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Awooh underneath the sakura blossoms [Priscilla]

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There was something that had drawn Esperia's interest in recent days. Perhaps it was because of Ezekiel's departure from the syndicate that the silver-haired witch had grown curious about the existence of the other guild members within the syndicate. Of course, it didn't take long for her to obtain some records on a few of the members, courtesy of Konyo's personal investigation most likely. However, the first on the list of individuals she wanted to meet was a young werewolf called Priscilla. Now, one might had wondered how in the world she would be able to track down a single individual with nothing but her name as a clue? The answer was simple: desire.

As soon as the desire to meet Priscilla started to fill her thoughts, the millennium ring around her neck started to shiver lightly and the pointed ends started to rise upwards, like a compass directing her toward the location of her desire.

But then again, Earthland was huge, and by normal means it would take way too long for her to find Priscilla. However, Esperia was the type of person who had long abandoned any notion of common sense, and that was quite clear when she had left the room after her meeting with Ezekiel and was already traveling through the dimensional pathway to here next location.

The pathway slowly tore open, and as she stepped outside the first thing she noticed was the beautiful scenery of large trees with their pink flower blossoms in full bloom. "Sakura? I must be in Hosenka then I guess~" Esperia chimed softly, quite fascinated with the sight of the park. Feeling the subtle tugging of the artifact she turned her gaze sideways and spotted her quarry, instantly earning a soft smile from the silver-haired witch.

"Aha~ You must be Priscilla. I have read a fair share about you in some of the records of the syndicate, but it is truly a pleasure to meet you in person~ My name is Esperia, do forgive me for not meeting you sooner. As the guild master's diplomat and advisor I am usually quite a busy woman."

Now the question would be: how would Priscilla react to this unexpected encounter? A woman who appeared out of nowhere, seemingly knew exactly where she had been, who she was and had connections to the same guild? Hopefully she wasn't the paranoid type of person, else Esperia would have a lot of explaining to do.

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#2Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed like it was fairly typical of her day currently, Priscilla so far had gone about her days as she normally and casually did. She was up before Hasani or Narsira were so Priscilla would use it as a moment to go well explore to herself as she always did, It was good for her, It gave Priscilla her time to feel normal even when she was not feeling overloaded with having to deal with her son since for the most part he was actually well behaved.

If anything this also allowed for Priscilla to check if she was being followed by anyone she would find not to her liking of knowing things, She got up from the chair she was sleeping in, get some what typical of clothing of hers.

She assumed because she as far use to the night time people would try to nose around during the other times, But for this situation it might not exactly as she expected it to be.

Standing by the Sakura Trees, watching as it's blossoms start poking out during winter, It would be eventual time for them to most likely bloom when the snow has left.

For the moment it seemed Priscilla was just taking the moment in it's pure blissful enjoyment of being alone, Even if she no longer needed to be far so many years she had gotten use to it, So much so that sometimes she would have to be alone to feel like it was normal and to exist.

For a moment as casual it was Priscilla just sniffed the air to track the scent of things around her, her nose picked up some one, But just because Priscilla was comfortable she did not assume whomever or whatever it was would be going towards her.

From the moment being spoken upon by a strange, It would not be shock that Priscilla had be slightly tempted to pull out a soul slasher or shift into that werewolf form she had never attempted to change into yet."So you know only me by name then?"She would mention simply because for the most part everything else could easily be debated."I won't lay being that I left a lot of info for the guild blank."It was exactly who she was looking for.

After all Priscilla knew exactly what she did."I did not expect to be sought upon so some one so important."Holding back a remark that she assumed she was entirely forgotten about by her guild and in some manner it benefited her, even if she could easily be called upon for things if really need be.

The fun part now was to wonder, not why she was found better question would how but neither entirely were would deemed right away needed to learn, After all it seemed pointless her guild members would honestly need to struggle to find her, some ways Priscilla did stick out easily.

So putting on a smile she would simple say."Nonetheless, In which do I owe the pleasure of being found by you darling?"That she had to wonder, while actually be some what interested, After all the details of this woman would be something she would do it take a moment to finally at least gaze at the face of the person who seemed to find her, After all with their starting point Priscilla did not seem to care even trying to look at Esperia.


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One of the less shortcomings of her peculiar gift was the fact that in order to obtain the knowledge the world had about a person, she needed to have at least 'seen' that person. It was for that reason that until now the only thing she had known about Priscilla were her name and affiliation to the syndicate. But now that she had actually witnessed the lady? So much information had been acquired, and yet as always, it was such a difficult thing to convey this knowledge to someone else. Such a roundabout fashion of using her knowledge... Made her sound less like a sage and more like a prophet bartering in riddles.

"I'm glad that I found you in a pleasant place like this. Surely a much more suitable environment for your family, don't you agree? I feel Rush Valley is too... harsh of a place to raise a child at. Then again, I never experienced parenthood before, so I can't say for sure."

She smiled briefly at Priscilla, the sakura blossoms fluttering through the air as she caught a stray blossom, along with a hint of gold coming from amidst her long silver locks that partly obscured her Millennium Eye.

"Not entirely~ Well not anymore... Although I know plenty about you now Priscilla, I would take much greater joy in the experience of interacting with you."

She laughed softly as Priscilla's words about not having expected by someone of importance, upon which Esperia shook her head lightly in denial. "I am only as important as you make me out to be~ And considering this is our first meeting, I long to make sure that what prospers is a friendship as beautiful as the sakura blossoms that are starting to prepare their bloom once the end of winter arrives."

Yet for a moment she raised a hand to her chin and mused softly. "Although I guess it would benefit the syndicate if someone showed a bit more... concern about the wellbeing of the sentinels. Ezekiel's departure still sours me, but if it is the road he desires to walk, then so be it."

The silver-haired witch's lips curved up into the hints of a mischievous grin for a moment, noting how it took a while before the wandering gaze finally decided to grace her with a look straight at her face, not that Esperia was a stranger to enjoying the wandering of her gaze when met with feminine beauty, a trait likely lingering from her time in Blue Pegasus.

"I would say that we owe this meeting to innocent curiosity." She nodded her head sheepishly as she affirmed once more. "Curiosity about the beautiful lady who is a part of the syndicate, and about why I took way too long to finally meet her~"

A hearty chuckle followed upon which she took a step closer. "What about you Priscilla? What brings you here? Just enjoying the peaceful scenery? I do hope you forgive the intrusion~ At least I can only pray that my companionship will make up for it~

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Priscilla Ivalice
In a slight moment Priscilla just seemed to shift her thoughts, She was sure she did not even mention her child to any things in paperwork of the guild, unless Azure mentioned it and it travelled quickly. Unless there was other trickery, but just as a test."What family do you speak of?"This might be a good trust building moment for their meeting or risky to mention, With Priscilla already not having much information already revealed about her it or left, it took a mention of a name that she might be connected too that could make this an interesting situation.

Maybe she was in for more then she first assumed,For if it took one look for Esperia to know this with out her noting it, in anyway for any information for the guild. It seemed some one could finally best her in a game of wits, One she often just kind of often felt she was good at. Nonetheless."Unless you know far more from one look, Then anything I could play off."She pondered that, simply because Priscilla for the most part was riddles and secrets and seemed to just work off of it.

So far if this was a truly innocent venture. Priscilla would slyly riddle this up to the new guest."If one does wish to learn of me, I will ask you this. Can I trust you with a secret of what I have keep to myself? For this one if more of trust bonding of friends, Rather then guild members."If this woman bound by her wonder would be interested, Priscilla would reveal that secret, Just could have to guess what it was? Her child of knowing she was a werewolf.

It was a good thing to pose, After all now days Priscilla did not care if anyone knew she was one."For I am not here for me, I am here for other people."It was her hinting at her son or his caretaker for the caretaker was just as far hidden as her child was.

Priscilla just by action was okay with Esperia building a relationship of sorts with her, She just was not out right saying it, For in some way it seemed for this woman, some could easily be break the words spoken to them, Priscilla herself could admit she needed to do things to achieve her own goals. Even if it annoyed her she has done it before.

"Am I truly such a person to be praised by the word beauty?maybe I am far more of a beast, That or I do not truly understand the phrase of Beauty of the beast."It was a good secondary ponder during the waiting to see were this trust bond would go. Priscilla herself could admit she was entirely curious just how care this could go, For so far Esperia had a lot of mystery to her, only yet to be asked a thing by Priscilla because she would want to see if she could trust her first.


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In a slight moment Priscilla just seemed to shift her thoughts, She was sure she did not even mention her child to any things in paperwork of the guild, unless Azure mentioned it and it travelled quickly. Unless there was other trickery, but just as a test."What family do you speak of?"This might be a good trust building moment for their meeting or risky to mention, With Priscilla already not having much information already revealed about her it or left, it took a mention of a name that she might be connected too that could make this an interesting situation.

Esperia merely smiled at Priscilla's question. Whether it was merely a test, or a clever trick, Esperia would indulge her, but she needed to be careful. The wisdom of the world came with its own collection of rules and regulations, so outright mentioning the boy's name without it being mentioned to her, would force the rules of the world upon her, so instead she cleverly danced around the game of wits. "I speak of your beloved child, surely 'he' is one you consider family, correct?"

Esperia nodded her head lightly in approval at the werewolf's guess, leading Esperia to respond with a cheerful and somewhat playful reaction. "You're pretty sharp Priscilla~ You could say that all it takes for me is but a single glance in order to know all there is to know~"

Esperia listened attentively to Priscilla's next riddle, which made Esperia's expression soften, her smile more genuine rather than a sly smirk as she spoke. "I would love for us to bond as friends, rather than just guild members. Although I understand most within the syndicate do not share the same notion, I prefer to consider the syndicate a family of its own, and hope that someday people will see each other as such, rather than merely people working toward similar ambitions. But rest assured that whatever you wish to tell me, will remain between just the two of us~"

Esperia took a step forward, adding with a bit of a more playful tone. "Yet, an exchange of secrets between friends sounds exciting, so I play along: The reason I know so much about you, is not merely research, it is a power far more ancient and complex than mere whispers or observing could bring. That is why the moment I saw you, I knew everything about you~ It is both a blessing and a curse, for before I obtained this gift, I indulged in the experience of discovering all those details with such joy~"

Yet on the subject of beauty, Esperia raised a hand to her chin, humming cheerfully. "Then again~ Beauty is found in the eye of the beholder~ Whether it is the feminine beauty I am gazing at right now, or the mighty savage beast that slumbers within, both are simply two different forms of beauty~ Wouldn't you agree? In the end, there is so much more to beauty than just the softness of pillows~"

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Priscilla Ivalice
With how she answered that question Priscilla could not help to even wonder to herself how such information she slightly hinted at were perfect enough. This woman guessed correctly and Priscilla was unsure if she could tell her a lie. These games are interesting and fun to her, But with some one who pointed out openly she had her ways of learning, Lying seemed almost pointless.

So the game of honestly knowing a person seemed to finally continue."Well...seems the only thing that could have made your point more, Is by mentioning his name...Keep in mind, here is in the city with me, We could easily go get him."pointing that out to see if it would stick the interest of Esperia. If she was not, There it would close the option of Esperia possibly seeing something she knew existed.

Were that mention of one glace, Priscilla considered, Maybe this woman had either had people could figured it out, watched Priscilla herself or had some kind of power Priscilla could most likely not grasp, But since Esperia was being more of a honest person with good intention she might not have a reason to keep her guard up.

However Priscilla let out a laugh."I can assume my lying days around you might be completely gone."It seemed more funny to Priscilla rather then expecting Esperia to find it funny, Most building her life around lies it was sure well something Priscilla was far use too.

Considering what was explained to her, it sounded like her playing around how Priscilla would hint being a werewolf. Difference is Priscilla would not ask entirely it was."As much as I am curious what exactly the title of it could be, Consider me being respectful by not pressing you anyway about it."At least with that Priscilla could feel that it was strange but would just get use to it.

Nothing was being shown to her for Priscilla to have to worry about anything."It would make sense you knew when you understood what i meant with beauty and beast,At least I have never shifted into the beast stage since gaining the power too."For now talking about anything else a bit more casual would be nice for Priscilla, for she would seem like a normal person, The mind would not linger on her missing eye, Her dead family, Her missing partner she assumed was dead, The fact her final target was in Magnolia and she was fighting back the need to walk over and slowly tear them to pieces.

So she would just ask."Then I guess, For me to wonder, What particular things does one like you enjoy side from learning? I do not assume it is just all learning and nothing else."Priscilla seemed to be trying this time to express some what of knowing and learning."Who knows, Maybe I need to learn what tickles your fancy...I do know how to cook, As well as a good drink mixer."If Esperia had that information already, It seemed to be the honest truth.


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Lying, deception they were powerful tricks of the verbal trade, and yet Esperia was not fond of them. She was someone who preferred honesty or silence. Certainly, she understood the usefulness behind deceiving, but in her opinion lies only created more lies, and for someone like her who had such a mysterious gift, lies were not exactly useful. No, instead her tricks of the trade were subtilty and half-truths. She liked to lead people on the right direction, but not walk the path while holding their hand. It simply lacked interest to her when one gave all the answers on a silver plate.

"Of course~ It would be pleasant to meet your son, but for the time being I'm here for you~" She smiled cheerfully while her gaze drifted toward the sakura blossoms that were starting to bloom on the trees. However, when Priscilla suddenly laughed, her gaze returned back to the Sentinel, the words that followed making the silver-haired witch's smile turn more gentle and less mischievous in nature.

"Lies beget more lies, and at some point a person will find a thread to unravel the yarn~ Nonetheless, I would be delighted if what comes from your lips to be honesty~ Among other things perhaps"

A playful verbal jab and a teasing poke of her tongue, the response about Priscilla deciding to not press her onto the title she had voiced earlier made Esperia tilt her head slightly to the side in bewilderment. "Pillows? Ah, it's not a title~ You'll get used to it in due time~" Yet Esperia shook her head slightly in return when Priscilla inquired about her knowledge. "It's a bit complicated to explain~ My knowledge trails back in many forms and shapes~"

However, when Priscilla inquired about the things she liked to enjoy, Esperia suddenly raised a hand to her chin, seemingly pondering. "What I enjoy?" It was not exactly something that was difficult to answer, it was more the fact that it was difficult to put it into words. "Well~ You could say I enjoy socializing, to meet people, to form bonds, to experience their stories as one of the actors in their performance~ At the same time I also enjoy the more simpler things in life~ A delicious meal, a nice drink, sometimes the more simpler things in life can feel so much more precious when you have missed them for a while."

She paused for a bit, looking at Priscilla as she smiled a bit more childishly, a playful scratching of the back of her head and a slight blush on her cheeks following as she chimed playfully. "I certainly would love to taste your cooking~ It's been years since I had someone cook for me~"

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Priscilla Ivalice
What the joyous part for Priscilla in all of this, Is life was vastly different when you no longer lied, It was how she viewed life differently currently."Very well, I guess you just happen to choose the right situation for such a cause."Priscilla could laugh about it with a smile wide enough to show the fangs she had from being a werewolf. Even then it was just Priscilla being worried about her son even in the care she had set up for him.

Nonetheless,they would continue on their conversation. Anything she suggested Esperia seemed interested in, So this was puzzling, the reality still hitting her that some one for once in her life was actually trying to learn what the real Priscilla was like and how she was as a person, with all of these things eventually building between Priscilla and Esperia, It would be weird then again at that point it would be Esperia knowing Valerie rather then Priscilla.

it was delightful, But strange for this werewolf to adjust too. even when she mentioned how things were complex in some of the way she worked, It was a losing battle to attempt to figure out.

So for now. taking note of these things. So Priscilla had some kind of idea."Well, as much as I would generally offer to make you something with in this current moment, However we lack a kitchen."But she did have other things in mind.

One of Priscilla's defaults was well, Drinking. So it would go into her suggesting."I can merely for the moment, Offer you a chance to get drinks at no cost to you."Why it seemed like a good idea to her  as well be generally mentioning."I have a strange craving for a Death in the afternoon."Priscilla had a habit for grim named drinks.

But her offer would still stand,even if that problem."If you some how are magical enough to pull a kitchen out for me to cook in and supplies for me to use, This might be a problem."Nonetheless Priscilla would simply just ponder also."A third is simply finding a bunch under there trees and embrace the beauty the nature has graced these lands as well, I am just not picky."This part Priscilla was unsure for if they stayed here she would be unsure what else to speak about.


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Esperia smiled happily at Priscilla's remark, glad that she had decided to let her enjoy the companionship of the 'real' woman in front of her. When she commented about the idea of cooking something Esperia paused for a bit, a hand raised to her chin. "Hmm, most groceries stores are closed at this time, otherwise I could figure something out~ But I do have a fun little idea on where we can enjoy some drinks~"

The silver-haired sorceress took a step closer to Priscilla and then heard the name of the drink, which earned a playful snickering from the lass. "And here I thought my naming sense was a bit odd~" Attempting to step beside the werewolf she raised a hand forward, the air before them distorting as a gateway of sorts opened up in front of them. "A pleasant place where we can enjoy drinks while at the same time being surrounded by a serene atmosphere and utmost privacy~"

Gently attempting to wrap an arm around Priscilla's back, the woman would no doubt feel the soft scales on Esperia's arm if she led her carry out the motion. "Don't worry~ I'm just using my magic to take us to my personal dimension, should you want to leave all it takes is a few good knocks on the boundary of my dimension for it to release you~"

If Priscilla allowed herself to be guided through the portal, the pair would arrive at the pocket dimension of the dragon slayer, a lush green landscape full of flowers and grassy fields. Further ahead one could even recognize that on top of a hill, where usually had been a table, had instead now been a carefully prepared picnic blanket, including a parasol that offered them some shading from the magical sunlight shining into the realm.

"I hope you're fond of wine? To be honest I usually prefer fruit juice and similar drinks, but lately I been sampling some more 'mature' beverages~ If the ones in the basket aren't to your liking~ let me know and I pull out a few other ones."

As she turned toward Priscilla she decided to explain a bit further. "Earlier you asked me why I wanted to know more about you~ One could say that friendship is part of the reason, the other reason is that, when one knows so many truths and experienced so much, it kind of makes one lonely and desire companionship. People you can trust, people you can befriend and who will have your back, just as you have theirs~"

She giggled softly as she continued. "I might have a fairly large bounty, but I'm not a bad girl~ Naughty? Sure, but in the end, I'm just a young woman with my own wants and needs, fairly normal ones even, and yet so often we are expected to just smile and play the martyrs rather than chasing our own desires."

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Priscilla Ivalice
At least there was tricks in the bag so to say for her to experience, At least she was prepared mentally for what was to come, At least she thinks anyway Hasani would be safe and sleeping most likely by the time she returned, Priscilla's choice of drinks were always grim sounding. Even she would laugh."Given my drinks of favour are: Grim reaper, Death in the afternoon or A Bloody Mary. I think I may have bested you in that situation Dear."Priscilla could admit in a chuckle about it.

Normally one to twitch on such an action, Priscilla had not exactly had anyone generally putting their arms around her, Well any adults of late it had been a while since Priscilla had the arms of some one around her, She did miss it and reminder of Vali.  Something she would keep in mind, The feeling a scales were interesting, She would have to maybe ask about it for later."Well, I have no worry at this current time."Most situation it would be risky in her eye and most likely thought it would lead her into harm or death, Good thing this Priscilla was far different now.

Such a landscape was something with in her mind had wished to disappeared to forever, in some way either before or after raising that small werewolf boy she had, it would entire depend how he ended up growing up under Priscilla's watch.

Being slightly distracted Priscilla would continue with the conversation."Oh Wine is always good. A good glass of Zinfandel wine is never harmful to anyone."Easily listing off a kind of wine she preferred to drink, She was trying to recall the last time she had a glass, at this point it has been a few years.

The wonderful part was yet to come just how it came off would seem a bit slow."In your desire for such a friend, you choose and risked a stranger that no one knew about?"Priscilla did laugh with a smile on her face because it was a highly risky move she assumed no one would ever take,But Priscilla was actually some one who was better at picking for it with good reason."You took a interestingly bold risk in choosing me, Do not think it is not something I am refusing."Then again this was Priscilla attempt to come with terms of how making new friends was and that the fact one kind of just showed up, She wanted to still worry about it, Just did not for the current moment.

In the end Esperia would have a new friend in this werewolf."I am not one to lecture others on what is right or wrong with the world darling, After all I have had my fair share of just grabbing people and slowly tearing them to pieces with a knife."Yes, it was not exactly the best starting to have a conversation about the dangerous level of blood lust you have in a very minor hint, But Priscilla did just that.

Nonetheless she would just assure her new friend."I do not need the money, I have enough to spare. A lady with a bounty is not what I view you anyway."Esperia had some one who would be her friend. With how she expressed it seemed to leave nothing else on her mind.

Then again Priscilla would ask."But since we are here, Are you intending wine drinking or had you wanted me to take me up upon one of my offers?Which was a good thing for Esperia to hear.


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Esperia couldn't help but smile genuinely at Priscilla's explanation of drinks and their names, the laughter and smile that lingered on the red-haired woman's lips at the jest making Esperia hum in agreement as she led Priscilla through the pathway into her personal dimension.

Fortunately Priscilla voiced her approval of wine, which made Esperia all the more eager to open the basket that contained several bottles, one in particular being a more fruity brand from Hargeon that she was quite fond of.

While taking a seat on the picnic blanket Esperia nodded her head in understanding to Priscilla's surprised reaction, her remark making a lot of sense. "I'm glad you're not refusing~ It would have broken this poor heart of mine if you did~" Teasingly poking out her tongue as she filled their glasses with the wine, she explained her intention a bit further. "Enjoying a nice drink and socializing~ making me dinner can be for another time~" A soft playful laughter escaped her lips as she heard Priscilla's words, the blood lust subtly hinted making Esperia muse softly.

"I'm sure you had your reasons, after all most things happen for a reason, even if that reason might be a twisted one." She shook her head lightly and continued. "You were wondering about my interest in your family earlier, right? Truth to be told, it is a curious something to me."

She paused, explaining as she took a soft sip from the glass. "I never raised a family of my own, I did have a lover... but those days are long gone, if I had a family with her I would have hoped to create a future where such a family could be nurtured in peace and happiness. Unfortunately a difficult something with the way things are currently."

She smiled sorrowfully as she continued. "When the very government that is supposed to protect the innocent, suffers from corruption within, those with the power sit idle or waste their time in petty debates and those who represent the 'good' side don't take the drastic measures that are needed to protect those in need."

She took another sip and pondered softly. "The actions of those fairy tales would label as the villains are allowed to fester, their power and influence growing by the day, and even the solution I thought was the right one, is a flawed one..."

She sighed wearily and tried to smile at Priscilla. "I'm sorry, I guess I started ranting. My... lover, she was a Rune Knight back when the Magic Council tried to sacrifice their own kin in a desperate attack against the Phantom Lord guild."

She could find her smile growing more genuine as she continued. "But nonetheless, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm curious how you plan to raise your family? Surely you don't believe a life in hiding is the way it is meant to be? Sure, the Sentinel Syndicate looks after its own, but not... what I'd consider an ideal place to raise a child.

Taking a more firm drink from her glass she turned toward Priscilla and mused curiosly. "Say Priscilla~ If I were to create a peaceful and healthy environment for you to raise your son in, a chance for us to redeem ourselves in the eyes of society and only ask for your friendship and aid in protecting that environment, would you be willing to reach out to me?"

She paused, a sheepish smile emerging on her lips as she continued. "Of course~ I know there is work you'd need to do first, after all neither of us can leave behind our past lives without giving it proper closure, but the least I can do is help you should you desire it~"

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#12Priscilla Ivalice 

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Priscilla Ivalice
The maybe wonderful part of Priscilla is the reality that she was extremely easy to deal with once some one managed to slowly break away the shell that is known as Priscilla. Esperia would learn see many things change with Priscilla as she opened her up.

Whatever Priscilla had been doing, She was making Esperia happy not that she considered it a horrible thing. However, Priscilla was not expecting this to be simple, then again Priscilla always assumed people were complex and took more time to get use and understand."You seemed more prepared for this situation."It was something that Priscilla seemed to admire at least.

Then again it seemed, this lady prepared for a lot more, So this person would be on to a lot more."I might stop hearts, But I promise you I do not intend to break them."then again heartbreak was a useful tool, That in all of the things Priscilla had done in life she had never used against some one.

At least it was simple enough to sit down and drink, quietly sitting down she could only wonder."Exactly how many bottles of one, does one like you have? Or is that something I can barely picture."Priscilla could laugh about it.

With that she could also mention."It gives me a chance to learn your tastes, After all that might be important."This showed more and more Priscilla was a far different lady that might be seen up front, After all she was honestly trying to learn of a person's interest. Even if it was just as basic as food.

Eventually they would start diving into more personal and complex things."Well, Let's say they were personal why, I did had done it."she did leave it like that for the moment, at least Priscilla would be comfortable enough with mentioning."But, Little old Valerie has some people to avenge."If Esperia did not figure that out yet, Valerie was actually Priscilla's real first name, she often referred it in a past manner with in these conversations.

Esperia would learn this eventually, After all she was considering finally dropping that false name and letting her sister finally rest, She just that one last person was killed by her hands. So far she seemed like she wanted something that had slipped away from her in life, As well as walking a shadowy line to progress everything to better the people.

In reality she barely planned for much of it."I had not planned anything beyond hiding it for the most part...I had yet to really get offered , Your offer is what I would consider most ideal for him....Well not only him myself as well."This all was hitting the right cords with the werewolf.

Priscilla did almost forget she was drinking wine, so she would take a small sip of it."You are alluding to an offer I can not refuse, Here I was just going to go to Magnolia and drag that person out of their place by myself after slaughtering anything they might have around them that might consider protecting them."Esperia was getting into the heart and idea of Priscilla's plan which was super simple. However Valeria or Priscilla whichever was more comfortable or stuck to mind seemed fairly happy drinking wine and talking in comfort here, It was peaceful and helpful.

"But now I guess, Aside from what we are doing now, I should wonder what you might want to do, Part of me think it could wait."
But it could continue no matter waiting or not, Priscilla was just  delighted in the moment.


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There was something about actually getting to know someone that was so delightful for Esperia. Certainly, thanks to the world she knew almost everything there was to know, but it didn't come with the experiences that finding out those things brought. The development of a bond, the importance of trust and the willingness to rely on each other.

When Priscilla commented about her being so prepared for the occasion Esperia couldn't help but giggle sheepishly. "I actually
have to admit that it sometimes feel like cheating when I already know so much from the very start."

Esperia tilted her head to the side, her gaze lingering on Priscilla as she heard the ominous words spoken. "If you end up stopping my heart, please reanimate me before it's too late. I might be strong, but I'm not immortal~ In fact my poor heart is very, very fragile~" She giggled softly after which she listened to Priscilla inquire about the amount of bottles: "If it's a place I been at before, I can get you any bottle you desire~"

Indeed, one of the perks of being able to travel through her pathways was the sheer ease of movement.

"Revenge is a motive quite familiar to me, and one I can understand." She nodded her head while sampling the drink once more. "In terms of food my favorite meat is chicken~ I also really like sour candies~"

Eventually at things grew more complex, Priscilla's decision to reveal her true name made Esperia smile kindly. "It's understandable, in the end, this isn't the world from a fairy tale: There are no heroes or chosen ones who will come to save the day. This means that if we want to save those dear to us, we have to become our own heroes."

She raised a hand to her chin, pondering for a moment. "And yet sometimes two can do more than one alone could, and as more join a similar cause, so does our reach of those we can save... and those we can punish."

She leaned back slightly on the blanket and looked up at the magical sky of her dimension. "I want to see it Valerie, a future where you can raise your son without the past haunting you. With the phantom haunting your trail vanquished, but not just you." She hummed softly as she continued. "I want to find more people who desire that: to create a place where we can live in peace and prosperity. Where everyone is judged under the same terms, where evil has no chance to fester."

She smiled sheepishly as she turned to Valerie and spoke softly: "Some might call it a idealistic paradise, but I want to call it home... so that to you, your son and those who seek such a future, that I can happily say: Welcome home~"

Having finished her glass she felt her cheeks having flushed up just slightly and declared with a teasing grin: "Also~ Did anyone ever tell you that you look so pretty when you smile? If I didn't knew better, I might had mistaken you for a Seraphim~"

Smooth tipsy Espy, really smooth...

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Priscilla Ivalice
In some way Priscilla did not mind entirely that she might have that power."In some ways, I am sure it is far more helpful."Then again the reality of how Esperia could feel about her power was always changing in some manner, Hence the some way."But I am not envious, I always assume in some manner unless your will is strong, Power corrupts people."Making sure to mention at least."But I do not feel like that applies to you."She seemed to always be sure she was not insulting Esperia.

Even then again she would just say."Even then, if not my intentions, I will attempt to find a way if need be."Priscilla mentioned, she had back stabbed many people in her life, this relationship building with her would not be a case he planned too. But noting her opinion."I do not know how long werewolves live for...But I would not want to be immortal, It sounds like a curse, Even if I have not expected to live as far as I have now."Maybe her companies view could have been different. It was just an interesting part of always talking.

The topic of vengeance always cast some kind of looming spectre over Priscilla, wither an envision of little young Valerie crying alone after what happen, Or younger adult Priscilla chasing down and tearing people open, it all gather to sometimes into almost blurred reflection that spoke to her. She had not heard it for a while most likely because she was at a decent level of peace.

"You leave a lot open with such favourites."What she herself could come up with she would not exactly mention because it was not the time for that, Because there was wine to enjoy, The casual sipping, Priscilla seemed to have a fairly strong level with her ability to handle booze, It must have been from over so many years.

It sounded like a fever dream when she spoke about it, But it sounded like something to aspire too."Even if some view it a fool's hope, It is not one I could say it is considered that. It sound like a fitting dream to achieve."If anything they both seemed to understand it would take work, It was now also one Priscilla herself would want to see achieved.

The more it seemed to piece together, It seemed to make Valerie/Priscilla realize, Esperia was really not thinking about how to do it this all with the power she had, She knew other needed roles to play and the risks it could have to pull people into it."It almost sounds like another world entirely, Such a new place to exist, Was something I would not think to find anyone else wanting to shape."If there was anything to note, she was wining over the werewolf, Even if it was not hard to figure out.

Maybe it was from entirely showing it was not a possible trick. Esperia wanted all of this with her, something she had not expected or heard in a while. Even wanting to see the best life with her son, Including that all she would ask."Oh? You do wish to see him grow with me?"Priscilla/Valerie was starting to think something else might be something she wanted, Just was hinting her way around it.

Even if it was pointless to hint around it, It was more fun to see what would happen. It only seemed more apparently what Esperia might be leading on too."Few have but it has been a few years."But it seemed to make Valerie smile, Even if rare, It felt relieving too. She felt more normal and at peace then again it helped much like how one person did before, Valerie was still a person and hiding and running from emotions did not help her."More I assume have far different intentions, Than what you might have, behind yours."With that and ending her commenting by finishing off her glass of wine whatever amount was in it, Just seemed to be something fitting for the moment.


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Esperia couldn't help but smile at Valerie's remark. It was true, in a way her power was both a blessing and a curse. "Mhmm~ It all depends on how one uses it." Yet the words that followed made her smile turn bittersweet. "Indeed, power can corrupt people, and sometimes they don't even realize it till it's too late."

It reminded her in a way of the days she spend trying to become Morrigan's successor, rather than trying to surpass her it was as if she had been trying to intimitate her, but fortunately that was no longer the case.

In terms of immortality Esperia raised a hand to her chin once more, a slight tilt of her head following as she mused idly. "Immortality is a tricky thing. In a way such longevity could be a curse, yet depending on the nature of it... it can also be a blessing. Imagine a future where you can remain with your loved ones forever~ Of course, if it's a one-person type of deal I'm not signing~"

Giggling softly she couldn't help but muse softly. "But an eternity with a pretty red-haired lady and her son could be a fun future to have~"

Teasingly poking out her tongue at the remark she soon listened to the woman's remarks about her choice of favorites. "Mhmm~ gives you plenty of time to surprise me~"

Pausing for a moment she listened to Valerie's reaction when it came to her dreams for the future, earning a tender smile from Esperia once more as she nodded her head. "Indeed~ And a world's beauty can only be enhanced by the people within it~"

Still, Valerie's inquiry about the choice of words Esperia had made quickly caused the blush on the witch's cheeks to intensify. "Mhmm! There is nothing wrong with wanting to see the results of our ambition right?"

She paused for a bit, thinking about what she was about to say next as she shuffled a bit closer to Valerie, her tone just slightly more timid and bashful. "Or maybe I'm just tired of being a lonesome traveler..." Her gaze lifted to Valerie's face as she spoke, a sheepish smile lingering on her lips. "Or perhaps I want to see your family become 'our' family someday~"

Quickly trying to recover from her bashful state Esperia did her utmost to hide her flustered reaction by adding a cheerful remark, as if she was mischievously teasing the werewolf.

"Or are you worried you wouldn't be able to handle me as a wife?"

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Priscilla Ivalice
So Esperia was really laying it on it seems, Then again it seemed she did not entirely mind it, If anything this situation was a bit ideal because of how everything seemed to be working for the both of them."I can agree it won't seem much like a curse with such an arrangement."At least it was seemingly fitting such a time would not seem so horrible if that was the case. It was something she could deal with, Not really hiding it either since well no point in really hiding much.

Esperia seemed to know what she as getting into and what she wanted. A good reliable person seemingly before, to build a life seemed simply even if what they were dreaming of, might take a bit. Esperia would most likely have to wait."Then allow me to plan it out, Then you will see what things I will be able to make."It was small teases in the end, Then again it would happen in time, So sadly she would have to wait, But they still had wine and themselves currently.

Priscilla seemed to get were the intoxicated Esperia seemed to be meaning, Esperia seemed to feel alone. Only making sure to mention with a small chuckle."As long as your are not wanting me out of  desperation, Then you won't be alone."That was her searching for a bit more insight, Priscilla had a feeling it was not out of desperation. Still she could not help but crack a small joke about it.

But in the end maybe this ladies next action would express enough that Priscilla was far more willing and comfortable even with all of the play around and hinting. Handling Esperia as a wife might not seem that difficult, at least in theory how it was so far.

So just snuggling up on her, Priscilla would just put her closest arm around her waist. Just quietly resting her head on Esperia's head."Consider me convinced and willing to attempt to make you not feel alone forever."Valerie seemed to have no problem making maybe the bit bolder moves between the two."I can admit, I do feel like you will be able to be manage Hasani when the time comes right."Curiously wondering if she figuratively broke Esperia, After they both might not be wanting to be alone, Just things might need to take time."I am sure wife handling might not be that hard to do."It was nice and wholesome moment for sure.


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She felt fortunate that Valerie did not mind her straight-forward attempt. Or rather, if Esperia had to describe it, it would had been more akin to a reckless charge. Indeed, such a time would had been a dream, a idealistic dream, but it was a dream that could become an ambition. The important thing about that was that an ambition was often within reach, something that could be accomplished, which meant their dream could someday become an reality.

Esperia was already looking forward to the notion of being surprised by Valerie's cooking, and the teasing remark earned a violent shake of Esperia's head. "It's not desperation! I know it's hard to put in words, or to describe it and most would consider the notion of love at first sight to be something that has only has a place in books but-"

Suddenly feeling the woman's arm wrap around her waist, pulling her in closer as she rested her head on top of Esperia's, the first reaction was an intense blush, her words stopping in their track. There was something soothing and nostalgic about the feeling she had right now, the comfort of just resting her smaller body against Valerie's, the warmth that came with the knowledge she was willing to walk this path with her, a journey that she no longer had to traverse on her own.

Her healthy eye softened, and finally closed, simply basking in the warmth as she heard Valerie speak. "I tend to get along well with children, and your family shall be my family." The girl whispered softly, her cheeks still red as she listened to Valerie's remark about the wife handling, the words earned a sheepish smile from Esperia who suddenly spun her body lightly, attempting to straddle Valerie's waist and declared with a playful tone: "I dunno about that~ A lewdling like me might be quite a handful~ but I'm sure you'll be able to handle it."

She tried to gently press a kiss onto the red-haired woman's lips, just a brief innocent gesture after which she suddenly tried to press her backwards onto the grass as Esperia tried to rest her head onto Valerie's chest, whispering softly.

"Please let me stay like this for a bit Val..." It sounded almost like a plea as she continued. "I... it's been so long since I felt truly at ease like this, I thought my only way forward would be to dive deeper into the shadows, just trying to escape from the memories of the days I could enjoy a warmth like this, joyful days where all I cared about was spending time with my loved one."

She felt the tears gathering, gently trailing down her cheek as she whispered softly. "I'm not evil, nor the savior Fiore needs... but for you and Hasani I'll gladly become your hero. Never again will I lose this warmth."

Indeed, it was painful to realize that she couldn't save everyone, such an idealistic idea was naive, but... With her power surely she could help protect those she cared for?

All it took was just a gentle nuzzling as Esperia lifted her gaze up at Valeria and smiled warmly at her. "How long till Hasani wakes up usually? I have to admit I'm quite comfortable here~ and wouldn't mind enjoying a nap with those pillows~"

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Priscilla Ivalice
The reaction seemed about just as she expected it to be, then again it just showed Priscilla tactics and teasing worked far differently."Do relax, I understand the feeling, The missing piece that lingers for a while, Happen when Hasani's father end up disappearing."Priscilla's empathy worked far differently most of the time it was buried under bleak understanding of horrible lives."You do not need to worry about explaining it."At least that is how she felt maybe it was, In some way she was only just trying to connect  some kind of understanding hoping it was close enough.

Their conversations while emotional were rather wholesome too, The starting bonds of what could be love were always interesting."Well consider how we are intending our lives to be, As well as how you have spoken. I have no doubt you will be fine with children."Not like her family was that large anyway, At this time it was just the three names so far. She had a care taker for Hasani was she was gone but she never hit the title of family, She was still important in her own way. So far even mentioning lewdness in which was to be expected."And? Do not act like you are the only that might not be prepared for lewdness one might want."After all Esperia did not know, Who knew the desire of a large red head werewolf woman? She would eventually.

So far it was also testing her reaction to the idea they, they yet knew how each would be, There was always much more to a person to learn, it was kind of fun. Even so Valerie did not refuse the kiss she would kiss Esperia as well."We do not need to move for the moment, We do not need to rush off anywhere."Seemingly not resisting being lead to the grass. So the most part, She was find being lounged on after all, It was pleasant to Valerie as well, One of her free arms would stretch out and gently run one of her fingers across Esperia's back soothingly."We will get through these hard times and achieve are goal together, It is what I intend."

The wonderful part here is."You will never be a villain in my perspective, Sometimes a persons actions even if viewed negative, With what we intend much of out tasks will be considered horrible, Only when the right people realize what we have done will people see, Even if we are not heroes, We are doing the right thing."Some one had to drill this into Priscilla's head before, Kazimir was an interesting man and a good person that way.

In some ways this was Priscilla's attempt to comforting."You will never need to worry about being a heroes or a villain to me, You will only need to be Esperia, how you are now is a beautiful enough soul to me."Did it worked? Maybe Esperia seemed to linger upon various doubts in her mind, Much like Priscilla/Valerie did.

But she asked about the status of her son, which was a good question."It would matter the time of day, I do have a caretaker for him, He generally has not problem sleeping for longer periods of time,Early afternoon he maybe still napping or he could be playing"He was still young and developing so there was some progress."He is trying to walk, So I can assume he tires himself out often."So now she knew the status of the small child.


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Indeed, for a long time, the awareness that she had lost something precious had haunted her. How long had she tried to suppress those feelings? How often did she vanquish the memories into the back of her mind? However, to finally experience that warmth, to regain that which she had lost. It truly made her feel at ease. Just cuddling against Valerie like that was enough to make her feel like everything would be alright.

Hearing Valerie's reaction about the topic of Hasani earned a mischievous snicker from Esperia as she chimed softly. "Maybe I should show you some magic tricks of mine~ Get Hasani a little brother or sister someday."

Teasingly poking out her tongue Esperia paused for a bit, the comment about lewdness and desire making her face turn scarlet-red. "Now I'm getting curious what desires might swell up in you~"

As if to play along with her remark she allowed her hands to wander for a bit, teasing touches as she hummed happily at Valerie's response: "I'm confident that together we'll get through it." She nodded her head lightly, simply enjoying the feeling of being so close to the red-haired werewolf lady.

"I'm glad you share my view~ In the end one could say that the things we do, are for the greater good... right?" She paused for a bit, thinking a bit more on what Priscilla was reminding her of.

"Sometimes deeds others might consider negative or 'bad', can still be done for the greater good." However, the words that followed made Esperia smile brightly. To be told that she didn't need to worry, or needed to become a hero or a villain, but just remain 'Esperia', that being herself was more than enough made it clear to Esperia.

Good and Evil were simply different perspectives, different points of view. In a way, one could say that it allowed one to have a 'The end justifies the means' mindset. After all, if her actions were for the sake of improving things for those she cared for. Then as long as those people appreciated her efforts, that was all that would matter, right?

The topic of Hasani made Esperia smile warmly about the description of the small child. He was clearly still young, maybe a toddler? The fact that he was trying to make his first steps that made sense. "He sounds adorable~ Then I don't need to worry about keeping his mama occupied for a while longer~"

Teasingly poking out her tongue she continued by asking with a sheepish smile. "I guess we'll figure out what to do in the future~ For now... I hope you don't mind I indulge in getting to know you better, in more ways than one?"

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Priscilla Ivalice
It it was posed it almost made her curious but slightly unsure."We will talk about that later,Maybe when I know more of what it entails, As well as when the time seems right for such a thing."Which was a pretty good idea, After all it might not be good to rush it. At least to Esperia's benefit she was not ruling out another one with her. Just taking the logical steps towards it. Not knowing how it would all work entirely might not be helping.

It was relaxing for her at least, Then again maybe it has been years for now she had been tired of a varying cycle, The fun part of two people are not wanting to be stuck that way is well some how they are ending up alone on the blanket talking about having a good positive life together, Something seems like almost like she was still coming to terms but it was a quick time of realization.

With the comfort of lounging around it, It seemed even if normally never the time to lay around, It was just nicer laying around."Sometimes does pass, As he grows older I worry he will lash out due to not knowing his father, something I will try to remedy some how."Even if she could worry about it now, There were still signs Priscilla had that on worry.

Then again it could something worked on later,But When that was posed by Esperia trying to get to know her even more in a different manner. In some kind of almost playful manner, with her mention of wanting to get to know her more.

The werewolf responded by taking Esperia by the hips with both hands and pulling Esperia on to her a bit more. There was not question of weather not Esperia was entirely expecting this was not a question upon her mind, After all maybe it was just Priscilla seeing if what she would do would give her some answers that brain wondered.

Then Priscilla would just kiss Esperia upon the forehead. Then just then would ask."I should I ask what you want to learn?"So far even if both were being a bit tame it seemed an oddly nice and playful. Then again Priscilla was not really done for the moment. After her simple trick pull in trick she would place, Was Priscilla testing the her? most likely not. Even if she was not waiting for an answer right away Priscilla would then quietly sneak her head over to a neck of Esperia and starting a few kisses on it as well."Well, What indulgence where you considering?"Keep in mind she had a feeling where this could go, Just was making sure she was getting her guess right.


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Esperia nodded her head sheepishly as Valerie mentioned that she was willing to discuss the idea further at a later time. Although Esperia had said it in a jest, it was something she had been secretly interested in. "Mhmm~ There is a time and place for such things, it's something we can consider at a later time~"

Although it was true that some things didn't last forever, Esperia still understood the concern Valerie had toward the future. "It is understandable that he will become curious and confused as time passes. While I will do my utmost to fill the role of a parent, having two mothers still does not replace his father's absence. I think it will be best to simply be honest about the matter. After all, he is his own person, and even if I will love him like my own child, I do not want to force my ideas onto him. He will always have a family in us, and should he desire to know more about his father, all we can do is show him the truth."

The sudden grasp on her hips and being pulled up further along the red-haired werewolf her body came as a playful surprise, the close proximity to Valerie's face making Esperia smile sheepishly, her gaze softened in a longing gaze.

The tender kiss on her forehead was enough to make Esperia's cheeks flush up more strongly once more, the affectionate gesture filling her with that same pleasant warmth she had looked for so long. "I want to learn everything~ The things that made you smile, the touches that make you squirm~ The words that make your heart skip a bit."

The gentle kisses along her neck were enough to serve as a signal for Esperia, pressing her body lightly down onto Valerie's own as she mused softly. "Indulging in the beauty that your existence has to offer~" And with those words her fingers started to make more bolder movements, exploring brushes and gropes as she intended to show to Priscilla that she wanted to get to know the werewolf both emotionally and physically.

In the aftermath of that blissful event Esperia had just finished putting on her robe once more, her hair still somewhat in a wild and messy state as she hummed playfully. "You weren't kidding when you said there was a lot of passion waiting for me to discover~" The silver-haired witch giggled sheepishly as she attempted to climb back onto her feet, extending a hand to Valerie.

"If you wish I can teleport us back to the sakura alley, or if you wish I can get us closer to Hasani's location~ Not that I mind enjoying a walk with you underneath the sakura trees~ but I'd love to meet Hasani~"

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Priscilla Ivalice
This might have unravelled most likely, to the benefit of both Esperia and Valerie to get the high romantic tensions out of their system, it was a wonderful relief so to say.

It all happen pretty quick, They just seemed to have gotten to the point were they most likely both had their needs just exploded and whatever they did in the moment most likely was not entirely needed to know aside from both of them with in the moment.

It was actually a wonderful release, So much so Esperia was be getting up quicker then her partner also just seemed like it was more one taking in the moment was she just comfortable and happy on the ground? Or needing a longer moment? When offer a hand she would take to help herself up. Then as she held on to Esperia hand still she would raise it enough to be a bit higher bowing a bit and kissed the top of Esperia's hand.

Esperia had been putting her clothing back on, Having little shame in the comfort of Esperia, She would simply walk over behind Esperia and hugging her, Then starting running her finger through her hair to start making it a bit neater since she had not yet. Then walking over to Esperia's front she would start straightening her robe to make it neater and nicer, Still not picking up or putting on any of her clothing.

But it was just how she worked."Well,I will be fine with either, I will pose you the question of how soon is meeting my son is important to you?"This was more how Esperia viewed it as important, She would meet him either way, It was weather is Esperia still wanted to walk around with just Valerie/Priscilla more before doing that."I will be okay with your choice darling, For something should be your choosing and not mine."

It was what she viewed at fair, only because A choice is something she would balance out, After all Priscilla/Valerie had made various starting moves. In some way she was letting her take the lead in this, While just making sure her robe was neat and her hair is a bit better."If we visit Hasani now, I have brushes."Nonetheless, Esperia had a naked werewolf woman still standing in front of her, Maybe just making sure she all dressed up and prepared, Maybe then she would put on her own clothing.


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It was a blissful experience, one that she had thought was not hers to experience, and yet Valerie had showed Esperia a warmth and kindness she had long forgotten. The fact her lover was just content to rest on the picnic blanket as Esperia was getting changed was a sign that made Esperia smile, there was something about seeing Valerie in such a peaceful and blissful state that was truly wonderful.

The tender kiss on her hand made Esperia gaze at her hand, a tender smile lingering on her lips. While her arms had functioned essentially as prosthetics, they were closer to 'magical enhanced limbs' rather than true prosthetics, and as such at times like this when she allowed the nerves of her hand to register the tender sign of affection, the softness of her skin clearly different from a normal prostetic and yet the obsidian scales on her arms were a telltale of their magic nature.

Just as she had been putting on her clothes Esperia felt her cheeks flush up once more at the feeling of being embraced from behind, the soft pillows bringing a sensation with them that made Esperia briefly forget what she was doing, instead enjoying the moment as Valerie's fingers ran through her hair, the tender brushes helping make it sit more properly into place once more. Yet when she moved to the front, Esperia couldn't help but find her hands raising upwards, giving the aforementioned pillows a teasing squeeze while she hummed happily. "You should put on some clothes my love~ Lest I'd get too distracted to make us leave~"

When inquired about her desire to meet Hasani, Esperia decided to chime softly in response. "Although it is an important matter, I do like to walk with you for a while also~"

However, Valerie's decision to call her darling clearly made Esperia's cheeks flush up once more, a soft 'hehe~' escaping her lips and finally she spoke after Valerie had helped ensure that her lover looked presentable, Esperia chimed softly. "Once you're ready we can go back to the Sakura alley~"

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Priscilla Ivalice
The more interesting part of this situation would be to come, After all she was was not refusing just taking her time."I will put my clothing back on, Just helping in some small manners, I do very well know that you are perfectly capable."It was something she just seemed to do. Making sure her hair was neat and in some manner a lot more clean, It seemed everything was now in place.

Even if Esperia was going for one last fluff so to say, With a bit of a chuckle she would just mention."Are you sure you want me even to put them back on? Or are you almost expecting a second round?"It entire was a tease, After all they did intend other things.

She was going to go put her clothing back on, Just before she did and had made sure Esperia was finished up and neat."But I suppose I will put mine on now."Valerie had no shame and seemed comfortable in her skin, which was the benefit to her new partner.

Before walking over to her clothing just putting her right arm entirely around Esperia's hips, Since Esperia was a playful type her partner before returning to get her clothing on, would give her a light pat on the butt before giving her another kiss on the forehead and going to pick up her clothing.

Since it was chosen now, Now she would be putting her clothing back on. With her back to Esperia she would be taking her time putting her clothing time.

Lining everything that would be bottom first, The underwear, would be slip on first, Then the pants."It is fine, Then we shall take the short walk in the park before returning to where my son is."Stretching out as she spoke that.

With in a bit more of detail of Priscilla/Valerie's life, A small sign of what else could have happen in her life would so while she was taking her time to put her clothing. When she put on her bra, taking all of her hair to prepare to slip it through the holes of her clothing, The hair that always seemed to cover on part of her face, when pulled away showed closed eye and a scar over it, It could be deduced that she was missing that eye, It was something else to notice, It would not take much more time her get the rest of her clothing on.

Then they were prepared to head out, After that detail was gone, She would style her hair how she had it."Either way, Let us go for a walk."The wonderful part, she did not take much time to get ready.

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