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Oak to Hargeon

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Oak to Hargeon Empty Wed Mar 17, 2021 9:43 am

...We have a horse?" Beelzebub asked as Zane loaded some of his belongings onto the saddle. "That we do." Zane replied out loud. It was rather early in the morning so there was nobody here to view him as crazy if he was spotted talking to the voice in his head. Most people in this town already knew Zane was pretty off his rocker either way. Patting his new steed on the neck, Zane fed the beast a carrot from his pocket. "I won him a few days ago from some lottery. Musta been when you weren't paying attention or something."

Beelzebub couldn't remember going to any lottery. It must've been as Zane said. Beelzebub had been 'sleeping' much more recently, though that wasn't quite the right word. Beelzebub was just some soul within Zane's mind. A soul can't sleep. What Beelzebub was really doing was just completely ignoring whatever Zane was up to for a while and shutting down. And who could blame him? All Zane ever did was be an idiot all the time. Beelzebub had come to grow fond of Zane to some extent but there was no doubt it was absolutely exhausting having to watch after him so often. "Ahh, I see. This should help us a lot in our efforts to obtain everything on Earthland."

Zane chuckled nervously as he wondered just how serious Beelzebub was about the idea.  "Ah yes, everything... haha..." Greed was such a tiresome sin to be stuck with. Why couldn't he have gotten the demon of something more simple? Being lustful all the time or angry all the time sounded a lot less exhausting than wanting everything. By this point Zane had finally finished packing his things into the saddle and hopped aboard his brand new horse. Zane had worked on a farm in Baska as a child and thus already had a pretty good handle on how to ride. "What did you name it? You humans tend to name these beasts do you not?"



Beelzebub was more dissapointed than he'd ever been in his host. Jeff began running out of Oak, his hooves creating dusts in the outskirt streets as Zane left that creaky inn he was staying in - and the creaky town that inn happened to be in. He'd been in Oak far too long. Definitely much longer than any living person deserved to be in Oak. In a way it was like the Detroit of Fiore. To be honest as I write this I'm still not entirely sure what's so insanely bad about Detroit but every American seems to say the place is basically the 'Dark Souls' of the United States so I'd like to imagine it's a hell hole.

Jeff ran forward past numerous roads and signposts. Zane was heading to the south of Fiore - Hargeon specifically. Why was he going there? Simple. The weather was getting much better and he quite desired to go have a swim in the Ocean. Did most people go out to the beach in spring? Not really, but Zane didn't mind the colder nature of the water. It wasn't winter at least. Hargeon was definitely a lot more pretty a town as well. Zane had been worried that if he spent another week in Oak he'd soon go noseblind to all of the trash that littered its many streets, both literally and figuratively. He needed somewhere a bit cleaner for a while.

After having passed through central Fiore Zane finally found himself at the hill that led down to Hargeon. Overlooking the well-lit city as the night's wind made him a little chilly, Zane decided it was time to decide where to lodge for the night. Thank god he was out of Detro- err, Oak



Name: Jeff

Race: Horse

Gender: Male

Slot: Mount

Quantity: Unlimited

Element: None

Requirements: None


The user receives a 10% wordcount reduction traveling on land when riding on their horse.

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