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On the Run [Closed]

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On the Run [Closed] Empty Thu 11 Feb 2021, 23:53

Ziann had messed up, bad. In one of his manic moods he had lashed out with magic at the cabbage cart of a wandering merchant and was now running from the local law enforcement of Oak City. The nobles of Castle Phantasm must have really liked cabbage soup or something for them to pursue a nobody mage like this for this long. Winding through the streets and alleys of the city, Ziann soon found himself completely lost and in an unfamiliar section of town, though he seemed to have lost his pursuers. This section of the city was definitely more run down, less watched, and seedier. Ziann soon found himself surrounded by four men holding tree branches with nails sticking out of the ends.

"Nice sticks."

They chuckled and moved closer. An easy picking, it looked like. Ziann sprung into action and cast a simple spell. "Wind Make: Spring!" Placing his ring finger to his palm in his signature casting form, he willed a small ball of wind into existence and threw it at the ground. He jumped onto it and used it to catapult himself five meters into the air. He soared over the heads of the bandits and landed safely past them and kept running. "Bye!" As he ran back into the streets, he nearly tripped over someone lurking nearby. "Better get moving, unfriendlies inbound!" Not giving the person a chance to react, Ziann pushed them in front of him and began to get out from the way of the bandits with the nail branches.

When it finally looked like the bandits and the nobles' Knights had been lost, Ziann took stock of the situation and examined the person he had been pushing to run away. He slicked back his long hair out of his eyes and extended a shaky hand. Not shaky from fear, but from excitement and manic energy. "The name's Ziann. Ziann Weiss. I just saved your life. And you are?"

Mana: 472/500 (-28 Wind Make: Spring)


On the Run [Closed] Empty Fri 12 Feb 2021, 00:35

It was one hell of a day for Ghost. Today he made off with a large size score of his on. Robbing the nobles seemed all to easy for him to say the least. As he was counting up his gains for the next. He would quickly put them all in his bag. As he wanted to get out of sight. Before more knights showed up or even worse more bandits of the wrong kind. Looking on he would ear more and more noise. It would sound like yet another fire fight. Between the bandits and the Knights. He would think out loud as he said. "For the love of glory everywhere. Maybe I should join up and have myself some fun. But now is not the right time to be fooling about I need to get this stuff back for safe keeping I do." Soon enough he would be done setting his pack bag up.

Back just as he was about to pick it. In comes some long hair guy. Nearly crashing into Ghost. But was able to stop just in time. As he moved out the way so did Ghost as he high tailed it out of there. Soon enough the duo would be in a safe zone. Away from all the noise that laid to this crazy meeting. As he held out his hand. Ghost would look on and see it. Was a sign of instruction of a introduction. Soon enough Ghost would put a smile on his face as well. As his eyes started beaming with glee. Soon he would slap his hand into the other person hand as it became a hand shake. "Ziann is it, well they call me Ghost but you can call me Ghost. That was quite the show you put on out there mate mate.


On the Run [Closed] Empty Fri 12 Feb 2021, 10:29

This Ghost person had a bulging back pack full of something that kinda jingled as they ran from the bandits and Knights. Not Ziann's place to judge, nor even care. They accepted his handshake and had a great big goofy smile on their face. Ziann just finished the handshake with a bit too much grip and shake and glanced back over his shoulder to make sure they hadn't been followed too far. "Ah, that was nothing. The simplest of spells in my arsenal." Not to brag or anything, but Ziann had been training in the fighting rings of Hosenka lately and had developed some decent combat spells. Jumping really high was just a parlor trick compared to some of the attacks he could muster.

"So, Ghost, you stick around unsavory areas often? That looked like a bad side of town." Not having a back pack to sling over his shoulder or even having any of his possessions with him, having left them at the Inn, Ziann was free to do whatever he wanted today, go wherever, as long as he stayed out of too much trouble. That cabbage merchant was going to be out for him and his signature red cloak, that was for sure. But there was no way that Ziann was about to get rid of it or in some way hide it. It was his favorite.

Peeking his head out from the corner of the courtyard they were in, Ziann saw some of the nail branch bandits wandering around looking for him and potentially looking for Ghost, but he doubted it. He looked around and saw no other exits. "We can fight our way through, or try this more diplomatically. Up to you."


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Ghost would look on at this new person. He seems to be alright in his eyes. As he asked him what was going to happen next? More importantly he asked what he was doing on this side of town. Quite odd as he is here too. Ghost would give a smile as he said. "If I had a ruby for every time I heard that one. I'll be loaded and no need to be on on this side of town. But at last mate. Here I am and I'll tell you what. I ain't here like a chicken in a peacock with it's head cut off. Hell I came and got me a score if ya must know. But tell me you one of those wizard fella are ya? Seems the wind got a thing for ya. Tell me what kind of magic ya working with here? I know it is more then one type it is." His strong ascent was starting to show.

As he looked on they was soon enough surrounded by the bandits. Ghost looked on as he himself haven't any magic at the moment. But sure as hell not about to go down without a fight. "Looky here mate, can't say I am fancy with magic myself. Although it runs in me family I am lacking it at the moment. But I can throw a punch. Like a all star pitcher in a game. Let's give these jokers one chance to kick rocks mate. Cause if they don't we will kick them. Just if you get hit don't go around crying like a little baby." As he said that Ghost would start to laugh. As he walked a little in front of the bandits. He would count them up as the group made ten.


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Ziann was having a hard time understanding Ghost's accent and slang, but he understood well enough that the other man didn't have access to magic though it ran in his family he was pretty strong physically. Ziann sized him up and shrugged. "Ok, then we go out swinging. My magic is Wind-Make, I create constructs from raw air and mana. That's all the magic I have, but it's more than plenty to knock some sense into these thugs." He watched as Ghost just walked out into the street where the bandits were looking for them and quickly followed him. Ten against two were bad odds, even with Magic, so Ziann wasn't convinced that this was a good idea.

Manic energy taking over, Ziann's mood was definitely hyper violent, though. With a whoop he dashed towards the bandits and caught their attention. They turned towards him and licked their lips and smacked their branches into their open hands. "Don't mess with me. You've been warned." They proceeded to advance on him, the ten men, threateningly. "You were warned. Wind-make: Gust!" Arm cocked back, he placed his ring finger to his palm and threw it forwards, solid wind gathering up as the magic circle formed around his hand. Throwing the orb of destruction forwards, the C-rank spell crashed into the closest thug's chest and knocked him out cold.

"One down!"

427/500 Mana (-45 Wind Make: Gust)


On the Run [Closed] Empty Fri 12 Feb 2021, 19:03

Ghost looked on and he was in a bit of a shock. His eyes was something else to be honest. When his new help did yet another spell. It was a head satcher to say the least. As he looked on he would see that it took down just one bandit. Ghost would look on not mad or anything. But just a bit taken back at what just happened."You mean to tell me you made a gust mate. No tornadoes to go rampaging about. Well that just let me know. You still got ways to go in that wind maker magic mate. But I tell ya what you just might fair better then me. So give me cover." As he said that he would look on as the bandit who was taken down. Was. Now on the ground next to him. Ghost would pick him up and watched as the others started to run towards the duo.

"Watch and learn we can take them. But we need to have them go thier own ways and two on one them. Follow my lead and take over the lead if you feel it will do better for ya." Soon Ghost would throw the body of the bandit on to the next two running up at them. Soon he would make a dash for the cut way. As three of them started to follow him. Picking up a rock and a glass bottle. Ghost would put a smile on his face. As he throw the glass at them. As the rock followed it. Breaking into the glass it would break into pieces. Fallen on them. Waving over at Ziann. "Now mate hurry we need to get out of here." Ghost would smile as he started to run.


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Ziann frowned at Ghost's mockery of his magic. The man was proud of his Wind-make spells, and was being conservative with his mana consumption by not jumping to the big guns as quickly as possible. "What would you know? You don't have magic at all, you said so yourself. It's not easy to create solid air, let me tell you. And I have bigger spells, I just didn't want to burn out too quickly." Despite being frustrated by Ghost's words, for now Ziann needed to stick with him in order to survive the 9 bandits left. Ghost picked up the one Ziann had dropped and hucked it at two of the approaching thugs. They fell over in a heap of flailing limbs and Ghost started running away.

With a shrug, Ziann started to follow but was interrupted. One of the stick wielders got too close, prompting the mage to punch him hard enough in the face to break his nose and drop him to the ground like the other four men were. That left six, three following Ghost and three left for Ziann. Ziann could take three men... Couldn't he? He dashed off down the street in a different direction from Ghost, prompting the last three thugs to chase him instead. That put distance between the guys trying to pick themselves up off the ground from the dead weight being thrown on them. Ziann wondered how Ghost was faring when he heard glass shattering. Something was breaking, that was for sure.

When Ziann had created a little space, he turned and faced the men chasing him. "You probably think you have pretty good odds... I'd think twice if I were you all." Preparing more magic, Ziann was ready to take them down.


On the Run [Closed] Empty Fri 12 Feb 2021, 20:53

Ghost looked on as the glass fell on them and into some of there eyes. His plan work out after all. Just ii the knick of time as the Knights had showed up. He would quickly pick up two of the wood clubs and throw one at the knights. To grab thier attention and with it set. He would give a smile as he darted off. The knights would then engage the bandits who was on his trail. Ghost would make his exits thorough out the alley ways. Looking around for his new comrade. He was sure he saw him go this way. But truly he was lost. As he looked around he would see Ziann run down the street as they was chasing him. Ghost would look on and give yet another smile as he slowly walked up to the the bandits. As he aimed his club at one of them.

BAMMM!!! He would hit one of them so hard the club would break. Ghost would look on at Ziann as the other bandits would look at him. "See mate that's how you do it. Fight smarter not harder in my case. But as you can see Im in a bit of a jammy here. Care to lend a bloody hand." Just as he said that one of the bandits would hit him in the belly. As this took Ghost down. He was now on his knees. Looking on the bandits were not in a mood for games. As Ghost been getting down on them for weeks. But that was life for a out law and he did not plan to change that not at all. "Geez I know yall got yall draws up ya rear end but could you lighten up just a wee but."


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Ghost had met up with Ziann and clubbed one of the thugs in the back with one of their own nailed weapons. That had to hurt. Just two left, then. They both went for the guy who had snuck up behind them and beat one of their buddies with a stick, laying into his stomach with their fists. Ziann was about to start getting involved when he started to shake a little. His hand had a tremor that he couldn't get rid of and he watched in terror as he felt his manic mood leave him and start to be replaced by a strong mood swing in the opposite direction. He felt a depressive state wash over him like the wave of an ocean, hitting him and drowning him in fatigue and apathy.

"There's... just two... left... I'm sure... you can... handle them... Ghost..." Ziann's bipolar disorder was flaring up in raw form today. He'd felt manic, normal, and depressive, all in the span of a few hours. He hated when he felt like this more than he hated feeling manic and out of control. Well, he felt more out of control in a depressive state than when he literally felt like he couldn't control his actions. He felt like a puppet at the strings of Fate and Fate had decided to take a coffee break at the moment. Sighing, Ziann stumbled to the side of the road and sat down. Probably the worst thing he could do right now, but sit down he did.

The thugs that were left saw Ziann as a super easy target now that he was literally on the ground, so they came over to try and kick him while he was down, also literally. Their feet were less dangerous than the nailed branches, but still annoying. With the full amount of his strength, Ziann summoned up a shield of wind along his left arm. "Wind Make: Buckler..." Blocking a few of the attacks, Ziann struggled to pull himself up off the ground. At least he had pulled the goons off of Ghost though. Maybe Ghost could finish off the two while Ziann was preoccupied with feeling awful.

404/500 Mana (-23 Wind Make: Buckler)


On the Run [Closed] Empty Fri 12 Feb 2021, 22:08

As he was on the ground. Ghost had his back pack on. He could not let them take what he worked so hard for. As he took his time to think things through. He would notice that Ziann was sitting down. But from Ghost point of view he must have gotten took down. Thinking to himself about the Wizards and the magic things they use. If it was to go down then it would be a big no no for them. As Ghost slowly stood up he would gather himself together and look on. He would have a smile on his face as he swiped away the spit from his mouth. As he looked on he would see the two bandits stumble back just a bit. Using this chance. He would rush them. Grabbing both of them by the head and slamming them together. This would cause them to crash into each other and fall unconscious.

As Ghost looked on at Ziann. He would throw the remaining two bandits down on the ground. Looking at Ziann he would say. "Ya know mate, maybe you sure drink more cranberry juice. It helps to ease over the brain pain." Taking a closer look he would see that something was off with Ziann. He could not put his fingers on it. But he just could tell. Ghost would tighten his back pack up. As he looked at the setting sun. "Well then it looks like the sun is about to go to sleep and the moon is waking up. I say we get out of here. Last thing we need is more trouble ya hear." As he said that he would be waiting on Ziann i put. To make sure this guy was ok cause he was acting strange.


On the Run [Closed] Empty Sat 13 Feb 2021, 19:13

Ghost did indeed finish off the guys kicking at Ziann's shield which barely lasted long enough for the rescue to come through. Ziann sighed and released the spell and stared up at Ghost with glazed over eyes. "Cranberry juice, eh? Can't say... I've tried that before... Not worth... the effort, though..." With the thugs taken care of and the Knights nowhere to be seen at the moment, Ghost and Ziann were free to escape from the area, but the latter could barely stand much less walk or run. He had no energy left in his body. It was almost like he was a completely different person than Ghost had met not just five minutes ago.

Fighting the urge to just sleep where he was at in the street, Ziann pulled himself up with the nearest wall and staggered to his feet. "Yeah... let's get out of here..." He shuffled towards the better part of town, head aching and body sore from the encounter with the bandits. Eventually he might find his way to the Inn he had been staying at, but where was Ghost going? Was he going to follow Ziann, or were they going to part ways? They had become acquaintances by chance and there really wasn't anything holding them together. Especially now that Ziann's manic energy had worn off.

Whatever Ghost did, Ziann was still just shuffling his way through Oak's streets heading for the Inn. He wouldn't be good company, not saying much if anything at all, and would just collapse in his room alone if left to his own devices. If he was interrupted somehow by Knights or Ghost, Ziann might get quite grumpy and moody. But for now, he was just tired and wanted to crash.


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Ghost would look at his new mate. But he seems to be out of it. Could it be because of that magic. Such nasty business that is. He would look on as Ziann tried to help himself up or what not. Looking on he would slowly walk towards him. Ghost would then say to him. "Listen up mate you don't look like you doing to good. That magic there is funny business it is but let's get out of here. Care if I lend you a hand nate you look like you can use it." Looking on Ghost would be right next to him to try help if need be. By sticking out his hand he would wait for Ziann to take it. But what ever the choice was they needed to make it fast. As the knights were closing in on them.

Ghost would see them run pass the alley way they was in and it seemed that. They got more help. This was bad as this duo was not in a fighting mood and Ghost sure as hell. Was not gonna take on a army solo. They best bet was to leave. Looking on he would be waiting on Ziann. But still was trying to keep a low profile but still something was off with this group. Ghost has come in contact with them before. They was all about tracking down people. So this was going to be even more harder then before. "Just our luck mate it seems they got back up and they on our asses. We need to call it one and leave like yesterday. If not we just might end uo on the receiving end of a jail date." As he looked on he would give a smile.


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Ziann glanced at Ghost, then looked towards the alley where the Knights had been seen, then back at Ghost. "Maybe next time don't steal a bunch of things and hope to get away with it scotch free..." Ziann was frustrated that the Knights of Oak's nobles were being so persistent, despite his crime being minor accidental magical vandalism. He blamed Ghost for the whole thing, probably because of the "score" he had mentioned when they first met. There was no way Ziann was taking responsibility for the mess they were in, especially in his current depressive mood. Struggling to even stay upright, he was foiled in his attempt to go to the Inn by the Knights still hunting them.

"Jail sounds like... a peaceful rest..." Sounding crazy, probably, Ziann tried to shake himself out of the fog he was in and tried to assess the situation. Tried to listen for Knights converging on their location. He couldn't make sense very well of what he was hearing with everything going on... It just sounded like echoing footsteps all around him. He'd need to develop a spell for that probably. He also still needed to figure out how to fly. That was his next goal now that he had obtained a little bit of power. He was still nowhere near as powerful as he would like to be, but he had developed some pretty cool spells recently if he had to say so himself.

"You got us in this mess, you get us out, Ghost. I don't... have the energy to mess with Knights right now." Just as he said that, a Knight came into view. He hadn't seen Ghost or Ziann yet, but if they weren't careful, they'd be spotted very soon and then all of Oak's law enforcement would be on them before the sun was down...


On the Run [Closed] Empty Tue 16 Feb 2021, 23:09

Ghost would look at Ziann as he laid the blame on him. Was it truly his fault or not? Either way it goes could one really blame Ghost for what he did. "Let's get one thing clear mate. You damn right I did it. But I swear by the life of me. That I didn't do a crime that I ain't have to do. But besides why was a noble on this side of town anyhow. I bet she was up to no good herself." Looking on a knight would soon turn down the ally way. Ghost would see this and clearly Ziann was out of it. Just his luck was coming up jokers. That was until he got an idea."Watch and learn a thing or two mate." As the knight made his way down the alley. Ghost would pick up a rock.

It was large enough to fit in his hand. So more like a brick. As the knight came closer to them. Ghost would jump out and strike at him. Catching the knight by surprise. He would then strike him down. As the knight tried to fight him off it was much too late. Ghost would look on as he fell over. Looking back at Ziann he would give a smile. As he started to strip the knight out of his gear. Ghost would put the gear on himself. It was a weird plan but hell it was bound to work. "Alright follow my lead will ya. I will pretend to take you in we get close to a horse cabbage then we high tale it out of here and just like that. We will be on our way mate. So how does that sound and how do I look."


On the Run [Closed] Empty Thu 18 Feb 2021, 20:16

Ziann watched as Ghost went up and beat the Knight to death with a brick. Effective, but brutal, he thought. When he started stripping the Knight of his uniform, the Wind Make mage was incredibly confused, but then Ghost started putting it on and it made more sense. They were going to masquerade as a guard and get out of there under the radar somehow. But Ziann would also need a uniform, wouldn't he? Then Ghost announced that he was going to pretend to bring Ziann in and then they'd get out in a carriage or something. Ziann wasn't psyched about this plan. He wasn't done working in Oak, and though they were on the run now, his Bounty wasn't high enough for there to be any real enduring consequences for being publicly seen.

"You can try to flee if you want... but I think I'll just take my chances. Unless I misunderstood you... That's always possible... Are you trying to say you want to run away from Oak completely? I still have work here to do..."

It was entirely possible that Ziann misunderstood the plan, so he'd wait for clarification before making any rash decisions. While he didn't want to ditch Ghost for no reason, he wasn't going to leave Oak so soon with so much work left undone. He'd barely begun working for Dr. Mabuz with the curses and poisons. He had let out an evil spirit from underneath the Oakland Church and had yet to follow up on that. All in all, he wasn't ready to just flee. He just wasn't up for it.


On the Run [Closed] Empty Mon 22 Feb 2021, 15:37

Ghost was all smile as he heard what his dear old buddy would say. Because he misheard what he said. He would look on as he held his hand out yet again. But his time it was to put him him in hand cuffs. "I could have the laugh of the day with that one mate. No We not gonna leave the town mate. We not gonna leave the town there. I said it again mate. We are going to flee this side of town and get away from the cellar tonight. While in the hell would I leave then?" Ghost would look on as he smiled. If he would have expected. Ghost would loosely put the cuffs on him. Then he would look on as he smiled the dude. As he wanted to start walking to get out of there. As he waited on him to make his move as well.

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