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Valentine's Event

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Valentine's Event

Just The Two Of Us

  • Users may complete a one-time topic with another character with whom they have a strong relationship (romantic or otherwise).

  • The topic may only involve the people involved in the relationship and must explore the relationship through the topic.

  • This topic requires a minimum of 10 posts (5 per character).

  • The topic can only be completed once per user. Should a user have multiple characters, they can only complete this with one character.

  • Completion of this topic will grant both characters 15,000 Experience and 2x Statistic Potions, or 1x Mana Potion instead of the 2x Statistic Potions.

  • The link to the topic must be submitted in this topic by both participants to get rewarded. In addition, it must be stated whether the user wants the 2x Statistic Potions or 1x Mana Potion when submitting their link.

Hooked On A Feeling

  • During this event, points awarded per roleplay post for each location will be increased from 10 to 15.

Come And Get Your Love

  • Transfers between characters in the Fiorian Bank do not apply tax. Normal transfer limits still apply.

Take A Chance On Love

  • Users can roll the Fortune Wheel one more time per day, however, they must submit a roleplay post made on that specific day in their topic to do the second roll each time.

  • Users can roll the Dice Game twice in February and March when they meet the requirements for the Dice Game roll.

Event Details

  • This event will run from February 14th until March 31st.

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Sofia Serena


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Sofia and Alisa have been rewarded: 15,000 Experience and 2x Statistic Potions.

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