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Arrival [Kurisa-kazimir-Dragon Event-High Level]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Arrival [Kurisa-kazimir-Dragon Event-High Level] Empty Sun Feb 21, 2021 12:13 am

Kazimir Seiryu
The Days had passed with blissful perpetuity. The dragons had all but faded like a nightmare from the minds of the people. A volcanic arrival followed by silence.

Kazimir waited on the front patio of a cafe for Kurisa to return. A draft blew through the city. A woman gripped the edges of her hat, fearing it would be swept away. The chimes hanging from the awning rattled. He narrowed his eyes. Something was wrong but he couldn't place it. The wind was howling to him.

Clouds swirled in the skies above, but everyone went back to normal as if the gust was just a strange phenomenon. A small child tugged on her mother's dress, excitedly pointing to the heavens. Kazimir turned his gaze upwards to see the moon passing over the sun. A dark shadow stretched over the far side of the city like a blanket.

The clouds turned dark and silhouette emerged, with trails of darkened sky trailing behind it. A flash of lightning showed his worst fear. A humanoid figure descended but each flash of lightning outlined a spectral draconic massive enough to shroud the light from the city.

Kazimir stood up half in disbelief. "It can't be...now." Black orbs of slow whirling shadow cascaded toward the city at a break-neck pace. One headed straight for the small cafe, connected to the grand theater. Kaz spun around and put his arm around and shot of gust of wind that rolled the few civilians at the cafe through the doors. A dark sphere dropped next to the wind mage and spiraled into an explosion just as he knocked the people out of the way. The blast shattered the wood. and flipped tables, scouring the ground with debris.

Kazimir spun and caught his footing. The people were safe but those same orbs dropped around the city and exploded with screams lost in the dark voids. The draconic being hovered towards the theater.

The wind mage dashed to the top of the building and called out to, "Kurisa. They're here! I'm heading up."

He landed on the roof and gathered the wind around him. His eyes flashed red and his fingers tightened into fists. Of all the enemies he had ever fought...never had one been a dragon. He dropped his robe to the side, only wearing the lightweight garments beneath.

"So.. you hunger for battle,"The draconic being replied and rose their hand with darkness pooling into it, from some unknown ether.

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Inside she wanted to order some lemonade and a few tarts for herself as her beloved didn't really eat any of that sort of thing. It was just a normal day with him as they went out for their noon-outing. She was wearing her beautiful lilac dress with long loose sleeves. Her shoes were just simple flats that glid against the rough floors of a casual Fiore building. There was nothing unique about the inner design of this building, but at least the food was decent here. As she stood there, her head turned to gaze at Kazimir who was gazing at something else. She knew it wasn't supposed to be windy out as her 'Time' Calander did not say so. What was supposed to happen today?

She looked away and tried to think, making it seem as if she was spacing off. Her eye movements went all over as she looked through the Calander of Time. Was there something going on today that she forgot? She gulped and gazed towards Kazimir and saw him look at a woman who was catching her hat due to the wind. Was that him playing around or was that the element itself acting up? Right at that moment, she saw on today a specific detail.

"Dragon Attack in Hosenka"

She whispered it back to herself and then heard Kazimir speak towards her. Quickly, she left the building to go to his side but saw not only him already at the top, but everything around her was destroyed. She gazed upward at the darkened clouds and finally the draconic woman. Her eyes glitched colors as she felt it within her. She could feel her dragon presence, but as it looks it was in its humanoid form. It reminds her of her fight with the water dragon, who now travels with her. Where the hell was he anyway?

The draconic woman gazed at her and smirked, "I didn't think I'd meet one of you so soon.". Her voice was dark with a hint of sarcasm. "How about after I'm done with this one, I'll come for you next?" She spoke once more with laughter. The Draconic had her attention now on Kazimir as she felt quite ignored.

Man, out of all the times she had flight and not need it, she doesn't have it when she needs it.


Arrival [Kurisa-kazimir-Dragon Event-High Level] Signat13

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The dragon had a way of knowing about the slayer, but that shouldn't have been a surprise. Kurisa had the power to deal a great amount of damage to the winged beast but she had to get up there or the dragon down here. Kaz took a deep breath as the dragon gave its attention back to him, implying that it wanted to pick them off one at a time.

"I'll be right back," He began to say when the Draconic woman launched a volley of shadow orbs at the wind mage. Kaz clapped his hands together and kicked off the building at a break-neck pace. White magic circles appeared around his feet as he dashed across the wind and let out his sense of the surroundings. The shadow orbs would collide with the top of the building and erupt. The explosion was lagging behind the wind mage as he soared toward the Dragon. She swung a clawed hand sending another wave. Kaz dashed over them and launched a cone of wind at the dragon.

The dragon rushed through the wind attack. Her clawed fingers wrapped around Kaz's face with an eruption of dark energy. The woman flipped in the air and dive-bombed toward the ground with Kaz's face still gripped in her claws. Darkness shrouded them and she smashed into the ground with a heavy thud, sending debris scattering in the air.

Before the impact, Kaz clapped his hands together and his body merged with the wind and teleported him 40 meters above the ground. The dragon warrior stood with shadow radiating from her and looked at her now empty hand. Kaz shook his head and wiped away the scuffs on his face with ribbons of shadow trailing off. He had to be more careful with this enemy. But his goal was to get her closer to Kurisa and it worked in a roundabout way at least. He began to fall toward the ground and threw his hands out to create two blades of wind ready to slash at the woman in tandem with whatever Kurisa would do.


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She felt useless at the moment as she had a flying spell, but she didn't want to use a lot of mana all at once. Not yet anyway. She trusted Kazimir to try to get her to get on the ground level in some way as she already had planned on what to do once she does go towards it. Her eyes watched him as she was partially in awe and the other part was obvious. Kazimir didn't know about her time slayer magic,  nor does anyone else since she has yet to use it. The most one will know was that she was just a slayer. Kuri doesn't remember if she told him or not during their time at the spa.

She worried about fighting with someone in the end as all of her stuff was chaotic, destructive, and was not friendly fire. As she thought about the spells in order and what spells to do, she watched him and the dragon chick have their battling ways. This was going to be easy for her it felt like. She was a time bomb, almost literally as she was ready to destroy everything if this draconic woman became too much of a problem. He seemed to be quick in knowing what to do. He was just like the wind as he made things out of what was happening, able to adjust. He probably planned on fighting her up there, as her eyes gazed towards the intended area, but then she herself became a pawn in the board.

Her eyes adjusted as she saw his face get clutched by the draconic woman's hands as the claws were surely locked onto him. Sighing softly, she gazed at the position they will land without fully knowing if Kazimir had a plan to swift out or not. She has heard of his stuff before and felt as if he will leave her clutches. She snapped her fingers, summoning down the circle against the ground while dashing backward away from it. From the mid-point of the target and herself, there was a perfect distance giving at least a meter or few from the end. A beautiful purple flower forms with a pulsing aura around it. Upwards an arcane flame rises from the flower itself. Thankfully, Kazimir lifts off away from the woman as she slams into the lotus causing it to explode. If the woman tries to go for her right after that she will end up using another spell to escape from her reach.

"Quite unfortunate that out of all the dragon slayers, it's me you have to go for." She spoke sweetly, but eyes glitched different colors for a split second as she made watch. The last thing she needed to happen was the woman trying to get her before she had 'time' to cast another spell. After a split second, she then saw a shadow within the withering sawdust and clouded air from the destruction as if it was her jumping at her. Quickly, she formed wings that are golden outlined around the purple-pink. She flies up to 15ft and frowns towards her. As the air clears the woman glares at her as if her eyes were filled with hatred. Did she have some hate towards the Time Dragon? She assumed it could be because of power, the abilities even as the dragon was fully distracted by Kuri's presence, she was hoping that Kazimir will attack. If he didn't know about her time stuff, she felt like he will end up asking questions after all of this. Voices became apparent in the back of her head as she felt almost a thirst for more chaos...

It's been a while. Since she last fought.




Arrival [Kurisa-kazimir-Dragon Event-High Level] Signat13

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The wind mage stared down at the ground in time to see the lotus flower. A grin came across his face as Kurisa delivered a devastating attack. The debri from it flew off in all directions. Kaz hung in the air for a moment, letting gravity drop him closer to the battle field. Before the dust could settle, he felt a pit in his gut. Kurisa grew wings and took to the skies. Looks like she didn’t need his help with that after all. He could have sworn she had lost the ability to fly when she lost her grace.

Dust and debris found away, as the draconic figure gave a single mighty flap of her wings. A clear circle of clean air surrounded their enemy, whose gaze was set on the dragon slayer. She crouched and hurled off the ground, leaving a ripple in the earth behind her. Layers of dark magic circles appeared around the dragon. Her hands shot forward and thousands of tiny shadow orbs scoured the sky.

Kazimir dashed to the side and flung his hands together, sending the wind blades he conjured before at the dragon from behind. Wind blades sliced into her side and arm, causing her to grunt in pain and seething annoyance. The attack halted her fierce movement but not her spell. The wind mage flipped in the air and readied another attack by rearing his hands back. He stayed away from Kurisa worried that if they were too close it would give the dragon some advantage in aiming a singular attack.

The dark seals around the dragon shattered. Shadow orbs froze in the air and trembled. Within an instant the thousands of shadow orbs that had missed and were aimless, or yet destroyed, erupted into numerous spikes of darkness like frag grenades. Shadowy spikes burst in all directions.

Kazimir threw his hand forward to create a small whirlwind in front of his face. Dark tendrils splattered against the tornado form the collision of dark spikes. A pain shot through his leg. A dark spike pierced his thigh and another on his hand. He dashed backward faster than the onslaught could catch and landed on a nearby building.

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Kurisa gazed towards the dragon woman who was still in the clouded air. She readied anything as they soon flapped their wings to clear the air. Their eyes gazed at each other as if they were speaking to each other, taunting another. Of course, the draconic woman had more of a short temper than Kurisa herself. The woman seemed to feel the need to summon orbs to attack but saw Kazimir go towards her to give enough time to stop her movement, but not their attack. Being within a distance she was far away enough to be away from her physical grasp, but now he was close to the draconic woman.

While in the sky about fifteen feet away from her as after she lifted off from the ground, Kuri moved further as well to keep the distance between them. She felt as if he had things to take care of himself as she will do something if not. She watched her every move as she saw orbs flying and blew up as her spell did before. The difference was how spikes were now flying in every direction. Her eyes glowed and pupils formed into another shape. Swiftly, she fingerbanged towards her as it shot off a few spikes that were on their way. Even after destroying some, it sliced against her left hip and right upper thigh. A long beam from her fingertips blew towards the draconic woman after it passed a few explosive shards. Afterward, the woman fell back onto the ground as it gave Kuri enough time to land a few inches off the ground just now. She had only a small amount of time to cause some pain to this person who dared come here.

"You are my center." She whispered in Sevenese. A large circle appeared on the ground as a beam came upwards underneath her. Splattering, the beam separates against the earth causing a large earthquake around the woman. The draconic woman looked out of breath, but for some reason even though she wasn't hit Kuri felt exhausted already. Why? Was it 'her'? Her eyes closed halfway and dashed backward just in case she felt like attacking once more. She readied her spell to dodge if need be, but for now, she felt like using her offensives to destroy things that came her way. She wanted to worry about Kazimir at this time, but would he get angry at her for doing so? This was a serious situation. Last thing she wanted to be seen as was weak.

Her heart pounded as the Draconic woman got back up slowly, gazing at Kuri with disgust. "Pft, you rather take hits than use 'his' spells? Am I not worthy?!" She angrily spoke and her hand glowed. Slowly, her hand lifted up into the air as a rather large glowing orb hovered over all of us. Darkness was being gathered and sucked into the one ball as it became larger than it once was. The area was becoming dark as the orb blocked even the sun from their point of view. Her own heart raced as Kuri watched, but knew she had to do something.




Arrival [Kurisa-kazimir-Dragon Event-High Level] Signat13

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir tried to peer through the field of dark energy that saturated the area. He huffed through his nose as dark spikes struck Kurisa. He knew full well she could handle herself but that didn't ease the anger within him at seeing it. He regained his footing from his own wound as their enemy dealt with the fierce rumble of an earthquake. The magic that Kurisa used now was far different than the type she held when they first might and he had no idea the full extent of it.

It was almost imperceptible. The draconic woman spoke to Kurisa about some strange magic and an even more vague reference to..' him' whoever that was. "Dragonslayer business" he thought to himself. They were destined to do battle with one another and Kaz felt caught in the middle of some ancient grudge match. But it worked in his favor. He followed the dragon woman's arm raise and gazed upon the darkness that shrouded the area. The shadows spread out in every direction as the sun's light was doused. But it almost felt like home to him, and his eyes adjusted to the darkness as easy as if it was daylight.

His mouth was set ajar as he saw the giant swirling orb of magical energy concentrated in the air. he gulped and cracked his neck. He knew what he needed to do. Kurisa was more suited to taking down a dragon but he could tackle whatever beast that was.

Wind rushed around him and he launched into the air as silent as a vampire stalking in the night. He was behind the Dragon and Kurisa could see him jetting upward towards the orb at full speed. The wind gave him flight. As he ascended he could do one last thing to give Kurisa a moment to counter-attack. he roared, giving away his position in the sky as a white tiger appeared behind him roaring. Wind howled and a dozen tornadoes whirled into existing and crashed down upon the dragon. He had to take care to make sure the edge of the storm didn't reach Kurisa so the dragon was not directly in the center of it. The true downside of his magic was that it was not well suited for areas. Luckily the people had been evacuating after the initial blitzkrieg from the draconic woman.

The dragon snarled at the attack. Her other hand lifted and a barrier of darkness collided with the storm. Her feet pressed into the ground with a wince on her face against the pressure of the assault. her other hand still held the magic of the dark orb in the sky and she clenched her fist and tried to thrust it downward.

Kaz looked back up to the ball of energy with his body still soaring towards it. he took a steady breath and left things to Kurisa below, despite how much he worried for her. The ball of energy shook and plummeted like a meteor crashing to the earth.

The wind mage got with ten meters and felt his life being drained away as it approached. He spat blood onto his shirt and flew closer. His arms felt heavy and his legs were like jello at 8 meters. 6 meters away his heart tightened in his chest like a claw was grasping it with each pump of blood.

5 meters away, his sacrilegious eye sprang to life with golden rings around the iris. It sent a pulse through the dark orb. Wisps scattered into the wind. Light rained onto the earth once more as the orb vanished. Kaz floated in the air, sapped with fatigue. His head pounded and he placed a palm over his angelic eye.

"Can't do that again," he whispered.


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Kurisa watched how the woman was so angry at how she did not want to use the time magic on her stuff. It was like that was her whole goal or something. Maybe she felt worthy of being destroyed by an ancient dragon spell or a few. Her hair flailed wildly as the darkness gathering into the larger sphere was creating some wild winds. It destroyed the things the darkness was coming from. It was really destructive and hopefully, while she was distracting her, Kazimir was planning on things to do about this sphere or the draconic woman in general.

She bit her lower lip and tilted her head, smiling happily. "So beautiful." Kuri's eyes flashed a bloody red color. Her hair next was shining a beautiful snow-white as it flailed behind her. The only way to really stop this, the thought of that was arousing 'her' within. Ana felt rather ready to fight her all by herself as she did not care about the damage that was already done to the areas that were spiked earlier. She was within the 15meter mark at least as she only could stand there to charge up her attack. Ana twisted her right wrist and straightened her spine to slide her left foot back against the ground and right foot forward towards her. She was planning her own things as her eyes wandered as if within the time she was thinking of a million things to do.

There were some obvious choices as she kept on grinning towards her. Rather or not it annoyed the woman, it did not matter since this spell she was using could be bad news. Thankfully, she had her own idea if Kazimir was not successful. Her eyes spotted Kazimir going from behind the draconic woman, sprawling with the wind as she was with time. Speaking of time, as he roared the draconic woman looked towards him as she was now distracted by him. Her arms crossed against her chest and looked behind her as a clock started to form. The clock was a rather large 8m diameter, it was ticking slowly in our reality. Once looked at, once close they will no longer be free of their normal speed. All spells that were not hers were now slower by half as the spirit bomb of darkness was only now slowly growing.

Quickly, as she was distracted she gazed at the draconic woman with an expressionless thirst in her gaze. Her two fingers touched her forehead to cast her fastening spell before finalizing a hand wave away from her but then towards the draconic woman. A large spell in front of the clock motioned towards her and the spirit bomb as the tsunami formed into an 8-meter height and 8-meter wide spell towards her and her spell. If Kazimir did not get out of the way beforehand, she will use her lounging spell to get him out of the way before it could even hit her or him due to the doubling speed. There was no way she'd allow defeat nor him getting hurt from her own spells. If it was the other way around, she will not mind. This was how she was. Those she loves come first. Was it a dumb way to view things? Most will think so, but her precious things cannot be scarred by her own hand. Not like how Jaze was so many centuries ago. What she did scar her for life, or should she now say 'him'. Ana had her regrets, but would it be horrible if she partly did not regret what happened?

Once the Draconic woman took the hit - assuming she did, Kurisa's eyes glitched back to golden-blue and then back to red. She glared towards the draconic woman from the sky as she wanted to make sure they would not be on the ground where most of the spells will destroy all that was in their way. "Give up or die," Ana spoke coldly towards her. "It's simple." She threatened her. Her judgment was going to be auto-death if she did not take the first offer. She saw herself as an executioner, a mad scientist, and speaking of which... As Ana studied the draconic woman she started to think of wicked ideas of what she will do after she is defeated...Arisa's heart and mind were more on her lover as Kuri awaited what has yet to come as the spells of the draconic woman would slow if she did try anything more.



Arrival [Kurisa-kazimir-Dragon Event-High Level] Signat13

#9Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz fluttered downward with his eye throbbing from nullifying the massive dark spirit bomb. He shook off the dizziness and flipped round to see a huge tsunami raging toward the draconic woman. Kurisa had taken advantage of the opening after all. The massive wave was large enough to reach him as he plummeted toward the ground and whirled the wind around himself and shot back up. Splashes of the water grazed his feet as it consumed the draconic woman.

Waves crashed against the rooftops. The dragon lady crossed her arms over her face to shield herself from the forceful attack. Wounds speckled across her body not expecting to encounter this level of resistance. Kurisa's words echoed through the mountain of water and garnered a fierce glare through the wave from the draconic woman. She was a being no used to taking threats from those she saw as beneath her.

Red flashed in the eyes of his lover as Kaz flew beside her to make a united stand against the being. He steadied his breath and felt the flow of mana around himself. It had been a long time since he had used this much. It sparked an animosity buried deep within him that he struggled to keep suppressed. The animalistic nature of his magic clawed at his mind for freedom. He glanced over as Kurisa gave the ultimatum but a tremble shook the air around him. A clock ticked behind Kurisa...was this always something she could do? A piece of her arsenal held in secret for this very moment?

Wings beat heavily against the currents of the wind. The water left in the streets from the attack rushed toward the edges of the road leaving the dragon standing with a void of emptiness at her feet.
"So you have decided to use it after all," she took a singular step forward and gazed at the dark wisps where the spirit bomb was. "And to think my spell would be eradicated so easily...by a mere vampire at that." She rose her hands and all the shadows in the area swirled and untethered themselves from their host, be that human or building. She rose her hands higher, and the shadows pulled themselves from their earthen binds like tape peeled off a wall. One limb at a time they emerged in all shapes and sizes. A dark army from the size of a man to a two-story building. Lifeless voids spun where faces would have been. Their bodies formed into a strange amalgamation of the structure they tore free from and the features of a wyvern.

"You may have the spells of a dragon," she looked at Kurisa and panned to Kaz, "And you may be able to hold your own against us for a non-slayer. But nothing can come close to what I possess. Let's see how you will stand against the Shadow Battalion,"
The dragon blasted off the ground, the nearby shadow beings wrapped around her body like bladed armor. The others fired off breath weapons of darkness aimed at the two guild mages.

Kaz stood ready to act, but as the spells got within range of the two they slowed down. Almost to that of a crawl to him. He looked at the big clock on her back once more. "Kurisa...I can clear a path for you. But It may not leave me with much mana," He stepped forward giving his lover a smile and a nod before turning his glare back on the enemy. The dark wyverns clawed around buildings and dashed through the streets. Bystanders cowered in buildings and behind carts. If there was one constant in his life, it was his affinity for area attacks.

The guild master placed his hands next to each other and a bright orb of light shone between his hands like he held the sun. "I may not be a slayer," he spoke as anger filled his heart, seeing the citizens in fear and pain. "But I will give my all to protect these people," he claped his hands together. "Fairy Law," A brilliant light flooded the area. Wyverns howled as the light engulfed them, leaving only a few still standing. The citizens cowered from the attack but opened their eyes as the harmless light washed over them. It poured around Kurisa, with the warmth of a lover. The dragon grunted through the unstoppable pain of the attack. Some of the shadow raiments burst away as the spell pierced through any resistances she may have had. Blood finally speckled the side of her mouth.

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Kuri gazed at the dragon as it looked as if it could fall anytime from the exhaustion they were causing her to have. Her lover was more than supportive in helping her as she was helping him. She felt mocked by Kazimir's spells being able to destroy hers. The draconic made what the woman felt was a statement yet was more just a glory-filled sentence. "Yeah sure, that's why you're the one running out of breath more than a ... what? A mere human-like woman?" She darkly laughed as she smirked, ready for anything. That was when she finally lifted off the ground and went for another attack of some sort. Thankfully, Kazimir was prepared as well as he was willing to give a path for her while using a spell only Fairy Tail was allowed to possess.

As he cleared a way for her, she went forward towards the draconic woman, but not close enough for her to attack by dashing or melee of any sort. Her one hand went against her chest as the other pointed towards her, "Go." she spoke quietly as a dragon came out of her own summoning circle. It roared loudly as it filled the empty streets to the point it echoed. Swiftly, it went towards the draconic woman and crashed into her as she was more watching Kazimir than herself as her plans were destroyed by his spells once again. Nonetheless, Kuri was still flying as she watched what the draconic woman will do next.




Arrival [Kurisa-kazimir-Dragon Event-High Level] Signat13

#11Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir felt the rush of power raging through his body from the spell. Since gaining its power he had never used it before, Saving it for a situation as dire as this. The shadow legion burned in the light and were cast away. The Citizens winced and then stood perplexed, looking at the harmless light around them. A dark magic circled appeared at the fee of the dragon, her eyes were set on Kazimir. A shadow dragon in her battalion glowed with vigor and forced itself through the spell. It's claw swiped through the piercing light. Dark talons sliced into Kaz's ribs before the power of the spell disintegrated it into harmless wisps. Kaz staggered from the wound but then choked on his breath. The damage dealt to those around him healed his wounds. His vampire essence melded with the might of the spell.

The Draconic woman scowled. Her knee struck the ground with searing pain from the Fairy spell. A clawed hand dug at the ground. Before she could get back up her eyes flashed wide as she saw her fate roaring towards her in the form of a dragon. Kurisa launched her own attack, through the opening. A smile swam on Kazimir's face, seeing a dragon slayer clash with a dragon. The wind mage had now words for their enemy. He was not the ancient foe of her being, just a man doing his job. He shook his head with a stagger as his spell finished.

The draconic woman gritted her teeth and loosed her wings to take flight once more. Kazimir had one final spell up his sleeve. He swung his arms casting a blade of wind behind the dragon. She was too slow to react. The spell struck her back, halting her ascent. Smell bits of scales cracked off and peppered the ground like debris from a building. Once they left her body they burst into shimmers and faded.

The rush of Kurisa's enhanced speed of her spell was too fast for her to evade. With a hellfire scream, the woman arched in agony from the culmination of her wounds. Blood finally filled the air and pooled on the ground at the dragon's feet. She collapsed on her knees, still too proud to fall to her hands. Her body was nearly limp as the spells settled and all was silent. She gazed beyond the two mages into the heavens above. A wistful look on her face.

Kazimir landed beside her and spun his attention between her and the people that hid. Carnage riddled the area of the city but a breeze of calm washed over it. Fragile and waiting for finality. "That's it," He said and sat on the ground near her content and exhausted. Whatever would happen next he would leave the moment between the dragon and the slayer. As Kurisa descended Kaz would stand and usher some of the people back to safety. He ran his hand along the shadowy gash that was sliced into his ribs, now already a scar from his healing process. Faint flickers of shadow danced along the wound and faded into his skin. He turned to face Kurisa and as the last bit of life left the dragon either from Kurisa's hands or the wounds already dealt, Darkness would burst in all directions returning shadows to their homes. A wave washed over Kazimir and spiraled up his body before vanishing. The wound pulsed at his side and fell still.

Once all was settled with the dragon and Kurisa he would return to his lover's side. "Are you alright?"he asked, wondering what a slayer does without a dragon.

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Her eyes gazed tiredly at the draconic woman who caused so many problems in such a small time. Kurisa saw life slowly draining from the woman and soon enough she will have to attempt an escape or deal with death here and now. She was feeling faintish from other things that had nothing to do with this fight. This was just a topping of her problems. Her eyes switched to Kazimir who soon attended to her side. The draconic was non-existent for now as she turned towards Kazimir with a smile. "I feel like we should've interrogated her. There has got to be more to this than them stopping by." She told him. She remembered Rose, the dragon from the time she left the dungeon. She remembered she saw him there as well for a small time and wondered if Rose had anything to do with this.

"Do you think the other cities are being attacked or any other areas within my city?" She frowned sadly as she gazed at the last bit of darkness leaving this area specifically. Masami's theater was safe for now and thankfully the cafe they went to was fine now as well. 'I hope they're alright...' she thought of her son as he was like her biological son even if he was adopted in a way. She just generally cared. She turned to scan Kazimir's body, "Are you alright, my love?" She thought and questioned. Even if she was struck by some things, she thought of how he was hurt first. She cared not about her own body for now.



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#13Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir looked back to the wisp of darkness where the draconic woman was. Her essence was slowing fading from the world and he couldn't help but agree, that there had to more to this. His nature to investigate was calling him but there didn't seem to be anywhere to go. "You're right. I think that at the very least, there will be attacks on more cities. With the emergence of dragon slayers, I imagine there will be a few enemies descending. But there has to be a central force. The attacks surely can't all be this scattered," he questioned but perhaps the dragons were that arrogant to think they could fly down and march over Earthland like it was nothing. But the land had already expelled angels and demons.

He reached out and touched her arm, to console her and also check for any injuries. "Yes I'm fine. My...abilities allow me to heal when I deal damage with my magic," he spoke about another aspect of the vampiric turn of events he faced. He glanced at the wound in his leg that was mending itself back together. "What about you? Anything hurting?" he asked and slid his hand down to her hers.

Once she said she was fine

"I'll let you lead. Slayer business is your area after all," he paused to look her in the eye with intrigue. He waited for her to turn her attention back to the Dragon sitting on her knees. Defeat clouded the once proud warriors face.

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"No, I'll be fine.~" She gave Kazimir a happy smile as she didn't want him to worry about her. Soon enough, Kurisa listened to Kazimir as he decided to interrogate the draconic woman. It was not going to take that long since it wasn't like the woman could move. She turned and went towards her while eyes on the prize. Walking towards the woman she then was noticed by her, "What do you want? Can't I slowly die in peace?" She glared at Kurisa. Arisa's head tilted as she was at first silent, but then looked away, "No. I have questions for you and if you decide not to answer then you request other things..." She spoke sweetly till the last few words as they were more dark and cold.

'Mmmm, torturing a draconic woman over and over again... sounds erotic.' Ana whispered into Kurisa's ears. "Are you willing to answer anything?" she wanted to know first before going on with her questions. She nodded suspiciously as she was unsure what Kuri had in mind. All she knew was that it was nothing good for her.

"How many are in Hosenka and why now?" She wondered. The woman chuckled ghostly as she was close her to dying breath. "A few, but it looks like we're dying one by one. It looks like what 'they' said wasn't true." She laughed with a crackling tone.

"They said it would be easy, but no...".


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Kazimir Seiryu
Her smile eased the worry that was settling on his brow and he smiled back at her. The voice that came from her still carried little fluctuations from then and now. Another mark of her entangled history and one that he wasn't sure if she knew how often it happened. "Good." He faced the dragon as Kurisa led the way to interrogate the woman. As his lover faced away from him, he felt a wisp on his hand. A dark shadow danced along his palm and vanished. He shook his head. 'Remnants of the battle,' he thought and flexed his hand before joining the interrogation.

A cold indifference came from Kurisa as she spoke to the dragon. Another shift in her voice and Kaz stood by just in case anything happened. She began with the most important question. Allies. Kaz stood next to Kuri and awaited the dragon's reply with hope that it would only be this one. At least for the day. If they were smart enough to attack as a unit things would have turned out differently.

The wind mages' eyes narrowed as the dragon answered. But it was a soothing one of sorts. If what she said was true then their side was winning. Before another question could be asked, the dragon finally took its last breath.

"Well, it could have been a worse answer. If that's true at least we are winning, but it does confirm that there are multiple attacks going on. And while we are winning there could still be unprotected locations." Kaz crossed his arms, thinking about the usefulness of a far reaching communication device.

"Looks like we have some fixing up to do around her though," he placed a hand on her back.



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