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Rune Knight for a Day [Quest: Atani]

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Despite the surprise change of heart her last client had, Atani still could not believe the nerve of some humans. If she had talked that way to any of her parents they would... well... she wasn’t quite sure. If they were anything like the elves she knew in Athalran though, they would not have stood for that kind of behavior. Perhaps it was different for royalty. Atani for one could not imagine the Everqueen raising anyone with such poor manners, but then again, she hadn’t expected Reign Valystasia to do so either. She wished it was a fluke, but from what she had heard of human stereotypes, this sort of behavior was not uncommon among those of noble blood.

It was a shame, really. She left Athalran in pursuit of knowledge and adventure, but met the greed and selfishness her kind had warned her about. It was repulsive. But not so unbearable that she couldn't manage to live among them. She understood the Wood Elves' hesitance to reside with mankind though. For most, Athalran more than sufficed. Why leave the paradise of the Wood Elves for humans if it wasn't necessary? Atani was beginning to see why certain elves she talked to were so opposed to her going to mainland Fiore. Honestly though, it was a bit of an exaggeration. The way some of them spoke of humans, you would have thought they were daemons. That was taking things too far. Despite the multitudes that were greedy, there were still handfuls that proved otherwise, and greed varied in amounts. She wouldn't expect half the people she met to go to such drastic and immoral lengths as she was warned to satisfy their desires. It just didn't seem plausible, and it wasn't like certain elves weren't guilty of that as well.

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They were just... conveniently not talked about as often. Shaking her head, Atani stepped into the shower. The sand from the beach and the pollen from the forest washed down the drain in a warm stream of water. The steam felt nice against the Wood Elf's skin. She breathed in the moisture and exhaled slowly as she tried to think of what tomorrow would bring. Perhaps she would take some time off, or maybe she wanted to take another request. She didn't know. Taking care of the little noble was enough to exhaust her, though that was all from personality. It had nothing to do with the rigor of the task in and of itself. Once ready, the elf laid herself down to sleep. She would let her morning self determine what was best to do.

And in the morning, she was just as indecisive as she was the night before. Sighing, Atani rolled out of bed. Maybe it was best to figure this out later in the day. After all, requests could be taken at virtually any point in the day. If she happened to want to do one later, it was no big deal.

After getting ready, Atani set forth for her day. She passed the guild hall along with its request board and headed straight for Hargeon's streets. It surprisingly was not long before she was confronted by a young man dressed in a Rune Knight's uniform. It was not unusual to see them around a town controlled by a light guild, but she had never been directly approached by one until now. Needless to say, she was quite surprised until she realized her guild tattoo was showing. It was a bit warmer than usual, so her shirt was low-cut enough to reveal a portion of the green Blue Pegasus emblem resting just below her collarbone.

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"Please, you need to help me!" The young man seemed frantic. A look of concern immediately fell across the elf's face. "What's wrong?" she asked in reply. The Rune Knight then proceeded to briefly introduce himself as Collin Simmers. Lord Reign Valystasia had called upon him for private matters, but he couldn't leave his post in Hargeon without a replacement. Atani gave a sigh of relief.

"Oh, that's all? I can help with that." Collin's eyes gleamed with delight. "Really?" he exclaimed. "Thank you! My business with Lord Valystasia should be done by the end of the day. Meet me then."

With that said, Collin Simmers left for the lord's castle, and Atani was left with the responsibilities of a Rune Knight. It was strangely alright? Atani wasn't exactly bound by the strict rules Rune Knights had to follow, nor did she ever want to be bound by strict rules. For that matter, Atani didn't know what these rules were even supposed to be. She just assumed they existed to keep the country's law enforcement in check. And for that reason, if the mage happened to bend the rules here and there, she couldn't exactly be faulted for it. The Wood Elf cracked a slight smirk. She wasn't overly fond of the idea when she first heard the Rune Knight's request, but now she thought she could have a little fun with it. Of course, she couldn't do anything drastic. That would just end up getting herself in trouble, because her guild mark on display clearly denoted her as decidedly not a member of Fiore's esteemed Rune Knights. Furthermore, Collin could get in trouble for hiring her, and she may lose her reward. So there were limits to what might be acceptable to do. That being said, she was still sure she could find her own way of dealing with trouble should it arouse.

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The faux 'Rune Knight' Atani Tathvir began patrolling the streets, just as Collin Simmers was supposed to do. She honestly did not expect there to be too much going on in Hargeon. It would be foolish to try and pull something when the place was under the protection of a light guild and had Rune Knights stationed there, but criminals would be criminals. Every area had them, some worse than others, so Atani had to maintain some level of vigilance in her patrol.

The back alleys were always a good place to search for criminals. Dark passageways obscured defining features, and if someone knew the town well enough, they could escape with ease. If one was not so agile though, alleys could prove to be their downfall. Eventually, Atani stumbled upon what looked to be a drug deal happening in one of those dark corners. They immediately spotted her, recognized her to be a threat, and the two split. It was impossible to chase after both. Her first instinct was to chase after the older man, but he seemed surprisingly adept for his age. The one he was dealing to, however, was a bit clumsier. She went in pursuit of him. With her elven speed and agility, it did not take long for Atani to outrun and outmaneuver him. With swift movements, she pinned him against the wall and reeled her fist back as if she was going to punch him.

"Who was that dealing to you?" she demanded. The man kept silent. "Talk." A green magic circle began to grow in front of her enclosed fist. "A Rune Knight wouldn't hurt a civilian," he retorted with false confidence. She could see that despite his words, he was scared.

"I'm no Rune Knight." The magic circle grew brighter. Finally, he caved. The man he was buying from was Reagan Hullston, and he gave up the type of drug. Atani reported her findings to Collin upon his return and collected her reward.

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