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Oak to Hosenka

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#1Hitomi Minamoto 

Oak to Hosenka  Empty Fri Apr 09, 2021 11:35 pm

Hitomi Minamoto
She couldn't tell you how she got captured, nor could she tell you when, but currently Genevieve had managed to attract some very unsavory individuals. These individuals had been following Genevieve for a very long time, ever since the incident that took place in her hometown. In fact, they were survivors of that incident and they were not happy at all. Imagine waiting to see a heretic being burned at the stake for being born an abomination to save her damned soul. Imagine that not happening and instead that damn heretic calling upon its demon to kill nearly everyone and get away without any punishment. It was too much for some to bare, it was too much for those survivors. They followed the heretic's trail until they found her and when they found her they stalked her. These individuals were not stupid by any means and so they waited until the perfect moment to strike which they would indeed do. So here they were now, prize in hand and dark thoughts swirling in their mind about what they would do to her. They had waited until she was weak and intoxicated before taking her down and dragging her away from her home.

Genevieve for the most part was out of it. She knew she was no longer in Oak but she didn't know where. She was in a constant disoriented state and on top of that she couldn't see. It may have been days or weeks or months she really didn't know. She just knew that she was moving and every so often she would hear voices and the moving would stop. Sometimes they would hit her or yell at her or dunk her in water but she never saw their faces nor could she get a word out to curse them. Eventually, she stayed quiet and she went from riding in the back of some cart to walking which was very tiring as this time they would not stop until they had reached their destination. Upon reaching their destination her captors took off the thing that was covering her eyes and she found herself in a town she had never been to before. It was beautiful but it was also very busy with people everywhere. She still wasn't able to speak but now that she knew she was somewhere solid she faked hurting her leg which caused one of her captors to check on her. Without missing a beat she head-butted him and began to run into the crowd of people taking many different turns and going down many different alleyways until she tripped and fell, knocking her head on something and passing out.

- exit -

Oak to Hosenka  NRhlo2C

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