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Blake Seraph

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#1Blake Seraph 

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Blake Seraph


Name: Blake Seraph

Age: 25 years old. May 21st X765

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Gay

Ethnicity, Father: Stellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Summoner

Race: Nephilim

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Fairy Tail

Tattoo: Crimson Red colored tattoo on the left side of his neck.

Face: Allen Walker - D Gray-man.


Height: 1.85 mts


Hair: Pale blond, almost white.

Eyes: Violet

Overall: Blake is 25 year old Nephilim. He has rather lean body complexion, and he is taller than the average people. He is a little bit shy and clumsy, but he is smiling most of the time. His eyes are kind and soft, and his his hair is pale blond, almost whiteish. Blake is completely cool with all of this, he only wishes he would not have pale skin, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot seem to be able to get a tan. That's the primary reason why he would choose to wear dark tones clothes, to deal a little bit with this insecurity.

Extra: In addition to his guild's tattoo, Blake also has a star like birthmark with some stripes on his upper left side face and left cheek.


Personality: As mentioned before, Blake is as kind as you can tell by looking him in the eye. He is soft when and warm when talking to others, specially to his guildmates. He is  also always there when a mate is in need, Blake has a soft spot for his friends needs so is very uncommon for him to deny a favor when asked. It's as if his very nature constantly requires for him to make good deeds.

He is rather shy and clumsy, not a really great combination, specially when he gets nervous. This traits of personality, often makes him be perceived as childish from his peers. Another reason why most of the people that meets with him for the first time often think he is a lot younger than he is. All of this makes it really difficult for Blake to get an actual boyfriend.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that Blake is a weak, or some scared joke of a mage, simply based on his kind and clumsy personality. He will never doubt to jump into action when is needed. Blake has never run from a fight when comes to protect what is fair and righteous, specially when this involves his dear ones.


  • Angels: Ever since Blake learned that he was blessed with grace from a Seraphim, he developed some sort of obsession towards this legendary beings. He even based his magic around them.
  • Ice Cream: This is Blake's favorite treat ever. It is always a good time to get some ice cream, whether you have been having a shitty day, and it's even better when celebrating a special occasion.


  • Being treated like a kid: Remember how I said that Blake often was perceived as a big child? Well he certainly hates it when it happens.
  • Bullies: Blake is no stranger to being bullied around. Whether it has been about his sexual orientation, or ever since he discovered he was not a complete human being, he has dealt with this sort of situations. Luckily he has somehow accepted all of this, but he can't stand when people gets bullied.


  • Find a Seraphim: Ever since Blake manifested bright golden circles in his eyes when he first used his powers, he has had the need to find a Seraphim. History tells that Seraphims only grant the grace to those with a mission in this world, but apparently, Blake's grace was granted as a toddler. Therefore, he has gone in a quest to find this legendary being to know what's his mission in life.


  • Darkness: Seraphims have been known across time for having the power to eradicate darkness, Nephilims have been known to possess this sort of power too. Blake on the other hand, seems to get really nervous and a little bit scared when in a dark place. He usually manifest a tiny bit of light magic to feel some comfort when having to deal with this kind of situations.
  • Not Being a Nephilim at all: Blake is not so sure whether or not he is a Nephilim, this race hace been known for inflicting some sort of fear to their enemies, and even to be able to transform. But other than the golden circlets on his eyes when using magic, Blake has not manifested any other sign of the so called Grace. The thought of having started this quest in the search of a Seraphim, and finding out that he is only ordinary is terrifying for him.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 1

Speed: 6

Constitution: 4

Endurance: 4

Intelligence: 10


Magic Name: Summoning Magic: Holy Angels

Magic Element: Light

Magic Enhancement: Blind on Hit

Price: 1,000,000J

Description: The spells of the user apply Half-Blind when hitting a target for with their D, C, and B-rank Offensive-type spells. When hitting a target with A and S-rank Offensive-type spells, a Full-Blind will be applied. The blind lasts for 2 posts.

Magic Description: Blake calls upon the sacred beings known as Angels to help him out in the battlefield. He channels holy power in his hands in a prayer like gesture, once he puts them down in the ground, a gold magic circle shall appear near him as he summons his winged warriors. Blake is not a very physically strong mage, but his summons make up for it out there in a fight. Every spell Blake has shall be casted through his Angels.



Born and raised in Stella, Blake was part of a wealthy and religious family, known all over the country, the Seraph. His father, Elliot, was a local, while his mother, Lisa, was originally from Fiore. It was thanks to his mother religious roots that his entire family was raised in the Illuminian doctrine. Stella is known for being a country where different cultures, religions and traditions coexist all together. The mix of all these kind of people, was refreshing and made it possible for Stellans to be a sort of open minded culture. Which made it possible for Blake to come out rather easily as a gay guy to his parents, when he was 15 years old.

Despite of having a sort of open mind culture, there will always be bullies in the world. Blake would know this. The first ones he ever encountered were his schoolmates. He has always been a clumsy kid, which lead to him being the center of the pranks from his classmates. It wasn't until his 12th birthday, that Blake would get be known as the "Cursed kid" of his class.

It was a rainy Tuesday, all the kids were asked to go home after school. Blake was just leaving school, when a couple of his classmates called him out to him. Little did he know that he was going to be a victim of a prank, and little did they know, that they would regret it. "C'me on Blaky" as he was called "Let's go home all together". Blake was a naive kid, back then, and he couldn't be any happier to hang out with those popular kids. They walked a couple of meters away from school, and then -bam- they make Blake trip and land on a mud pond.He could only hear them laugh and joke about it. 'You got a little something on your face Blaky.-" This him pissed off a lot more than they would imagine. The next thing this kids see is how Blake's eyes started glowing as he extended his right arm and shoots a magic light beam. They were knocked down and ran away from the site.

Blake ran back home, not knowing what had just happened, and told everything to his mother while crying on her lap. "Oh my sweet boy" she repeated as stroking his child's hair "I believe it is time for you to know the truth behind your power, and your blond hair-". 'My hair?' Blake was confused about his mother's words. Well he has always been intrigued about the reason why he was the only blond haired kid in his family. Both of his parents and his sister were brunettes, once he asked about this as a younger boy, he was told that his great grandparent used to be blond. That was the reason behind the color of his hair.

"It happened about eleven years old", She started telling her story, "The day you, my sweet sweet boy, died". Blake was shocked, and his heart started to race. [i]"You were born as a very weak and sick baby, healers said that you were not gonna make it past a year. And so.."

That's how Blake learned how his mother's prayers to the Seraphim had saved his life. She went to the church everyday since his birth, and asked for a miracle. Until one night, six months later, se dreamt with the Seraphim. It told her to go take him immediately to the highest mountain in Stella, and wait for sunrise. Blake's father thought she was crazy, as she took the carriage and ran off to the highest mountain she could see, with him on her arms. She stood up there for hours, waiting for the miracle she dreamt about. The sky started to get clear and shiny, she thought the sun was rising. But once Lisa looked up to the skies, almost disappointed by her actions, IT was there. A Seraphim. She could barely look up, she was blinded by the light the being was irradiating. All she could see, was a drop of light coming down to her son, and how his hair turned blonde, almost white, as he received what the ancients know as "Grace".

This story rumbled in Blake's head for years. Was he even a human at this point? Or was he something else? Ancients tell tales about this splendid humans who's actions make them achieved a blessing from the Seraphim. But he was a child when he received it, what great deeds could a toddler achieve in order to be worthy of such grace. He even convinced himself, that what he received, was no grace, but a simple drop of life, a miracle, granted to a mother's prayers and loyalty to the Illuminian. For he had not manifested all this overpower changes a Nephilim was supposed to have, other than his glowing eyes.  

All this questions, made Blake start his journey in search for the Seraphim. He learnt magic in order to protect himself for five years. He was not able to control magic casted directly from his body, it would always go wrong. He tried to channel his magic through objects, but he was so clumsy that he would get injured from time to time. It was until that he learnt that there was a type of magic that would let him summon beings and channel his magic through them, that Blake finally found a light at the end of the tunnel. He could finally star his personal quest.

Blake started traveling around Earthland looking for clues for the Seraphim. Started with the next door kingdom, Ice berg, then he went to Bosco and Seven looking for clues. But with no luck, nobody had ever see a Seraphim in their lives, and some haven't even heard of them. He arrived to the kingdom of Fiore, where he heard of a guild that channel the holy power of fairies, he hopes to find some answers there.

Reference: N/A.

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Hitomi Minamoto
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