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September Vollan

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#1September Vollan 

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September Vollan


Name: September Hina Vollan

Age: August 11th, X768

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: C-Rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Top of right shoulder

Face: Nico Robin - One Piece


Height: 5ft. 7in.

Weight: 135 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Overall: September Vollan is a tall and lithe yet athletic young woman with waist-length black hair, and eyes that have dark, wide blue pupils. Her hair - which is normally either pinned up or set back by her shades - is more on the wavy side though it straightens easily if brushed enough. Her skin is lightly tanned. September's style is a mixture of function and fashion. She enjoys flowing robes that flap in the breeze or tighter garments that accentuate her form with a breath of elegance and culture. Recently she has been leaning towards more Fiorian styles of wear, shying away from the more loose fitting attire of her childhood. While modesty is a virtue, September is aware of her physical appearance and she knows how much work she put in to get to this state so she is not afraid of wearing more revealing clothing. She also almost always has a manicure and does not go anywhere without her orange aviator shades.


Personality: September is a quiet and contemplative young woman that thinks first before she ever acts. Any act is tempered by a strong sense of caution, planning, and patience. Rashness is almost nowhere in this woman's personality unless she is angered which is rare in of itself. Ever the observer, September tends to sit back and analyze the situation and people around her, drawing amusement from the antics and everyday lives of others. While September is empathetic and compassionate towards others, she is aware that there are many individuals in the world that do not share the same sentiment. When she was younger, she was much more naive and this caused her trouble until she realized this was only going to get worse if she did not start distancing herself from others. To September, it would be better to know what's coming before ever having to face it.

When operating on the battlefield, September values her ability to play many roles. She tends to stand in the middle of the ranks and do what she can to help her teammates. She likes to use her magic to defend and support her allies with shields or domes while also attacking her opponents from afar. Under the leadership of others, September is loyal though she will chime in with any input she deems useful and if something seems overtly wrong, she will raise her displeasure. September likes to be precise and efficient with her tactics, unless the use of sloppy moves is absolutely required. Which, in her book, it shouldn't be. If there is a odd chance that September is the leader of a group, she will have her subordinates stay as close to her as they can. This way, if something happened to go wrong, she could step in and fix it as quickly as possible. That being said, September will put her life on the line to protect her charges.


  • Reading books, specifically non-fiction: Valuing the safety that can comes from knowing about things beforehand, September can often be found reading a book if she's not busy or is waiting.
  • Art: Adoring creativity and beauty, naturally September would be drawn to artistic things.
  • Plans, Patience: Running into danger with no plan scares September to no end. She doesn't like not having a contingency plan just in case something goes wrong. In her eyes, if you follow the plan then you stay alive.
  • Pastries: September has a secret love of sweets though she tries to curb her sweet tooth as much as she can to keep her figure.
  • Music: September can secretly carry a tune but she is very self conscious of her singing voice but she loves to listen to various types of music and melodies.


  • Senseless Violence: There is nothing gained by hurting someone or destroying something when you don't have to. September cannot stand people that break things just for the sake of breaking it. It bothers her that they could destroy something that someone built so easily...
  • Rashness: Some call it bravery, September calls it stupidity. She understands the concept of willpower but if you have a plan then maybe you won't get trampled into the dirt in the first place?
  • Dirt: Cleanliness is next to godliness.


  • Acceptance: September has set out on an adventure to meet her half-sister and if they do not click, September will be very disappointed. She will strive to be the best version of herself if it will make her sister happy.
  • Creating: September wants to create something so spectacular, so important, so revolutionary, that it will change the world. It won't matter who she was, what she looked like, or who her family was. To have made something that will be her own legacy and not her family's.
  • Surpassing: September knows that it's a long shot but she secretly wishes to surpass her sister. She wouldn't admit to it if you asked her, but not to rub it in their faces, but just for the vindication that she was good enough.


  • Losing Family: Ever since her mother's passing and her learning of her new half-sister, September is deathly afraid of losing her - the last bit of her family.
  • Dying Before Her Time: September feels that she has much to do in life, that, and dying sounds painful to her. If she dies now, what's the point in trying so hard to live?
  • Letting Her Sister Down: Upon learning about her half-sister's reputation, September has this sense of urgency about living up to her older sister's standards. She absolutely does not want to let Alisa down.


Strength: 10

Speed: 10

Constitution: 15

Endurance: 15

Intelligence: 20


Magic Name: Telekinesis Magic

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Upgrade Spell-Type - Defensive (Inferior) ---> (Normal)

Magic Description: A user of Telekinesis Magic can produce and manipulate mental arcane energy to generate psychokinetic force for offensive and defensive spells such as creating and manipulating telekinetic shapes/projectiles or creating barriers. Small, sharp TK fields can slash and pierce, while harder, sturdier fields are better suited for blunt damage or shields. For more creative options, one can spread their telekinesis into their surroundings in various manners for supplementary uses, or employ their telekinesis for sensory techniques. They may also be able to imbue telekinesis magic into themselves or others to buff certain aspects of their physical capabilities.

The color of September's magic seals are grey no matter her mood. There is a strange occurrence however that when September is running low on magic power, her telekinesis will "flicker" every now and again. It will still be active until she is actually depleted but it is a good indicator as to when September is running on fumes.


History: September Hina Vollan was born on August 11th in a small town in South Fiore. She lived a fairly uneventful but content life until the age of ten when she began to exhibit the ability to wield magic. September's mother - who was the head waitress at a thriving tavern in the mining town - was unable to use magic. That would have to mean that the child's unknown father would have to have been able to wield magic then. September spent most of her life trying to get her mother to tell her anything about her father but she insisted that she could remember nothing of the one night stand that had brought September into this world.

Eventually September pushed her desire to find her father aside and decided to focus on bettering her grasp of her magic while helping her aging mother in her business. It would turn out that September was a supremely useful waitress. Her telekinesis made sure that a table never waited for a thing and her beauty made sure the tavern was always full. Most people were very nice to September but it became a regular occurrence that when some patrons got a bit too tipsy, they would begin berating September about her ability to wield magic or just become a bit too forward in general. The harassment soon became more and more frequent as she became older and she finally reached her breaking point when she turned eighteen. She quit the tavern and threw herself into training her magic. Unfortunately it was only a few years later that her mother's health took a turn for the worse.

September and the remnants of her mother's family sat with her at her bedside on her final days. On the last night before she passed, September's mother beckoned her close and dismissed everyone else. That was the night that September's mother told her that she knew exactly who her father was. She was given a name: Ingmar Vollan. Her mother told her to find him. He deserved to know about his other daughter. She also informed September that Ingmar had another child with another woman. That meant September had a sister, granted she was only a step-sister, but she was still blood. September nodded through her tears - unable to be upset with her mother at this point - and told the rest of her family to come back inside. Her mother passed shortly after.

September stayed for her mother's funeral and the changing of estate. After bidding the rest of her mother's family goodbye, September Vollan set out on a journey to find the last of her family, a woman that did not know that she even existed. All she had to go on was a piece of paper with a name on it.

Alisa Vollan.

Reference: Zane

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Hello, I'll be grading your application.

First, since your character hasn't been here since pre-TS. You get 25 SP during character creation on top of your original. Also please don't claim rank/etc. till you're rewarded such else where.

"manipulating objects around them" for your magic, the only thing you're allowed to manipulate are objects/projectiles that you alone create. Please bump once you edit it out or specify it.~

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September Vollan
Hello! Thank you for the help!

SP was updated!

For the rank part, I redeemed the free 25k exp from the new event and asked on Discord if I could just put that towards my new application. Jyu said it was fine, but did I do something wrong? I honestly wasnt sure when I filled it out xD

I edited the magic description as well! I just had a quick question. For what you asked me to change, I understand that she cannot manipulate objects around her innately, but if she lifted something with a disk/platform of sorts or enclosed it in a "bubble" would that be allowed?

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This character application has been approved

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