving a painted picture of dancing colors. The ship was done. Right on queue, Reign showed up really amazed with what he had done and the amount of time he had completed in.

"This looks absolutely amazing! I cannot believe you completed this in just several hours. Usually, it takes people a few days of consistent work. Splendid," congratulated Reign. He looked mighty proud of Lee reminding him of Hikaru a little. It made him happy to understand he was serving his hometown. Blue Pegasus provided a lot of money and reputation for the town of Hargeon. It wasn't very easy to miss that detail. A popular guild could easily define the status of that town. Lee and Reign put the warship into the water to test if it floated. This was a little nerve-racking as Lee did having a history of drowning. Water splashed when it was fully pushed into the water by both men. Lee was not too happy being wet again but hid his irritation from Reign. Of course, Reign was to amazed by the craftsmanship in front of him. They tied it to another boat to travel to its correct desitoantion. They used a tight knot to secure the warship. As it tugged away, Reign turned to Lee.

"You said you're a Nakamura?"

Lee gave a small nod. "Well, tell your father what a great son he has raised. I maybe around your age, but not too many people are willing to give up a whole day to serve their hometown. The Nakamura family has my blessing, if you need anything let me know. Oh, here's your paycheck. Thank you, again." He handed Lee a stack of jewels, which he put into his pocket.

"Thank you, I will tell him that. Good luck with everything."

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