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Marcus Blackstone

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#1Marcus Blackstone 

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Marcus Blackstone


Name: Marcus Blackstone

Age: 50. December 31st, X758.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Over the heart, light blue

Face: Original (can't find artist)


Height: 6'7"

Weight: 280 lbs

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Standing at a hulking 6'7", 10% body fat, and a chiseled and powerful jaw, he is the true embodiment of manhood.

He likes to dress rough, donning his trademark
albino direbear cloak, skinned professionally by the finest tanner in Fiore. Underneath he likes to wear leather clothing with many straps and pockets for various supplies. Dressing more for function than fashion, he likes to always be in the finest shape for duty.

He stands proud and imposing, poised and ready to intimidate criminals and scumbags. If told to dress formally for a special event, he will ignore the request and dress as he wishes.

Extra: Three claw marks along the top of his left eye, made by the albino direbear that he now hhas as a door matt.


Personality: Marcus thinks like a soldier. When given a mission, he'll do whatever to complete it. He isn't willing to break the law, but will bend it to achieve his objective. When talking to people, he gives off an imposing aura seen as straight to the point with a no bullshit attitude. A complete hardass, strict and showing a hate for cowards and those that disobey orders. It gets to the point of having a negative reputation among fellow members of whatever groups he happens to associate with.

When on missions he thinks tactical, gathering all information for the best approach to complete the mission. This includes entry routes, personal information on targets, magic or weapons, and overall personality.

The policies of the Rune Knights go hand in hand with his own ideals, their law-keeping and militaristic stance on criminals keeping in line with his own. He despises dark guilds and the chaos they represent.

He's very happy with the current state of things due to the purge of justice burning down dark guilds, he will do whatever he can to ensure the mistake that is dark guilds, is corrected thoroughly.

He seems friendly, in his own way, to comrades and superiors.

Outside of duty, his personality changes to something more relaxed, going to bars, having drinks and laughs.

He has a preference for weapons and armor over magic, due to being trained for close combat, to the point that he refuses to use magic in general.

He's very loyal to his family, and is willing to do whatever is needed to prevent them from becoming corrupt and stay on the just path. For reputation and moral reasons alike.

Marcus aspires to work his way up the ranks of the Rune Knights, eventually becoming a member of the Kings Guard to change Fiore for the better and work on multiple fronts to annihilate corruption. He also aspires to lead his own mercenary company, whose main goal is to focus on slaughtering crime.


  • Equipment: Not being the biggest fan of magic, equipment for combat is the next best thing. Close-up combat, butchering crime, is the biggest rush for him.

  • Killing criminals: Even though the Rune Knights stand for protecting the citizens, Marcus likes doing so in the way of slaughtering criminals. There's always the chance that they could escape justice. This way, they simply won't.


  • Cowards: Marcus hates cowards. The moment that one flees from a fight, they are nothing more than a rat running for survival.

  • Criminals: Marcus hates criminals. They are the scum of the earth and deserve to be purged from this planet mercilessly. It doesn't matter if they beg or plead, they will die unless ordered to be taken alive.

  • Magic: Magic is for pussies. He knows that it's useful in combat situations, but he won't use it due to his training. He prefers being up close with his victims.

  • Disobedience: When Marcus sees disobedience, he deems them as the same as cowards. If they're willing to disobey orders, they'd be willing to run in the face of combat.


  • Rank up: Marcus wants to advance in the Rune Knights and become a Kings Guard. He will defend his king andand country from the filthy criminal Scumbags.

  • Mercenary company: Marcus wants to design his own mercenary company, whose goal is to seek out and destroy corruption wherever it may be. He also wants it to have a different ranking system than guilds, focused on fair and honorable fights.


  • Corruption: He fears Fiore falling into absolute corruption. The kind where his actions don't matter, and his own strength cannot resist the tide. It would break his heart to see the land he cares for turn to chaos.

  • Loss: Marcus fears losing his comrades and friends. He doesn't want a repeat of what happened on the mountain with Tomas.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: The son of the rune knight family of House Blackstone, Marcus had two brothers by the names of Alexander and Charles.

When he was young, he trained with a mercenary under the employment of House Blackstone, Tomas the Dragon. He taught Marcus to defend himself with weapons of varying types, such as guns, swords and polearms as well as more defensive options such as shields. The training took place over the course of two years, after which Tomas left the employ of House Blackstone and continued on his way.

At the age of 20, Marcus went hunting with Alexander around one of the mountains near Era. They were tracking a direbear for three days before they crossed paths with it. The massive creature, its albino fur raised in anger as they approached. The battle was waged for an hour, wounding Marcus in the eye just as he landed the killing blow. It was skinned and turned into a coat for Marcus, out of respect for their battle. Alexander took the lower half of the bear's pelt to use for fuzzy pajamas. They were of the utmost quality and comforted him through the cold nights to come.

At the age of 25, Marcus left home as an adventurer, wandering around doing odd jobs and hunting bounties, as well as monster hunts. He eventually happened across Tomas during a bounty. As fate had it, they were hunting the same target and decided to split the money. Their target was stationed near the peak of Mount Hakobe, treacherous and filled with monsters.

They eventually tracked down the target, and fought on the cliffs of the peak. Their target used sound magic, and caused an avalanche which buried Marcus. Tomas' body was lost in the disaster, as was the target's.

A year ago he signed up with the Rune Knights. He was approved and made his way through the beginning tests.

He has been with them ever since.

Reference: Günter Von Wolf


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This character has been approved.

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