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Empyrean Divine

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 Empyrean Divine

Empyrean Divine is a guild that follows its own rules and laws. They attempt to stay on the peaceful side of things as they don't start the battles, but won't be afraid to follow suit if they feel it's necessary. The guild believes that people are not born bad and can become good with enough work, the guild willing to help to do so. The guild master felt that there needs to be a guild that protects innocent people, even if it means defying the Royalties and Nobiles. As seen in the past, Nobles and Royals don't always have the best interest of innocent people and mainly just for themselves.

The guild allows what some think are bad things, as long as it is good for the people that are defenseless and have no true evil intentions. Empyrean Divine works within a group as members are able to have input in what should and can be done.  The guild is for those that want maximum freedom without having to choose which side they want to be on yet have people to back them up as long as it doesn't affect anyone. Members of the guild can vote on something if one feels or thinks something needs to be changed as the guild believes in 'everyone has a voice'. Truly, it is treated as a safe haven for all who want to protect innocent people and work as a community alongside their leader who is open-minded to all things.


  • The User may take both good and bad quests.

  • Users may not harm NPCs that are defenseless and innocent and help them instead.

  • All are sworn to keep our secrets within our guild. Failing to do so will be punished.

  • Do not start trouble with other guilds nor known people without permission.


This utopia of a place was first owned by The One-Eyed Panther, a dangerous man among the Yakuza. After defeating him and his group Karisa has been gifted this place as a trophy for destroying not only him but controlling Hosenka as a whole. This place that was once known for the fear it gave people was now seen and known for the beauty and protection.

Peaceful and beautiful during the day, but more lively during the night as they live in the paradise of Nature, music, and training. The place is filled with sections depending on the person's needs including; Sauna and pool, a Library, Training Yard, a section for living quarters in case you need a place to stay, and a restaurant that supplies delicious meals and drinks (alcohol, juice, etc.). The people are welcomed by a bridge painted red with sparkling water underneath and around the whole building while for it's surroundings; lotus plants, lily pads, and then the wisteria and Sakura trees.


Beautiful and calm, yet fierce when angered, Kurisa has been through many battles including war, against demons and troubles between Royalty and those that wanted to destroy them. The woman curses towards the gods and the Royalty. After an encounter with a certain man, it finally made her realize that fighting for those that represent Good isn't always what's good for the people. She feels determined to find those that have her views of conflict between the titles of good and bad as much as herself who has the will to want to be in the middle. She believes that power and allies make it through difficult times which made her want to make her own guild after many fails of the guilds she was in during the past.

Karisa enjoys conversations with the people and even takes them on missions when they need assistance. The woman enjoys watching and studying the people as she enjoys storing knowledge of all kinds in her books. After the long adventures of her mysterious past lives, she ran into a Goddess that fused with her in the end after their battle. Nowadays, since she has hit the peak of her Rankings, she just helps people when she can while being Chaotic and causing strife to her enemies.


  • Shaperate: Receives the Shaperate's Knowledge Spell.

  • Revered Mother/Father: Receives the Warmth in Absolution.

  • Paragon: Receives the Paragon's Shield Spell.

Spell List:


Level 1:

  • Neutral Quests: The user can do both Good and Bad quests.

Level 2:

  • Minor Jewel Boost: The user receives an additional 10% jewels from completing Good, Bad, and Neutral Quests.

Level 3:

  • Redemption: A Guild member may do a quest with another guild member with a redemption option. This redemption option allowed the joining guild member to remove a portion of their bounty = half the bounty they would gain if they chose a bounty option.

Level 4:

  • Major Quest Reduction: The user receives a 20% word reduction on completing quests.

Level 5:

  • Soul Contract: At the highest level, a member will be choosing an animal/beast/human with a backstory with an element that will contract with them. This also allows the user to customize the appearances of their weapon/items that follow the theme of their 'soul' (animal, etc). If you want to change it, you will be required to make a topic with at least 1000 words into why and what you're changing to. You cannot use the spirit for combat purposes. 3 Meters max for the size of your spirit.


  • Kurisa: Guildmaster

  • Judina: Founder

  • Yumi: Founder

  • Aegis: Founder

  • Charlotte: Member

  • Lorelei: Member

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