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Waterever You Say [Private]

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Atani Tathvir
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The night was a blur.

Whatever happened after drinks-- or perhaps even some time before that, it was hard to tell-- A soft ukulele song played in her mind. In her dreams. A bongo joined in creating a wonderful tiki themed symphony. And then the bongos grew louder, and louder, and louder, overpowering the ukulele to the point where she couldn't hear it anymore. All she could hear were the drums. Then, the drums didn't quite sound like music anymore. They just sounded like... noise. Bangs. Crashes.

"What the..." The elf slowly blinked her green eyes open. She raised her head and a searing pain arced across her scalp. A hand rubbed a spot against the spot on her forehead just above the eyebrow. "... can you keep it down?"

Wait. She lived alone.

Confused, Atani began to sit up in her bed. Her sheets began to slip down, but not far enough that it became too revealing before the mage realized what sort of state she was in. Her cheeks suddenly grew red. She looked around and saw Zane still in her home along with a mess of fallen objects in his wake. Reaching down, she found a long shirt beside her bed and threw it on behind the protection of her covers.

"Oh gods, you're still here? You- We- ?" Atani slid to sit on the edge of her bed, legs dangling off the side, feet touching the ground. She shook her head of messy morning locks and buried it in the palm of her hand. "What are you doing around my stuff?"
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Zane amusedly watched Atani hastily throw on a shirt from beneath the covers, raising an eyebrow. "You don't have to be in that much of a hurry to cover up! I've seen it all already ya know." While Zane certainly felt tempted to tease her about last night endlessly he knew Beelzebub would probably disapprove until the two of them got their money, anyways. While Zane was certainly the type to almost always lie about his intentions, last night seemed to have put him in an awfully honest mood. Perhaps being honest about what he wanted here could work out well for him? "Ah, I was looking for the money we agreed upon." Zane bluntly admitted. "You've could've been slightly more subtle about it, you know... she seems the type to remember those sort of things."

Zane took his hand off the wall he had been leaning on just now, pacing around her apartment just a little in attempt to give her the time to get herself composed. "Take your time with getting it ready, not like I'll have a million things to do today or anything like that." Ironically enough Zane probably would end up doing at least a thousand things today. Living life with a greedy demon inside your head truly was a tiring experience. "I hope you have a lot saved up, by the way. That bar tab was looking kind of big..." Zane reminded Atani, his eyes simply surveying her kitchen for now. It was certainly rather well kept, which was a big compliment coming from Zane. Given his background as a chef he had some high standards for what a clean kitchen was. "Ah, you might get visited by your landlord today too." Zane began to recall some additional memories of the experience last night, his mind subconsciously filling in the blanks as his eyes took in the sights of the apartment. "I vaguely remember someone yelling at us next door... I can't blame them, really. You're very loud." Recalling that memory made Zane's ears hurt.

Having looked around her apartment for a little while now, Zane turned around to face Atani once again. He wasn't sure if she was done with changing any everything just yet, but he figured he could probably get away with either outcome. Maybe. "I have my doubts." Zane clapped his hands together lightly, rubbing them just a little as though he was a greedy merchant. "So, got it ready? Admittedly I'm really depending on that money." Zane's small chuckle proceeding what he said would make the usual person guess he was late on rent. In actuality he had an annoying fly stuck in his head buzzing around and whining about him not having gotten the money sooner.


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Atani Tathvir
Cálë lómillon tuiuva
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"I know, but that was when we were drunk." Atani stood up from her bed nice and slow so as not to give herself a head rush. "Believe it or not, things are a little different when I'm not intoxicated." Hungover maybe, but not nearly as out of it as she was the night before.

Gods, she couldn't believe she lost her virginity to a one night stand with a human. She was not going to let Zane know that though, and she definitely was not going to let her elven friends in Athalran know of this either.

The reason Zane had been up before her rummaging through her things, it seemed, was because he was looking for the money she owed him. "You could've just asked," she plainly said. It would have been a much better thing to do than looking through things that didn't belong to him, breaking such things in the process.

Atani walked closer to him as he continued on. She winced at the mention of the steep tab she had the misfortune of paying. "Don't remind me," she sighed. She couldn't recall the exact amount of jewels she owed, but it was more than the average bar tab of two people. That was for sure.

Another wince came to the mention of her landlord. "You're very loud."

"I don't remember that," she retorted in a very matter-of-fact tone. As hazy as her memory was, she was sure that was something she would remember. "You're delusional."

Atani waved her hand dismissively. With the change of subject, Zane once again brought up the money she owed him. Evidently, he really needed it. For what reason, she did not know, though similarly she would not pry.

"Yeah, of course. It's right over here." In one of her drawers, she kept the money tucked away from the rest of her stash of jewels. Living the way she did in an apartment with hundreds of jobs available at her fingertips, procuring the money for Zane was no hassle at all. Covering the bill at the tiki bar wouldn't be an issue either.

"Here, that's everything." Atani handed Zane the jewels she owed him. "You said you were a mage, no? Hargeon has plenty of jobs around here. It would probably be easier to do them than try and sell books like these."
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"I could've asked but that wouldn't be as much fun. Your apartment is really nice, by the way. I wish I had somewhere as good as here to sleep every night." Zane only ever stayed at hotels for long periods of time: he hadn't called any particular place "home" since he left Baska. He had thought about just residing in Eternal Nightmare's hall for a while, but Oak was a shithole and he'd have to live in an empty 100 floor tower. Not exactly pleasant. "And I remember it, so one of us is clearly wrong." Zane could've sworn that's what happened. "I really must agree with her on this one. This sounds like a very wishful memory and delusion is one your strong suits." Zane frowned a little bit. Of course Beelzebub agreed with her.

Zane happily grabbed the money from Atani's hands, inspecting the bag for a moment to make sure that everything was there. Beelzebub seemed rather satisfied which caused Zane to let out an audible sigh of relief. Thank god. He still wasn't sure if Beelzebub's claim that he could maim Zane if he wished was true or not, but Zane certainly wasn't hoping to find out. "Pleasure doing business with ya." Zane slipped the bag into his pocket, eventually finding his way to his shoes. He figured that Atani probably wasn't in the best of moods considering how much she drank last night. Perhaps it was best to make an exit now while we could. Zane popped open a little notebook he had been carrying around with him for years and unslotted the pen from the side, jotting down something for a second before ripping out the page and handing it to Atani. "Here's how to find me. I have a feeling you'll probably find the urge to see me again." Beelzebub immediately doubted this.

As Zane left through the door, Atani commented on how he could probably be making a lot more money doing work as a mage. Zane stood at the doorframe, putting his hand on his chin as he thought about what he said. "I suppose that's true. A lotta jobs for a mage. I could probably take up one where I stop some gang around town. I'd just have to fight off a few goons, investigate an area, all that. Earn about 250,000 jewels maybe."

"Or I could sell a book that I happened to have. Set up a little table, work on finding someone for about 30 minutes. Find a pretty girl and convince her to buy it in 10 minutes for 300,000 jewels. Then go on a date with said girl, have said girl pay for all my drinks at a tiki bar and then finally sleep with said girl at the end of the night." Zane chuckled a little bit as his hand reached for the doorknob, closing the door and walking away after saying one final thing. "If anything I should take my book-selling endeavors full time."



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Atani Tathvir
Cálë lómillon tuiuva
- 265 | Bikini | @ Zane -
Zane happily took the money from Atani-- perhaps a little too happily if you asked her, but she supposed it was indeed a rather large sum of jewels they were handling there. Anyone would be happy with an extra 300,000 J under their belt. Atani knew she would be missing hers, plus whatever else she had to pay to settle hers and Zane's exorbitant bar tab.

"Pleasure doing business with ya."


Atani tilted her head to the side as she saw Zane pull out a pen and paper. He wrote something down and handed a page to the girl. She glanced down at it. Instructions on where to find him should they ever need to meet in Hargeon again. According to Zane, he expected that she would want to see him again. That was doubtful, but she supposed entirely possible. "And you already know where to find me." Both her home and her guild.

The elf couldn't help but smile and shake her head as she listened to Zane speak. "You got lucky on that," she smirked. "Real lucky." It was doubtful another opportunity like that would come to him again, but once again, she supposed that anything was possible. If he was that desperate for money though, it might've been best if he put his skills to a more... reliable use. If she hadn't come along that day, she doubted he would have gotten anything for that book. Certainly not 300,000 J.

After Zane left, Atani went to change into some real clothes. She had a tab to settle at the tiki bar.
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Waterever You Say [Private] - Page 2 1f1gt29
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