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Tainted Onez

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Tainted Onez Empty Wed Apr 21, 2021 6:46 pm

Hello there, friend. We are passing by to tell you of a place where one's dreams come real. This place is....

Tainted Onez C2WPQHz
A sandbox RP that is more then meets the eye. We offer more then just RP.

We offer:
>RP worlds where you, the players build the lore and history.
>RP worlds of both original and fandom settings.
>Collectables as Stamps, Sprites, Pets, TCG and etc.
>Show off your Graphics, Stories, and Artwork.
>Join fanclubs or make your own.
And more+++

Join now for a starter packs and a free pkm egg.Tainted Onez CfZFXUS
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