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Sieghart mountains Too oak (Train Travel)

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#1The King 

Sieghart mountains Too oak (Train Travel) Empty Tue Feb 16, 2021 6:38 pm

The King

As the king made his way out of a bar with his foot up covering his skeletal face looked back at the city around him remembering what that strange man said his hero's are dead long gone perhaps they were still out there but who knows the king went around town collecting the last few essentials you would need for his travels rumour was that there was a lot of activity in Oak he decided to check that place out and maybe make his way to Fairy Tail after to find out exactly what happened as he made his way to the train station and purchased a ticket there he would take one last look Sieghart Mountains before stepping on the train he made his way to an empty room at the back of the train thinking to himself how Rusty he was in combat the moment he got to Oak he was going to start hunting to test his skill to gain his strength back again with that in mind he laid his skeletal head back and relaxed occasionally looking out the window at the scenery until he would arrive in Oak and let fate take its course

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