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New Guy in Town [Gunter]

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New Guy in Town [Gunter] Empty Thu Feb 11, 2021 8:05 pm

Ziann was amazed by the atmosphere of Oak City. It was a very different environment than that of the sleepy Baska or the Joyan-inspired Hosenka, and Ziann was trying to take it all in while fighting through one of his worst mood swings in a long while. The size of the battlements and turrets of the city's walls were impressive, but Ziann had a hard time enjoying the initial sights.  He shuffled through the streets heading upwards through the town towards the Inn he had found to crash at late last night when he had first arrived.

With a deep sigh, the Wind-Make Mage crossed the threshold into the sleepy little Inn and adjusted his cloak to cover the lower half of his face to be more obscure and anonymous. He wasn't in the mood to be social at the moment. He climbed the stone stairs into the second floor of the establishment where his small room was kept. He took stock of his possessions, which included a paltry amount of Jewels, a bed roll, and two changes of clothes not including his signature cloak and head wrap. He needed to get settled in a place for longer than a couple of weeks eventually, but now was not that time. He had work started in Baska and Hosenka and was about to get started on making connections here in Oak as well.

It was a fight to not just go to sleep in the middle of the day, but he resisted and headed back downstairs after freshening up from the long travel from Hosenka. He felt a little better after having washed his face and changed his clothes, but still wasn't quite like his optimal self. Heading out of the Inn, not really paying attention, he face planted right into someone standing in the street. Grumpy, and not really in the mood for apologizing, Ziann got defensive very quickly. "Out of the way, you brick wall of a brute." Not very kind words for someone you just ran into, but Ziann wasn't quite caring at the moment.

#2Günter Von Wolf 

New Guy in Town [Gunter] Empty Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:23 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Ask Gunter and Kratos we're walking the streets of Oak, enjoying a couple sub sandwiches and some weenies they picked up from a food stand, they decided to make their way to a nearby bar. Because for them, every day starts with a nice pint of liquor. Kratos would look at Gunther and say "So boss, do you think our new furry friends are going to come after us?" Gunter would simply look at Kratos and reply, "You? Definitely. I can see lucian trying to come for my ass. It'll be unfortunate though that'll be his last mistake."

Eventually Gunter and Kratos would make it to the bar, and just as they were about to step in, a man would bump into Gunther and save a few extremely rude words Gunter would look at this man, this tiny man, and say "Who pissed in your spherical corn puffs?". Kratos would look at Gunther and say "Holy shit, when did this town go to shit? All we deal with nowadays are blind bastards that don't even know how to look forward." Gunter would brush the dirt off of his suit and adjust his tie. He clearly was not wearing any armour and his sword was in his dimension ring. He had his earrings and necklace on, and the eye remained hidden in his forehead.


New Guy in Town [Gunter] Empty Thu Feb 18, 2021 6:27 pm

Ziann looked up at the man who he had run into. The other man was exceedingly well dressed and was accompanied by what appeared to be a giant walking dinosaur with clawed hands at feet and a wicked spiked tail. Ziann was shocked more by the Dardian than Gunter, but stood his ground. "Life pissed in them today. And you're in my way." Wary of Kratos, but still overconfident in his own abilities having never been knocked down a peg before, Ziann placed his right hand's ring finger to his palm and focused a bit of mana.

A 0.25 meter Diameter Magic circle formed around his hand, colored white, then he flicked his finger forward while calling out the name of the spell he was casting. "Wind Make: Breeze!" Solid wind, measuring 0.5 meters in diameter, flicked out from Ziann's hand towards Gunter. The projectile was as weak as magic can get, but was more a warning shot than anything else. It was very easy to avoid, only being able to travel ten meters before fizzling out, and if it hit it probably wouldn't even feel like more than a child's punch to the gut. Painful if applied in the wrong location, but otherwise weak and pathetic. Ziann had other spells at his disposal, but this one was the fastest for him to form, the least drain on his mana reserves, and the easiest way to judge the level of how much he had bitten off more than he could chew.

477/500 Mana (-23 Breeze)
Breeze CD: 0/1

Spells Used:
Name: Wind Make: Breeze
Rank: D
Mana Cost: 25
Requirements: Wind Make Magic
Type: Offensive
Element: Wind
Range: 5 Meters
Cooldown: 1 Posts
Duration: Instant
Effect: Ziann conjures a small ball of Wind and throws it in a straight trajectory at a single target up to 5 meters away. It is 0.25 meters in diameter and deals D-rank damage.

Differences in Effect description and Post description for Range and Size is due to Sorcerer Class Features.

#4Günter Von Wolf 

New Guy in Town [Gunter] Empty Tue Mar 02, 2021 5:32 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunther listened to the man give some speech about how his day was going shittily. As the man formed magic in his hand, and a circle formed around it, he did not have time to react to the spell. As the spell connects with gunter's chest, he would look at the mage and dust himself off. He would then say "Is that all you got? Really? that's it? I was expecting more, but maybe it's just because I'm not used to fighting someone so weak." Gunther would reach out and pat the unknown mage on the head like you would a child. If the mage would try to avoid it, Gunther would let him. If not, Gunter Would then grab the back of his head and knee him in the stomach for B-rank damage. If the hit connected, Gunter would then push him back inside the bar, and Kratos would walk past the Mage and sit down at the bar and start ordering a drink. Regardless of what happens, whether the mage avoids or takes the hits, gunther would activate his Eye of Kaom and smile. He would then crack his knuckles and based off of the damage she just took he would not avoid any attacks that this mage through at him.


Strength: 51 (31 + 20 [Eye of Kaom])

B-rank damage

Speed: 81 (61 + 20 [Eye of Kaom])

12.5 m/s lunge | 25 m/s run

Constitution: 110 (30 + 60 [Jaan Earrings] + 20 [Eye of Kaom])

-/3x S-rank | 6 post run duration | lunge 2x per post

Endurance: 81 (61 + 20 [Eye of Kaom])

S-rank pain tolerance

Intelligence: 61


Weapon: Miyamoto Musashi's Sword Unequipped
Head: Great Warrior Helmet -/1x S Unequipped
Armor: Grand Warrior Armor -/2x S Unequipped
Earrings: Jaan Earrings Indestructible
Necklace: Amulet of Magical Resistance -/1x S
Ring: Pocket Dimension Ring -/1x A
Relic: Eye of Kaom -/2x S
Companion: Dardian -/2x S Unequipped


Gunter: 3,650/3,650

#5Günter Von Wolf 

New Guy in Town [Gunter] Empty Wed Mar 31, 2021 2:56 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter stood there waiting for a reaction from this mage but never received one. Gunter and Kratos walked away from this mage, and decided to get food elsewhere. Being that the mage they just encountered ruined there appitite for food at that establishment, they stopped of at a nearby hotdog stand, Kratos got a chilli cheese dog, along with a tooth pick too get the last of Winter out of his teeth. Gunter on the other hand got himself a hot dog with jalapenos on it. After eating the weenies with such glee, they decided to get some drinks. As they looked around too see what was near them. They saw a coffee shop, the establishment was called Him Tortons. They poked there heads in to see what drinks they had, after looking over the list, they both settled on French vanilla's. 

Now that they both had food and drink in there belly's they did what any man and dardian would in there shoes. They bought hookers and went too town till the moon came out. After that they hit up the nearest bar, drank till they couldn't see, then requested a room. it took them 2 hours to stumble up the stairs after buying a room for the night and passed out on the floor. Like true bros :)

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