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Terms and Conditions [Kurisa]

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Why did her body hurt? Well, not really her body, mostly her head. It was pounding but for whatever reason, that wasn't the most worrying thing. She couldn't move. Well, that wasn't entirely true. From the way it felt she had her hands tied behind her back but her legs were free, albeit too sore that she didn't want to move them. It was a struggle to open her eyes and on top of that it was wet, no she was wet as if she was partly submerged in water or something. With every problem, she noticed she began to realize that she was missing too many pieces. Her body was one thing but what happened to her that she even got like this.


She could hardly muster out words, her throat feeling too sore to really speak. She was starting to get annoyed. nothing was making any sense and when she finally did get around to opening her eyes she could see that she was in fact partly submerged in water, in some sort of river or something, or maybe a pond? She didn't know and she really wanted to. Mustering up any strength she had the young woman stood up and began to walk out of the water. Now that she was standing she could see that she was in fact in a small pond but the area was unfamiliar to her, it almost seemed like a park. Once she got a good look around the place she began to see beautiful pink trees and benches, and even lights. Where the hell was she? The information she was taking in was starting to overload her mind and the fatigue was still setting in causing her to plop on a bench.


The list of problems just kept rising but she was too tired right now to deal with them. Closing her eyes she attempted to relax and think of at least one positive thing but she was hit with another realization... She didn't know her name.

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The blossoms and sky
Most beautiful during the midst of the night
As it's the harbinger of heists
And where souls decline to lie.

Eyes of golden and blue gazed at the beautiful park of pink and darkened tones. Her scarlet red dress tickled her ankles as much as the grass as she walked among the plants of romance. There was something else about this place as she remembered finding spirits here. They were only out during this time so it was lovely to see some to find out some knowledge. Her fingers combed through her silky snow hair to flip it over her shoulder. Who shall she meet this time? Will she find out about the histories of Joya since this was Hosenka?

Her children were asleep and so was her lover. She had enough time to be out here for a few hours before they were suspicious. As she got closer to the dark abyss as the body of water looked like sparkling flowing ribbons. It still scares her a little as she could not imagine what could all be in there. Once she was closer she heard some muffling or that was how it sounded from her position. A spirit? she wondered. She turned as soon as she was away from the tall trees and bushes that covered the edges of the pond to see a woman. She seemed exhausted enough. That was easy to see. Slowly, she approached her as she saw more details of the woman. "Surprised to see another living soul out here at this time." She spoke in her breathy accent and licked her glossed full lips. "Unless they are in trouble or causing trouble." she chuckled innocently with a full grin that was motherly yet at the same time, there was something sinister about it. What was Ana thinking? "Do you need help at all?" She offered her right hand that was covered with a long sleeve glove of black satin.


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She focused on her breathing, calming herself down, and letting each problem that plagued her mind melt away until there was only one. For now, she figured she should deal with just one thing at a time until she could identify and take care of them all. Of course, that was easier said than done because not only could she focus on one thing, there was this sound in her mind, a whispered voice not her own, trying to speak but too muffled to get anything out that she could understand. She wanted to laugh at the absurdity of her position, was she going crazy? Was she already crazy? Had she always been crazy? It was nice to focus on yet another problem that popped up and just when she thought they wouldn't stop coming a voice snapped her from her own thoughts.

The voice as nice as it sounded startled her which caused her to quickly stand up. Without the proper balance of her arms though, she tripped and fell onto the grass floor. As her eyes adjusted to the newcomer she could tell it was a woman, a strikingly beautiful one at that, so much so that she averted her gaze in fear of staring too long. Between the two it looked as if a Queen was trying to help a dirty peasant. While she was dressed in what seemed to be a sack or a dirty sheet with no shoes on, the other woman was so well put together she didn't wanna take her hand, not that she could anyway.

I mean no disrespect in not taking your hand. I would if could mam but...My hands are a bit tied up at the moment.

Blowing a piece of her wine-stained hair out of her face, one could tell she was just exasperated. She didn't mean to have such a shitty aura and unapproachable look on her face but it was just too much going on for her at once to be at ease.

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Her icy eyes of golden suns and oceans gazed towards the woman. A small side smile escaped her lips as she chuckled, "Of course." She walked behind the woman as much as she could. Swiftly, she used her arcane magic to untie the woman. "Now then. What made you get into this situation? Or is this a case of the famous amnesia I keep hearing about?". She fanned herself slowly and her free hand now on her wide hips. She has met so many people with amnesia that it was no longer uncommon to run into someone with such a case.

Her own member had it, she had it long ago, her cousin seems to have it and the list could go on. "Would you like some food? We can go to some food place that's open at this time." Her smile was motherly, but her stance was confident and strict. "On the way, we can talk about whatever you please. I enjoy rants while ranting as well in a way." Her facial expression was softer even if her eyes were shiny like ice. Kuri didn't really study the woman's body as she usually would a person, not yet anyway. She felt it was not the right time. Soon enough she will get to that after she figures out if it was needed. Research is quite important, but researching everything could be a waste of time.


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She was content now that her hands were free. Rubbing her wrist which had grown rather sore, the question that was posed to her caused her to chuckle. She was tired but she couldn't deny that this woman was probably correct. Before she responded she stood up and brushed herself off, though there wasn't much to brush off being soaking wet and all.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't have laughed. I've just had it rough tonight. Before I answer you though, what are these trees around us called? The ones with the pink flowers?

She could only assume that amnesia meant what she thinks it did, her brain connected the meaning to the word so she figured it must have been correct. With the situation she was in she could either trust this complete stranger or she could be on high alert. Due to recent events, she figured it was best not to give away any information that would make her vulnerable any further.

Instead, she would avoid any really direct questions that would give away too much information about herself. Information mind you that she didn't even know herself. She had to make sure she could trust this woman before taking any more steps forward in this little dance she created.

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She gazed silently at the woman as she seemed lost. She seemed lost so even if the woman didn't answer it truthfully, it'd be obvious or she will think so. Her head looked about as she asked about the pink flowers that grew from the trees. "They're Sakura trees. There are other types of trees that are similar, but they're not within this park," she answered. She took a deep breather to breathe in the aroma of the flowers and nature that surrounded them. Spring was the perfect season for them as they will slowly wilt and die by the end of summer or luckily some during the fall. Those that bloom early will die early. It was quite depressing.

Her attention went back on the woman who was now free from their shackles. "Do you prefer; food, drinks, or both?" She wondered now as time was roaming fast for those that were counted as humans. It should be treated preciously. Kurisa refrained from talking too much. It can be annoying to strangers who wanted to hide things. She could be someone who isn't open in sharing. That seemed quite obvious. "Well, name's Kuri, Guildmaster and the one in charge of this City.~" She bowed her head while whipping out her small feather fan to fan herself. Her golden-blue eyes gazed at her still as she just remembered to introduce herself. It will be rude when she asked about her yet didn't introduce herself.


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That was a pretty name for a pretty tree, it was an even better name for herself. She knew she would have to give up a name eventually, especially if she didn't wanna look suspicious and draw this woman's ire. Luckily for her, this would be the perfect cover until she could start remembering things more clearly. Pushing her rich red locks from her face and looking Kuri in her eyes she spoke up with all the confidence she could muster.

What a coincidence. My name is Sakura as well. And Ya say you run this place? Well, that's impressive, and a guild master, these people are really lucky to have you. I'll take you up on your offer for some food and drink though, I can't remember when I had anything to eat if I'm being honest.

A slight rumble from her stomach gave away that at least that part of what she was saying was true. But was this woman really about taking her out to eat looking the way she did? Was Kuri not worried that this clearly messy woman would embarrass her if she took her out looking as she did. Sakura couldn't care either way, food was food no matter where she was getting it from but she had enough sense to not want to make this woman look bad.

Yea, of course, I really would like to take you up on your offer is what I mean, but... I'm looking a little bit like trash. I don't wanna embarrass you.

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Kurisa gazed at her with a non-judgemental look that was eyes half-closed and a soft smile. Her arms were folded against her large chest while listening to the woman. Apparently, the woman's name was 'Sakura'. It was like when someone gazes at a random street sign and uses that as their name. It was obviously fake. It reminded her of Odin. He used so many fake names that it became a theme of many. She has learned that if someone has no reputation according to their appearance then the name they used will be more of a nickname for them.

Kuri, Ana, and Arisa trusted no one when it came to their true identity if there was no reputation behind it. Once she spoke about wanting food she nodded ahead, "After hard work, the mobs fear and the people feel safe. You never know when things will strike. Peaceful never lasts.". She rambled on as they walked towards an outside restaurant. At first, the host gazed up and down at the girl, but then saw Kuri. Their face's expression was like stone, but their movements were swift. They silently showed them their seat next to a small crescent garden. "Pick whatever you wish." She motherly spoke in her soft tone. Kuri herself sat down gently and picked up the menu. As always she was going to order more alcohol. Perhaps she will also order some finger foods. Greasy maybe.


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Color her surprised, she honestly thought Kuri would agree that the woman before her indeed looked like a homeless little street rat and would rescind her offer. Of course, since she didn't, Sakura would follow Kuri ignoring her rantings because she didn't know what they meant or if they were for her. The walk was pretty quiet between the two with stares and whispers being shot their way. Sakura assumed it was because a peasant was walking with a queen but she didn't say anything to the onlookers.

It didn't take long before they arrived at a real nice-looking restaurant. Whoever greeted them was obviously against letting Sakura in but it seemed Kuri pulled a lot of weight so nothing was said and they were sat down at a table. Being told to pick whatever she wanted was a dangerous way to get eaten out of house and home but who was she to decline.  Will do, thank you again, you could have just given me some bread and I would have been happy, this is mighty nice of you Smiling at Kuri for just a second she brought her attention back to the menu.

So many options were on the menu but that didn't deter her from picking. A waitress would soon arrive, she was a pretty thing with bleach blond hair and soothing rich brown eyes. She introduced herself and Melissa and Sakura wasted no time in giving her order.

Uh, lemme get some of the beef stew over white rice, a salad with no dressing, and some water.

Sakura turned her attention to Kuri, not sure what to talk about or what to ask her. It was nice of someone with so much influence to worry about her but she didn't feel safe sharing information which made communication limited.

Soo... What was all that about, ya know with the mobs fear, people safe, peace never lasting? A poem?

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The silence between the two was thick and before the food could reach the table Sakura excused herself. No matter how much she tried she could not feel comfortable being in this woman's presence the way she was now. Not only that but she was in a real fancy place and it just didn't sit right with her that she looked like a dirty street rat sitting next to a queen. Now from that perspective one would have thought she felt shame, no what Sakura felt was annoyance, she wasn't about to let Kuri upstage her just cause she was some hotshot guild leader. She would be back one day, and on that day she was gonna be fine as hell, able to stand on par with the woman. Unfortunately she knew she couldn't just walk out the front door without saying anything so she went to the bathroom and climb out of the window and slunk off into the night. A strange feeling washed over her the farther away she got from the restaurant but she shook it off. If anything she was gonna pay Kuri back for her kindness one day, but today was not about to be that day.

- exit -

Terms and Conditions [Kurisa] 3GDTSiy

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