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Foot Travel: Baska to the Worth Woodsea

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Foot Travel: Baska to the Worth Woodsea Empty Sun Jan 31, 2021 10:05 am

Ikazuchi was wandering through Baska in order to contact individuals and prepare himself for his departure in the afternoon. He made sure to inform his employers of his absence that could be indefinite. After a discussion with Akushitsuna he decided to follow behind his friend at a later date and rendezvous once he had the chance at a village in the Worth Woodsea. They both felt that the area was the most practical location to gain experience, so they didn’t discuss it for long before the situation was settled.

In the days leading up to Akushitsuna’s date of departure Ikazuchi was able to see his companions steed, a winged horse that was majestic and magical. He could still remember how impressive it was when his companion took him for a short flight around the skies above Baska. It was also at that time that he decided to eventually obtain a mount of his own in the future. If possible, he would like to get something that could also fly.

That thought and feeling was even more apparent as he walked out the gate of Baska. He had packed only the essentials and worn his well-maintained gear, but the long road ahead wasn’t something he looked forward to. Still, he didn’t look back as he made his way to the Worth Woodsea.

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