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Aspects of Failure [Q - Marcus]

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-Do not fret the Night-


"Together, we will test and sear them in the morning light."


There were a great many quests that always appeared on the quest board in Hosenka, so as any other day Aegis looked around to find the new one to work through. One that caught his eye was working for the manager at the local Hinoki theatre. Apparently this question already had another acceptant, and he was to meet him there at the location, before meeting the manager. The task in question was apparently to protect some of the actresses in The ongoing live performances and to make sure no obstacles came into play during the actual performance.

As he took the poster off the wall, this way to the desk at the notice board in order to claim that he is going and undertaking this mission. It was there that they informed him that there would be a room night that he would meet at the theatre before the actual mission began and he was to be his partner. He thanked them for the information, and headed out very soon after, just taking care to buy a few supplies on the way. After stopping by the store to get the supplies, Aegis made his way quickly down to the theatre. Upon the many steps leading up to the building, he took up a seating spot outside before the entrance in order to wait up, and meet with, his compatriot on this task.

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Aspects of Failure [Q - Marcus] Yaga-f12
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