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Vanessa Caldwell

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Name: Vanessa Caldwell

Age: January 10th 766 (25)

Gender: Feminine

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Minstreli

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstreli

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Empyrean Divine

Tattoo: White, inside left hip

Face: Emma Frost – Marvel Comics


Height: 178cm

Weight: 55kg

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Overall: A tall and slender woman with bright hair and fair features, Vanessa Caldwell is a woman with a fine figure and favours fashion that shows this off, rather extravagantly in fact. Rather fetching facially and sporting blonde hair that she tends to wear loosely, she seems to shift frequently between styles which alter the length from around the shoulders to something which might reach her mid back, and tends to keep her bangs long, with a parting that varies with the style she seeks to emulate. Having a rather narrow and delicate looking face, her blue eyes are large and her nose is a little on the thin side, complimenting her refined and mature features perfectly.

Pale of skin but not quite so much that it might become off-putting, Miss Caldwell has the kind of complexion that can make her look like quite the vamp, and knows how to play this up perfectly. Seeming to have the kind of taste that she would call 'Anti-Goth', this leads her to favour heavy eye makeup and bright and alluring tones of lipstick, with a special and unsual fondness for silver or blue. Seeming to enjoy a bewitching image and possesses enough vanity that she would rarely leave the house without making herself look presentable, her appearance is usually clean and crisp and definitely in the colder portion of the spectrum usually, with some commenting that the outfits she tends to wear border on fetishism.

The style of clothing that Vanessa prefers refined, elegant and yet also rather showy, the girl favours bright colours and extravagant materials, and seems to have a signature in the form of the colour white as well as deep boots and capes. Looking somewhat like a dominatrix due to the fact that she will habitually sport items like corsets and high legwear, Miss Caldwell rarely feels uncomfortable when it comes to either temperature or an observers gaze, and as such will usually wear something which it quite revealing, and chosen to highlight her bust, stomach, rear, legs or even all of the above. This even extending to what she might wear in battle, this immodest icon believes that she fights her best when she looks her best, and in this way one can assume that her choices of ensemble are as much for herself as they are anyone else.

Extra: Has a subtle bite scar on her neck, though it is old and quite hard to notice.


Personality: A woman who is complex and filled with contradiction, those who observe Vanessa Caldwell might see a definite and oftentimes confusing contrast between the traits of her personality since she can tend to be a woman of extremes, and at times frightening ones at that. On a good day the sort who can be cerebral and yet also passionate and challenging toward others, there are times when she can seem quite outgoing and while somewhat combative as a conversationalist even when she is more positive, she can show a warmth and playfulness that might surprise one if they are used to her more negative inclinations.

These perhaps a little pronounced to tell the truth, on the whole Vanessa tends to be the sort of person who keeps everyone at arm’s length at best, and can be quite distant and aloof toward many. Serious and stern in her countenance when she needs to be and the fondness that she shows for wit makes her seem sarcastic and superior as a result, she can be quite scathing even without meaning to and downright brutal in her outlay when she does. Introverted for the most part and that really not helping her seem any warmer either, some have dubbed her an ice queen which is perhaps accurate in its description of the bearing she often chooses to show, but like so many beneath that wintery exterior beats something far more vibrant and at times volatile than many might expect of her.

In many ways that icy surface crafted throughout many forms of hardship as a measure to protect herself and the more sensitive areas of her personality, remnants of a more tender, affectionate and sentimental person seem to linger beneath the surface of Miss Caldwell, though by her opinion this side to her as become fragile and difficult to assume because of the tragedy in her life. Softening for a time from the more frigid young thing she once was thanks to positive influence and in her own way coming out of her shell because of that, unfortunately heartbreak seemed to cause her to revert to something more akin to what she was forced to be in her youth, proving that old habits have a very hard time dying when it comes to her. Not that she does this intentionally of course, and some of the colder and more biting portions of her personality are best described like a defensive instinct than something actually intentional, which can lead to regret at times, especially when she feels like she has lashed out.

Much like a wounded animal in some ways because of all the damage that her feelings have taken through the years, despite this and often without meaning to she can show a more affectionate and tender side to her which is very genuine, though this tends to be more the product of her company than her design. Taking time to trust people enough to demonstrate her sensitive side but perhaps some finding it a rewarding endeavour, she can be soft and spirited to the people she grows to care for, and while still on the cheeky side is passionate and yet tempered at the same time, showing a better ability to curb her ‘sharp edges’ and a sense of excitability that one might not expect.

More often than not at this point in her life seeming to ‘vent’ the warmer aspects of her personality in sudden displays of her yearning for companionship, while she is certainly not proud of how she might end up approaching and expressing it Vanessa is far more indulgent of her need for physical intimacy than that of emotional issue, and at times seems to try and substitute the latter with the former. Lonelier than she might want anyone to know and seeking solace through amorous assertion, some might be stunned by how forward she can be and how she can ‘flip the switch’ between the cold and hot parts of her, and vice versa. Sometimes hurting the feelings of people she might seek for a night of passion with how she reverts to that distant manner once she has gotten what she has wanted, churning emotions can make her seem irritated by what has occurred, but mostly she tends to be more furious at herself for these moments of weakness than anything else.

Rather tempestuous and turbulent when given the chance to let her emotions show as well, this fire of passion can be warm and nurturing or violent and destructive depending on her circumstance and frame of mind, and Miss Caldwell can be prone to deep bouts of wrath against those who have truly offended her because of this. Those colder and more distant elements of her personality seeming to make her rather ruthless when upset and quite vengeful as well, she can lash out savagely against the people that hurt her, and can rush to judgements and acts herself because of her defensiveness. Never wanting the world to see how vulnerable she can be, this can lead to a kind of pre-emptive assault on her part to try and beat some perceived damage to the punch so to speak, which certainly does little to help her interpersonal relationships.

That being said the internalized and observational nature of the woman making her more sensitive and appreciative of the people around her than she lets on, though she is not all that good at expressing her gratitude toward them that doesn’t stop her cherishing the people who stay true and loyal to her, and while at times her discomfort with her vulnerability might mean she tries to push them away she can become fiercely protective of people in her confidence, and willing to go to extreme measures to protect them.


  • Beauty: Certainly seeming to understand good looks, Vanessa is a purveyor of appearance of not only her own image but also that of others, and enjoys mixing the two together in various racy and hedonistic fashions, sometimes in an almost single-minded manner.
  • Attention: Seeming to have chosen to embrace her role as a mage primarily for fame and wealth, Miss Caldwell can tend to be quite the source of vanity, and has a rather heavy set ego which she likes to stroke more often than a teenage boy and his favourite toy.
  • Luxury: Born into wealth which she was forced to watch squandered, Vanessa has a taste for the finer things in life which she likes to see fulfilled, though demonstrates a subtle sense of appreciation for things like craftmanship and value which speaks of the fact that at certain times in her life she has been deprived of little luxuries.
  • Wit: A cerebral soul with a noted dry wit, Miss Caldwell finds herself as stimulated by sharp efforts of mentality as she does fine expression of physicality, and seems to genuinely find entertainment and bonding potential in banter, considering it her premiere form of making friends.
  • Winter: Comfortable in cold conditions, Vanessa has enjoyed things like falling snow and skating upon frozen lakes since she was a little girl, and continues to find these things offering her a sense of soothing relaxation and cosiness. Ideally, she wants to retire to a nice palace where it snows year round.
  • Children: Perhaps 'like' being too strong a term here and a better interpretation to say she has a soft and protective spot for the young, Miss Caldwell remembers what it was like being a child in a tough spot, and can tend to show greater and unexpected levels of compassion and kindness toward the innocent, especially if they've had a hard time of it.


  • Idiocy: Don't waste her time with stupidity, she had no patience for it.
  • Ugliness: Failure to maintain acceptable standards of attractiveness is a sin which will be punished by disinterest and possible scorn.
  • Poverty: Destitution is a failing which offends her very spirit, and will not be tolerated.
  • Bad Parents: On a more serious note, Miss Caldwell has a lot of experience with varying degrees and styles of bad parenting, and is deeply discomforted, irritated, and prone to outburst and laying waste by such displays.
  • Liches: Her young life ruined by an opportunistic lich, though it would be fair to say that few enjoy these undeads entities or others like them all that much, Vanessa has an especially pronounced dislike for their kind because of her history with them.


  • Wealth: Money is an indispensable aid toward the acquisition of nice things, which she enjoys, and in her estimation is a more powerful and varied expression of human magic than anything in a spellbook.
  • Renown: Influence is pretty darn useful as well, so Vanessa tends to seek fame and perhaps sometimes infamy in order to deploy such things in careful measure as an expression of her power.


  • Weakness: A strong, independent and at times feisty spirit, Miss Caldwell would dread incapacity more than anything else, and strives to maintain a strong image because of this.
  • Dependence: Linking to the above, Vanessa would absolutely detest feeling like she was beholden to or reliant upon another person, having seen enough of her mother's weak and pathetic actions to make her dread death a whole lot less than being the same.
  • Loss: More delicate than she might first appear when it comes to her heart and sensitivity, one of the reasons that Miss Caldwell keeps people at a distance is due to trauma, and as such she fears abandonment and rejection to great degrees.


Strength: 31

Speed: 31

Constitution: 31

Endurance: 31

Intelligence: 66

(See transfer section)


Magic Name: Ice Queen

Magic Element: Frost

Magic Enhancement: Bind on Effect – Offensive

Magic Description: A potent frost type magic, Ice Queen is a style developed and perfected from the basic magics which Vanessa learned as a girl, and despite it's name can encompass all aspects of cold spells such as snow or rime, not just simple ice. Capable of making multiple types of spell with her magic such as those needed to protect herself, enhance herself or support her abilities, it is noted for its offensive spells which not only do damage but also due to the nature of the medium can trap her targets in solid ice, making it perfect for supressing her foes.



Born into a home life which perhaps should have been a happier place, Miss Vanessa was the child of a wealthy but weak willed woman who had been widowed when her daughter was only a toddler, and was desperate for some support and security. By her own observation her matriarch a 'pathetic' example of humanity, she allowed herself to be seduced by a villain with an eye on her fortune who could see what an easy mark the woman was, and quickly moved to claim it for his own. Coming on like a conman and providing her with love and affection, once he had his claws in her he took over the estate in everything but name, and used an alias to escape the more nefarious aspects of his association.

Growing up everything about what her new step-daddy wanted, even when he wasn't there, the man would flit off on flights of fancy under the pretence of business trips, and return to help himself to the comfort and security offered by her home. Vanessa becoming increasingly troubled by this as she grew older, while she had hardly any memories of her father she felt like how she and her mother were treated by this new figure seemed wrong, and grew worse with time.

At first the man simply seeming to try to drive a wedge between parent and child, his hold over Mrs Caldwell was so strong that he could not only brush any suspicion about his many absences but also twist and turn the objections of the daughter to paint her in a bad light, and had practically brainwashed the woman of the house into becoming his doting servant. Affable and charming, in later years Vanessa would realize he had a talent for spell craft of manipulation and the like, and seemed to use it primarily on her mother and those to whom the girl seemed to seek aid from, though the young lady remained more adamant and defiant of him, and was heartbroken when it seemed like the woman who birthed her would take his side.

Things really turning nasty, the true nature of the crook was revealed in threats made in private toward the girl about how he might sell her into servitude and slavery if she didn't mind her own business, and promised her that her pretty little face would certainly fetch a decent price, though even he seemed reluctant to do so since it would likely impact the relationship with mother. The behaviour also affecting her school and social life as well, the stress and worry seemed to make Vanessa distant from the other children and force her to act as something of a loner, who seemed to have rather a hard time connecting with or trusting anyone.

Miss Caldwell's home life hard and only seeming to become worse as the years rolled by, not only did she have to deal with her wicked stepfather but also the lackeys he seemed to amass, as the man seemed to become practically like a cult leader. This the first indication that he was involved in some seriously dark business, he seemed to use mother's money to buy items of the occult and indulge strange ceremonies at a full moon, and then one day things really went to hell, that was for sure.

Only in her early teens when she was suddenly grabbed and restrained by a couple of her stepfather's cronies, they used some strange smelling concoction to knock Vanessa out, and when she came to she was bound to a table in the light of a full moon, with her nemesis seeming to look to sacrifice her to some dark deity so that he might empower herself through their favour. It really a horrific sight, all his lackeys were gathered around in cloaks, sick smiles on their faces, and even her mother was there, looking like she was in a daze. Even with her mouth gagged the girl calling out to her parent, pleading with her but to no avail, all her stepfather could do was chuckle at her struggling and leer over here, and make jokes about how he would finally be rid of the biggest thorn in his side.

Understandably, this seeming to terrify even the strong spirited Miss Caldwell, that was for sure, the fear of the femme seemed to invoke some latent potential for magic that she possessed, through desperate accident the young woman let loose a blast of ice which seemed to rebuff and stall those around her, and also freeze and break the bonds that kept her in place. Falling off the table in a groggy but still rather frightened state, the then grabbed the knife that her tormentor had intended to use in order to kill her and as he tried to grab her again jammed it into his eye, but even this didn't seem to be enough to kill this monster.

Instead simply undoing the effect of whatever spell had been hiding his true form, the magic wore off and she saw that underneath it all he was a corpse. Learning long after the fact that he was a living skeleton who had been cursed years before by the dark magic of an item he had stolen, this revelation did nothing to comfort the young woman and so she did the only sane thing in the situation; she ran away, as quickly and for as long as she could manage even though her feet were bare and she was wearing little more than a burlap sack, until she collapsed, and to her good fortune happened to be found by a well-meaning soul in the next village over.

Perhaps for a moment or even a few minutes comforted by the fact that a man and his wife had found her and kept her safe after she had passed out, unfortunately she would quickly discover that she was cursed by two things. The first being her status and renown, Vanessa was easy to recognise as the daughter of the wealthy Lady Caldwell, which when compounded by the second factor which afflicted her; simple stupidity. The people who had found her kind but none too bright or calculating, upon connecting the dots between the missing little girl and the talk of this prominent child being missing they had sent word to her home about where she had ended up, and as such brought her right back into the crosshairs of someone who sought to kill her.

Not wanting to take her chances with who or what might arrive for her, Vanessa told her would-be rescuers that she needed a little more rest, and once they were assured that she would stay in place set about leaving the land for good. Robbing them blind and not feeling good about doing so as she slipped out of bed quietly and wrapped herself in the ill fitting clothes of their son, she took anything of value she could get her hands on as well as most of their food and fled right away, and didn't stop running for a long time.

Living rough after this and that quite an adjustment for a lady who was used to living in a mansion, fortunately for her Miss Caldwell was clever enough to know that a scruffy boy would attract a lot less interest than a pretty girl, and so hacked off most of her hair with a table knife not long after fleeing, and passed for a lad for as long as she could. Moving around as a thief and poacher, doing what she could to survive, Vanessa tried to process what had happened to her, and remembered the blast of ice she had created when she had been subdued as well.

Realizing that she would need to be a whole lot stronger if she was going to survive on her own, through trial and error she tried to recreate what she had done, but didn't manage anything close to that fight or flight reaction without proper training. Instead only capable of creating the odd icicle or freezing the things she touched, these proved useful for getting her dinner or protecting herself from overly aggressive individuals, and eventually caught the attention of a wandering mage who hailed from another land.

Practised in spell craft and capable enough a hunter that she wasn't deterred by the meagre efforts of a street punk who tried to steal her coin purse, Miss Caldwell quickly found herself subdued and disarmed, though luckily by someone who wasn't entirely devoid of sympathy for someone in her situation. Offered no real choice when she was presented with the options of a nice hot meal in the nearest tavern or a trip to the cells, though the girl wasn't too happy about it she begrudgingly took the former when she realized how much her belly was aching, and was glad to eat a hearty pie and plenty of fixings on the tab of someone else.

Naturally the provision of a good meal seeming to come with a catch of course but this one being one of information, when she rebuffed the efforts of her 'captor' to find out who she was Vanessa found herself being quizzed on her icy abilities, and her small displays of skill apparently impressed the woman when she learned she had taught herself how to do that. Reminded soon after that talent alone was no replacement for proper tutelage, however, after the meal she was given a second gift in the form of a well-worn magic book and message to keep her nose clean as the woman departed, but told her she might stop by the area again sometime to make sure that she wasn't getting into more trouble.

Annoyed at first to have been treated so kindly, if you can believe it, but after getting over that thumbing through the tome out of boredom and the fact that she could spend the day in the tavern adding drinks and treats to that tab like a cheeky little minx, though it was old and dusty and looked like it was about the fall apart the book was pretty interesting as well. It seeming like sort of a beginners guide to spellcraft which had been quite the hand me down, it helped Miss Caldwell to understand the principals of mana and the casting of magic, and over the next days and weeks the girl proved an adept pupil of the written word.

Learning to better employ her abilities by refining her control of mana and expanding her reserves with practice, as the abilities of the young woman grew she began to move away from the lifestyle of the thieving opportunist, and put her talents to more profitable use. Likely to be far from proud to admit that her earliest forays into work as a mage tended to involve the culling of rats and other pest animals or running simple errands for alchemists and smiths, Vanessa managed to earn a slightly more honest crust for herself, and as her skill and ability grew also seemed to attract the attention of those like her, for one reason or another.

The friendlier sort of mage seeming to offer her tips and tricks on how to improve her spell craft, the initial teachers of Miss Caldwell were her peers, who seemed to have an especial adeptness for offering advice on how to make her abilities handier in a combat situation. A bright girl who proved a quick learner in more than one regard, it was around a similar time that the young lady realized that her pretty face was quite the asset as well, and may soon have found herself guilty of exploiting that fact rather heavily. Always keeping that wall between herself and others but amazed to discover the 'magic' that could be wrought through the flutter of her lashes or the sweet embrace of her lips, she discovered that boys in particular were easy to exploit when she lifted their expectation a little, but quickly found she might need instruction of a higher calibre than that of a fawning teenage crush.

This extending to both her adeptness with the magical arts and her ruthlessly deployed charm, these two seemed to blossom hand in hand as she noticed. Craving the attention of more accomplished spell casters but her girlish charm seeming to not quite cut the mustard with them, instead the shrewd Miss Caldwell observed that the buxom tavern wench or the well-dressed beauty in the street could command minds in a manner that even mana could not exploit, and took in a great many notes from both.

Fully departing from her habit of presenting herself in a boyish manner in order to embrace and exploit the power in her femininity, she started buying and wearing pretty things to catch attention, and soon the short skirt or lazily unbuttoned shirt was as much a weapon in her arsenal as any blade or incantation could hope to be. And given what she had been through, she didn't really mind giving up a little of her time and energy to fawn over the right figure in order to better herself in some way, regardless of how these habits seemed to stir the rumour mill.

The comfort of her situation increasing because of her expanding skillset and perhaps this permitting Vanessa to focus on things beyond simple survival and improvement, the betterment of her skills seemed to also compel this young coquette to think of the history she kept secret and the life she had left behind her as well. Still waking in a cold sweat from nightmares about skeletal monsters attacking her and wanting to kill her, the mind of the minx lingered on what she had been through and also seemed to wish to avenge it, and as such she began to focus her effort toward this.

Certainly progressing in her magic a great deal since the years since leaving home but opting for a cautious approach, Vanessa opted to try her hand at monster slaying by starting small and working her way up to exotic entities like what she now knew was a lich, with mixed success. Running into trouble with her first vampire extermination and nearly becoming dinner for the creature, she was rescued by another monster hunter, that dashing and heroic sort, who took her under his wing and began to teach her that she would need in order to become more adept in the art.

Initially attempting to assure this through the generous application of feminine wiles but it appearing that he was more the honest and courageous sort, as she learned how to handle a blade and protect herself without magic it would seem that it was his guiles that seemed to affect her instead, and Vanessa was left with no option but to seduce him and become lovers with him. For the first time in so many years lowering her guard, though it took time and patience the pair seemed to fall for one another hard, and also proved an effective combo together in fights against the forces of darkness. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be.

The world a cruel one and never moreso with the way it seemed to claim the best and leave the rest, the only boy that Miss Caldwell has ever allowed herself to love was killed in a bar by a knife in his back, after intervening in a matter over a card debt. Knifed by some cowardly fool who took umbrage with his manner in a backwater bar as they travelled, after a vicious reprisal Vanessa tried to get her beau to a healer before he expired, but only made it as far as a sun-swept hill where he passed peacefully, with a smile on his face, but made his lady love feel like she might never smile again.

In its own way the experience that Vanessa had here galvanizing the girl toward seeking the revenge she craved on the monster, with her lovers sword in hand she headed home for the first time in more than five or so years, and used missions of extermination on the way as a kind of 'warm up' for the main event. Returning to her birthplace to find everything looking so much smaller than it once had done, it would seem that after her escape Vanessa's mother hadn't lasted many years until her beloved had lost patience with her and murdered her, and turned their house into a coven for their cultish cabal.

Surprising even herself by the sadness she felt for the loss of the woman who had failed her so many times as a girl, Miss Caldwell felt only more justified in what she needed to do, and assaulted her household under the cover of night to catch the fiends unawares. The new residents of her home hardly a match for a trained mage and as such the women whose white outfit shone in the moonlight ploughing through their number, once the lackies were done with the girl attacked her one-time tormentor, who only then seemed to realize who she was, and was more terrified of that fact that anything else. Well, until he faced her cold fury.

The icy magic she commanded seeming to be of limited effect on the body of an undead since she hadn't had the chance to learn to add the monster slaying properties her beau possessed with his skill, despite this the sword she had inherited seemed to make the skeletal spectre howl, and so she used her frosty spells to corner and trap him before delivering the coup de grace with her blade of memento. Carving him into pieces and not stopping her assault until those pained cries came to a rather satisfying end, when she was done the weary Miss Caldwell took in her family home, but found little joy in it. Most of the possessions of her parents seeming to have wrecked and ruined or sold on, all that seemed to remain was the ghost of their suffering, so Vanessa opted to lay that to rest by burning their mansion down to the ground. Watching as she did so as well for a sense of catharsis and even a stony heart like hers shedding some tears as she did so, she found some comfort in watching the ash rain down on the land around the ground like snow, and with that she said goodbye to the girl she once was.

Moving into womanhood somewhat aimlessly, in the years since this momentous event Vanessa has worked toward establishing herself as a prominent mage in her homeland, though has noted that her exploits there have always felt somewhat bittersweet given how tainted they were by loss. Building up a reasonable fortune from the missions and quests she has taken on, she opted to travel to the land known as Fiore in order to seek out new horizons and enjoy a land that seems a little more liberal and in line with her tastes than she finds her home.

Not only that but finding herself intrigued by the ever-changing landscape and even opting to use her talents to aid a new but promising guild in the region, though by her own admission finds herself take life at a rather more leisurely pace than she did as a teenage avenger. Having time to stop and smell the roses, so to speak, she looks forward to solidifying her esteem in this new realm and seeing just how far her influence can take her, and have a damn good time as she does all that as well!

Reference: Alisa~


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Unfortunately, I shall be using Ellie's Death Coin from her inventory in order to transfer her stats over to this new gorl.

Official character death occurred here.

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 190

  • Strength: 31
  • Speed: 31
  • Endurance: 31
  • Constitution: 31
  • Intelligence: 66

Other Changes

Mention any other changes that you may need for Season 3, such as Auras, Guild Levels, Titles, Epithets, etc.

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Azure Fenic

This Character is all set to be Roleplayed enjoy

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