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Definitely A Naruto RP

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Definitely A Naruto RP Empty Mon Apr 19, 2021 11:57 am

Definitely A Naruto RP Dd0s9km

"What's so unknown about those lands?"
Well let me tell you....


~ Unknown Lands: The Overview ~

Ninjas have traveled not just to village, but to each part of the internet. Well, look no further, this is a place you can stay. A place where you can be as creative as you want. Be a ninja, rooted in Konoha, collecting seven swords and wielding puppets. Be a taijutsu artist with flaming fists. You can be anything you want, and we want to help you make it happen.

Here, we aren't limited to canon jutsus and techniques. Here, we invent and create new skills for you to use. Make your own custom jutsu, start making healing puppets, gravity scrolls, or become a jinchuriki to two different tailed beasts. The possibilities, are endless.


As our community grows, so will the site. With more members, comes more sections and more items for you all to discorver.

Our Site Includes:
- Other race options than human
- Freedom to travel
- Expanding chakra system
- Power to wield all elements at a higher rank
- All tailed beasts
- Kage positions
- Custom villages
- Sharingans
- Byakugans
- All kinds of Kekkei Genkai
- Seven Swords
- Magical artifacts
- Summons
- Pets and companions

Why don't you stop by? You'll never know what's inside until you look.

Join our Discord! : https://discord.gg/jupj2Zh

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