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Sightseeing [West -> East]

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Sightseeing [West -> East] Empty Sat Mar 13, 2021 4:16 am

Nemesis was a magnificent creature, and one whom Odin admitted he did not spend enough time with, as he whistled and called down the creature from its new perch atop the Eternal Nightmare guild hall, where he had gained a new joy in watching both the clouds above and the crowds below. Landing in front of him, Odin ran a skeletal hand over the skull and protruding spine of his undead Dhuilin, the blue eyes of which emanated a glow that perfectly contrasted with the red of the Lich. Nemesis had become a perfect companion to Odin, and not only because of their similarities. He had an incredible ability. At any time, such as now, Nemesis could transport Odin at incredible speeds all throughout Fiore, and potentially even beyond.

Today, he was to fly East, venturing to a region Odin had left some time ago and hadn't had any reason to return until recently. If anything, the East was his least favourite region. Magnolia and Dahlia were okay: the former had proved to be a useful location for the Lich during his time infiltrating Fairy Tail while the latter had been an interesting experience for both him and his former guild mate Nastasya, as they ventured deep into its catacombs. And yet, despite all that, it paled in comparison to how much the Lich loathed Hosenka. It was the vibrant colour of Samhain without any of the charm, and Odin truly couldn't understand why he'd want to go back.



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