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VI. Morrigan's Staff

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Name: Morrigan's Staff

Slot: Weapon

Type: Staff

Handling: Two-Handed

Class: Mythic

Quantity: Limited

Element: Arcane

Damage: +60

Durability: 3x S-Rank

Description: The staff is 2 meters long, and was crafted using a rare, magical ore that allows it to never rust and always maintain its elegant appearance. Two almost blade-like designs protrude from the top of the staff, curving down for 30 centimeters while the tip of the staff is embellished with jewels, all attached to the item and coated with the beautiful golden finish.

Lore: When the Seraphim and Demons once more returned to Earthland to continue their search for the Uldyssian, Earthland turned into a battlefield again. Many factions began to form to guarantee their survival after the departure of both sides. Seraphim promised protection to the nations devout to their cause while Demons whispered promises of power in return for supporting their side in the search. Not everyone heeded to their cause though. Among all the factions, one existed with the secretive cause to vanquish both sides from Earthland. Formed out of powerful adventurers from various regions, they carefully thwarted the efforts of both Seraphim and Demons. In the end, they succeeded in their endeavor and closed the pathways between Earthland, the Lucent, and the Abyss. Unfortunately, one among them had changed over the course of the ordeal. Unable to stop Morrigan, the group sealed her away in her own weapon in their last bout.


  • The user must have a class capable of utilizing Magic.


  • Izrael's Torment: Despite receiving tremendous powers after consuming Izrael, the cost for such an action keeps existing within the staff. The curse torments the user and enfeebles them slightly. The user receives a Moderate Physical Weakness.


  • Morrigan's Imagination: As one of the most creative mages in existence, Morrigan's imagination allowed her to use magic at a greater extent. This slightly carries over to the user and turns all their Inferior spells from their Class to Normal spells.
  • Menacing Existence: Morrigan's existence instilled fear into everyone around her. Even mentioning her name was enough to make everyone heavily uncomfortable. In combat, upon wielding Morrigan's Staff, everyone in the topic will have all their attributes decreased by 20%. This only affects foes.
  • Master of Possibilities: As long as Morrigan could imagine it, she could do it if her powers allowed it. Should the user channel their spells through Morrigan's Staff, they can change the element of their spell upon casting it. This does not count for spells that are attached to items.


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Purchasing this once the gauntlet resell is completed



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Odin has purchased Morrigan's Staff

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