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The Magician Tarot: Alyssandra

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The Magician Tarot: Alyssandra Empty Fri Feb 12, 2021 3:36 am

An average person would likely surmise, much like Alyssandra himself did, that a wood elf would feel quite at home in the woods that surrounded Dahlia City. After all, no matter what the poverty of the city itself was, a forest was a forest was a large wood. They would al be the same in feeling, in greenery, and even in creatures living in them, meaning any being who was used to another woodland realm, such as the Worth Woodsea, would feel right at home in this area, right?

No. Aly could not have been more wrong.

Aldenwald, a mysterious name in itself for the outskirts of the city, was a scary place, there was no other way to put it really. The moon was the only light that seemed to pierce the thick foliage of the wood, and all that seemed to do was highlight the ever encroaching darkness that surrounded Alyssandra. Every other natural location Aly had explored, there had been a feeling of life to them, but not here. In the Aldenwald, there was an unsettling silence. Not just in sound, but in the way the place felt. There was no happiness that he could see the woodland area and, as Aly looked out from his treetop refuge, he could feel the eyes of its inhabitants on him, watching and waiting for the wood elf to slip up.

The treetop house, if you could even call it that: two trees tied together with rope with a makeshift hammock permitting Aly somewhere to rest, had been cobbled together over the course of the first night he had spent in Aldenwald. It had meant completing swapping the wood elf's sleep schedule so that he became most active in the evenings, having slept the entirety of the second day, so he was now ready to seize the forest when the moon was up... which was arguably the worst possible time to venture into the forest.


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