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Vanilla Ice [NQ - Manzo]

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"W-Where's my… My mommy?"

The sound of a child in distress the sort of thing which was never a happy thing to hear but never less of a pleasant prospect than when a black banner bearing a skull and crossed bones sat upon the horizon, around the young soul it seemed as if hell had been unleashed as souls with sick grins seemed to chase the innocents around the streets to yank away their bags and tear off their earrings whilst others seemed to grab the boxes of merchants and chests of financiers and claim them for their own, all while this frail figure was flooded with fear as a primal sense of desperation set in, and all that that the youngster could do was cry and hope that someone gave a damn about their situation. But in a scene like this, who could.

"I can't find… I can't find mommy!"

That quiet and innocent voice drowned out by wails and roars and even the odd spot of laughter here and there, people were too busy either running for their lives or running for another's livelihood to pay attention to such a slight shape and the fright that they were facing right now, and so all that the terrified tot could do was reach for something, anything, and hope that they might right draw the attention of someone who could help them. And in this case just so happened to pluck at a while cloak which seemed surprisingly stationary, given the situation.

"If there's one thing I can't stands, it's a screaming bra-"

Unfortunately it seeming that whomever bore the silky soft stretch of snowy colour was not the only figure to notice the bewildered brat and the second soul on the seafront who did so seeming to take a rather disgusting sense of exception to the wailing whippersnapper, things looked to be taking the sourest of turns as such unrepentant malice bore down on someone who should have never faced it, and fortunately, would never either, thanks to the snap of an arm and the flick of a cape.

“Shut your mouth, fool…!” A sharp and decisive motion seeming to cut off the atrocious assault before it could happen or rather summon something forth which could do so in its place, the spirit of winter lurched forth as an iceberg seemed to lurch out of the ground and encompass the aggrieving antagonist, and leave him with not even the scantest inch of space to move either his blade or body even a hair further.
“You've spoiled my day off.” Ruthless cold striking out from a set of eyes which were filled with a fuelled by fury which was focused and yet wholly unrestrained, the woman in white growled at the asinine assailant and brushed a streak of brightly coloured hair behind her hair, before she showing that she could be just as brutal and bitter as the attack she had just unleashed as she made sure that no hair on any child's head would be harmed by his hand ever again…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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Another day in the streets of hargeon. The city bustling with excitement from the impending party at the guild hall had so many spirits high. None higher than that of the emerald sage himself. He could not contain such excitement alone. He had redecorated his entire shop to reflect that spring had sprung and that the good weather and fun were here to stay.

But that feeling of excitement was quickly dashed when he heard the cry of a small child. Something like that could not be ignored. He had to investigate. He flung himself over the bar, grabbing his sword from behind the door of the shop and quickly strapping it to his back.

Was such a massive blade needed, possibly not, but you could never be too careful in a port town. Especially during tourist season. Thugs tended to roam the streets causing quite the ruckus. Such behavior he could not tolerate. Would not tolerate.
So off he went to explore what had happened out in the streets.

He could hear a woman speaking to someone. Her tone of voice sounded quite stern, perhaps someone had already beaten him to the punch. Which would have been fine with him. As long as the child was being taken care of. That is truly all that mattered to him in the long run of it all.

But that wouldn't stop him from going to the scene to see what had occurred here. He would quickly pull a passerby aside by the arm. "Do you know what happened here?" He asked with a look of concern on his face. The citizen he had pulled aside told him the tale of a heroic buxom blond who had stepped in.

What a tale it was to hear such a thing occurring in the streets. He had no knowledge of such a woman in his own guild. Meaning this sorceress was from one of the visiting guilds to the city. Ah a potential comrade, he thought to himself. It all made sense to him now. He still needed to find this woman. Introduce himself and properly thank her for having come to the child's aid.

He would release the citizen and turn the corner. From a distance he could see the woman standing in a field of ice from the look of it. An elemental sorceress no doubt about that. He channeled his magic into his left eye, activating his ability. He did a quick scan of her to see what to expect.

She was indeed from a visiting guild, so he had little to worry about when approaching her. But first, the child, he had to insure that she was alright. He would make a mad dash towards the girl. Kneeling down in her direction. He would assess her condition. Seeing that everything was okay he took a sigh of relief. Now it was time to thank the woman.

"On behalf of Blue Pegasus thank you for protecting this child." He said with a warm smile, very characteristic for him at this stage of his life. He would rise up from his kneeled position. The man before her standing six foot four inches tall. A very toned body, not covered by much but a white hooded jacket, un zipped with floral print on it.

HIs guild mark plain to see to anyone who was around, and his head full of auburn red hair shining like a beacon guiding a ship to port. Needless to say, he wasn't your run of the mill looking Joyan.

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“Tch. At least that's one less pig fouling the air around here…” Freezing her foe solid with her attack but that simply not enough punishment in the mind of Charlotte Caldwell for the crimes she saw here, the frosty femme would have been a liar if she had claimed not to see a twitch in the eye of her target even after turning him into a 'human' popsicle, but wasn't about to let that fact delay her from what she did next. Levying just enough force with her palm to topple the man she had on ice and let him fall onto the floor to shatter into countless pieces, the keen eyed among the crowd might have spied just a hint of kindness in her act as she used her free hand to ensure the child she had rescued did not see the man explode like a champagne glass tossed from the penthouse suite, but despite this her brilliant blue eyes said everything; she was mad, and wasn't about to forgive this tremendous transgression any time soon.

“A child~?” That icy gaze tightening for a second as she surveyed the seen immediately afterward and wondered which of these rats of the mast she should quell next, before she had the opportunity to act upon her urge to quell a little more of the disarray around her it seemed that the snowy siren would be cut off by the entry of a dashing member of their sister guild, who seemed to be intent on thanking her for the intervention she had just performed. It was cute, really.
“I merely struck this fool down for cutting off my path~” Miss Caldwell never the sort of woman who would very readily reveal the weakness of her compassion or kindness however and as such immediately denying that she had any intention of defence when she had moved there, the mantle of the minx drooped as she hid the truth of the matter and flicked her hair out as well, voicing a rather arrogant and self-serving reason for what she did which was a complete lie really, but that she would never admit, of course.

“However, if you really feel yourself indebted to me, give a girl a hand~?” Instead focusing on the moment and hiding the fact that she might just have been a little bit relieved to see a matriarchal shape scoop the small soul up and carry them away out of the corner of her eye, she let out a sharp sigh as she eyed the iced and diced figure that she had shattered on the ground, and then leaned forward to scoop up the only thing about him that hadn't broken in her assault; the weapon which was in what was left of his hand.
“I see some dogs which need putting down.” Out and about with the intent of a little retail therapy and maybe the acquisition of a refreshing beverage as well, even a tarnished cutlass seemed like a worthy claim with her own more exquisite armaments waiting in her suite with the rest of her belongings, and so too did a little bit of help as well, should he prove willing of course. Though, she wasn't about to stop even if he didn't, in truth…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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What an interesting woman this had turned out to be. She had the form and figure of an exotic dancer, with all the personality of a dominatrix. Good lord, he didn't need another of those on his hands. But perhaps he could make an exception for her in this regard. She did save the child, even if her reason was completely self serving. After all she could have just taken a different path.

No, there was more to this woman, he could feel it in his bones. But for now he would simply just allow her to keep the act up. After all, it wasn't his place to call her on it. They didn't even know one another. Just that they were from sister guilds. Which was enough for him to trust her. Even if that trust was as thin as the ice she had manifested to kill a man. Neutral guilds didn't exactly have to follow all the rules that light guilds did. So it wasn't really his problem.

Now she wanted a favor from him, typical, that seemed to be how this always went. But such things could not be helped truly. He was a high ranking member of the guild, and surely that was known all throughout the land. So if helping this woman achieve her goal was how he would wipe the slate clean. Then so be it. No real problem with that at all.

But the real problem here was, he had to tend to his shop. Though perhaps this wouldn't take too long. After all, it wasn't open yet, and he only needed to make preparations for the catering of the event. He could always just work through the night. Not like he had anything else going on at the time. So what harm could it really do to lend this strange woman a hand.

"Well since you put it that way, you've got a deal." He said as one of his hands reached into his pocket, pulling out a cigarette and put it to his lips. With a quick snap of his fingers he would ignite the smoky treat between his lips. Taking a long inhale for a moment before exhaling out of his nose. For a moment he chuckled to himself thinking of how he looked a bit like a real dragon when he did such a thing.

He would raise both beautifully sculpted arms above his head, doing a bit of a stretch. Causing a small popping sound to be heard escaping his back. What a feeling, what a beautiful feeling. Such a thing could not be taken for granted. Some people couldn't even pop their backs, which was sad. But not for him, he could enjoy being so limber, and easily adjustable.

Raking his hand through his luscious red locks he would turn his emerald gaze back to the blonde in front of him. Taking the cigarette from his moth, giving it a small flick to ash it then back to his lips.
"So where to boss lady?" Taking the route of sarcasm to let her know that he was flirting with her, harmlessly.

It was quite clear to him, that this woman took herself very seriously. Nothing wrong with that, but not something he would subscribe to. He was quite the laid back man. No real sense of urgency about him, unless it was a matter of life or death. This was not one of those times, at least in his own mind that is.



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Seems at least one rumour about the pegusi wasn't entirely a lie~ The flex of her new friend rather an obvious ploy to use around a pretty girl like herself and yet Miss Caldwell feeling a note of appreciation for what she saw, the visual brag certainly seemed to show off the sculpted shape of those arms quite well, and for a moment meant that the minx was distracted as she entertained a sense of curiosity as to how they might feel to the touch, in a variety of exciting situations.
“How I do like a willing dog to work~” Certainly by no means disliking the prospect of teaming up with someone who wasn't entirely lacking for optical appeal and perhaps that softening her attitude a little, the blonde bombshell flexed in her own more cerebral manner as she teased the man beside her in a tone that was a little more playful, and yet still with plenty of presence of command so that he knew that regardless of how good he looked she was wearing the pants today.

“And who knows? Impress me today, and I might even consider further 'collaberation'~?” Guessing from his desire to show his fine form off that he might be the sort who did well with the right degree of motivation as well and because of that adding another ounce of flirtation to her façade for a second or two, Charlotte made sure that her recruit would know that he had everything to play for as they embarked upon this little show of companionship, though given the showiness of her takedown a moment ago did not have a whole lot of time for her enchanting 'encouragement' either.
“But for now, business before pleasure~” Shaking her head and waving the idea of future shared undertakings for the time being as she spied one of the interlopers readying a weapon and then racing toward them, paired and singular eyelines seemed to converge upon the couple as their entry seemed to catch the interest of the haggard sea dogs around them, but really that was so much the better in the mind of the buxom beauty.

“Seems it might be best to drive them from the town before we tackle their nest?” The sort who had learned how to deal with the overeager approach of excited men whilst she had been in her teenage years, she readied the blade which she had borrowed in one of her hands to deflect a swipe from their enemies whilst the other hand steadily gathered mana into it, and all the while as she did so Miss Caldwell kept her cool and composed tone as she guided the 'hound' she had found beside her.
“Hopefully the townsfolk aren't too squeamish~? My attacks can tend to paint the town red…” Tilting her head and feeling a sudden sense of exhilaration not just because of the battle building before her but also because should truth be told she was the type who enjoyed to play for a crowd more than she might ever admit, with a clawing thrust she sent what seemed to be a spear of ice shooting toward the bay to intercept a would-be gunman, and then lashed out at the leg of their leading enemy as well with little mercy, and drew a nice stream of claret as even the worn weapon in her hand seemed enough to cut through flesh like a hot knife through butter…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

credit to nat of adoxography.


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As it would seem, this woman wanted to waste very little time in getting straight to work. Which was fine, he was always more of a fan of pure action, than merely words. Seeing as she was more than eager to begin the onslaught of these sea faring barbarians he would do the same. He placed one hand behind his head, resting on the handle of the blade attached to his back. He would send magic into scabbard, unleashed the locks that kept it in place.

With a wide swing, his sword was set free from it's confining prison. He drove it into the ground, cracking the cobble stone underneath his feet. "Time to let the beast out."
He said as his emerald orbs turned a serpent yellow, black slits taking the place of his humanoid pupils.

His sun kissed arms replaced by black scales with a green hue, encasing his body up to his neck. Beast like canines replacing his other wise normal teeth, horns coming out from underneath the fiery auburn hair that covered his crown. He drug his now talon like nails down the side of a brick wall, creating sparks.

With the transformation complete, it was time for the emerald dragon of the forests to begin unleashing all the rage built up within him. Grabbing the handle of his blade firmly with one hand, he leapt a full eighteen feet into the air, lunching himself forward like a speeding bullet, whirling his blade around him like food processor through the pirates that were before them.

As he landed on his feet, nothing but a red mist fallowed behind him, like a vapor trail from a jet taking off. Swinging his blade in front of him, shedding the blood that now decorated his blade on the path in front of him. Resting his blade squarely on his shoulders.

There had to be more than this. Where there was one cockroach there were thousands more. Which meant ample opportunity for him to test the sharpness of his blade on live targets. Which could only serve to benefit himself in the long run. What a feeling, being able to finally let loose after months behind a bar and inside of a kitchen.

This was certainly the break he needed, and craved. While he swore to not take life needlessly, these individuals meant to do harm to his home. Which meant they had already punched their ticket for a shallow grave. They just hadn't learned of that fact yet. Oh but they would, they certainly would. He was not here to impress the woman that had asked him to go on this little errand. It was his duty to show the ferocity of the guild. Remind them of the monsters that they believed were so vain and stuck up.

"I'm still hungry it seems." He said with a toothy grin on his face. There had to be more of them, there just had to be, he would not accept that they had dealt with them all. No he had seen how individuals such as these operated. They used large numbers to overwhelm port towns and raid them. Which he would not allow to happen here. Not in this which was his home. The shining jewel on the water would never be taken.

He turned his head toward his companions direction to see how she was doing. Hopefully she was having as much fun wiping scum off the face of the earth as he was. Justice, it was the most beautiful thing.



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“Oooooof! That's quite the blade, friend~” Brows lifting and eyes widening as she saw the boy backing her up take something into his hands that made her own sword look like little more than a toothpick, as she fended off more swipes with swords and thrust her own into the belly of another brigand Charlotte would have been a liar if she said that the combination of adrenaline and excitement wasn't making her feel friskier, and her gentleman aide was likely to be most generous recipient of that fact given the situation.
“One hopes you're not compensating for something!” Often as severe as a gale force wind in the middle of January and yet a far hotter spirit resting beneath that icy edge, the battling blonde was the type of woman who showed a truer character either as a result of reward or simply through the spice of chemistry, and already found herself enjoying that mistress and servant dynamic that was developing between herself and her thus far unnamed new friend. A little too much, perhaps, but did not have the time to realize that.

Quite the beast, isn't he~? Unsure of what exactly was driving the fine figure of man to shift from a more subservient side to something wilder but most assuredly not hating the sight of him coming out of his shell either, though Miss Caldwell should have been a little more focused on her foes she couldn't help but feel a shiver run up her spine as she saw her partner in crime tearing their ranks apart, and for her part felt as if her luck might just have been in to have run into a character like this during this abdominal situation.
“Someone certainly seems keen on making the most of his opportunity to impress me~” Not exactly a sadist though perhaps possessing more of an inclination toward such tendency than the average woman would, the brilliance of his brutality was something that the buxom beauty felt an ounce of fascination by, and perhaps also a desire to see conquered and tamed as well. Usually, the wilder they were, the more satisfaction she gained from domestication.

“I hope you can keep it up!” Because of that the blonde belle only too happy to maintain her 'motivating' monologue as she ruthlessly drove her heel into the groin of one of goons and then thrust her palm forward toward the unguarded skull of another, the fact that she was fighting alongside someone so capable and contrasting with her own style seemed to stimulate the spirit of competition within the coquette, and drove her to act to ensure she was not outdone by her opposite gender no matter the situation.
“We're nowhere near our main course yet~” Pouring a little more mana into her fist in order to turn the skull of her enemy into what was tantamount to a popsicle and then slashing the chest of the fool who clutched his crotch so desperately, even as the ice sprouted from her body the blizzard blooming bombshell could feel perspiration on her brow and the exposed part of her chest as well, and she liked that feeling. After all, a good fight was the second best form of recreation a woman like her could engage in. And oh, if the first didn't start with an 'F' as well…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

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She was quite the barbarian. Something so beautiful and yet so violent. It was truly a shame didn't join Blue Pegasus. She could have made a lovely addition to the roster of their guild. Beauty, and savagery what a lovely combination it was. But he could not dwell on that now. He sniffed the air like a blood hound on the trail. But his nose came up with nothing. Meaning they had dealt with the trash that was here.

Which could only mean it was time to go hunting for more elsewhere. She had roped him into this whole ordeal, but he was not truly angry about it. It was a lovely way to let off steam, and he had someone doing it with him. Which made it a bit more fun. He would revert back to his human form.

He popped his neck, and rolled his shoulders. It had been quite some time since he had used that form. Only truly in practice, these were small fry enemies, so practicing on them was nothing for him. Training wheels so to speak of course. But with more practice, perhaps it could be as seamless as breathing.

He would put his blade back in the holster on his back. Turning to face his companion with a smile on his face. "Let me know if you need help again." After those words, he took his leave.


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“Whew… Nothing beats a good scrap first thing, hm~?” Turning her blade over in hand and driving it into the back of a brute she had just side-stepped, for the moment the excitement and exhilaration of the eager enchantress blinded her to the fact that the pristine and pure colour of her costume was now smattered and splattered with trails of redness, and instead right now all that she could think about was the way that the scene and the man fighting alongside her was making her pulse pound.
“Well, almost nothing, eh~?” Few things seeming like a better way to bond with a new friend than the experience of fighting off a wall of enemies all around you, a woman who was used to fighting alone could certainly appreciate the aid of a capable pair of hands at her side and perhaps in several other places around her, and that went double for when those mitts seemed so very capable of keeping up with her. Hell, she was almost impressed, by this stage.

“Gosh, wanting to hit the showers already, champ? My word…” Not that happy to hear of her battle buddy seeming to want to call it quits when they had so much left to do however, while the brigands had been driven from the city streets thanks to their brilliant bladework and bountiful magic, the fact that the femme could still see black colours sitting on the horizon told her that her job was not done just yet, and in her mind that meant that her mate's wasn't either.
“You're not going to leave a pretty little thing like me to raid their ship alone, are you~?” Shaking her head and even pouting as she batted her lashes at the boy beside her, and perhaps puffing her chest out as well for good measure, this mighty minx wanted him to know that she was barely getting warmed up yet and wasn't about to leave a job half done either. And neither was he either, if she had her way…


"Of Those Who Might Behold Her~"
- Charlotte Caldwell -

credit to nat of adoxography.


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It would seem that their work was not yet completed. Perhaps it was bad manners for him to leave her up in the middle of their passionate crusade. Privateers had no place in this civilized society of theirs. Rehabilitation was far too kind, and only something he believed in for those who were truly remorseful. It was clear to him by their actions that they weren't.

He flicked the sweat from his brown, before grabbing a pack of cigarettes from his board shorts. He chuckled at her words even still. He placed a cigarette to his mouth and snapped his fingers to light it. Taking a drag off of it, in the manner someone does so after having a night of pleasure.

He turned his attention to the buxom blond beside him and smirked as she showed off her chest for him. Almost as if to lure him to doing more work for her. It seemed she had picked up a few tricks from the women in Blue Pegasus. Unfortunately for her. She didn't know him well enough, to surmise that such things don't exactly work on him.

But she was putting so much effort into trying to woo him into continuing he could only laugh it off.
"Well then, I suppose I'll accompany you for a bit longer.


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