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The holy grail was especially designed for the well-known church in Oak City, pure gold with the power to purify the water poured into it. This was the item Masami delivered from Magnolia City's Kardia Cathedral to the Grand Cathedral of Crocus, up until it reaches the Oakland Church. Though, the holy grail has passed through different cities already, before Masami even arrived for volunteering. However, it was only Lucillus' will that he had taken the opportunity to travel like this.

Safely placed inside a suitcase-like container, Masami brings the holy grail to one of the priests in the church, immediately after leaving the vehicle that delivered him to the venue. Like all sweet afternoons, the delicate lighting contributed to the quiet atmosphere. The boy could hear the soles of his wooden slippers hitting the ground even without heavy steps, and that he'd hope he was not being noisy. Upon reaching the pulpit, whether or not he was allowed to make a step despite being "unholy," he'd try to investigate the differences between this church's setup from the Grand Cathedral's in Crocus. Sure, the latter was larger and more populated, while Oakland Church was smaller and contributed to a more narrow space in community, their fate in Illumin intrigued the foreigner and led him to poke his nose in places where it didn't belong. I don't think it's safe to just leave this here, there was peace in the air—perhaps because it was so quiet that they could hear the birds, compared to the noisy Central cities where people would hear each other, no matter how large the distance was between them. Active magic could not be sensed as well.

Even the demon lord that resided within Masami was not rushing to go home, or was bugging its' human vessel to turn his back and leave. Surely, t'was the perfect day for tea. Maybe it was too peaceful that everyone decided to go home, should Masami just come again to deliver the holy grail tomorrow? He had never seen what it looks like, either, yet it wasn't an item where he could blatantly expose out in the air. This time, he learned how to respect beliefs—should he stay for a while and pray, too?


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#2Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
Something pulled Tomoe's body towards this church, on this day of all days. It wasn't any kind of destiny made manifest through the subconscious, and he wasn't on his way to burn it down, either. Thoughts rushed through his head, but he could not process them. Voices rang out inwardly, but he could not hear them. His mind was abuzz with a chaotic symphony he couldn't comprehend, but it was driving him towards Oakland Church. He was wearing all of the equipment that he had, because why wouldn't he with certain... societal complications thrust upon him? People mostly kept their distance, but he was always expecting a sneak attack at any moment. Thus, the only thing kept in his Pocket Dimension Ring was his bow, ready to be unleashed at a moment's notice.

The church appeared more imposing than usual, yet still so welcoming. It was like a looming shadow that politely asked for its victim to take a step forward. In that regard, the man standing out front felt hollow for some reason. More imposing... than usual? Have I been here before? No, I... I think I was., he'd think to himself, clutching at his head for a moment.

After that pause, and assuming nothing else would happen, Tomoe would take his steps forward and enter the church. However, immediately upon entering, he felt his blood rush when he saw somebody on the other side of the room. He'd made no effort to enter this place quietly when opening the doors, either, so it stood to reason that the individual would quickly notice him as well. "Uh, hey. It hasn't been so long, has it? What's goin' on with you?", Tomoe would say in a casual tone, waving towards Masami. He'd take a few steps forward, allowing the church doors to close behind him while still looking towards Masami. At the moment, at least, the cultist didn't seem to possess any malice, strangely. He also made it obvious that he didn't expect to see Masami here in the first place, and thus wasn't actively pursuing him.

The Joyan's head was filled with thoughts that only grew louder and more incomprehensible as time passed. It was as if reality was glitching, even though Tomoe knew how impossible that sounded. He clutched at his collar, loosening it somewhat to allow more room to breathe. The room wasn't hot, but it felt as if he could burn to ash at any moment, and he still had no idea as to why.

"This is one of the houses Illumin kicks her feet up in, eh? One of the places where her little dogs beg for treats and act in the name of love? The dogs whose knights were responsible for almost ending the world once and for all... what a joke.", Tomoe started after regaining his composure, standing tall while looking at Masami. "But we're both Joyan, yeah? So what's it matter to us? I'm guessin' you have a reason to be here that has nothin' to do with praising this false god?"


Strength: 466 (436 + 30 [Elder Hunter's Coat])

  • 2x S-rank damage

Speed: 285 (175 + 30 [Elder Hunter's Coat] + 80 [Moon Aura])

  • 17.5 m/s lunge | 35 m/s run

Constitution: 190 (110 + 60 [Jaan Earrings] + 20 [Soul Ether])

  • -/4x S-rank | 7 post run duration | 3 lunges per post

Endurance: 140

  • 2x S-rank pain tolerance

Intelligence: 1

  • 0% mana reduction



Aura: Moon Aura
Weapon: Rama's Bow Unequipped
Head: Black Plague -/1x S
Body: Elder Hunter's Coat -/2x S
Cape: Ormus' Hundred Hoods Indestructible
Earrings: Jaan Earrings Indestructible
Ring: Pocket Dimension Ring -/1x A
Relic: Soul Ether -/1x S
Companion: Winged Lemur -/1x A
Mount: Pegasus


Mana: 8,325/8,325


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In an instant, shockwave flashed and covered Masami's skin. This wasn't the first time it happened – such uncomfortable reaction to such a surprising act. Looking so startled had always made Masami uncomfortable; he dropped what he was holding as well, the holy grail rolled off of its' container. If only Masami didn't contain himself, then just like the holy grail, he'd have magical energy flowing out of him without his control. In front of him was his old guildmaster, acting as if nothing had happened between him and the guild—between him and Masami, himself. Crap, why is he here? it should've been a fortunate aspect – Tomoe was not in his chaotic state. Masami should have been in relief, yet he had felt nothing but discomfort. It was as if neither he nor his demon soul knew if they should be afraid.

Of course, fear is never a choice. However, for a person who'd like to feel certain emotions at its' most accurate presentation, trying to act as if he was completely unbothered had become such an intermediate level. Masami's eyes did not know where to look; should he check for weapons first?—any escape routes?—what is Tomoe's stance? It was as if Masami was brought back to level one of magical prowess: the level where emotional sensitivity is nonexistent.

After finishing Tomoe speak, Masami left him unanswered, bringing the holy grail back to him through magic. For the sake of respecting whatever symbol this holy grail offers, Masami leaves it untouched, safely bringing it back to its' container. "It's just a delivery request..." Masami knew that he didn't need to explain himself to Tomoe, mainly because they are no longer master and student, but it was also because it was Masami's task to eliminate criminals such as Tomoe—whom is way too barbaric for the young boy to comprehend. The taste of pretending (as if nothing had happened) was not leaving a taste in Masami's lips. He thought that it would have been better if it was at least bitterness, except, there was completely none. "Why are you here, then?" changing his body's direction, Masami acts completely disinterested and brings the holy grail to the pulpit, leaving it on one spot. Perhaps, to Tomoe, Masami acting passive-aggressive (yet also vaguely defensive) appeals as simply as a kid sulking for not getting what he wanted—apparently, this was the truth.

He questions how self-reliant he was, emotionally. How much does Tomoe bother Masami, and why does it matter? Why can't he simply exceed his reputation's expectations and eliminate Tomoe Tanaka now, for the good of the Rune Knights, and also all of Fiore? As subtle as Masami wants to become, he plays the role of a peasant and stays quiet. This time, he follows his impulses and avoids his ex-guildmaster's gaze.


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#4Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
Tomoe stood there, adjusting the collar on his armor as he watched his former pupil act like a literal child. Only after thinking that did he realize that, in fact, Masami was actually a child. Funny how life worked; perhaps, in the end, life was straightforward and easy in so many magical and inspiring ways. A child was, in the end, a child - only in Masami's case, perhaps one more gifted in magic than most. Despite this amusing revelation, the mad cultist was still stumped. Why, in fact, was he here right now? He simply felt a "pull", as it were, towards this particular spot at this particular time. Sure, Argo had done some quests in this location, but it wasn't as if that were influencing Tomoe. The very idea was laughable - so much so that Tomoe actually did let out a light chuckle, which unprovoked might seem unnerving.


After a moment, assuming no attacks were made, Tomoe looked towards the Masami that was averting his gaze and leaned up against the back of a pew in the church. The plague doctor mask that Tomoe wore had disappeared at this point, absorbed back into his pocket dimension ring, and his expression possessed a furrowed brow and concern in his eyes. He wanted to see the face of his former student - no, his guild mate - no, his friend, and to be seen in response. The man hadn't been one for having many connections in his past, but he did consider his brief time with Masami under the same cause to be something worthwhile. Perhaps tucked away within Penumbral Guard and its quick flicker of ambition, there was something there all along that Tomoe could have cultivated. Maybe in another world, he would have been somebody who was satisfied with just having friendship and striving towards ideals that could never be reached. He'd burned away those chances, but knew that there was still always a part of him that wished that the idealistic approach was one that could truly work.

"I'm here because I wanted to be. Or maybe fate guided my hand, I suppose. Either way, guess I'm here because you are? Of everybody who survived Penumbral Guard's destruction, I'd say you're the one who persevered the longest and succeeded the most.", Tomoe would start, a smirk forming on his features. "But I'm sure you've realized by now that a life of fixin' some old church to a dead deity won't get anybody anywhere. For there to be real change, real evolution in the world, things need changing. For all your advancement in both the magical and the personal, can you really say things have changed in Fiore? In the world?"

Tomoe would stop leaning against the pew, standing up straight, and moving towards Masami slowly. There was no hint of aggression or an intent to kill in his posture and tone, though he would be ready to defend if something happened all of a sudden. The smirk on his face was false, as it hid pain behind it; the pain of somebody who had tried his hardest to overcome his past failings and couldn't. The pain of a man who wanted to believe in the world's potential for good, but couldn't. The pain of a human so despairingly aware of the limits of a single mortal. He saw his full potential and found it to be wanting. There was nothing he could do by himself or even with the help of thousands, to bring the world into a state of harmony. Only through HER and HER alone would the world finally see peace for all. All of this and more, was the implication that one simple failing smirk gave off to somebody who could see through it.

The cultist stopped in front of Masami if he would be allowed to. Looking down at the boy, whether they would meet each other's gaze or not, Tomoe would speak once again before allowing his former pupil to reply.

"This world can't be built on heroes. Can it be built on 'villains'? Can it be built on the whims of a dark goddess with all of her intentions? Nobody has convinced me that it can't. All of the pain and suffering I've caused will be rewarded if people would just allow HER revival. For every death, a new life. For every life, eternal peace and endless, boundless love. Can you see how that would be for the benefit of all? Well? Can you, Masami?!", Tomoe would inquire, ending his rant with a raised voice and a bead of sweat forming on his face, almost unsure where all this passion was coming from all of a sudden.

Maybe he had been tampering with the Ormus hoods too often and their personalities were compromising his own with their own developing needs. Maybe he was frustrated at how utterly alone he felt in the task before him. Maybe...

Maybe he had doubts.


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Alas, not only was Masami cornered by action, he also was cornered with words. When he felt his own thighs touch the table, he swiftly assumed that the only way to escape was to slide sideways, in case the other fellow decided to attack—if, his legs decide not to give up, that was. He's trying to intimidate me... answered Masami within his thoughts, as he did not want to answer the elder. Nothing of Tomoe reminded Masami of anything other than curses – taboos were well-known in the Joyan traditions; cursed individuals are marked as hostile or defiled through the marks upon their skins—that exact tale stood in front of Masami. Unfortunately, the boy was not a shaman—he's a mere performer.

He'd nod, very vaguely, mainly because he indeed slightly agreed that the world "could not be built on heroes," yet is disbelief in Tomoe's morals gave it off to a big disagreement. At the moment, Masami had no interest in anything: not in Tomoe's reasoning, not in his values, not the unseen (the existence of HER) and also not interested in word-playing himself out of this situation. It was as if his fight-or-flight receptors were procrastinating; he was tired of halting in place due to fear, yet was too tired to even run away. Perhaps Tomoe would assume "silence means 'yes'" and take into consideration that Masami agrees with him (although he obviously does not), completely, like a slave who says nothing but "yes," on-and-on. Since he had nothing to say to the tattooed man, Masami tried to lower his head at the same time as Tomoe did, running away at least from gazes. Helpless children were taught not to mind the decisions of adults.

For some odd reason, although Masami believed not of the beliefs if Fiorian men, something inside of him screamed as if Tomoe was blaspheming against the "holy one," although wasn't the soul inside him a devil? Did Devils also believe in these things? There was a rumor that in actuality, ghosts were the ones afraid of humans, because humans had the piece of Illumin (or whoever deity) within them—so, even evil spirits believe in such things. At the same time, worried Masami of the future, a demon soul resided within him and the man in front is the hunter of such souls. Should Masami act as if he had also worshipped HER the whole time? That is, if Lucifer abided by his vessel's will.


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#6Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
At first Tomoe was convinced that he had won a verbal sparring match, but in truth, there was no match in the first place. He'd arrived at this realization after a few beats of silence after he'd finished, Masami clearly distraught and avoiding a conversation about such things. It was typical of children to avoid such discussions, as they weren't exactly the kinds of things people would discuss over jaunty tunes and delicious desserts, but Tomoe assumed Masami to be of a different sort than the average kid. This wasn't a conversation at the moment, it was more like a child listening to an adult's lecture out of fear that it could grow into something much worse if an argument sparked. Was the cultist truly that unnerving? He didn't intend to be, if that were the case. As his golden eyes were downcast towards the young boy, his smile still wide, he knew that he couldn't do anything if he was just being himself.

The crazed cultist wiped the developing bead of sweat off of his brow and took a step away from Masami to allow the boy to compose himself for a moment. Folding his arms, Tomoe then looked towards him once again. "Look at me, Masami. What do you see? Who do you see? Do you see a man possessed by evil? A lunatic? A madman screaming at the sky and praying it responds? In this moment, and answer honestly: what am I, in your eyes?", he would question, wanting an honest answer from the boy who hadn't said a single thing since they'd officially met face to face in this cathedral. "I've killed so many, and not once have I apologized or prayed for their eternal souls. Why would I, when they'll all return when SHE creates the perfect utopia for all those who have ever suffered?

Giving the boy a few moments, Tomoe would sigh. Regardless of the answer, and assuming that he wasn't attacked by now, he would ask an additional question. "And where's that other self from before, hm? Is he just gonna sit this one out, whatever the hell that was from last time? It's clear you ain't alone, but how deep does that rabbit hole go? What could be in there? A spirit? A guardian angel?"

Tomoe would take a step forward again, his golden eyes almost setting ablaze at the third possibility swirling about in his mind. Though, after their last battle, he already knew the true answer. He just needed to spit that treacherous word out of his mouth. A word representing a being so vile and spiteful that the very thought of it caused a tornado of flames to dance in the cultist's eyes as he leaned in towards Masami ever so slightly, peering forward to see if he could spot what he was looking for. The cause of so much of his hatred throughout years of his life.

"A demon?"


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"You're just... using HER as your excuse—an excuse to hide your lunacy, and then saying that you're doing it for HER when in reality—" he took a deep breath, a sudden gesture that was unexpected even for Masami, "Lucifer doesn't want to come out, because to him, you're pathetic, so Lucifer gave up. So, you won't be expecting him anytime soon... perhaps." Masami changed the topic because he believed that the first one was too out-of-place. He sounded like he was going to throw a tantrum by having a sharp tongue, so he despised himself a little for it. Putting only little-by-little fuel to the fire is annoying and might break Tomoe down better—exactly as Lucifer wanted.

Masami raised both of his hands in front of him, just to help gesture the messages he's trying to convey. "To me—I don't know who you are, so I don't see you as anything (anymore). Letting myself become consumed by a demon—to be devoured by something impure—had taught me that it's possible for human beings to use evil for good. Lucifer taught me many things I applied more than you have—like how you use HER as your excuse, I will no longer use 'Tomoe' as my excuse of needing to become a better person." In an instant, flashed right behind Tomoe, Lucifer's world was upside-down when he floated in mid-air. "Hell, I don't even know if I'm a demon or Masami's guardian angel." So, he had both of his palms open towards Tomoe, opening Heaven (as an illusion, as this particular "angel" cannot conjure the works of heavenly bodies). The light of Oakland Church covered Tomoe like a cloak, and so did the vessel Lucifer used.

"As the fallen angel that has achieved the task of guarding the life of a human until his last days in Earthland, I therefore claim the 'divine blessing' in order to become a Seraphim once again – judgment upon the human in front of me." The holy grail Masami had brought to the church had become the conductor of powers – neither Masami nor Lucifer knew that the 'power' the Joyan performer held were merely borrowed from their foe; assuming that it was theirs' since the first place, Lucifer, who was not righteous, and had never been in the first place, attempts to use this condensed power against its' righteous owner – Tomoe "Tanaka" Murakamo.

In the end, as much as Lucifer believed he'd been doing evil, due to pride, had learned how to return things that weren't his own.


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#8Tomoe Tanaka 

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Tomoe Tanaka
They were answers Tomoe expected. Well, mostly, anyway. The part that struck him as surprising was that he was only using HER as an excuse to do what he wanted. He knew it wasn't true, but there was a pang of guilt somewhere in his chest all the same. There was, maybe, a small part of him that bought into that idea. It wasn't enough to sway him even visibly, but it was like an annoying needle prick constantly digging into him as the words echoed across the chapel. He realized his actions came across as lunacy, but in the end, it was all for justice; it was all for HER. There was no more or less to it than that, was there? There couldn't be. In the end, he was on the side of good, even if it didn't seem like it at the moment. Everyone else would understand, in due time.

"Gotcha, gotcha. I get it.", Tomoe would mutter as Masami said what he would, scratching the back of his head and temporarily containing his own ember while Masami talked about being friends with a demon. After another moment, said demon would show himself right in front of Tomoe, and at that point it was almost impossible for the cultist to hold back his inner hatred at this being for simply existing.

This glare intensified when this thing talked of the Seraphim - another being that should be eradicated, or else bring about the end of life on Earthland. Agents of light and darkness alike should be purged, and neither heaven nor hell would be spared in the pursuit of a true utopia for mortals. His eyes, filled with resolve towards the eradication of holy and cursed beings alike from the strongest to the weakest, didn't waver even in the face of an all-consuming light. He felt himself be overtaken by an essence that felt... familiar?

"What?!", he would cry out in surprise.

Tomoe was brought to his knees, but there was no pain. In a moment, visions of his life had flashed before his eyes. Moments of torment like the screams of the innocents he had failed during the demonic incursions. Moments of happiness, like his time among friends of the past. Moments of regret, like the feeling that he had lost his purpose somewhere along the way.

All those and more flooded into him all at once. There wasn't a scratch on him, and as he stood, it was as if he possessed something new. He didn't know what, but it wasn't bad. He looked upon Masami - or Lucifer - and his body began pulsing with a strange light.

"...Seraphim? Get real. Nothing like that belongs here anymore. Demons, angels? Gods? Spirits? Fuck 'em all. Nothing good comes from devoting yourself to any of them, let alone becoming one of them.", he would state, taking a step towards the creature that had just attempted to end his existence. And then another step. The energy pulsing around Tomoe condensed into a clenched fist, and he grit his teeth while making eye-contact with this demon that had gotten too arrogant from going so long with a fully intact jaw.

"Stop cowering, and no more big talk. Let's settle this here and now as man and demon. No judgment other than what we make of ourselves.", Tomoe would continue, cracking his neck from side to side and clenching his magically-charged fist tighter. He wouldn't draw his bow for this, as this was something he needed to take care of personally. His punches could kill the average person, and he wouldn't hold back on somebody who had declared themselves equal to the heavens. "I'm going to eradicate you with everything you've stolen from me, you arrogant nonexistence!"

In a brief instant, the crazed cultist had understood everything. So much time operating without everything that he possibly could, allowing his own power to be split with another. He'd need to pay back that kind of thievery, and it was going to be rough. His golden gaze pierced into Lucifer's own, and after another moment, Tomoe would rush forward and aim to strike the demon with a hook to the left side of the creature's face with his magically-charged fist.


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For some odd reason, Lucifer felt himself hitting the wall, and then meeting the ground, a second after releasing the attack(?) upon Tomoe. Obviously, it backfired, and should have destroyed the whole church by now but...? Everything seemed alright and still in-place; the only acceptable reaction to this is confusion. "No... Masami should've been ready by now!" a spirit with no vessel on its' own can only work through conductors, hence why he made sure that Masami developed well—here in Earthland. What sort of miscalculation created the fault line and made the human incompatible? Was it because he did not worship Illumin, even after bringing him to different churches in Fiore? Or did Masami already contemplate his sinful existence and did not wish to become perfectly pure?Lucifer made sure—he made completely sure that his vessel was ready. What exactly went wrong?

"Shut up!" as Tomoe's words become nothing but blabbers to Lucifer, the pseudo-angel shook its' head and started thinking of reasons—tracing the lines of the places they've been—and finding out where exactly he went wrong; even pulling its' own long hair in frustration. Distracted by the noise the tattooed man has been making as Lucifer decides to become logical, even just this once, it could no longer hold it in and reacted immediately when the human decided he'd give the demon a fist directly at the face. "FOR THE LOVE OF ILLUMIN, CAN'T YOU GIVE ME A MOMENT?!" to burn Oakland Church down—perhaps it does not matter even if the demon, its' vessel, would burn down as well, if it meant throwing the tantrum to discard of Tomoe's life. Such as the demon assumed, directed an attack back to Tomoe in order to counter it, and was struck by complete light—not fire—but light that blinded even Lucifer as it launched itself away. There was no hint of fire.

Then, the demon finally separated itself from its' vessel as an individual being. Masami's unconscious self—as if it peeled off of its' own spirit—had fallen in its' original form, and Lucifer was there on its' own. "Did that attack just... did it completely wipe this kid's magic out?!" shooting a glance towards Tomoe, careless of whatever happens next, Lucifer kneels down and gently slaps the cheeks of its' vessel. "Oi, you—! Wake up! We're not yet finished here!"



Unwise men can only blame others for their own foolishness. Carried the body of the human as the demon kneels down to weep, the screams of a spirit who had never expressed its' affection due to pride (and its' awareness of this trait) filled the church—they were simply waiting for the sunset to completely fall into nighttime, just so Masami could become one with the stars. "In the end... he thought of you... he thought of the emptiest human being and hoped he could change the world," what appeared before Tomoe was the exact same spirit he saw in the hallowed land of mirage, when he had fought Masami in the fields due to the demons' reckless nature. "It's okay, I'm just tired," was what Masami would whisper, groaning quietly. Although it truly was his voice, the body seemed to have already depleted. Parts of his skin burnt into marks—similar to that of Tomoe, a curved symbol marking the boy's left cheek. A part of Lucifer felt certain familiarity, and stared at the boy's golden eyes while they were still open.

"I want to go home now." This was the magic spell he had been praying for. All it took was to recognize where he belonged, and the gods (whoever was these the boy believed in) will bring him back. "The events in this world is too slow... yet time itself too quick. I somehow vividly remember being called for the autumn festival, and then I would perform... and everyone would look at me – those were the happiest moments of my life." The spark in Masami's eyes depleted, and it felt as if he was never there; it felt as if only Lucifer(?) and Tomoe were present in the church.

"Mana, I had a strange dream. I followed /////// in a strange land, and finally made some friends."

All's just a nightmare; Lucifer felt as if wisdom was taken away from him. Who was this boy that was said to have existed in Earthland? "Had he become the stars" as he wished, and had come back home. He recalled being named "Lucillus," thus will use the same name forevermore. Everything had failed, now it was the spirit's time to come back home as well—if only he had one, that was.

"I hate you, so much." Whether it was directed towards Tomoe, Masami or himself, it was the only thing Lucillus could say. "I didn't fulfill my task, after all. I'm a failure 'til the end." He was at least able to swallow a bit of pride and become honest for himself, but the pain of doing so only when he had lost everything may linger until everlasting life.


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