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Vanilla-rer Ice [NQ - Manzo]

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"Where the hell are those bastards? We hand around here too long and those fuckers from the guild might show up…!"

It never a pleasant experience to be found waiting on someone who assured you that they would arrive more than a few minutes ago, and even less so when one was doing so in the middle of a battle, whether it be the worry of a friend or the anger of a commander compelling a large figure to grumble to his cohorts the scene ultimately might have been a sweet one if not for who they were. Ultimately it hard for one to sympathize with the concerns of a bunch of cutthroats when they seemed to currently be loading a bunch of whimpering and wriggling bodies who were bound both in rope and burlap sacks, it seemed that the plunder of Hargeon had been quite the successful enterprise, or would have been if not for the timely intervention of an icy icon and her marvellous manservant.

“Oh darling, you'll have to forgive them, I'm afraid!” The former of that pair speaking up with a crisp tone that was flooded with a mix of excitement and yet also frosty sentiment, the sound of clicking heels and the sight of swaying hips accompanied the dry with of Charlotte Caldwell, and for once she seemed to be greeting a stranger not with a cold gaze and mildly curled lip but rather a smile on her face. Albeit a sadistic one.
“Unfortunately, they were delayed by a sudden case of deadness~? But don't worry, I'm sure you'll have a chance to see them again soon, boys!” After all there little greater pleasure in the world for a girl with an inclination toward sadistic fashion than disappointing another in so sensational a fashion, Charlotte spread her arms with the blade she had borrowed earlier in hand and shrugged dismissively as she spelled out what her and her amiable associate had done with their vanguard, and made sure that she warmed up the blood of their next 'course' good and proper with the condescending confidence in her tone.

"The hell?
The fuck you think you are, you blonde bitch?!"

“Well, I could tell you, but unfortunately for you…” Certainly seeming good at that job if the irate response that she received was anything to go off as well, though mystified at why the fools would want something new to call her when they already sounded like they knew everything they needed to about who she was, all that Charlotte could do was smirk and shake her head as the idiots drew their weapons then lunge forward in order to seize the initiative from them.
“I don't waste my time talking to the trash!” Dashing onward in order to take them by surprise even after the magnificence of her entrance, the blonde beauty made a beeline right toward the biggest of their number partly because she wanted the satisfaction of chopping the biggest 'dick' at this party down to size with her own hand, but also because she tended to assume that lackeys usually fell apart without their leader as well. Naturally that act of course would leave her back unguarded, and against such a group as well, she was confident nothing would come of this fact either. After all, her backup needed something to keep him amused, didn't he?


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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As they entered the building he was greeted with the familiar sight. Privateers and what seemed to be human cargo. How very on the nose for them. Manzo shook his head, and ran his fingers through his fiery auburn mop. Clicking his tongue, their words were so crude, and toward such a nice young lady. Sarcasm was his personal artform. But still all the same he couldn't believe that this was going on under their noses all this time.

"Terrible illness that death, heard everyone's been catching it. I'd recommend a mask." He said in a dry tone, his sword resting on his shoulder. One hand in his pocket and a cigarette in his mouth. The men now focused on him, a look of shock and disbelief. "Oh shit, that's the ace of Blue Pegasus."

The other one looked to his friend a look of fear on his face. "T-that's not the one who rips people apart with vines is it?" His associate nodded his head and gulped. If a look could be described as pissing your pants. That would be what was happening right now.

"You gentlemen seem to know who I am, But I have no idea who you are." He said as he walked toward them, a streak of swagger in his walk as he didn't even bare his sword, or activate his lacrima. Seeing as how it was a tad bit of an over kill the last time he let loose. They'd have to prove worthy of that effort.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that Charlotte had already started the party without him. Don't you just hate it when someone starts without? She certainly didn't like enthusiasm, which was understandable. She seemed to have quite the appetite for bloodshed. Which was fine, as long as she remembered who friend and foe was.

Manzo called out to the rest of them, sarcasm oozed from his lips. "If you guys don't bundle up, you'll catch your death of cold." Considering Charlotte was an ice mage, he thought the joke was quite poignant for the moment. That and well, it made him laugh. Then he had to ask himself if he wanted to be the kind of guy who laughed at his own jokes.

He shivered in disgust with himself. Before turning his attention to the group of brutes that were now surrounding his partner. He quickly jumped into the fray. Very much feeling the need to protect such fine set of "qualities" that she had left open to attack. That would simply just not do. Not in his mind.

The two of them now back to back. "Fancy seeing you, come here often?" He said with a chuckle as he began clashing his blade with multiple blades of the others. Defending his companion as best he could with zeal. Let the fun and games began as they would say.

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So, he has a bit of a reputation? The brow of the blonde bombshell lifting at one side as the mob seemed to hesitate due to their recognition for the partner she was running with, though Charlotte had guessed that this stalwart stallion was certainly no amateur from the way he was swinging that big chopper of his and the relative comfort he kept whilst maintaining her pace, she did feel a little bit more intrigued by her cohort when she learned he had something of a lofty standing in the town and even beyond that.
Tearing apart with vines? Sounds like eastern erotica… That being said the details that were unleashed seeming to tickle her fancy in a way that was perhaps not intended, she couldn't help but think of a few woodcuttings that she had seen in younger years and the stories that were associated with them when the thugs mentioned the means through which her ally had earned his repute, and shook her head because of that.

"I'll wipe that smile off that pretty face, bitch!"

Unable to focus the fullness of her attention upon the amusement she felt because of the brute she was due to face, the contrast between her comrade and the man-mountain she wished to cut down could not have been clearer given the comparative comportment of the couple.
“I'd love to see you try~!” Certainly sure that a foul mouthed swine was likely to hold her attention for too long, she pulled both her hands to the sword she had in her grip as she moved to clash with the maul he carried in hand, and quickly discovered that this one perhaps had a little more than an excess of mouth and absence when it came to his trousers.

A cut above the rest, hm~? The simple strength that he seemed to possess apparently in excess of what her own dainty but well-wrought anatomy was capable of delivering in a situation like this, while she could see from the surprise in his eyes at the way in which she managed to deflect enough of his hit to spare her any more than a bruise to the ego, Miss Caldwell was humbled momentarily as she found that fine form being buffeted backward by an attack with enough strength to lose her footing. Though, given she was in heels, that was not much of an achievement.
Finally. Something worth my time…? Skidding across the floor all the same and perhaps glad for the toughness of the leather constitution of the thigh high boots as well as those silky soft operatic gloves which she was wearing as she did so, the brightly haired beauty turned herself over and kicked off the ground to ensure she had enough clearance to deny a follow up attack, and came to a halt with one of her knees resting on the ground. Though, aside from a bump and a scrape here and there, was fine.

“Heh. It's my first time, if you'll believe it~?” At the very least well enough that she took the playful pickup line of her partner in good humour and even seemed to smirk at it in an ironic fashion, Charlotte did not rest on her laurels or her patella either as she pushed her heel back beneath her, and drew her weapon into a different grip now that she had tested the strength of the swine she had chosen to face.
“I suppose that makes you rather lucky then, to pop my cherry like this~?” Looking over her shoulder with a smile for a moment as she felt her heart racing with excitement and perhaps a little bit more than that as well, the frost fox licked her lip a little as she offered a note to her ally that was sure to make him tingle, and then launched herself forward again with more of a flexible approach in mind. One hand ready to fight with the steel within it, whilst the other drew upon her reserves of mana as well, as she sought to keep both her and her sizeable conquest on their toes for the foreseeable future…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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Now in the thick of it, he received a bit of pushback from his foes. It was nice to see that there was some fight in these men. Which was a good sign, it meant that there would be even an iota of excitement. Which he could not say he had gotten very much of from the previous fight. Which bothered him to no end. How could they step to the fiercest guild in the country with no real balls to back up their actions. But disappointments from lackeys were to be expected.

He shifted his body weight onto his backfoot. Then pushing off of his back foot, he threw them off their feet. Putting his blade on his shoulder with a smirk on his face. "Oh come on, don't tell me your feet are sore now. We just started dancing." His taunts came from a place of boredom as they struggled back to their feet. The weight of his blade knocking the wind out of them. As it could be known to do. It was not for show, it was the blade of an executioner. Made for crushing bone, and slicing through tissue.

As they struggled to their feet, through the door walked through what was probably their commanding officer. Or one of them. He pushed them out of the way. "Alright Dragon Slayer, it's time we killed your legend." He boasted. Manzo could only roll his eyes and laugh. This guy had the size, but he doubted he had any of the substance. Which prompted him to sheath his blade. "You want to dance twinkle toes, then let's dance!" He said as he threw his blade to the side and, and remove his coat. He wanted to go hand to hand.

The large pirate chuckled and brought out a large war hammer. He rushed Manzo, which was a foolish thing to do. The emerald sage jumped 18 feet clear into the air, raising his foot and striking down hard upon the head of the mountain of a man before him.
The symphony of teeth cracking and vertebra snapping in his neck. What a delicious sound it made. Which was a song he had not heard since his days as Alisa's fixer. Which was not a life he was eager to return to, but somethings he was just too good at.

The sight of seeing the man that was their superior laid out flat on his ass. It caused them start to back peddling away from him. Which didn't do much to please the Dragon Slayer. It only served to annoy him honestly. "I lay out your comrade and you run away. Spineless." He said with venom in his voice. This caused him to do one thing he didn't think he would do. Waste his mana on spineless cowards such as these. He slammed his hands together which prompted and emerald green magic circle under his feet to appear.

Vines sprouted forth from the ground, on the end of these vines was what appeared to be a dragons heads. They would spring forth from around him and hovered over the men he deemed to be cowards. Before lunging at them, beginning to rip them limb from limb. His plants were quite veracious eaters when it came down to it. After all, they were the extension of the dragon who taught him how to be one with the earth. How to get what you want from the earth, and defend it with all your heart and soul.

The plants would only react violently to those who were not pure of heart. Those who had no regard for creation. It was the true mark of a good person if they didn't attack them. Which how unlucky for them, that they had made the choices that they did. If only they had stayed on the right path. Which was to enjoy life, be kind to it, and be respectful of all that nature had given them. But alas, they were as dense as they were cruel. But nature has it's own way of dealing with them.

"Anyone else want to be fertilizer?" He said his eyes shifted from their emerald green to vermillion. Meaning he had decided now was the time to get serious. While he enjoyed letting loose before, now was time for him to get down to business. Protect the people, protect the city and those he cared for. Everything that where was a front to him, He would not stand for it. He retracted his vines, then sucking in air. Upon releasing his air, what came out was a below of magic that smashed through the structure. Allowing in the light of day. It was time to shed some light here.


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"Still grinning, huh?
Not for long!"

Clearly a certain someone taking great exception to the fact that the fair femme had not been deterred by the limit on her success which had been shown in their opening clash, a shower of hail exploded across the docks as that mighty hammer shattered the icicle which Miss Caldwell had conjured into shards, which was perhaps a little disappointing but also refreshing and well within the expectation of the white witch as well.

“Ah yes, you promised you'd wipe the smile from my 'pretty' face~” Flicking her hair out as she probed the defences of her enemy by following up with a swipe from her sword next whilst he seemed to be off balance, perhaps had this been a different situation and she a different woman then Charlotte might have been impressed with how he wheeled the pommel of his weapon around to deter her strike, but sadly the combination only dry the wit of the wench and little more.
“How sweet of you to notice~” Arching her brow as she launched her assault not only with magic and martial prowess but also her inclination toward scathing psychology, having learned to overcome men with wicked words and the flick of her lashes around the same time she learned to command spells and swords the combination seemed natural to her, and all the more delicious in light of the way she seemed to be making his jaw clench and forehead throb with veiny vexation.

Strong and tough, but cumbersome and a bit clumsy! Ever the calculating sort who loved to flex her brain just as much as she did her brawn or anything else about her, the continuing exchange of weapons and strikes proved to be a stalemate in the contest between them but little by little the lass was beginning to understand what she was up against, and more importantly what she was not.
“With words like that, I'm starting to think you're holding back because you're rather be burying something other than a warhammer into my belly~?” Clearly the fool seeming to be quite the mark for provocation if nothing else, the talent of the temptress tongue seemed as able a weapon in her arsenal as any and so did the sway of her hips as she baited the brute into swinging for her, and aimed to quell him simply and succinctly as she did so.

"Tch! Fuck you, bitch!"

“Sounds like I hit the nail on the head, didn't I~?” The speedy evaluation of the enchantress seeming to strike at his soul with the skill of an elven hunter, Miss Caldwell would have been lying if she said she didn't find a certain satisfaction in seeing the hammer handed foe grunting like a hippo, and licked her lips as she saw him draw that heavy weapon he was carrying backward with the clear intent of taking his head clean off, which seemed to suit her plans just fine. Certain that she could likely defeat even an enemy like this with a big blast of her ice magic but sometimes subtlety the only way in which a true showstopper performed with style, she hopped just far enough backward to ensure that the haymaker would not quite have the reach it needed to achieve the result he wanted, and tapped her foot on the ground as well once she landed.

“And that wasn't the only thing~” That simple act seeming to send a wave of whiteness out from the tip of her toe, in a moment the floor was made as slippery as a lake in winter; ideal for skating, but not for when one was trying to shift their centre of gravity and fight to control an unwieldly imbalanced armament, the corners of the coquette's mouth curled upward as she watched her enemy step forward with a little too much weight and then slip over and for a moment lose any ability to resist her assault. This, of course, a happenstance she was only too eager to take advantage of as well, the look of surprise in the eyes of her enemy was almost worth gloating over but, on this occasion, Charlotte chose not to. Instead simply lifting her sword up and striking down upon him skull first, Davina conquered Goliath with time to spare, and soon would look around to see how her partner was doing with his own form of 'entertainment'. After all, the word 'fertilizer' had seemed so intriguing…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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It would seem that the majority of the ruffians had been dealt with. It was time to deal with the hostages. The fact that such things occurred right under his own nose angered him to no degree. But with the festivities going on, it was easy for things like this to occur. From now on, he would have to keep himself level headed.

He walked over to where his things were, and collected them. It would seem as though the party was all but over except for a few stragglers. So now would be a good time to do so. He bent down and collected them. Putting his coat back on and his sword on his back. He surveyed the area for the staging point of the human transfers.

It would seem they were being held in a small room inside this portside warehouse. He could smell them, thanks to his dragon senses. But he also smelled something else. A surplus of gun powder in some of the barrels. Almost as if they were make shift bombs. So there was a bomb maker in their midst. He could exactly leave that person alive.

He would have to drop his search for the hostages and divert his attention for the moment. This was a far more urgent matter. This bomb maker could end up doing a lot more damage to the people of the town in the long run, not only that. He could supply the ammunition for a naval assault. That would spell disaster, as the Rune Knight Navy would be far too late to offer any aid.

"Charlotte, wrap it up. We've got bigger fish to fry." He yelled to his companion as he began to make a mad dash outside of the warehouse they were currently.

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“Looks like you were the one who lost their smile this time, hm~?” Flicking the sword she held in her hand in order to cast the claret that stained it from it, Miss Caldwell leered at her enemy as she looked over him, bested and beaten and yet still seeming to try and muster some form of response to her, in spike of everything she had done. Perhaps some might have respected that, but really, a girl like this grew tired of that toxic masculinity rather quickly.
“I do so hate men who promise the world, and then cannot deliver…!” Opening her palm but making sure not to get any of that dirty blood on the pure colour of her silky soft glove, as the frosty femme wrapped her enemy in an unforgiving sheet of ice it was hard to see which one of them here was fighting on the side of justice, but that was really just her way. Failing to deliver a coup de grace usually came back to hurt you, sooner or later.

“Good heavens, my attack dog is giving me orders?” For a moment the minx then wearing a slight crease between her brows when next her apparently eager ally tried to convey her to move with a little more haste in mind, she turned the weapon she had in her hand over and arched her brow in response to the rushing request of the figure beside her, and then folded her arms across one another in a slight show of defiance at the insistence he showed.
“I should have you across my knee, cheeky whelp.” Always the type who tended to march to the beat of her own drum and no one else's, after a moment of squeezing her biceps together to emphasize the cleft between them she shook her head and sighed, then smirked as she clapped the flat side of her sword on her palm in much the same manner as one might have expected from a schoolmistress.

“Give me half a chance and I'll make sure you pay for that later on, that's for sure~” Seeming to feel a mix of irritation but also a dash of amusement as well at the way that her new friend seemed to be trying to boss her around, even without considering the domineering impression she was likely to have left thus far Charlotte made sure to inform him that she was not the type to be kowtowed all that readily, and flicked her hair out as she did so. Though, the dash of entertainment in her response said plenty about what she really thought of him. The type of woman who grew tired quickly of boors and brutes, the mere fact that she chose to respond to this outrage with a hint of humour would tell the rare soul she was close to that she was starting to feel a bit of fondness for her fellow fighter, and not least because they seemed to make rather an effective combination.

“Well them, lead on, Mr Larg and in charge. Aren't we supposed to be in a rush?” Because of that simple feeling the fair haired fox happy to tease him on the issue rather than do something a little sterner and more abrupt, after shaking her head she strutted forward with her eyes on the black ship which sat atop the horizon, and then cast her sapphire stare back toward him sardonically as well. Sure she was bratty and bossy, but he did have a point. They couldn't waste all day dallying here, now could they?


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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This woman behaved like a petulant child. It was kind of off putting, but perhaps she was just a bit misunderstood. Or something of that nature. But he had little time to play arm chair psychologist. They had bigger fish to fry right now.

"We are looking for a bomb maker. I can sniff out the gun powder, but I can't exactly find them." He said in a tone of annoyance. While his dragon senses was were sharp, they weren't perfect. As he had not smelled this person before. Though he did have a bit of an idea.

He dashed towards the area where the smell of the gun powder was coming from. It was possible that if he could find the shipping container he might be able to pick up the scent. It was a long shot, but it was worth the try. He continually sniffed the air, until he came across the largest presence of gun powder.

Something came back to his mind in this moment. She said something about bending him over her knee? Well that was quite laughable. The day he allowed anyone to bend him over their knee would be a cold day in hell. He couldn't get that comment out of his head, even if this was a matter of life and death, that was pure insanity.

What kind of dominatrix, brat, whatever was his fighting partner. "Look here little girl, you lay a hand on my backside, and I'll do the same to that rump of yours." He said as he continued his search. Finally after a few moments of searching the area he found what he was looking for.

It was a large shipping crate, nothing to showy. But why would it be. It was full of essentially dynamite. He would put his nose to the crate and see if he could get a scent. Not only did he get the scent, it seemed as though he was still in this area. Like dangerously close to them. Then it dawned on him.

"That fucker is hiding in this shipping crate." He was a coward, but of course he was. He made bombs. There was no honor in combat when it came to explosives. None what so ever. So perhaps he would end up making good plant food for now.



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“Gosh, while I was entertaining that tasty wheat, you let some of the chaff get away~?” Sighing and shaking her head, Charlotte couldn't help but shake her head as her attendant confessed to having a bit of trouble finishing off his own end of the job, and certainly didn't feel her ego suffering all that much to realize she had bested the brute much more quickly and cleanly than these vicarious vines had managed to quell the rest of the pack.
“I'm really going to have to train you better than that, aren't I~?” Shrugging with a single lifted hand as the other rested on her hip as they began to scour the warehouse for the one that had gotten away, the temptress would have been quite the liar if she had tried to say she didn't love having the chance to tease her teammate like this, since really she loved to bully on the boy she liked in this manner. Wow, someone really needed to graduate from the playground, didn't she?

“Oh, I'd wager you'd want to do a little more than put your hand on a sweet little peach like this~” A woman of such clear contrast really, on the one hand she was eager and able to show herself off like someone who would likely be quite the significant subject of gossip no matter where she went, especially with how she couldn't resist the urge to strike at the focus of their discussion now in a crisp clapping manner, this seemed to be opposed by the immaturity of a great many things about her, really.
“But only good boys get to take liberties with a lady like me~” Seeming like no more than a silly little girl in the way she seemed to delight in seeking attention even if she had to do so through coquettish controversy, this along with the shallow approach Charlotte took to her bearing and the aforementioned and juvenile nature of her crushes seemed to show more than she might ever admit, if one ever had the chance to see it. In truth she'd learned how to get what she wanted from men quite readily, that was for sure, but it seemed being given what she was needed was quite another matter entirely, and quite the irony given the sophistry she seemed to project around her at every turn.

“Nothing to fret, chere, my magic is made for trapping rats~” At the very least showing that she was a little more developed when it came to her ability to fight and achieve what she needed in her work life, as the man in her life and his suspiciously apt nose directed the diva toward the target she needed she wasted no time in applying her trade, and doing a mighty fine job of it as well.
“Speaking of, if I recall correctly, we were on our way to say hello to one lurking upon the horizon, who made the mistake of thinking that a stretch of sea and naval cannons might keep him safe from our wrath, no~?” All too quickly summoning another surge of sheeted ice which would encapsulate and permeate the shipping crate that he indicated, that rigid cold would creep inside to immobilize and perhaps even more the mad bomber they sought and likely spoil his stock of explosives as well. After all, rather hard to light a fuse on something trapped in a block of ice, wasn't it, and also happily left the dynamic duo free to go and give a not so friendly greeting to the figure who was responsible for their fun for the day as well…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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