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Milisandia Synn

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Name: Milisandia Enaemo Synn

Age: 17, 06/14/X774

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Nekomata

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Eternal Nightmare

Tattoo: Nape of the neck, sunlight yellow

Face: Ao Nanami - Yozakura Quartet


Height: 1.52m or 5'0

Weight: 55kg or 121lbs

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue-Purple

Overall: With a propensity for flowery dresses, flowing ribbons and butterfly clips in his hair, Mili gives off a distinctly feminine air which doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. He enjoys spending time in the light resulting in quite tanned skin and wind-ruffled, messy hair. The thing that bothers him most about his appearance is his height and the requirement to climb on many things to reach what he wants but his lithe frame and lack of muscle definition is fine, he prefers being soft.

When standing around or generally idling, Mili is known for swaying back and forth, eyes darting between any vibrant splashes of colour or sparkles that he comes across. Despite all of this and his generally soft demeanour, there's a steel edge to his eyes and a tightness to his smile, a slight hint towards how hard he works to pretend to have emotions.

Extra: Three silver rings on his left ear and a tattoo of interlocking diamonds on his right bicep.


Personality: There's two sides to any coin and multiple shades to a colour. Milisandia has narrowed this down internally to his Hot side and his Cold side. The Hot side is what he shows to the world around him, a bubbly, cheery, musically talented individual that loves to sing and dance, swaying with the wind and constantly babbling about all the lovely, shiny things that he found that day or talking in detail about the shades of colour of a passing person's clothing. He loves to detail how things compliment or contrast, what emotions could be conveyed by such a fashion statement and generally trying to just make friends. Of course this is all just a facsimile.

His Cold side is the truth buried beneath. Milisandia doesn't really know how to feel emotions, a strange form of empathy is what drives him, the ability to just talk to and lightly leech an emotion from someone, feeling just perhaps what it's actually like. His true self is one of perfect order, perfect control, he hates vulgarity, he hates things being out of line or clashing against one another. There's a deep seated part of him that wants to make the entire world submit to order, to perfect symmetry and control. Despite this, he knows that something is wrong with him, it's not enough to make him actively work against it, but he does enjoy more wholesome moments with others, drawing on their warmth, their contentedness, their love and happiness so that he actually has something worth living and fighting for... The void isn't too compelling after all.


  • Sunlight: Everything seems better washed in the colours of the sun and Mili loves sunbathing or just generally enjoying his time outdoors in the light, watching it play through leaves or warp and spin through glass.

  • Music: A simple expression of the soul, although sometimes it comes hard to Milisandia, he finds that when he's with or surrounded by others, bathed in their emotions, he can better bring forth the music within him, coloured and shaped by those around him.

  • Companionship: Being alone is particularly troublesome for Mili, without the constant reminder of what it's like to be alive, of what emotions are, he can find himself slipping into a void of apathy that he hates, spending time with others is very important to him and he never pretends otherwise.


  • Disorder: Mess that isn't carefully controlled, clutter, clashing colours. Such things send a spike of negative feelings through his body though he cannot accurately say what they are, his mind latches onto them though, forcing him to either right the wrong or be stuck thinking about it all day.

  • Silence: To be left in silence is to be left with your own thoughts, dangerous things those are. Mili hates the silence, hates the thoughts and voices that it brings and even when in the company of others or places such as libraries he will always do his best to combat the silence, usually via humming or singing to himself.

  • Grey: The dullest of colours, a true absence of interest, light or emotion. Even black has its nuances and white can be anything but grey disgusts Mili and he'll do his best to change such things, even if it means trying to buy a friend a new wardrobe to get rid of old, grey clothing.


  • A Perfect World: Always aim big for even then a failure is a great change to the world. Milisandia wants nothing more than to see the world brought to beautiful order, a colourful world full of song and love so that he can finally bask in it and see what it truly feels like.

  • Run from Darkness: The darkness is not true shadow for even the night is beautiful and the light of the moon brings comfort to Milisandia. Fighting, making friends, furthering the world though, that helps him to avoid the void lurking in his mind and he would do anything to keep such a terrifying thing away from him.


  • The Void: A simple yet evocative name for the apathy that dwells within his mind, the one true absence of all colour and light. He knows that should he fall to it, it would consume him entirely and he knows he must fight against it at all times, regardless of the cost.

  • Loneliness: It's strange to need people while knowing they would likely toss you aside if they learned what you were. Mili skirts this line, constantly needing friends, companions, lovers, just to ensure he can actually keep them around and keep up his practice of being a person.


Strength: 1

Speed: 11

Constitution: 4

Endurance: 3

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: Prismancy

Magic Element: Light

Magic Enhancement: Blind on Hit

Magic Description:
A simple form of altered Light Magic, revolving around the use of the user's mana to split light into coloured frequencies for various magical applications. Most colours can only be split into their composites or used as they are, although white light can be split into any colour making it the most versatile. Although this magic can be used to create colours, the magic circle is always of the base colour for the Light Element.

With this magic, certain colours usually apply to specific types of magic that Mili is able to perform.

Red - Offensive(Normal)
Yellow - Healing(Inferior)
Green - Defensive(Inferior)
Blue - Debuff(Superior)
Violet - Supplementary(Normal)


History: Milisandia was born to a pair of Nekomata into a small but loving him as an only child. His mother and his father done everything they could to give him a happy, stable life, they didn't care what fashions he chose, they didn't care about the toys he played with but he knew that he hurt them.

Perhaps it was the way he just didn't smile like a normal child, the way he had to put everything into perfect rows or match the right colours with things. Maybe it was the way he always seemed confused when his parents told him they loved him. Could a simple tilt of the head and a frown, a recognition of something he just... Didn't know hurt them so much? He could hear his mother crying at times, asking what she had done wrong but he didn't understand the crying either.

When he got older and started to interact with other kids he realised that he was missing... Something. He didn't know what it was really, it still didn't make sense but whatever he was doing was ruining the natural order of the life he had been given, so he worked to fix it. He'd always been a fairly intelligent child and so he started to copy what the other kids did. He'd smile at his parents, he'd recognise the tone of voice for a joke and laugh along and he'd tell his parents he loved them even as he didn't know what that word meant.

The lies became easier as he got older, though his world view had started to change. It wasn't just those happy feelings he could leech off of, he could join in sadness, in despair, in fear and he hated it, why was the world so full of such things when it could be full of colour and love instead?

The world needed to change, the innermost workings just didn't mesh anymore, if he wanted to feel only good things he would have to force the world to only feel good things. This coupled with his desire for a perfect, beautiful world is what lead him to Eternal Nightmare. A group that fought to bring order to the world and ensure everything became smooth and precious afterwards. That was a goal he could understand and work alongside. Sure he might need to do some dark things but black was a colour and every light within the spectrum needed to cherished and embraced... Except grey of course.

Reference: Found it via ad on another side posted by someone called Videns

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Hello! I will be grading your application.

  • Although it's alright with your main magic being a different color than the original, your summoning circle must be the color designated for the Light element. Just wanted to let you know.~

  • Speaking of magic, please put more in the description - even by just adding the types of spells you can do from your class will be great! <3


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This character application has been approved!

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