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Sentinel Syndicate Reborn

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Sentinel Syndicate

Following the Great War between the Crown and Church, citizens of the country were abandoned in the chaos, many groups formed to consolidate their control within Fiore, the Syndicate is just one of them. Their initial formation began as many do as an idea by a single individual before being brought into reality as the syndicate grew in numbers. Unlike other groups who seek simple control, the Syndicate seeks to develop the territory they control. Their goals are much the same as others however operate under a different sense of morals.

Sentinel Syndicate is a secretive organization, preferring to hide in the shadows of society, its members refrain from direct action instead they operate in the background. Its members commonly bribing different parts of the communities that they control. The beggars and lepers being the guild's eyes and ears, the city guards, their pawns to either look the other way or hold off other rivaling groups and even the common folk who the syndicate seeks to keep in favor with. Blackmail is another commonly used tool in the guilds arsenal bending high ranking members of society to their will. When neither bribery nor blackmail are options, the Syndicate may resort to more extreme measures removing the problem individual from the picture entirely via assassinations.

Since securing its control over the north, the guild has adopted the embodiment of "knowledge is power" with Countless scientists, researchers, and scholars flocking to its floating island becoming a beacon of unrestricted knowledge. With those under its protection to go above and beyond the law creating breakthroughs in science, magic, and technology. The guild allowing and encouraging forbidden acts; Black magic, Gene-splicing, Human Experimentation, Necromancy, all commonplace within the organization alongside many other more questionable practices.

Ultimately the group does not seek to conquer rather ensure prosperity no matter the cost. Guild Members often times can be found at the dinner table with powerful people, striking unbeatable deals that most find hard to decline. Preferring to see their holdings grow over time rather than expand, they opt to form alliances rather than overextend their control. These alliances between other guilds for the Syndicate are not restricted by their alignment more so their philosophies.


  • The user may not take any Good Quests.

  • The user must never reveal sensitive information about The Syndicate to others for as long as they live.

  • The user may not murder other members of the guild. Rivalry is fine, but should they forsake the entirety of the guild for acts of violence towards other members, consequences are in place.

  • Members may independently work on behalf of other guilds as long as it benefits the guild and they don't reveal their allegiance to the Syndicate unless approved by the Guildmaster.


The Syndicate's base of operations is the ancient floating island of Buntai, which hovers over a clearing in Sieghart Mountain hidden within low-hanging clouds. The discovery of the mysterious construct was made by accident by a surveyor hiking through the Sieghart Mountain. Its structures are made from the marble mined out of the island itself, with them being created centuries ago.

The ground level is purely steppes and rocky soil, the first floor from this grassland holds the halls where members may consume their meals. The second floor has the majority of the guilds structures including the embassy where diplomats may interact with the guild master or a representative, the library which overhangs, the guild building itself concealed by an encompassing wall and a series of bridging towers which is dominated by a vast sculpture of long-forgotten hero. While the island is capable of floating. In the event of invasion via invasion or other events, it will land offering no benefit to the guild.


Konyo is a highly recognized, dominating, orderly individual who carries the burden of countless lives on his shoulders. A true veteran having fought in two wars. Due to his sheer awareness of his abilities as a mage, he is incredibly self-confident in them. As a fighter, he prefers to work independently. To ensure the safety of his members avoid them meeting the same fate as his former comrades. His past shaping him into the man he is today, figuratively and literally having lost both his right arm and left eye.

As a means to redeem his mistakes, he created the Syndicate. Becoming a recluse following the war against the Order, he found their future headquarters in Sieghart Mountain. His goal was and remains to this day to achieve the best for his people. Using his knowledge as a warrior and a former noble from Bosco, Kon was able to develop the Syndicate and ingrain its presence within the community both ethically and illegally.


  • Diplomat: User is capable of using Thought Projection. This spell do not take up the slots of the user.

  • Spymaster: User is capable of using Fade. This spell do not take up the slots of the user.

  • Enforcer: User is capable of using Endurance. This spell do not take up the slots of the user.

  • Overseer: User is capable of using Telepathy. This spell do not take up the slots of the user.

Sentinel Syndicate Spells:


Level 0:

  • Concealed Identity: By tapping their guild mark, the user makes it disappear which hides their identity by nullifying the descriptive effects of 'reputation'.

Level 1:

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 10% discount in the shop on magics and items.
  • Padfoot: The user receives a 10% word reduction on completing quests.

Level 2:

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 15% discount in the shop on magics and items.
  • Potion Purchase: The user is allowed to purchase an extra statistic, mana or experience potion per month.

Level 3:
  • Hidden Identity: By tapping their guild mark, the user makes it disappear which hides their identity by nullifying the descriptive effects of 'reputation'. This effect carries onto reputation effects from Bounties.

Level 4:

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 20% discount in the shop on magics and items.
  • Blackhand: The user receives a 20% word reduction on completing quests.

Level 5:

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 25% discount in the shop on magics and items.
  • State Armaments: Sentinel Syndicate has made contracts with the smiths of Sieghart Mountain allowing its higher-ranking members to purchase a custom legendary piece of equipment that can be used by them and them alone. They will be able to tell the blacksmith (Developer) the type of item they wish to have, but it will be up to the Blacksmiths capabilities to design a proper item.

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