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#1Aura Chou 

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Aura Chou

Aura, even though she has been in this random business for months she still feels lost. She felt like a kitten during dark days in a city who couldn't find their mother, family, or anyone they knew. Her innocent eyes gazed around Hosenka as the lights flickered in front of her. Her show was about to go on alongside the women that were with her. It was her and three others. Today was no ordinary day as she was going to help a business with their donation charity. To bring some people is they wanted them to dress up in skimpy outfits like she had to when she was enslaved. This was for a good cause though so it was different. Wasn't it?

Her hair was long and black with the shining of the lights upon the silk of each strand. The theater belonged to some kid who was no longer around, but she has heard someone who was close to them still resided here. She didn't know what it was like to lose their family. Aura was given away at such a young age that it didn't matter. Her slender fingers combed through her hair and walked towards the changing room. Her lips puckered in front of the mirror once she got to one and then grabbed the lipgloss that was made for them. Today her outfit was a black pristine bunny suit. Her fox ears were really in the way of the ears, but as she tried to fit them on perfectly the girl with white hair yelled for her to hurry up.

People can be quite impatient these days.

Her eyes gazed at the three were gazing at her as if they were nodding, signaling they were ready. She too was now ready as they put on their heel shoes and walked out of the curtains of red. The light blinded her for a second as she lifted up her right hand to cover the upper section of her eyes. She was surprised by a large crowd of women and men. Her heart was struck with fear as she was reminded of her past even more. The times she had to go in front of the crowd and dance. Times where she had to serve people and do what they wanted. It frightened her a little bit, but the girls gathered on each side of her to comfort her. "It'll be alright, Aura. We're here for you." They spoke to her with sweet voices that calmed her mentality. Soon enough she saw the games starting so they went forward to carry on with the drinks and hope the best for this charity.

Charity made by sins.

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