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Revelation of Darkness [Judith]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Sun Apr 11, 2021 8:15 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir ducked out of a small doorway nestled between two larger buildings. On the right was an old shrine largely forgotten by time and passed by. A shrine maiden swept the concrete walkway beneath the gate. The broom was almost as tall as her. The young woman's attention flickered on the hooded wind mage with acknowledgment before turning away.

To the left was a building adorned with lights that blurred all the other surroundings of the city. No one stood at the door, but cheers and music could be heard resounding from within.

Across the street was a smaller shop. Books and flowers adorned the window sills from inside. A sign hung from it reading, 'Knowledge for those that seek the truth of the world.'

Kazimir turned his attention away from it all. The door closed behind him, outlined itself in dim red light, and vanished into the wall. He tucked a contained beneath his cloak and vanished into the alleys.

He was hesitant to use his magic here. With a single footstep, a dark strand of shadow was left behind. A fire escape led to the top of the building. He climbed until his legs hung over the side, and the city lights were laid out before him. The container was heavy in his hand. A way for him to keep his promise to Kurisa and satisfy his more mundane blood needs.

He pulled the pack of magical blood from the container and poured it into his waterskin so no one could see the truth of what it was. He took a long sip and set it beside himself, whipping the blood off on the darkened part of his armor.

#2Judith Karlinius 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Sun Apr 11, 2021 11:09 am

Judith Karlinius
There was an interesting thought for what was to come for the most part, Everything was how Judith wanted things to go nothing really seemed to have been standing out of place.

in some manner there was some wonder of why Kazimir was more hiding away so much in a manner that did seem different, Then again Judith in reality did not have much worry about it. So Judith would just kind of walk over to were she would be requested too.

Conversation with Kazimir was always delightful so that was easy to have her keep going. What conversation was to be had? guild matters? family matters, It was always interesting to ponder these things for a person who had very little worry in the world.

Eventually Judith would find her way to where she was suppose to be with this situation only to kind of wait. Part of her wished she had brought herself something to drink, Even something for Kazimir to drink. Either way in was not a huge problem there was not always a need for these things, being sure to just take note of things later.

With how dark it was when she was in where Kazimir was, It made her mind wonder why at first but maybe it was really not super important.

"So what brings me here?"Judith asked so casually about it, Still with no worry in the world. For now with no worry Judith would just make herself comfortable in any manner that Judith normally did, Make a large leaf to sit on while she waited and listen to whatever was to come, For now it seemed maybe it was harmless for a moment. Settling to her seat and well, Whenever Kazimir was ready he was ready, Just whenever Kazimir was ready.

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Thu Apr 15, 2021 6:39 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz took another sip of the beverage container, then set it down beside him. He could feel a tiny vibration in the wind around him as a being trotted up the stairway and sprouted a little chair to sit on. He didn't expect to see her here, at least not so soon. He could hardly remember sending word to her, but was thankful that she may not have seen him leave from that sketchy place below.

"Hey Judith," he nodded and invited her to join him. He let the silence linger between them for a second and moved his drink away from Judith. The night air was a refreshing flow through his lungs. And his makeshift shadow was cast behind him, mimicking the position of Judith's. He thought it was a curse before but it seemed to have some advantages.

A smile crept onto his face as he thought of a way to possibly get the answers he had been waiting on. With a sly gaze toward Judith, he smiled, "You know. If you tell me how you have come to live so long, I'll tell you how I became immortal?" The last they had seen each other or was known of Kazimir he was still a nephilim but they were known to have long lives and not immortal. Only one other person knew of Kaz's condition since coming to Fiore. A topic he also had to eventually talk to Judith about. Once he could find the words to tell her that he was dating one of her long time friends. Even though he was still unsure about the time frame shared between them.

#4Judith Karlinius 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Fri Apr 16, 2021 5:22 am

Judith Karlinius
How interesting, She set the deal right out there this the trail of never ending dead ends from Judith could it possibly it a connected thread? Well Judith was interested. It a blunt question that Judith could easily answer in a very short and blunt manner, Kazimir did not quite ask full details. These kind of things might be the kind of things she knew Kazimir had been dying to know for years.

She so far seemed casual about it."Ever so curious, Glad your sense of wonder had never faded."She would remark to start with, It was a building point it seemed."A curious person who lingers upon a thought, still risks many things."It was a typical Judith statement just less scrambled in what language could confuse people.

With his idea Judith just simply put."I would ask if with such an offer, It is a secret of yours would take to your grave, But the grave with be ever evading you if your offer stands right."Judith posed that as well.

The magical part was she seemed so plain about it still, There was a chance Kazimir would be given now,Depends on how he would word his answer."Are you worried for you will be judged for what keeps wind blowing...Or are you far more safer and content in the path that it leads you towards?"Most people got tired of this way with Judith, all of her children did.

But it left a chance for him to now possibly know if he answered in a way that Judith found sitting, So far it seemed Judith had been carrying her secret for years, Unknown to Judith if anyone had been really told at this point, She assumed no one else did. She did not move, She did not smile. Judith seemed...emotionless.

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Thu Apr 22, 2021 12:44 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"Of course. One of the great mysteries of my time," he made a small joke back about his sense of curiosity. Judith's secret was one that seemed so innocent and fleeting. Like grabbing sunlight. "No reward without risk," Kazimir replied with a simple saying, unlike his typically wind-related puns and phrases.

Kazimir leaned back, to process her statement about keeping his secret. If word got out about it, then it would surely cause home many problems. But the answer to that was not as clear-cut as that. Nothing ever seemed to be in the world of dark races.

"The wind blows how it wishes. rarely seen and always felt. Sometimes it whispers secrets and carries others away."

"It's a secret that can be very damaging to my existence if it were to get out. But there are multiple parts to the secret. Some more dangerous than others," he added. Even with his change being dramatic enough, he didn't know how the people would react if they ever found out what the wizard saint had become. let alone what he was doing with that power.

He sat, looking at Judith, and waited to finally hear if this offer was sufficient to get the secret from her. The normally happy Nature mage sat with nothingness drained onto her face. No emotions outlined her features and she was more still than the plants she conjured.

#6Judith Karlinius 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Fri Apr 23, 2021 8:40 am

Judith Karlinius
It posed to Judith did he wanted to speak about his secret first? Or was she? Nonetheless while Judith took her time to choose she just posed to Kazimir in her normal somewhat confusing nature."I some times ponder, If the voice of the soul drowns in the silence of a dark eternal void, Or speak loud enough to shatter the stars."Judith seemed to posed that in general, It seemed pretty in depth of a figurative question, Could wonder what it was linger on with in Judith's mind.

So now, Judith would just simply give Kazimir an answer with out telling much about it, She was trying to to figure out how not to reveal everything and give Kazimir an answer with out lying."The secret of my age you always wanted to know, Always wanting to know how I defy age and the answer you seek is simple."Judith had figure out a way with out going into full detail and risk what she did not want leaked out or known.

"Years of studying the effects of the human body and magic."
In the basic form it was exactly what she had done, With out going far into detail."It has been many years, I have also kept the information of my findings to myself."Judith must have been using the results to defy the human's body to delay aging.

It was a good balance between revealing that information, As well keeping any information of how it all worked locked away, since explaining was not needed. She would never want to speak about it either."Thus it is how I look how I do being around 60 years old now."deeming it okay to leave it at that, She just looked at Kazimir."I have made my part of your deal, It is your turn now."It was that time now for him, Just have to wonder if Judith would return to normal yet.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Sat Apr 24, 2021 11:26 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz looked up at the star filled sky as Judith spoke about the twinkling orbs shattering in her usually metaphorical speech. It only made him wonder if her answer would be just as quizzical or if she was getting that part out of the way now.

'The secret of my age,'
she began and Kaz leaned over to give her his full attention. As many things were in this world. The wonder is in the unknown and once something is realized it is often more simple than the imaginations of others.

"Study," he nodded back, thinking about the beginning of her answer. It was a simple answer but the process to get there was probably much more complex. "I assumed you had a deep interest in the working of nature, but I didn't know you spent so much time looking into the biology of humans. Why would you spend so much of your life studying that? Just a part of your path down the healing arts?" he replied back. More curious about the reasoning behind it than he was the process in obtaining it.

"I suppose it is my turn then. Thank you for telling me." Kaz closed his eyes and as he reopened them, they filled with red. The shadow cast behind him from his new found magic disappeared. "If you listen closely you'll notice I have no heartbeat anymore. I guess it isn't as much as I've found eternal life as much as a way to exist after death. I'm a vampire now. And one of the reasons I have returned is to deal with the court of the damned. Vampire culture and laws and all that." While the first part was the biggest change it was the second part that was his true secret to hide. Not many new about the courts or vampiric tradition. But A wizard saint being turned into a vampire was something the court was bound to notice.

#8Judith Karlinius 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Sun Apr 25, 2021 10:16 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed to linger a small smile with in Judith that very dead emotional state slowly returned for a moment just to simply state."So, it explains very much the many changes in acting you have had since your return."Judith's however faded away quickly with in the means of how this conversation was going.

The series of conversation would continue with the strange mostly opposite behaviour of Judith, The strange part is Judith knows this was not her normal behaviour as well. How strange would this behaviour go? Well..."You merely requested for an answer to that secret, Anything else is not a part of the deal to be mentioned."It seemed cold and dismissive, It was digging into territory Judith did not want to go down entirely.

Which left Kazimir at a dead end at that point. He might not be getting anymore answers out of Judith currently. Did he want to press this even further? How else could he go about it. Anything else he could inquire about would most likely be blocked off.

Either Judith was a hard deal makers or history of what he wanted to dig into was not something easy to talk about."My study and finding will not do you any use with in your dealing with vampires and the court of the damned."Which might be a fair point for her to bring up. Nonetheless Judith would just now ask him."You have that answer now, Are there any other matters in which you have summoned me for?"This more serious Judith was something not common enough to know how to deal with, She seemed less interested in story of her life, A far cry from the happy spirit Judith was normally, Either Kazimir would have to continue with a different conversation..or take another risk in some manner is an unknown result.

#9Kazimir Seiryu 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Thu Apr 29, 2021 5:50 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"Oh...so you've noticed the changes huh," Kaz replied back in a more typical lighthearted manner. "I don't do so well at hiding things I suppose. But It's been tough hiding my lack of reflection and shadow." He thought back to how much of a headache it was to always meet people at night. It must have really made things odd for some people.

"I know. But I'll always ask. you mentioned keeping the how a secret not the why. But I'll leave it at that. People who hunt for immortality only do it for a handful of reasons," He looked away from the woman leaving it at that if she wanted to move on. But in his experience. Those that sought after an immortal life did so for very personal reasons if it wasn't for power. And Judith didn't seem like the power hungry type.

He had a small grin on his face, by accident. as he felt satisfied with her answer. It may not have been the reason behind it, but it was enough for him to guess.

"Oh I know. I'm just curious. My dealings with the court are a matter all together separate. And its not something I'd bring you into." That would make things messy and most likely put her in harms way.

"No need to be so serious Judith. We're just old friends having a chat," He replied with a smile. "Also don't say summoned. It makes things feel so formal. We can't just meet as friends?" He said softly into the wind. It was odd to think though that a being dedicated to healing was now friends with the undead.

"Kurisa is a little busy tonight so I figured it was just a good time to talk about it." He tried to casual mention Kurisa, assuming that Judith already knew about the situation.

#10Judith Karlinius 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Fri Apr 30, 2021 2:53 pm

Judith Karlinius
What ever was going on, maybe this was a sign of something Judith could be, something part of Judith hidden away, Was that old part of her she did not know of locked away in her mind or forgotten showing? Then again Judith being this way was rare and almost off putting, Given Kazimir reaction it might be given it was far stranger then any other encounter with Judith ever, Maybe this part was rare and what Judina feared seeing.

Since he left it at that that more serious side would just have some final words."Some knowledge is better left buried, No matter the wonder of the soul who desires it."Maybe it was good in the manner that Kazimir for now could avoid dealing with deadly seriously Judith for now, Since he found a way in, in one part. Kazimir could eventually find his way to know more.

Eventually Judith would turn back into what he was use too, given she still assume as her normal way of acting still had some secrets."Oh? I do not exactly see what Kurisa being busy has to do with either of us."Which was true, She did not know why that really mattered over all.

With holding anything between herself and Kurisa, Judith would just continue on the conversation."She has been a busy person as always, But I can always mention she does always make time for the people she values, The busy woman she is always has the right heart for the people she cares about."It was such a normal conversation at this point since Judith seemed to be herself now.

Where this was going was puzzling then again Judith never seemed to connect some pieces right away, whatever Kazimir brought up next might be a interesting moment for Judith to learn.

#11Kazimir Seiryu 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Sat May 01, 2021 2:17 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
She left it at that. Knowledge was dangerous depending on who would get their hands on it. But then again, given this new side of Judith, maybe it had been dangerous in her hands as well. "hmmm, interesting," he thought for a moment about asking another question but had already agreed to let it go. But It almost seemed as though she regretted finding it.

"Oh," he replied and was pleased to see she had returned to more of herself. But did she not know about Kurisa yet? The more that Judith spoke about it, the more it seemed as if she wasn't fully aware of the situation or was being polite to whatever secret there may have been between the two ladies.

"She does make time for a lot of people. But since me and Kurisa have been spending a lot of time together, I've been caught up with getting around to this conversation."

"Relationships take time, but we still manage to get around to the other people in our lives. Although I haven't left Hosenka for awhile now because of it," he laughed at the thought. He came back to Fiore and was now spending more time away from his home than within.

#12Judith Karlinius 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Mon May 03, 2021 2:26 pm

Judith Karlinius
She might not have known but in some ways pieces were picked up and collected easily."Ahh so that is the who she has chosen as partner, my fair guild master."Judith was not exactly blind to how things might add up."And here I thought vampires did not care for such a part of life as that."Then again Judith did not know vampires and how they worked so she was doing something rare and assuming something, Even if minor.

Judith just simply put."You just need to keep in mind to not forget your duties as guild master as well, They are important even if what little it is now."Then again it almost seemed like work Judith could easily deal with herself in reality, It was all most likely tedious paper work.

She did not know, Judith was never put in a position of leadership."Nor do I hope even your caring for her might not stray you off of the path you wish to do in life."Then again if his life focused on his life with Kurisa and not anything with the vampire courts then he still followed Judith's advise.

Judith at least was no longer being serious if anything she was just seemingly leaving reminders."Aside from said reminders, I am delight you seem to be doing other thing, Rather then just hard focus on work and tasks."She was not expanding on it too much it seemed. Then again personal life sometimes was a fickle things Judith either dug into or just out right really did not dig into it, it really seem to depend on her mood.

Judith laughed slightly because well."Even time was never my thing, maybe it was just me being use to morning and day time life."

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Yesterday at 9:27 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz grinned a little thinking about how it all affected his vampiric nature. "Yeah, I could see how vampires could be seen as uncaring. To be frank about it, it's more like blood-sucking provides more pleasure than anything else, not necessarily that other aspects don't exist." Although it was true that becoming a vampire made him more apathetic to many things, but it gave him the ability to take care of what was needed.

"Well...I did leave for a long time. So there is a lot to catch up on." Being the guild master did bring some responsibilities with it, but at the same time, Fairy tail was known for running almost autonomously and coming together when they needed to. There weren't many members. It was really just the two of them that sat on this rooftop for now.

"Don't worry. My path is clear to me. And nothing will steer me away from it," he spoke and there was a faint flicker of red in his vampiric eyes, thinking about the revenge he would one day bring upon the seraphim.

"Yeah, it is a nice moment away from work. But with the dragon attacks looming about, we all have to be ready. We can't let our training subside when a threat of that caliber is still looming."

"But enough about all that. How are things with you? We didn't get a chance to really catch up last time as our conversation was joined by others."

#14Judith Karlinius 

Revelation of Darkness [Judith] Empty Today at 2:26 pm

Judith Karlinius
Well it seemed to be an interesting thing to wonder and so Judith would then ask him."Oh? just pleasure, I assumed it was what you needed to live, Since you do not seem to eat no food anymore."Judith pointed out, Which was a shame since Kazimir does not get to enjoy the free meals Judith provides to all members of Fairy Tail when she is around the guild. Then again just means Judith saves a bit of materials, Goes towards another person.

So it would lead her to ask."In that event, I do need to wonder, What do you consume to keep living? something In which I can prepare?"Judith was curious because she could attempt to figure out something. No doubt Judith would most likely go do her best that she could safely if need be, If in reality Kazimir actually needed it. She assumed in some manner he still need to feed.

At least he still had his head in one place."I do not worry about it, You would be able to tell if I was highly worried about it."After all Judith has never stepped into any matters at all, It was a interesting ponder to think if she ever actually would, What happens if she did was a good thing to ponder.

He wanted an update upon her life which would be a simple thing to go on about."My life is still fairly plain at this point, My husband with his ever so graying hair is content in old age and happy."Which at least Kazimir knew her husband, he might be grumpy and quiet, but stuck around Judith."Waylon  is done being a mage and choose to sell and grow tea leaves full time, With out my help."Which considering most people barely knew who he was it was good news.

And will there was still a few other things."Regis has chosen to pick up his life and rather then become a knight to pick up farming."Maybe it would bring that haunt soul the peace he wanted."Alice and her children live next to us, Being on of Judina's long times friends they are lovely to live next too, Then again...I am fairly sure i am considered their grandmother now."It was all fairly good news."Judina seems herself, So not much has change."This seemed like a fitting update to Kazimir, it was fairly simple and too the point as well.

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