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A new domain (open)

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#1Noel Raion 

A new domain (open) Empty 2021-04-05, 5:51 am

Noel Raion

Noel Raion.

Animagus del Mago

It had been several weeks since Noels arrival. His drug infested binges had brought him to the brink of constant death - making him pass out & forget what had happened and the evil cycle would infinitely spin onwards. Though what had caused this binge was due to Noel becoming lost in the summit of the large volcano-like mountain.

After several days of arriving, he ate some of the moss he found, that somehow survived these extreme temperatures. He has no recollection of what exactly happened prior. But he did eventually come to the realization that the moss was making him very high. Many more days had passed since he started solely living off of this moss. It kept knocking him unconscious and he'd eat more to not die from starvation.

It took almost a week before Noel had formed a resistance against the moss and stopped being negatively affected by it. When he finally overcame it, he snapped back to his senses.

He was higher up in the mountain, his clothes mostly dissipated save for that one piece of cloth keeping this story family friendly. Dazed and confused, Noel begun to climb further up into the mountain - wondering what could be found at the peak, lest not the absurd temperatures from keeping him away. He would go as far up as he could, this adventure had been going much different than he initially anticipated it would.

This area was full of pressure - of the magical kind. Noel was reminded of certain areas in the holding blocks of Crocus and Era. It made him wonder if there was a large creature here, a demon of some sorts. Noel felt comfortable in his retaliation if it came down to it. He had his spells at the ready, after all.

Maybe someday this could become his domain? After all, who was there to stop him?

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