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Bodyguards Of The Devils Daughter (Gunter/Rinni)

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter arrived at the castle, he was fascinated by the architecture. The layout of the building from the outside made him think of a puzzle, he wondered what mysteries we're heading within its walls. As Gunter approach the main gate of the castle, he was stopped buy a man holding a rifle. The man lifted his gun and said "are you here on business cuz if not fuck off". Gunter explained too the man that he was hired has the new bodyguard, after that the man lowered his gun and signal for him to head to the Castle. Upon arriving at the front door Gunter was met by a man in and extremely expenses suit, it was black with a rose themed pattern made out of gold string that made a rose thorn pattern down the arms, if you fallowed the pattern up the arms it eventually connected to a rose shaped emblem on the back of the suit. The man extended his hand out to to shake gunters hand as a greeting, while saying "Greetings sir my name is Antonio Vivadichi, im a tourist to this country of yours, business has brought me too this land and my associates told me you are a man that wont shy away from my style of business". Gunter bowed to the man and said "its a pleasure to meet you Mr Vivadichi, i was told that you needed a bodyguard, why dont you give me some details on enemies and what where i will be staying". Antonio looked at Gunter with a smile and said "Im a well respected businessman from overseas, with a hand in everyones cookie jar if you know what i mean, I have too asume that everyone is an enemy. That being said your not protecting me, you will be protecting my daughter in fact and until my business has concluded you will stay at the castle. Now why dont we get you settled while we wait to meet your partner my associate said he found another individual that is quite capable". Gunter nodded and fallowed Mr Vivadichi into the castle, awaiting his partner and getting settled in his room.

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#2Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter arrived at his room, he noticed a 2 armed men down the hall outside of a double door. Gunter assumed that it must have been the room of Mr Vivadichi's daughter, he paid no mind to it for now, knowing that he would meet this woman eventually. With that he stepped inside too his room, the room was larger then he expected it had a common room, a kitchen, and 2 bedrooms on each side of the common room with there own bathrooms.

Gunter took the one on the right, he unpacked his things and put his clothes away that he had in his poket dimension ring. After doing so he decided to hop in the shower. Gunter took off his clothes and tossed them into a laundry bin that was in his room, he then laid his clean clothes out on his bed for after he was done his shower. He then stepped into the shower, letting the cold water hit his pale skin like he was diving into a cold watery grave. He dug his fingers into his wet hair, as the water started too warm up, heating his body and making Gunter feel relaxed, he could feel the tenderals wrap around his waste and neck. These where the same tenderals that plagued his mind, though Gunter but this time it was different, it wasn't a feeling of despair like it normally was, it was as if the tenderals were embracing him. Perhaps they were accepting him? 

Suddenly there was a knock on the door to his bedroom, Gunter turned the water off and heard a voice say "The boss was waiting for you in his office, ill be escorting you there when your dressed and ready". Gunter quickly got dressed, stepped out into the hallway, then began fallowing the man too the bosses office.

#3Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
It wasn't an ideal job, but it wasn't Rinni's first visit to Castle Phantasm. The place even now gave her chills and left her in awe, both an admiring and eerie scene. If it wasn't for her sense of smell and night vision this place would seem to be a rat maze for her to maneuver. Perhaps it still was. There were so many smells the girl couldn't identify one from another. She came to the main gate and was met with two armed guards as she approached them calmly. She was dressed casually and posed no threat to these men outwardly. Her nails and fangs were longer and sharper than a human, but she managed to mostly keep those traits hidden from those without a keen eye.

"What do you want, little girl? No one's getting by unless they have important business. So state your business or fuck off." One guard said casting a glare down upon the small teen. Wow, they must've woken on the wrong side of the bed this morning or something. Rinni simply smiled sweetly and said in a condescending tone, "You seem to be cranky today, sir. Perhaps you could use a break from your shift. I'm sure if you ask nicely they'll let you switch with another guard. And, yes. I'm here for a bodyguard request. That bodyguard being me."

After her explanation, she was allowed to continue on through the halls. Upon arriving at the front door Rinni was met by a man in an extremely expensive suit, it was black with a rose-themed pattern made out of gold string that made a rose thorn pattern down the arms, if you followed the pattern up the arms it eventually connected to a rose-shaped emblem on the back of the suit. The man extended his hand out to shake the girl's hand as a greeting while saying "Greetings, miss, my name is Antonio Vivadichi, I'm a tourist to this country of yours. Business has brought me to this land and my associates told me you are a young lady that won't shy away from my style of business."

Rinni shook his hand, her amber eyes gazing up at the taller older male that stood before her. "That depends on the business, sir. I won't do anything shady nor will I harm the innocent. But, if I was told correct, I'm here to be your bodyguard?"

"Yes, that is correct. However, there is one slight change to what you were told. You're not protecting me, you will be protecting my daughter in fact, and until my business has concluded you will stay at the castle. Now, why don't we get you settled? Your partner is already here and went to your shared suit a minute prior to your arrival. There are two bedrooms. You should go there now and I'll call on you when I'm ready."

Rinni followed Mr. Vivadichi to her room, and as he left for the office she entered and her nose was assaulted by a familiar scent. It caused her to freeze momentarily in the doorway, eyes wide. The scent was faint. But it was there. She was sure of it. It was him.

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#4Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
She slowly entered the room, following the scent to the bedroom door on the right. She heard someone shuffling about in there, and then a shower turning on. Her partner must be in there. Whoever it was, she wouldn't disturb them. Instead, she took the bedroom to the left and summoned her clothing from her Pocket Dimension Ring. She then put away some outfits in the closet and picked out a set to wear for today. With that, she headed to her own shower and proceeded to strip out of her clothing. She stepped into the shower and let out a shocked gasp as the cold water hit her skin.

As it slowly warmed, it felt soothing. She dug her nails into her long brown hair. Soap and water washed down her slender body, the suds cascading over the old scar forever left on her right shoulder. The reminder of how she became what she was. Was it a curse? A gift? Some days, not even she was certain. But she had come to accept and even embrace who and what she was. It made her stronger, and it defined who she was.

"The boss is waiting for you in his office, I'll be escorting you there when you're dressed and ready." A voice announced through her bedroom door. One of the guards must have entered her room. Their room. She wasn't used to sharing a room, not since she and her brother were kids. Honestly, with all these guards why did Mr. Vivadichi see the need to hire two bodyguards? Not that she was complaining. She could use the extra money and training should any threats actually arise. She'll need it for her revenge.

Once she was dressed, now wearing a basic hoodie and jeans, the teen headed out to meet her escort. The shower was no longer running, leaving her to assume her partner had left already. With that, the escort led Rinni to Mr. Vivadichi's office to meet her partner and learn the details of her job. As the doors were opened, her amber eyes widened and narrowed in on a familiar face seated across from Mr. Vivadichi. In seconds her bow materialized and she wasted no time aiming an arrow at Gunter Wolf.

"You! I thought I smelled your foul odor in that room! What the hell are you doing here, Wolf?" She released a guttural growl behind her words, the effect deepening her voice to an inhumane degree as her fangs bared threateningly.

Within moments every guard had a gun aimed at her. Mr. Vivadichi raised his hand and spoke calmly. "Relax, Miss Faithe. I see you and Mr. Wolf have a history. But as I have hired you both, I require you to play nice regardless of what that history may be. Please, do lower your weapon. It would be a shame if we had to put you down like a dog."

Rinni growled low, she could feel her blood boiling. The anger rising. The wolf coming out. Her amber eyes glanced toward Mr. Vivadichi and then scanned each armed guard. She was outnumbered. And as it was, she was on a job and would have to put her personal grudges aside. For now. Closing her eyes, she began a breathing exercise to calm her racing heart. In. Out. In. Out. Better. As her eyes opened, they focused solely upon Gunter as her bow vanished back into her Pocket Dimension Ring.

She wasn't sure if anyone noticed she wasn't a normal human. She was certain the dog remark was meant figuratively and not literally, and as such she let it slide. Her eyes glanced the room, and her nose sniffed the air. He wasn't here. Looks like Gunter left his monster elsewhere. Unfortunate. As she slowly approached the empty chair opposite that of her enemy, various scenarios resulting in his death ran through her mind.

'I don't need my bow to rip someone to shreds...' She thought bitterly as she sat in the leather chair, her nails digging into the arms leaving deep gashes in the material. She remained quiet, waiting for one of the men to speak first.

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#5Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter was escorted from his room too Mr Vivadichi's office, he could hear the shower running in the other room. He was curious to see who he would be working with, though he know that he would meet his partner soon enough. After reaching Mr Vivadichi's office he gave a bow to his new boss out of respect, then sat down in a chair across from Antonio.

As Mr Vivadichi was about to speak the door opened, as Gunter looked over he saw Rinni, she was clearly mad and with good reason considering what happened. Gunter let her speak, even draw weapon without moving, before saying "hello there little one, it's always a pleasure to see you. I do apologize for what my companion did last we met". The expression Gunter would have on his face to Rinni is that of a sincere apology. After speaking Gunter would observe the armed guards, while also listening to the Vivadichi. He would watch Rinni eventually sit down beside him, then look back at his employer. 

Mr Vivadichi would look at them both, then begin to speak by saying "Now with that out of the way, we can get down to business, as I explained to both of you, your job is to protect my daughter. You will continue too do this for as long as I have business here in Oak, After which as per the agreement, Rinni will receive payment, Gunter will receive information".

He would pause for a second before continuing, "Do try to be professional, keep your personal issues out of your work, I know that you are both strong in your own right but know this, if I consider you a threat to my daughter, or you try anything and this Castle, I will kill you both. Do I make myself clear, I may look weak, but I am not". He then looks at one of the guards and says "Please escort them to my daughter so that they can begin, she's at the bar downstairs". 

with that Gunter would  stand up and bow his head one more time too the boss. He would then say with his head still down "Your daughter is in safe hands, we will not let any harm come to her, We are both sincerely sorry bringing personal matters into business, it will not happen again". Gunter would then raise his head and walk side-by-side with Rinni behind the guard out into the hallway.

#6Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
The young werewolf sat in silence, focused on Mr. Vivadichi, her amber eyes occasionally side glancing toward the man beside her. Gunter. She didn't trust him, nor did she feel safe with him anymore. Unfortunately, in their current situation, it would appear she had no choice in the matter. She'd play nice, for now. But she wasn't going to drop her guard simply because of a feeble apology. His apology isn't going to change what happened. And this isn't a simple mistake one forgives. The fact he even attempted to apologize for the actions of his companion only succeeded in angering her further.

As Gunter stood up and bowed his head to Mr. Vivadichi, Rinni mimicked his actions in kind. She allowed him to apologize for their (specifically her) behavior, or her behalf. Once he finished she spoke up in a softer more timid tone. "Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir. It won't happen again, Sir." As Gunter stood up and turned to follow their escorts, Rinni did the same quietly until they were out in the hall. She walked close beside the much taller man, glancing up at him out the corner of her eye.

"Where is he?" She whispered so only Gunter could hear her question. If he would attempt to play dumb, she would then respond with, "You know who I'm talking about. Where... is... Kratos?'

Once he would answer her, regardless of his response she would huff and dig her nails into the palms of her hands drawing blood. The pain didn't even bother her. She was just trying so hard to not explode on him in front of the guards. She'd save that for 'pillow talk' in privacy. Her amber eyes fell to the ground as they headed toward the bar together to meet the woman they are to protect. "I have no issues with you... presently. I just want the monster that murdered my friend."

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#7Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

As soon as Gunter was out in the hallway with Rinni, he could hear under whispered voice a question from Rinni about Kratos's location. Gunter would reply like he always has to the young wolf, honestly. Under whispered voice he said "In the town somewhere I suppose, he wasnt at my place when i woke up, you my not have realized but i did tell you awile back that he wasn't my pet. He is free to do what he wants i never controlled his actions, he would do what i said out of respect but hes not a tamed creature. he is and always will be a bloodthirsty, sadistic, killer. He enjoys inflicting pain, and killing, hell i found him surrounded by corpses. He killed his entire tribe just too see if he could. If you want to kill him, then do it, you have that right and i wont stop you". 

After speaking, Gunter would glance at rinni, he would notice the blood drip from her hands. After noticing he would pull a handkerchief out of his suit, along with an additional one from his ring. He would hand them to rinni, then point too her bloody hands. If she refused too take them, he would get on one knee infront of her fallowed by bandaging her hands himself. After her hands are bandaged, they would continue down the hallway until they reach a spiral staircase, at the bottom they would find themselves at a wooden door illuminated by Torchlight. The guard would turn to both of them, signal to the door, then begin heading back upstairs.

Gunter would look at Rinni, then open the door, the room was a fancy bar, illuminated by Torchlight, mahogany tables, with the light shining off the liquor bottles, the entire room had an amber colour to it. In the centre of the room, sitting at the bar table, a woman turns while still sitting on her stool, crosses her legs and says "You two must be my new bodyguards, my name is Isabella Vivadichi, pleasure too meet you".
Isabella Vivadichi:

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#8Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
As the two walked together, Rinni listened in silence as Gunter spoke to her of not only Kratos' whereabouts but of the fact he isn't a pet and has his own free will. Even speaking of the monster's history, which the werewolf hadn't asked for. Was this Gunter's way of justifying himself? Opting out of blame? Bonding with his 'partner' in this mission? Did he think he could win her trust back so easily as by being honest and apologetic and kind to her? Was he not aware of what she has lost? Now wasn't time nor place to go on a rant, so she bit her tongue on the matter, only saying. "Winter wasn't my pet. She was my best friend..."

Gunter, apparently noticing her bleeding hands that she herself had ignored, abruptly offered her a handkerchief to help with the wounds. Rinni gave a low growl in response and proceeded to walk faster, not wanting to be coddled by the man that destroyed her. True, he wasn't the cause of all her grief, but he certainly didn't help. Penumbral was gone. Ko was gone. Her friends were missing or dead. Winter was dead. The only thing she had left was her brother and parents, and she was not going to allow this man any chance to get near them.

The girl was stopped in her tracks when the man she so despised kneeled in front of her and took her small hands in his, bandaging her cuts despite her growls of protest as he touched her. Why wasn't he afraid of her? Did he not know how dangerous she was? Despite her deep low snarls of protest, she didn't try to stop him either. Instead, she hissed in an annoyed whisper. "I didn't ask for your help, Wolf. I'm not a child. Stop treating me like one. I haven't been one for a long time..." She looked away from him as he finished mending her wounds and clicked her tongue off the roof of her mouth. "Why are you even being so nice to me? Do you think this changes anything?"

As they reached the bar, the guards left and Gunter opened the doors looking down at Rinni as she sighed and entered in front of him. Her anger quickly subsided as her amber eyes fell upon that of Isabella Vivadichi. She was beautiful, and her dress left little to the imagination. Rinni froze in her tracks and her eyes widened, heart racing. The woman introduced herself and Rinni could only gulp star struck. She licked her fangs and attempted to vocalize. "H-hi, Legsabella... I mean, Boobsibelle... I mean... I'm... I'm uh... my name is... umm..."

And it was here she had blanked. Her face reddening as she tried to remember her own name.

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#9Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter stood there listening to the mumbling teen, he would quickly take over, putting his hand on rinni's head he would say "This little one that seems too like your body too the point of mumbling like highschooler is Rinni, My name is Gunter von Wolf, the pleasure is ours"Gunther would look at Rinni and say "Remember, Professional" Isabella after listening to Rinni and Gunter would laugh a little and say "no thats alright I thought it was quite cute" She would smile at Rinni, then turn around, revealing the dress too be a backless one. Her skin was flawless and was complamented by the amber light of the room. She then said "Come, both of you, join me for a drink or two and tell me about yourselves. Don't leave a single juicy detail out, otherwise I might have to punish you". Gunter would respond by chuckling and saying "Don't promise a good time". He then begins walking to the other side of the bar so he is facing Isabella, he notices that Isabella's glass is empty, he looks at her and says "Would you like me to make you a drink" Isabella would respond by saying "Yes please, I'll leave it up to you decide what drink that will be". Isabella would then look at and let Rennie talk about herself first, showing interest in the girl that was so flustered.

#10Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni felt the sudden familiar weight of Gunter's hand plopping atop her head, and like an alarm clock she shut up. She didn't even growl this too, too flustered to be anger. This Isabella was acting as a nice peacekeeper... or distraction. Let's see how long that lasts. After introducing her properly, he coolly reminds her to be professional. This remark caused her to flush bright red in embarrassment. She only became more flustered when Isabella called her cute. As the woman turned her back to them revealing her skin, Rinni gulped and timidly took a seat on an empty stool beside her.

She offered them to drink and to tell her about themselves. "Oh, no, no. I'm not old enough to drink yet...."

Cue flashback to her first drink in Penumbrel Guild Hall. She recalled running to the restroom and throwing up. She also recalled Lucian and Masami rushing to her aid. That was the start of everything for her and Lucian.

While she drifted down memory lane Gunter and Isabella playfully flirted with one another. As he prepared to mix the woman a drink, Rinni snapped back to reality when she realized the beautiful woman was now staring at her and waiting for her to speak. Rinni blushed nervously not really wanting to tell about herself. Especially the bad. She had her secrets, her pain. She knew when it came Gunter's turn he would be brutally honest, so Rinni had no choice but to say something.

"Oh, there... there isn't much to say about me. I'm from Enca. I lived in Fiore since I was three. I have a brother who's a Rune Knight. I fought a werewolf once. And um... I had a boyfriend once upon a time..."

She left it at that, silently praying Isabella wouldn't press her for more details or that Gunter, who knows her quite well by this point, won't reveal anything sensitive that she'd rather not discuss.; She didn't want to talk about her guild or her companion or her connection to Gunter. It was too sensitive a topic. Instead, she stared at the counter and went silent. She was slightly shaking. She was holding back tears.

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#11Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

Isabella listened intently to rinni, as she talked about her boyfriend, Isabella began running her finger down rinni's arm to grab her attention. After doing soo she said "tell me about this boyfriend of yours, how did you meet, what happened to him, most importantly, did he satisfy your need's". After Isabella's questions, Gunter would listen too rinnis response, if she looked like she needed help he would interrupt by putting the drink he made on the table. he would say too Isabella "this drink is called snowy morning fitting, considering that beautiful snow white dress of yours". Isabella smiled, then brought the drink to her lips. After tasting it she would look at Gunter and say "That was delicious, it tastes like a Candy Cane, how did you manage that". Gunter would reply by saying "Snowy morning, Sprite 2L, 2 shots peppermint schnapps, 1 shot spiced rum, i grew up in a noble household in bosco, i was bread for war tactics and espionage, so i picked up a few useful skills along the way,
making a good drink was one such skill". He would then look at rinni and see how she was doing Gunter would then grab a non alcoholic apple cider from his dimension ring and put the chilled bottle on the table infront of her while saying "I stocked up just in case".

#12Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Goosebumps tickled her skin as she felt Isabella's soft caress. It definitely served its purpose as Rinni jolted and looked at the woman. She began to ask questions about Rinni's boyfriend, clearly oblivious to the feelings the teen was struggling to hide. Her questions, however, steadily grew more and more uncomfortable for the inexperienced 16-year-old werewolf as she began to get a bit too personal. Rinni blushed startled and stammered out, "M-my needs? Oh, well I... I dunno... we uhh... m-met at a farm and uh..." She was clearly uncomfortable and Gunter appeared to pick up on her feelings easier than the woman did.

For this, Rinni was grateful. She mouthed her thanks to Gunter appreciatively of him distracting Isabella with a drink. Hopefully, it'll keep her from asking any further personal questions. To be honest, Rinni wanted to run to her room and stay there. But, she had a job to do, and retreating like a scared mouse wasn't in the description. But, just in case the drink didn't distract her for long, Rinni decided to try to answer some of her inquiries. If anything to not come off as rude or distant. "I met him on a farm. I actually threw a bowl of cabbage at him when he startled me. I was 15 and he was 22 at the time. He took me out to eat. We laughed and goofed off and clicked. I... don't really know what happened to him. I went on a trip to Enca with my family and when I came back he was gone. Oh, thank you, Wol-... Gunter." She responded to the apple cider while trying to not show any signs of turmoil between herself and her partner.

With that out of the way, she hoped Isabella would be satisfied by her response and leave it be. If not, despite her personal feelings toward him, Rinni was well aware Gunter would, in his own roundabout way, protect her and rescue her from more awkward situations. He was well aware of her trauma, while Isabella was not. Even though she hated to admit it... Gunter was her frenemy. She hated him, and didn't trust him. But she also knew he was honest and reliable. She sighed at how those two notions contradicted one another but...

She did have a very unusual relationship with the man.

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#13Günter Von Wolf 

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Günter Von Wolf

Isabella listened intently to both Gunter and Rinni. She enjoyed the two very different backstories and walks life that these two have lived. Afterward she would slam back the last of her drink, get up from her stool, then say with a seductive voice that would make most quiver "Well I'm going too head for my room, its late, and im tired. I can tell that there is a bit of tension between you two, my first order, as your client, is to work out whatever this tension is. We're going to be heading out tomorrow, I don't want you to having other thoughts on your mind, so talk it out, fight it out, or fuck it out of your systems. Either way ill see you in the morning". Isabella left the room and went to bed leaving two bodyguard's alone in the bar. Gunter would look at rinni, too see what her reaction too that statement was. Gunter would then pore himself a glass of wine and light up a cigar, he knew that Rinni probably wouldn't like him smoking if she made a comment Gunter would cheekily say "Its ok im killing myself to save you the effort" he would then stick out is toung like a child in a joking manner.

#14Rinni Faithe 

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Rinni Faithe
Rinni had been quietly drinking her apple cider, if anything, to keep her mouth preoccupied so as to not be subjected to answering any more awkward questions. She, for the most part, avoided looking at or speaking directly to Gunter unless she had to. Isabella seemed to pick up on this behavior and spoke up in regards to the tension between the two of them. The woman whom they are to protect was even so bold as to suggest that whatever issue they have between them... they settle by any means necessary. The scenario Isabella implied caused Rinni to blush in astonishment as Gunter turned toward the teen to see her reaction. Once Isabella was out of sight, Rinni spoke.

"Did... did she just suggest we...?" She looked up at the tall man she was now alone with and waved her arms wildly while shaking her head hard. "Ew! No! No, no, no, no! That is NEVER EVER happening! I'd... I'd rather lose my virginity to a pack of werewolves or be food for a vampire!"

Her remark was meant to be an insult toward Gunter, although knowing him as she did, it probably hit differently. If at all. She waited in awkward silence for his reaction to her not-so-well thought outburst, her cheeks still flushed a bright shade of pink. She had to admit, Gunter was attractive to look at. Well, she wouldn't admit that out loud; especially not to Gunter himself. Besides, he was not only way older than her, but he was also an asshole and the cause of many lost lives. He was also the reason she lost her Guild. She could never like him. Much less 'love' him. Even as a teenage crush. Isabella implying they do anything remotely sexual crossed a line in her mind, and she suddenly found herself liking that woman a lot less than her initial first impression.

'If that woman implies anything is going on between me and Gunter again... I'll put an arrow in her myself...' The teen thought bitterly as her eyes trailered away from the man beside her, her arms folded across her breasts in annoyance.

As for the other two options... she was too tired right now to fight it out. Plus, she didn't feel like trying to fight him right now anyway. As for talking? She didn't really want to do that either. But, it was the only option left; and, unfortunately, the safest out of the three choices given. The scent of smoke reached her nose causing her to sneeze and scrunch up her nose as her amber eyes shot an annoyed glare in the man's direction.

It's ok, I'm killing myself to save you the effort.

"You dying isn't the issue here. I could care less if you live or die. Unfortunately for me, being a werewolf comes with a sensitive sense of smell. And I do not intend on dying of secondhand smoke before you do."

With that, Rinni left the bar and headed back toward their room. She didn't bother saying goodbye nor did she invite him to follow her. No need to since she was being forced to share a suite with the man. The only good thing was separate bedrooms. She wasn't going to sleep easy tonight. One eye open, door locked. Yeah. This was going to be a fun night.

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