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Razeluxe Ibis

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Name: Razeluxe Ibis

Age: 24 | June 21st, X766

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstreli

Class: Spellsinger

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Wrist | Maroon

Face: Ren Amamiya | Persona 5


Height: 1.80m | 5.9ft

Weight: 66kg | 145lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gray

Overall: Raze has black wavy unkempt hair, big gray eyes that become lighter or darker according to the light in the area and seemingly softly change color depending on the situation. He has a charming smile and face overall although it could turn to that of an impish trickster when he's developing new formulas or recipes. His height is average and has a fit body without excessive muscles due to working out to simply be healthy and in good shape. He likes elegance and coming from an industrial country he is used to wearing modern clothing buttoned shirts, flannels, t-shirts, coats and pants, with his more casual side leaning towards beanies, hoodies and sportswear when he wants to feel comfortable.

Extra: Glasses, Contact Lenses sometimes colored.


Personality: A kind, cheerful young man with a charming smile. He thinks of life as a gift that ought to be respected and embraced and will try to help those who need his aid without much hesitation. He thinks of close friends like family and is always open to hearing them out or assisting them with their troubles. Polite and heartwarmingly friendly, he leaves a good impression in people's minds.

Humor and laughter are also quite important to him as he prefers to live his life with a smile on his face, he is quite social and likes to have fun. His favorite time of the day is his happy hour where he gets to relax with a nice drink and a dessert. Not to the point of getting drunk but instead enjoying every sip, he likes to experiment with different kinds of drinks as long as they end up being a cocktail, as well as trying out various confectionery recipes.

He mostly follows the logical course of action putting logic above emotions, although that can depend on the situation and the person of interest. He is quite emotional as a person but prefers to keep that and his thoughts hidden.

He doesn't care to categorize actions and people as good or bad, right or wrong. He is understanding of someone having their own reasoning for their course of action as he will also sometimes follow his instincts instead of what is "right". What he cares about is that innocent people aren't harmed due to those actions.

Despite being a studious person he loves adventuring and exploring, seeing and experiencing the world with his own eyes. He is always excited to be going on a new adventure. He turns to his magic to protect others and himself and only attempts to harm those that would harm him first.


  • Alchemy: As a scholar himself he pursued the path of Alchemy as its marvels excite him. Able to distinguish a wide variety of herbs and ingredients even those he hasn't seen in person but has read about or seen pictures of, he studies diligently to procure the best effects according to the situation he wants to use his concoctions for.

  • Technology: Having been raised in Caellum the country most prominent in technological advancements and both his parents being technology enthusiasts and innovators he was introduced to the wonders of technology from a young age. He continues to pursue knowledge on this field.

  • Astronomy: Being a scientist enthusiast after pursuing technology and alchemy he decided to pursue astronomy. The movement of the stars and how they affect his world is something he is interested in researching. He also believes that through this research he might uncover more on the magic of the stars, something that he would like to achieve with further mastery of his own light magic.


  • Loud People: Not in the sense of volume or noise but in the meaning of people senselessly rumbling without something interesting or factual to say, he is often annoyed by these kinds of people that talk just to talk and who offer no contribution to the conversation whatsoever, especially if they are also being rude and unintelligent.

  • Fighting: He's not a fan of bickering and fights. Raze will prefer to solve things by talking with facts and if he sees that the conversation would lead to an argument he would rather change the subject or just cut the conversation short.


  • Mother & Partner: Ever since his mother's inexplicable disappearance he tried to gather clues and info about her whereabouts alongside his father with little to no success. When later his partner disappeared as well he left his city to expand his search with the hope of finding leads to both of them.

  • Knowledge: Innately curious about the world around him Raze absorbs information like a sponge and continuously thirsts for more as he explores the marvels that surround him. His belief is that the more knowledge he can gather the more people he'll be able to understand and help.


  • Being Controlled: He spent his life with absolute freedom able to pursue whatever and whoever interested him, able to believe in whatever he wanted and not being restricted in any way that obstructed his creativity. Generally accepted rules aside, he is afraid of this freedom being taken away and becoming someone's pawn.

  • True Loss of Loved Ones: As he set out to find the people that mean the most to him he hopes every day that they are alive. Consecutively, he is afraid that when he finds them he might not be able to rescue them. Thoughts like that can cause him anxiety and stress when he can't keep himself busy.


Strength: 1

Speed: 6

Constitution: 11

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: Wonderland

Magic Element: Light

Magic Enhancement: Blind on Hit

Magic Description: A brilliant magic of flashes and color it calls upon prismatic light. The caster utilizes light with all the colors of the spectrum to enhance his allies and provide them with all kinds of support while also utilizing its dazzling aspect to cast offensive spells that blind opponents.


History: Raised by two nerdy and loving parents Raze received familial love from the first day he was born. His mother being a scientist from Minstrel and a great strategist in naval battles she quickly became attracted to the charming gentleman she met from Caellum, his father an inventor and prodigy detective. They were a match made in heaven, completing each other as their interests matched, but at the same time were different enough so that they were never boring to each other. Raze could see this throughout his childhood and was a very happy child.

Being a studious youngster he had high grades in school and was very fascinated with the world around him especially technology and magic, and the mix of both and their creations, being able to study such matters under the guidance of both his parents. He developed a deep love for music and dancing thanks to his father, being the more romantic of the two, Raze was taught to also be a gentleman himself or at least when he found someone that interested him as most of his time he used to spend it locked up inside with his parents looking at new inventions and trying out various creations himself.

His gift for magic developed early and with the guidance of his mother he was able to grasp the basic concept of magic pretty quickly but never paid much attention in actually training it as later on his interest moved to alchemy as well. Not having to use his own magic for the concoctions while also being absorbed in other inventions and even later astronomy he put his gift aside, he never actually used magic as the light produced from his magic seemed to be too intense to be of any practical use, although his mother insisted that it could be tamed he was far too taken by scientific wonders.

And that was until he met a person that managed to catch his interest, the neighbor and classmate that had just transferred to his school. They shared the love for the same things although he seemed more interested in the stars and the night sky but Raze just found that more romantic as they used to hang out on the terrace of their apartment building and just gaze at the glowing lights of the sky. The more time passed the closer they grew, they started practicing magic together as well and Raze finally thought that it was exciting to command light again, gaining more control over time.

Once he made it to his late teens his father took him under his wing as a detective apprentice, he was good at observing and his little gadgets could prove useful no doubt, even his mother commented on his magic being useful as light could be used as a very powerful support tool for secret operations. He was learning fast and impressing his parents day by day showing his strategic way of thinking, something that his mother was very proud of.

Meanwhile, the two young friends had became partners by that age and Raze could feel like he would never be happier. He showed him to read the night sky and find his way without a map, long walks, romantic dinners, dancing, deep talks, they fed off each other's energy in a constant circle that rejuvenated both and made them inseparable. He knew true love and happiness.

However, on a cold winter day his mother had disappeared, even his father didn't know where she had gone and they had searched all around the town with his father using his connections to see if he could track her down, but that was done in vain, absolutely nothing. After realizing that a couple days had passed without seeing his partner he tried to visit his place but got no answer, a neighbor telling him that him and his family hadn't been seen for some days now, coincidently the day his mother disappeared. When they sat down to discuss matters with his father they came up with a plan to extend their search to the whole country and even if that wasn't enough then to other countries as well.

Before following this decision however they searched one last time for any clues in the house, his mother was a bright mind and couldn't have just vanished, she must have known something. The answer came from an anagram in her book of confectionery recipes, a place where Raze looked due to her love for treats that she passed on to him. He found one clue after another, codes, anagrams and puzzles finally leading them to Fiore and the thought that a certain someone would be taken there as well. Him and his father acted and fast, both leaving for Fiore they split up in search for clues, but before they parted ways he asked of Raze to actually live his life while searching and not let this matter consume him, one way or another his father would find his mother, fate had led them to each other and they wouldn't be left apart just yet. Raze had to also find his partner but he agreed to this as he had found himself in a whole new place full of wonder and he wasn't one to let go of a chance like that.

Filled with determination he decided to join a mage guild called Blue Pegasus and also hone his skills as a mage while he searched for clues on these peculiar disappearances.



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This character has been approved.

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