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Making the World More Magical

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Making the World More Magical Empty Sun Mar 21, 2021 10:37 am

Sofia Serena

I think I have often said that I feel like the site could do more to make the setting feel more like what we see in the series, and honestly, I think a big part of that is the basic culture of how the world is projected here, especially when it comes to the overall attitude toward magic?

The impression I tend to get of how the site handles magic is that it's special and elite and seems to be something gifted only to the rarest of rare people gifted with a decent mana pool? Which to me, doesn't seem how it's represented in series?

I mean sure, in series our perspective is a little skewed. We tend to follow characters who are well regarded as talented mages in their generation, so it's a little more difficult to gauge what the average person is capable of, but I'd like to think in a proper, canon universe everyone can use magic, and the important factor is to what degree they can do this?

Personally, I'd like this to be the example we follow? Like, we can continue assuming our characters are still great talents in the world, the bestest of the best, truly, but I feel like we could place a greater emphasis on what the world as a whole can do?

Now, I'm not saying that young and old should be one shotting dragons and the like, but wouldn't it be more fun if we could imagine a world where your nana could whip you up special delicious meals because she's settled down and learned some great spells for cooking, or your housewife need not worry about stains on clothing because not only does she know a few water spells, but she also can use the right spell to restore her son or daughter's favourite t shirt to store bought colours with the right spell? It's more fun to imagine going to a restaurant and imagining a cute waitress bringing a table load of dishes because she can levitate plates or conjure helping hands to carry them with her?

This isn't game breaking by any means and won't really impact people's RP all that much if they don't want it to, but I feel like we could do more to make this an option for people to exploit? Like for instance, maybe whip up a list of commonplace spells and magic that most people would know like timesavers and quick fixes which have no real purpose in battle, as well as items and the like that most people would carry?

I think we already have some wonderful items courtesy of the wiki's magic item list many of which I believe should be freely available to PC's and NPC's alike, or at the very least cheaply available for items your character could buy as useful accessories like Lacrima Phones or Headphone/Music Systems? A kind of 'walk in wardrobe' could also be fun, based on the Method Actor Box could be fun IMO?

Further to this, I think we should also have some kind of common, everyday, non-battle list of magics and spells that you can have your PC or NPC's in your plots know, just to encourage a more magical feeling universe for our characters? These could include;

Every Day Magic :- These would be things that aid or speed up every day tasks to help people live an easier life, and are likely taught in schools and classes to your average citizen, and includes stuff like spells for washing clothes, making meals, fixing clothing and items? Perhaps people could have access to spellbooks that teach these sorts of things, like RL cookbooks?

Cosmetic Spells :- Ah, vanity, a great use for magic. I think it would be fine to imagine people having spells and items to beautify themselves, such as changing their hair style or colour in a flash or applying makeup? There could even be salons that specialize in this stuff, and pride themselves in being able to make anyone look like a fairy tail prince or princess in a matter of minutes?

Job Spells :- In the same vain to the every day magic, while not everyone has the talent to make themselves into a super badass member of a renowned guild, maybe they can learn magic and gain equipment to make them better at more mundane tasks? Imagine a seamstress who has an automatic loom weaving fresh cloth for her, or a chef who can prepare a meal in a matter of minutes thanks to their magic, to combine good food and fine dining together?

These are just a few examples of how we could suffuse our world with a more magical feeling, without any strict form of regulation, and personally I think it will make the site a better place because it makes me sad that a whole lot of time fun seems to come second to fitefitefite in this place?


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In the case of non mages (Such as warriors and rogues), i always understood it as though they lacked the magical aptitude to create and learn complex spells, though they can still have powerful mana pools of their own, and the ability to expertly use magical abilities of their items.

In this particular scenario, a non mage would have the same ability to use common, every day items like any civilian.

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