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Silver City Salvation [Neutral Quest]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Silver City Salvation [Neutral Quest] Empty Thu Mar 04, 2021 9:20 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin sat on the other side of the bed as the noble’s daughter. She eased behind him and replaced the bandage on his shoulder. A request slip sat hobbled on the oak nightstand. He was her bodyguard once more and found her within the lower city district yet again.
“I’m sorry…,” She said and held back tears.
“It’s alright. You had to come back for your father,”
“It didn’t do any good…he’s…and now you’re hurt too.” The quest slip wasn’t from her. Its word were a failsafe, in case the nobleman didn’t make. Jin was to make sure she survived.
“Don’t worry anymore. I’ll get you out of here. Take the back fire escape like we discussed. I’ll handle the rest,” he slid his shirt back on and helped her up. The long night had not been kind to either of them.
Jin slid the window open. His spear still fastened tightly to his back. The wind whipped across his face. Thugs marched below them. He held a hand on her shoulder. Batted breath held them motionless for a passing second and they darted up to the rooftop. The ladder rattled behind them, but they rolled onto the roof. Jin helped her up and they cleared one roof to the next.
At the final roof, Jin trotted to a standstill. The archway leading out of the lower district loomed behind a group of three men. The top of the arch just visible over the roof of the buildings. Jin fixed his spear and stepped forward.
“I’ll tell you this just once…Move and let the lady pass. You should be ashamed to take your hate out on an innocent woman.”
“We spit on any noble strolling down here. Now hand. Her. Over,” the man snarled.
Jin could feel her knees shaking behind him. He brought his spear around, aimed at them, “No.”
The thugs charged. This time there were no tricks up his sleeves to pull. A cold glare emblazoned on his face. Yellow magical circles appeared around his feet. The man staggered forward almost surprised, but Jin had made a reputation for himself. “It’s just a shield. GO!” the thug leader yelled.
A dome of light radiated from Jin just as the thug bashed him with a hammer. He spit blood but was healed right after with his own healing light. The same dome stole their life energy. They shook their dizzied head. Jin’s spear flashed and battered into the ribs of one man, knocking him from the roof. Jin struck with a series of magical explosions and beams of light that healed and devastated. His spear finished off what was left, and he once again held his hand out to the lady.
“Now let's you get back where you belong,” he said and took her hand. They rushed across the roof and jumped onto the archway below them. The rune knights on patrol gazed up with wide eyes as the two slid down the arch and landed safely. She thanked Jin for his time and promised to repay his deeds. She gave him the reward and once again the two parted ways. Jin felt a new sense of purpose coming to life within himself.

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