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Port Astera - Something Smells Fishy

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Port Astera - Something Smells Fishy Empty Thu Feb 04, 2021 5:08 am

Something Smells Fishy:
The fishermen haven't been able to bring in as many fish in recent weeks, and they are blaming a creature living out in a nearby cove for scaring away the fish. The husbands and wives of these sailors all believe it is simply the rum having gone to their heads, but one of them still wishes for you to find out why the fish has depleted. Reach the cove, either by sailing out with them or finding your own way, and uncover the mystery of this 'creature'. Perhaps it is true, and there is some evil creature who is scaring away the fish. Or perhaps it is a kind being who enjoys the taste of fish and simply doesn't understand how the ecosystem works. No matter what, bring the fish back.

  • Rank: D-S
  • Words: 500-2500 Words
  • Basic Reward: Base Request Reward
  • Bonus: The user receives an additional 60% of the base Jewel Reward and a bounty or contract if the creature is executed without giving it a chance.
  • Requirements: The user must be in Port Astera.

Quest Conditions

  • Each member of every team must meet the minimum requirements of the difficulty that has been selected i.e. a D-Rank can only complete D-Rank versions of the quests unless they are with a partner or group allowing them to complete a C-Rank quest.

  • Should the user meet the requirements of a certain difficulty, they may automatically participate in lower difficulties.

  • Users may complete up to 2 neutral quests once per week. Refreshing on Monday of the following week.

  • These may be completed alongside regular quests.

Sign-up Template:

[b]Participant(s):[/b] Provide the usernames of all participants.
[b]Rank(s):[/b] Provide the ranks of every participant.
[b]Mission:[/b] Specify the mission type and rank e.g. "Trade Deal - B rank".
[b]Number:[/b] Provide the number of the quest you're on - 1 if you're on the first quest of the week and 2 for the 2nd quest.
Completion Template:

[b]Sign-up:[/b] Link back to your sign-up post.
[b]Mission Link:[/b] Provide the link to your completed quest.
[b]Reward:[/b] Please detail the reward you will be receiving from completion of this quest.
[*]Stat Point Distribution
[*]Bounty/Contract (if applicable)[/list]


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Participant(s): Ramses
Rank(s): C
Mission: Something Smells Fishy C-Eank
Number: 2

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