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Silver City Rescue [Neutral Quest]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Silver City Rescue [Neutral Quest] Empty Tue Mar 02, 2021 3:53 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin slung the spear across his back, the night air was dark and loomed over him. The folded request slip blew in the wind, flapping against his hand. He crumpled the page and stuffed it into his pocket. Only a few words were scribbled on the top that were of any importance. A woman’s name and help. The body of the messenger slumped against his doorway. Blood spilled from his wounds and saturated his pants. He fought his way out of the slums to deliver the letter and it cost him his life. Jin closed the man’s eyelids and walked out of his one bedroom hotel room.

Without a word he left the Inn and headed for the lower district. The streets were as filth filled as ever and urine stained the entries of alleys. He kept his head down to the back streets but the spear on his back showed that he was no run of the mill traveler. This time he didn’t bring the medicine bag with him or take on the guise of a merchant peddler.

Doors creaked as a man stumbled out of a local bar. Jin pulled up his hood. He made a show of things last time he was here. The shingles on the roof were still missing and the window was broken from his escape. He slid by the man and nudged his way into the bar. Some lingering gazes fell on him. He paused only for a moment and the music dimmed. The bartender set down the rag and glass was cleaning and leaned on the counter.

“You look familiar,” he grunted.
“I suppose so. I’m the one who took that noble out of here,” Jin said and the patrons stood on edge. Hands ran down to cleavers and daggers.

“I’m here for his daughter. No matter what you think of the man. The lady has nothing to do with it.”

“What’s it to you huh,” the bartender snarled and placed his hand on a baseball bat.

“I’ve been hired as her escort through this place. And I’m already falling behind,” Jin tilted his head. Feet shuffled quickly behind him. The bartender gripped the bat. Jin rose his hands up as if to surrender. “I’m normally not the violent type. Please...just give me the lady and we’ll be on our way,” he asked.

“No can do!”

The bartender lifted the bat. Feet dashed from behind him. Jin slung the spear free and swung in a wide arc around his head. The blade slashed at the men in the rear and the shaft battered the bartender backwards and into the rack of wine. Jin hurdled over the bar and kicked the man’s chest. He was weak compared to the important mages in fiore but strong enough to outmatch the regular folk.

The patrons charged. Jin reared back the spear in both hands. He felt how strong the weapon made him and it radiated with light. He swung it, and ripped the counter top off, flinging into the shambling mob. With the point aimed down at the bartender he asked once more, “Tell me...or this doesn’t end well.”

The bartender groaned and pointed down the street to a manor.

“Thanks,” Jin replied and leaped out the window. The thugs rallied through the window and out the door after him. Jin wove through the street and dashed on a beam of light to the rooftops. He at least had some distance now.

The manor was right in front of him and people were already watching. Bullets and crossbow bolts scattered around him and bounced off his shield of light. With a final heave, he jumped from a roof toward the manor’s balcony.

She was right at the window with a guard holding onto her. “Stay back,” the guard yelled. Jin pulled himself up with a spear tossed over the ledge. Before his feet hit, the man sliced the lady, sending droplets to the ground. Jin cast his healing dome. Light sapped the man’s strength and he crumpled and at the same time the bloody wound sealed shut. The lady blinked confused.

“I’m a mage and your escort. Let’s go,” he took her hand and rushed out of the building. Thugs jumped toward them but every time would be wrapped in a healing light and then bashed with a spear. Bullets grazed Jin but his own healing dome repaired him enough to keep going. The middle underpass was right in front of them and one final push put them out of harm's way.

“You're safe now,” he said, breathing heavily. She thanked him, paid him and then the two parted ways.

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