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Evelyn Flamier

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#1Evelyn Flamier 

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Evelyn Flamier


Name: Evelyn Flamier

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiore

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiore

Class: Gunslinger

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Wrist

Face: Jun Aikawa - NISIOSIN


Height: 1.70 Meters

Weight: 50 Kilograms

Hair: Red

Eyes: Red

Overall: Evelyn is a tall woman, described as beautiful, with bright red hair, with a lightning-shaped yellow strand of hair on the front, and sharp red eyes, which she usually covers up with a pair of sunglasses. She is defined by the color red, her clothing almost always incorporating it. While on a job, she usually wears a red suit over a blue shirt, with a tight skirt and thigh-high boots.

Extra: None


Personality: Evelyn is a loud and overwhelming person, with an aggressive manner of speaking and a general disregard for the feelings of others, as well as an overbearing arrogance. As a Rune Knight, Evelyn is strict, firm, and unbending in her beliefs. She takes her job seriously and believes that anyone who has committed a crime is a felon that deserves to be brought to justice, regardless of their possible good deeds.


  • Catching Criminals: Evelyn loves catching criminals and placing them behind bars to clean up the streets of Fiore.
  • Good Results: She is a carreerist and plans to become


  • Criminals: Scum of the earth. As long as Evelyn is around, she will do her best to bring them to justice.
  • Slothfulness: Time should not be wasted.


  • Carreerist: As a careerist, Evelyn plans to reach high position in the Rune Knights someday. She wants to show her worth to her superiors by always going above and beyond.


  • Failure: Not being able to solve a case feels like a failure to her. She, therefore, works herself to the bone to avoid confronting this fear.


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 11

Endurance: 11

Intelligence: 6


Magic Name: /

Magic Element: /

Magic Enhancement: /

Magic Description: /


History: Evelyn Flamier is a young Fiorian woman born in the small city of Sandal. Her father, Roger Flamier, served in the Rune Knights and was sent to infiltrate a dark guild with the task of finding a weapon that could be used against innocent civilians. Instead of a weapon, he found romance and stayed in the dark guild to marry his new love. Her father and mother, Anna Pucci, then fled to Sandal to live their lives out there. Due to his outstanding service, the Rune Knights retired her father honorably and wiped the crime sheet of her mother in return for giving up valuable names and information. Evelyn was born shortly after, and they lived together happily until, on her eighteenth birthday, Evelyn learns from her mother that her father has been killed by the dark guild's men. She made it her goal to find the culprits and left Sandal for that reason. Unfortunately, Evelyn was unsuccessful in locating the dark guild, and her search stoked more trouble for her when it was noticed by them. Outraged, Evelyn entered the Rune Knights determined to exact revenge on her father's assassins. She passed the entry exams and made it her goal to pass through the ranking of the organization as fast as possible to get access to more resources. The resources were needed by her to access information about the dark guild. The danger of the guild made the information classified and only accessible by higher-ranked Rune Knights in the organization. Evelyn has shared her ambitions with another trainee, Oscar Simons, whom she has known for over a year now. Since Oscar only joined the Rune Knights to get a decent job, he has found the motivation to grow within the ranks of the Rune Knights to support Evelyn Flamier exact her revenge.

Reference: Google


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This character application has been approved.

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