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Fighting Regulations Part II

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Fighting Regulations Part II Empty Wed Feb 17, 2021 4:34 pm


What people want?

Deleted and Hidden Post

I can't help but think my last post was stealth-deleted in last few days after months, seeing a sign of weakness that I don't care about fighting, well I got bad news then. Notice the "spell speeds usually" hyperlink referencing Odin's gauntlet's ability to stack that "Kon discovered". I noticed it in 1st month here (mentioning to others, the ole Kazimir speedy stack), when I could of gotten invaded by Odin. It shouldn't matter much besides a surface meta. Everyone knows to main flight after my fight/the rules were stealth edited to include flight speed.

First Lines Fight Regulations

"We try to govern the battles with our mana pools and attributes but there is another essential key that is required, which is fair play. It is obvious that characters do get tired during battles. This is why we ask our members to be humble in this process and logical. It is not important to win constantly. Defeat is an integral part of any character development."
There's no battle mods anymore, but let's take a step back to what brings this here.

When is the last time the former resident "battle mod", "above" Tenshi, had lost for development? Should be obvious judging without expecting an equal standard, right?

Unnotified Effects/Changes

Why haven't non-casters been buffed in years? Kon is not a non-caster. You know, I was considering picking up this broken tier speed increase effect before debuff autohits was casually made standard. The hat gives increased flight height, what a nice effect (similar to Kon's past magic) that invalidates non-casters completely. An innocuous hat was made into a universal effect of allowing a tier increase by Kon. People that don't know what a tier increase is, or aren't interested, get to face Kon who gets +500 in a free stat after deleting my fight regulations topic noting speed.

What else invalidates non-caster's bonus? Kon's nullification hand. Spellsword in Noel. Hey, wasn't indestructability being removed? Interesting how Kon now has an indestructible shield.

"AoE healing only restores Constitution. It doesn't restore Endurance." I don't think this was announced either. Is 1 post once per turn or is lower than 1 post once per turn for spell cooldowns? Does debuff immune remove item drawbacks? The custom creation page has obviously been used for a long time (recently edited, only released so people "understand why things take long") and I'm aware Kenzo was staff, but isn't his helm eligible for debuff conversion? The spell is delayed cast tsk tsk poor Kenzo. Oh yeah, the debuff conversion that Kon has as unique, it gives a double debuff conversion. Ah yes, something 4x better than Kenzo's legendary item, what a nice encouragement for when he was an active staff and member.

It's funny, because I saw Kon's custom in review at the time, and wondered if it'd be approved before official review page was publicly released. Nope, he just edited it so misc items can have the effects he wanted. Pretty sure he did it after it was released too, as I was thinking of using misc items for good effects but it didn't match with drawbacks. Why doesn't Magnetite Stone or Bone Ring come even close to the effects of Kon's item, when they're legendaries while his is unique?



Here, you can see where Tenshi emphasizes "winning" and glorifies wanting to kill a now-still active member's pet in Rinni.


According to here in 2017, Tenshi was still at Master weapon mastery where he ended at in terms of his fighting activity on this site. Was there a weapon mastery reset I'm unaware of?

Tenshi's Example

Regardless, this is not a Tenshi topic. I'm trying to show folk a negative culture pushed by a vocal minority.

Tenshi in 2017 and to the present accepts that Noel is better than him. There seems to be a hierarchy of opinions without wanting to be active, pushing active people away, a finality culture of "know your place". People talk about killing, there's been a handful of dark guilds, EN wanted a perk that can make threads auto-orange/red. How many people attacked Noel and Tenshi of their own initiative? Out of hundreds of people that passed through this site, why do inactive people propose the most "challenge"?

Their "combat RP" starts and ends at showboating without organizing or encouraging growth to people like Rinni, Yumi, or others. Imposing and forcing "how" to fight on others is innately pressuring them as inferior, lacking special qualities that these inactive "combat RPers" people simply don't possess. "It's just like chess", similar generic and cheesy vagueness I saw over a decade ago.

Fighting Regulations Part II Y1lLV5m
Fighting Regulations Part II OuXhc5m

This is beyond out of touch (inaccurate on paper, inaccurate in tactics), and if you hadn't noticed by below topic links I wasn't present for, long-term members with built-up strong characters agree.

It's not bloodlust or a desire for Nightmare Mode, it's just talk without talk back and to "manage" the thought of fighting. "Combat RPers" get easily disillusioned when they've got no idea of competition on a site. People can't feel quickly and repeatedly validated in fake finality, so they left.

Site Fight Review

People like Tenshi not interested in RPing even a little bit for chars are judging.

Tenshi isn't bright or messes with Kon to assert authority over fellow admin. Generally, Tenshi's inactive and rushes fights to his desired quick end. There's nothing in the spell saying you can't prep an attack, that'd be equivalent to saying Kon can't do spell motions after teleportation spells. Kon can't connect a hit like he tried (since you can't attack), but ending the fight is incorrect.

"This means when you grab Kon's face, it comes from below his point of vision, and wouldn't be seen until basically right on his skin."

This in particular shows Tenshi's malicious intent toward Kon. Look readers, IRL, do you have peripheral vision? Moving on, if Tenshi wanted to end the fight at the teleport thing he just says that's where it ends. In reality, Kaz allowed Kon's actions, so you'd do a round reset.

It doesn't matter if Kon didn't write a spell motion. Kon wrote he cast the arrow spell, the arrow spell's description says it requires a spell motion. This is a Naruto "gotcha" that you need hand seals to perform a jutsu you said you performed that requires hand seals. Not in the rules? Not required.

"And Kon's prosthetic hand, at 6 strength, would not be nearly enough to instantly crush someones windpipe. Especially not when holding your whole throat. It'd be different, perhaps, if he had grabbed your windpipe specifically. He did not."

It doesn't need to be instant. Kaz didn't block? Idk if Kon wrote that it was the whole throat, I CTRL+F'd the page and looked for neck too, so I'm going to assume Tenshi bunnied this ruling entirely. "You need to grab the windpipe specifically hur dur", people connecting hits on a punch don't say they hit the S98320 blood vessel in quadrant nowhere.
I don't know who Requiem is, but they bought my Void Magic randomly and haven't posted IC since. Probably because I got banned randomly on chat, dampening their excitement, contrary to Kon saying Discord was less active with me around. Lulno when I began RPing here, many people I don't even know flocked as they've avoided fighting normally. I was inviting folks (not Requiem) and the Discord was more active then than now.

To the fight itself though.

"He reaimed and pulled the trigger as quickly as he could once he had repositioned his gun and saw her sliding toward him."

Requiem's attack goes with sliding, while Yugo didn't dodge he attacked at same time so it could be a double KO/interrupt.

"She doesn't specify where she's aiming on his body, merely to "keep him in place", so we're going to assume that's at his torso."

Nah no. It's not in their post, battle mod doesn't bunny where it goes. It can possibly be there, not forced to be. Additionally, this rule where you can't use higher rank equipment spells I saw added recently (as in, after this fight). Spell regulations and equipment spell regulations are separate, you don't just rule that Josh can't use a spell off something that probably wasn't in rules.

"Afterwards hed move again skipping backwards as far as he could and taking aim once more, ready to fire again at her if the first shot hadn't done the job."

Compare to

"Joshua could not possibly react to it, in shock due to the fact that he thought he was about to shoot his gun and then it jammed"

Yeah so Tenshi ruled Josh is bunnied by him to stand still. I've got a feeling that'll be a consistent ruling he makes.
I agree Steel "one-posts" Akihiko. Much wow, much cool, guy runs into a sword to end the "fight". Tenshi's ruling doesn't come to that conclusion correctly.

"While gripping the hilt of your weapon does not require you to come to full stop, taking on that position would."

I Googled the "stance" motion of Akihiko, it's just holding your sword to the side, Akihiko wouldn't have to stop. I'm keeping in mind reading this that Steel and Tenshi are in fap chat together, so Tenshi can feel obligated to make a bigger ruling of nothing by outlining steps Tenshi wants.
Vali/Zeke says his Bullet Magic reaches quicker than a second. Empowered by site numbers combined with distance, he says Tomoe can't react at all at the 1st instance! No, denied.

Why should I read the rest of Tenshi's ruling? That was his only job to say, that was all Zeke asked for calling the hit. Anything more was bunnying/acting on Zeke's behalf?

"With the Warrior Helmet and Great Warrior Armor still intact, the bonuses they provide when combined with Tomoe's base strength would be enough to deal A-rank damage to Vali's armor as an unarmed strike, rather than B-rank. All good otherwise!"

Tomoe corrects Tenshi.

"the A rank offensive spell of Tomoe's never activated."

Nono, Tenshi can't take that slight against his battle modness. Vali was skipped, why did Tenshi mention anything else?
I'm going to take an educated guess and say EVERY SINGLE ONE OF Tenshi's other rulings are longer than this one because of Noel. I'll respond in kind.

First of all, Tenshi rules people losing to errors. Noel made an error that someone already made and he was allowed to fix it. No, it's not fairness to allow someone to edit off an error that was already publicized. How many second chances do people get in the tournament? Only Noel.

Secondly, Yumi's post is annoying to read, it reads like Erebus's posts where you explain your magnificence endlessly up to the point of entering the topic lmao. The simultaneous thing is overdone.

"Nothing would be safe from this spells wrath as it had only one intention, to drown Noel in its crimson blaze to turn him into a scorching charred corpse that no longer sustained life."

"These two spells would make it imp; possible for anyone to fly up out of their path due to their sheer size and ass."

Compare to

"Since his flight spell was active, this spell made no contact with Noel, as he was off the ground for the entirety of the fight instead."

Noel mentions he's levitating, it doesn't matter. He needs to dodge or block fully, keep that in mind ole future battle modders! ALL THAT MATTERS generally is whether they dodged or blocked.

"The third spell took effect at the same time as these two S ranks were unleashed. Unlike the S ranks it was only a B rank spell but would provide additional coverage for the daemon in her attempt to wipe out her foe who was only twelve and a half metres from her."

Compare to what Noel quoted of it.

"Unlike the S ranks it was only a B rank spell but would provide additional coverage for the daemon in her attempt to wipe out her foe who was only twelve and a half metres from her."
So here you describe me being twelve and a half meter away, but not in relation to what you were doing - just that Noel was twelve and a half meters away from her at one point
Do you notice what Noel omitted? Their relation in range doesn't really matter though. It's just, what Noel's saying, they're lies and have no grasp on the topic? Strawmans to distract?

"The unchained daemon stood amongst her flames in all her glory as they washed over the arena consuming it in her angry wrath."

So here's Yumi standing still amidst the action,
Again, what is he trying to insinuate here? Noel's opponent stood still and did nothing, when in a different part of their post they clearly did spell motions?

"Regardless if her foe would continue charging or not, Yumi would still cast her spells to still engulf the arena in fire."

This also locks Yumi in action
??? What's that even mean? Yumi's next post they can simply write that they interrupt before that, if Noel did ANYTHING that Yumi IC would change their action for.

I know for a fact Noel made statistical errors (which he admitted to, not edited in to this day) in my fight with Erebus, so I'm not going to take his word for it that his calculations are right. Yumi's staff can break, but Noel not dodging/blocking means Yumi could call hits as well on their next post. AoE can deal damage multiple times.

The user includes their equipment (meaning it's not broken) besides self-immunity (which is lulok Noel balancing). Unless Napalm was edited afterward, I'm too lazy to see if this was the spell Noel selected for his self-combustion hazing.

"So Noel, you don't actually take any damage here. Woof woof."

Tenshi's ruling tries to have the spells clash (which Noel's argument post doesn't include). It doesn't matter if Noel mentioned it OOC, his actual post has the spells hitting him. Thus, Tenshi's bunnying in Noel's favor.

Yumi can be interrupting Noel, don't really feel like reading a million of Tenshi's condescending bunnyings "due to that due to that due to that".
"but the actual ruling for the tournament is one cannot prep their spells and attacks during their first post"

Nono bud, was that in the actual rules of the tournament before you mention it here?

"or to find ways to rush and screw over their opponent due to weird entrance posts"

I'm ngl, I love reading these memey past posts like this, where Tenshi/Noel made this meta that you "get into a stance" first post at a distance, and somehow have an advantage over superhuman characters. No, having a guy pointing a finger or their body toward a direction from 1st post to "cast faster unfairly" shouldn't be what determines rulings. There is no reaction speed on this site, this is trying to force a magical form of reaction speed.

"You have to basically just stand still now until you would have hit that point."

"Due to a spell making it through approval that should not have, Alisa has been allowed to edit said spell."

This depends entirely on what that spell did, whether it was illogical or not. If it set a precedent without breaking balance at the time, then it shouldn't have been edited for this topic.

I don't know why Tenshi is mentioning multiple posts that might not be relevant. A battle mod can note mistakes in prior posts for teaching, but at hand they're only to rule on the post round, what they were requested for. Unless there's been inconsistency that breaks things entirely for ruling.

"I have to assume that the hope was that a B rank spell would somehow deflect a sword that is bringing forth 2S rank worth of damage. It is definitely not."

Because this guy Tenshi was a Warrior or something? You can damage items. IRL-wise, you can parry with weaker force. Items mostly don't affect spells beside soaking damage, spells can move items.

"However, Alisa was charging forward full speed (40m/s). She would have been able to stop and slam her foot down and redirect herself backwards, but she'd be unable to just turn like that. Not a chance in hell."

??? Tenshi mentions reaction speed in seconds again later in his post. Tenshi's post is pretty long, making lots of assumptions and setting actions when there were disqualifying mistakes for the round. The correct thing would be to let the RPers write again, not bunnying them on what you want.
"get into a orthodox boxing stance."

lol. Anyway, I'm assuming Steel was trying to teach Ko here.

"The fact that you say "arms" here lets me vague manipulate the post into you using both arms."

This depends on what you're using this for. If he did spell motions later in his post, you can't piecemeal a post to say "oh both of his hands are on a sword". Steel says Ko's in the air and can't do anything effectively. I'm doubtful to that, not going to deeply look at this topic unless asked.
This topic's an outlier in these verdicts, just figure it's a good example.

Tenshi invades unprompted, arrogant writing "he's just playing a character in method acting".

"He had trained relentlessly since gaining this new form, and he had tested his body against some small fry.

And he was about to do so again.

"Hello," he said to the three men who would only just become aware of his presence, still in their starting spots. None of them had yet casted magic, likely due to Tenshi's arrival being near when the blond individual had finished speaking. His introduction had come literally on the last syllable that he'd uttered, and right when he'd have become visible to them. There had simply been no time for them to act yet. This was going to be fun."

Um, lol...I can see where Erebus got what he does from this. Tenshi literally just spawns next to these people and godmods they can do nothing about it.

Sure enough, this was(is) Tenshi's last topic(s). He invades 2 A-ranks? and chickens out. With the activity I saw, one of these people might have been S-rank at that time already.
I could go over this topic, it seems redundant after Yumi's, and it doesn't have OOC mentions so it can be he-said she-said.
Masami's contingency for a defensive spell is in a previous post round. Even if it wasn't, it can occur simultaneously to smirking. If they interrupted themselves in the timelines (thus removing that contingency or adjusting it to later), they'd seemingly smirk first still. I respect both people, so not talking about this topic if people ask.

Reaction speed is outlawed in Attribute Regulations (I'd seen so years ago here when it was added/to present/agree with the general idea that reaction speed should be a disgusting stat). Tenshi/Noel probably haven't seen reaction speed as a stat, so they've overlooked that entirely at times (general inconsistency), and don't know to compare to.

If you want to call hits saying someone's distracted, they have to be preoccupied with another slower action. You can't disable the ability to do action entirely unless someone is physically trapping themselves (many sites ban mental abilities now).

Knockbacks that aren't stated in spells shouldn't be applied, even if they make sense. Strength stat at base doesn't have an ability to knockback (or affect environment with specific superhuman numbers) either, even though it would make sense.
And now, we get to the culture that led to the above rulings.

"I interrupted your attack from happening by not allowing you to be within one meter of me."

Ah yes the culture of lolno. How did Noel physically interrupt this lady? Their timeline didn't depend on being within one meter.

"OOC: The spell seems to be homing, homing spells require that the user uses their arm in order to guide it. You didn't specify that your arms were still pointing at me, nor does the spell require you to so I'm pretty unfamiliar with what'd happen. In any case, it requires visionary contact."

That doesn't make sense for homing on any site. You think, oh, that's 2018 (well, this is Noel's "ascent"). You know...I was told by a high-ranking character that Noel said this same thing about homing on main FTRP Discord in last 2 months. The enhancement is different, yes. Neither tracking nor homing requires visual contact currently, seems like Noel's limit in creative thinking skill.

Um, it appears Noel has hated homing over years? He did it to Caius too. You don't need to see to aim, you could have saw beforehand/heard. It's especially easier the larger a spell.

"I didn't avoid the first one--in turn you'd fire your second spell according to your rp. More importantly, you based this attack based off of me moving, which is conflicting since I begun moving when you did, and never stopped(I stated in my previous post that my actions were reactionary to yours, which means you move=I move. Which implies that I never stop moving, even though I stated I'd do so--which essentially means that I voided myself in doing that)"

What does that even mean lol? It's just gaslighting. I get it, this was years ago, yet the way people go about things in the past (Noel's homing opinion for example) forms how they do things. Noel is trying to frame a timeline here to bunny away anything from coming to bring consequence to him. As long as Noel moved, then Caius attacks.

"Since you based your first attack off of me moving, reforming this allows me to move without you having shot your spell already."

???? I think Caius won the hierarchy war and is a better "combat RPer" than Noel.

"It is certainly true that your spell is bigger, but with Larvitar having taken the brunt of the damage by facing it head on, and with my having my arm removed far away from the impact--the damage converted to me in this context is almost minimal. It'd actually be nothing considering Larvitar consumed all of the damage, simply physically blocked."

If I remember Saga rules correctly (with FTRP being similar at this time), damage isn't minimalized just because it's localized. Even currently, you can get KO'd from your arm taking all damage.

"The other would be full speed can't be built up since this happening in in a second or two and it states it takes around 3-4 for full speed."

You don't need full speed for actions if your opponent doesn't have actions you need that speed for. Running momentum build-up doesn't matter unless fully acted upon to interrupt it, and the running would have had to be "needed".
I'm only going over posts this old because some people idolize(d) Noel/Tenshi as relatively "flawless".


There's an issue I have with this statement. You can see me, but the rest cannot; how do you know the rest cannot see me?
lol They're a Vampire of whatever iteration at that time, they know their sight capability others might not possess? Is Noel's whole idea of fighting just gaslighting like people are inferior? Kaiser don't deserve dis. Off Arisa/Kaiser, I'm starting to see why you kept pushing "Vice gaslights" by projecting.
Noel linked me this fight himself recently (generally unprompted flexing), yet his version was a Wayback Machine. So if you're wondering why I'm talking about 2017, there ya go.

"Lifting his foot on the blocking leg up to flex the muscle in front of his shin so as to counter the leg kick with his own shin, the goal was that Maarschalk's leg would break on impact. Finn would make sure his leg was at a ninety degree angle, and his check would add momentum right back at his opponents own- This would damage Maarschalk more than it would actually damage Finn. The timing of this block was as Maarschalk's began the actual leg kick, meaning the giants right leg and waist were already likely turning into the kick- Much too late to cancel that momentum that brought him forward at a fast and effective pace."

"His left arm would extend sideways over the front of his body, ready to go down or up dependent on either of Maarschalk's fists or his legs in order to deflect or block any blows. His hand would also be sideways with his hand open, palm facing the arena at a slight upper angle to deflect the leg if it came up at him or redirected, as well as to be able to easier redirect any punches by the giant."

"Either his leg would break, causing him to drop to the ground due to the break, or his leg would simply suffer some damage from this contact and Maarschalk would have to place it down."

"But not my legs. I’d like to point out how this made it impossible to see what my leg was targeting."

Noel insinuates, you put your arms/hands in the general vicinity of your face in a prior line of your post and you're blinded. Survey says, what the fuck. After that, he generally gaslights "well, your leg is a few inches to the side, it won't reach in time." This was a hand to hand only tourney I believe, so Noel made the most extreme stretch to say his opponent couldn't react at all and they were one-shot on contact.

Geno/whoever looks at the topic: "I gotta make a ruling on these 2 high-profile guys", so they overthink it.

So Noel, for this topic you're so proud of you show people years later/Tenshi stands by you for, I wonder what Geno/Roman has to say about it. Hey, idk, they might actually still support this ruling for you. If I was them tho? "lol, what can I say? years ago, was I just going to say nothing? just worked with whatever." All those reactionary try-hard movements, just looks forced for a hyped "hand to hand, everyone's equal!" tourney. I could go over their ruling later if need be, like the balance parts in relation to IRL/on a RP (surely elaborated on really hard in a fabled "everyone equal no stuff" tourney).
"However he were to react at all, her hands were remain a defensive posture over her head, ready to act and deflect any attack that he would throw at her."

Until this line, I figured ya Noel just attacks a non-defended area. Notice how the battle modder doesn't mention this line at all.

It doesn't matter it's "over her head" at the start. The writing then goes to "deflect any attack". If I had to react to something vague like that, I'd say grappling perhaps, it's not something to ignore though. Their intent? Well, that's unknown, but they probably didn't want to be one-posted.
"but you've really dug deep with how much you changed it. As ifty as it is"

No. Erebus and anybody is allowed to do this without being insinuated as inferior.

"Since I have from this post mentioned or rather vague manipulated the distance between us two be adequate enough for me to readjust to you moving forwards, I can claim my hit."

You'd be surprised, but distance generally doesn't matter fighting. How, exactly, does adding the distance alone enable you to connect hits?
Personally, I think this is the fight where we coached Noel on Skype things about combat RP in a FTRP tournament, but I can't remember exactly. The weird underlines and boldings, I don't recall seeing that in other fights. The general idea was to note that you can add in things later in a post for consistency, without establishing a timeline. The insertion of distance later on in his fight with Erebus in the tournament matches that, but I think that's a second step rather than a first. In general, I think 2017 is when Noel started learning "Combat RP".

It'd be very obvious reading and comparing the posts which ones Noel was experimenting on for that.

I'm not feeling it for this fight to go down line to line of OOC. The comment I'd make is that Noel's habit is that he "adjusts/notes" the height of limbs so people can't react or see, yet that doesn't consistently hold IRL fighting or anywhere. It's gaslighting.
Starting this, I just wanna say, I dunno who Cell was lol. I could ask around before posting this, but the surprise is more fun.

Their first post they potentially invalidate multiple posts as a Story NPC, maximum OOC flex that they're allowed to do that. The explosion is at the start of the 1st post so lolwhat. Did people just associate it to Teiho's dragon "blast"? Cell's 1st post has an explosion.

"If Teiho would like to contest these hits, he must address the battle mod of this thread: Maarschalk."

This makes me think it's Noel lol, it could be Zane though.

"Primarily due to the distance traveled and the time it was traveled in leaving myself with the availability of not only being able to see him due to moving the instant the beam was fired, but also stopping outside of the beam and at the very least 5 meters away from where I would be in the same time frame of travel that he gave for me."

I don't know what Teiho's trying to say. It's bizarre that Noel has the same battle mod "writing style" 3 years later though. The difference here is that he keeps running on with sentences weirdly too, I don't know what Teiho or Noel said in this topic lol. I'd try if I could, I'd have to actually read this silly topic entirely. It's bizarre Roman joined the topic after being involved in ruling.

You know, all sites have these "legendary" topics usually people can refer to. There's some leniency, if they're older ones. I'm looking at this, Roman joins, and then his next attack post he connects hits for free. The post contains an edgy gif of "I'll kill everyone you love" lol. Cell got one-posted by OOC pecking order.

Cell's not Noel then. Well, here's Noel's "you ran into a wall and lose" ruling though.

"This would mean that when he crashed into the wall, combined with the spell from Cell -- Mr. Houren would be left off-balance, incapable of establishing eye-of-sight with Cell"

Tenshi/Noel have this consistent bunny thing where people lose vision magically lol. From the writing, at the time, there's no rule if you get damaged by environment. If there's no rule then, there should be no damage. It makes sense yes, there should be fall damage on site, but there isn't so superhuman character outweighs.

"After hour or so of deliberation this is it."

That's very short time for battle modding, when in Roman's case he then one-shot Cell a topic later.

"Since it’s Cell post I cannot claim a hit for something that has not been reacted to yet."

But what Roman seemingly did, something wrong to do as battle modder, is tell Cell what he could call a hit for. This means the battle mod gave pre-approval, without the input of the person that would be hit. When a battle modder (like Tenshi in previous tournament posts) gives more input than necessary, it's unnecessarily favoring another side. You're only supposed to comment on what you're called for.
I'm only including this because Yumi was present, I'm not going to take a particular look at this topic.
Easy to blame mostly on Tenshi, right? But Tenshi didn't win the "tournaments". If I missed any fights lemme know. Bothersome to go over the whole topics for irrelevant things or give suggestions to each one. Idealized vague version of fighting has depressed site. Full-agreement fighting is possible rather than trying to look cool manipulating a topic!

Fighting Regulations Part II ElP3pIR

Kon mentioned this in last few days. I didn't ask before, pleasantries and all, now's your chance to elaborate Theo. Why was GMG so bad to you now? Because all of what Vice mentioned or because you lost at that time? If you can admit failings yourself, what you trying to hide? This is a safe place, the bad "combat RPer" men are gone. Do you not give specific credit to people adjusting systems beside you? GMG participants left off what I push to fix, I don't think Vice is the problem.

GMG Participants: Joshua, Requiem, Akihiko (against Steel), Steel (disillusioned), Zeke (let Kon kill his char off who claimed fight reward), Daiko didn't fight again, Aegis had fight troubles with staff, Yumi left directly after Noel fight to never regain activity, Caius and Kaiser began lurking, Alisa and Venus never fought again.

Fighting Regulations Part II YCyrEbA

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Mugen Heikou
tl;dr get a hobby

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It's like magic! o:

People that don't RP here and were banned on Discord by their own Kaiser in fap chat have graced us with their presence. How interesting, they drown out the topic untouched by the staff online.

There's people that make dozens of posts, and don't need to appear on Discord pretending "hey I'm thinking of making a char", or appear on site only to suppress opinions.

How much of this site do you think these 2 have read?

Are you two trying to RP on this site IC, or trying to spam this topic away to the DMs and PMs in the future?

Why, aren't you the two that made racist remarks stalking Aegis off on Twitch? If I had to guess, these 2 can't even understand parts of this post, due to never having RP'd much here or read the rules. ):

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Mugen Heikou
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I'm in the discord stupid


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@Mugen Heikou wrote:

I'm in the discord stupid

? You don't know what the term "were" is?

Kon unbanned you when every admin but him's been in fap chat.

Do you feel achieved over that? o-o Your hobby's to sit as an elitist spending hours chatting aimlessly to feel good, rather than writing with new people to feel good.

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Why hello there Jolyne's friend that went inactive!

Oh right! You were there with Jolyne, pretending Yugo was a pedophile. I wonder how many Yugos have been "created" by these groupies here that don't even RP on FTRP...

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Mugen Heikou
I didn't realize that having friends and socially interacting with others was considered an elitist hobby, but if that's your interpretation of what it means to actually communicate with others, then it says a lot about your character. Like how I baited with telling you that you weren't allowed on the one piece site and then you decided to call me a racist drug addict and that you didn't care, but then immediately after saying you didn't care you ended up spending several days DMing multiple people upset after the fact.

And you must have missed the guild tournament last year where I spent countless days and hours of my time ghost-writing for a bunch of kawaii girls so that we could tie for first, the same tournament that you went almost a year back for to make points on, as if any of it even matters. So yes, I did spend time writing with new people.

The thing is that I don't roleplay anymore. I don't care for it. It doesn't appeal to me. You know why? Because I'm an adult. I have relationships, friends, family, and work to juggle. I have a social life, an education, and a life outside of sitting here pretending to be an anime character and then lying about my age to the same new people I'm trying to write with for ... some reason?

"I wonder how many Yugos have been "created" by these groupies here that don't even RP on FTRP..."

What does this even mean?

Temp, you're close to thirty, if not older, and no, you're not twenty. You didn't start RPing as a 6-year old prodigy. There's more to do than spend hours of your time writing up these incoherent assignments over a place where people write to have fun. Have you ever heard of it? Fun? Yeah, that's what the people here do. You should try it sometime.

You have deep psychological problems. You are honestly, incredibly mentally sick, more so than any person in FapChat and we have Jules and Tyler in here. Write a Brian x Dandy fanfic, go outside, download Tinder, or grindr if that's your thing. I'm not a bigot. You do you, bro, but you've been at this for years, and it's fun to shitpost on everything you do because it riles you up and sends you on a psychotic rampage, but you should see a psychiatrist, hop on some medication, and move on with your life the same way everybody else has over the last five years.

Fucking loser.


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Ayayaya my guy we don't know each other and your friend group obviously enables you to be toxic. You are a racist, Aegis can attest to that if he wants among others.

Ghost-writing well those girls can attest whether you actually helped them or not. I'd say you were using them. Besides that, you let Noel/Tenshi play with people's posts then?

I-If this guy doesn't roleplay, why is he here so angered?

He's saying he's an adult, many of us are. He's acting like we all don't have these things he mentions? I can't even respond to him on Discord in front of others to defend myself lol.

What I mean is something multiple people have seen, that Jolyne did. Ayayaya, this man is gaslighting.

He's also lying, I'm not even close to thirty. o_o??? Anybody can voice chat with me to see otherwise. Thanks for calling me a prodigy? Must you suppress my brilliance jk? D:

I'm sure many people have had fun, and expected to have fun. They were suppressed by the vocal minority, like you.

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Mugen Heikou
tl;dr get a hobby

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