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Morrigan, Ravanna

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Name: Ravanna Morrigan

Age: 35 | March 29th X755

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Rose Gold, placed directly over her heart.

Face: Lightning Farron – Final Fantasy 13


Height: 5’10”

Weight: 160 lbs.

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Blue

Overall: She has wavy rose pink hair, and light aqua eyes. She is an accomplished combatant, and always favors lose yet durable clothing. She has spent most of her life training and mastering every type of martial art she could. She tends to look bored or annoyed most of the time, but that’s just because she has an excellent poker face. She carries herself with confidence, and possesses an air of nobility. She will almost always be found in casual attire, but can definitely rock a gown if the occasion calls for it. She doesn’t care for the lack of mobility while wearing one though, so she does her best to steer clear of them.

Extra: She possesses a number of small scars all over her body from the battles she has fought over the years. But they’re small enough she can easily cover them with clothing. She only easily reveals these scars to the people she trusts.


Personality: Ravanna is determined, concentrated and independent. Initially, she is cold and standoffish, distancing herself from her companions. She only looks out for herself and doesn't care if others are left behind. Much of her motivation is fueled from what she perceives as failing to protect her little brother when they were younger. His death was the result of a drug deal gone wrong, but it was the corrupt official that had his hands in the underworld that brushed the entire crime under the rug, using his influence and control to pass of her brother’s death as a “Tragic accident”. Her main driving force is revenge, and to see the entire system that tried to hide away her brother’s death burned to the ground.

Ravanna is a true warrior. Despite the burning rage coursing through her as she pursues her goal, she still maintains a sense of honor and respect for her opponents, if they deserve it. She won’t outright kill her enemies unless they are attempting to do the same, and even then, only if they pose a real threat to her or her goal. She doesn’t take pride or joy in killing those weaker than herself, and will only willingly choose to do so if they are the target of a job, or they are truly vile to their core.

Despite her ambitions or goal, Ravanna is actually a very kind person at her core. She will display this trait only to those that she trusts implicitly, or to those who have nothing and have reached rock-bottom. She recognizes that lifeless and hopeless look in their eyes. She will take that moment to show them the shred of kindness they believed no one else in the world possessed, then give them something to strive for. She had discovered personally how powerful having a goal could be.


  • Honor: The most important trait a person can possess in her opinion. She will never sacrifice her honor for anything or anyone. Even when committing crimes, she will never do anything to sully her honor. Every decision she makes, is made with keeping her honor intact.
  • Strength: She used to thing strength wasn’t as important as most other virtues, but came to the realization early on in life, that without the strength to back up your convictions, they were merely words. She could preach all she wanted about how their society was corrupt beyond belief and how they needed to take action, but if she couldn’t at least follow through with her promises, what good was she? She was just another long-winded idealist then.
  • Passion: What good are honor and strength if you have no fire, no passion for your ideals or convictions?


  • Unnecesary Cruelty: She’s not above being cruel, if it’s necessary. Those who are cruel for no other reason than to satisfy their own pathetic desires, will receive nothing but pain from her.
  • Bullies: Her first instinct when encountering a bully is to kill them. But she usually suppresses it and just beats the shit out of them. She doesn’t understand what drives some people to be a bully, and she doesn’t ever think she will.
  • Dishonor: Few things will send her into a rage than watching someone behave dishonorably.


  • Revenge: She will get revenge for her brother. Even if she has to burn the entire country down to the ground to do it.


  • Failure: Her entire life’s goal is to get revenge for her brother’s death. Failure would mean that everything she had done thus far, everything she had went through, would have been for nothing.
  • Weakness: The sense of powerlessness she got when confronted with the fact that there wasn’t anything she could do at the time, when the noble hid the truth about her brother’s death. That was one of the most surreal and terrifying moments of her life. She never wants to feel that weak again.


Strength: 12

Speed: 8

Constitution: 3

Endurance: 3

Intelligence: 4


Magic Name: Inferno

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Enhancement: Mana Burn

Magic Description: A fire magic that specializes in dominating the battlefield with area of effect spells and bombardment. The magic also possesses malleable properties that allow her to manipulate the spells to form physical objects as well. Creating projectiles and weapons for a variety of uses. She can and frequently uses this magic to trap foes before flooding the area with destructive fire magic.


History: Ravanna walks the path of revenge. When she was much younger, her little brother had been killed by some thugs. They were trying to sell drugs to a nearby gang, but the deal went south very quickly. He had been out playing and had been hit by a stray shot of magic while the two gangs were fighting through the alleys nearby. He had only been ten. It took them almost a whole day to find him, eventually finding his body late into the evening. They had immediately went searching for some Rune Knights for help, trying to find out what had happened, but would be met with resistance.

That day, Ravanna learned a very important lesson. There is no justice in this world, only power. The Rune Knights helped them at first, but suddenly one day, they just stopped. They said they could no longer pursue the delinquents responsible for her brother’s death, that it was merely an accident, and nothing could be done. They were given a “Heartfelt apology” and offered a large sum of jewels as “Generous” compensation to help with the funeral costs and to get by in these “Hard times”.

None of them could understand what was going on. Why were they trying to pass this off as nothing more than an accident? The thugs may not have been actively trying to kill her brother, but they were fighting out in the open, attempting to kill each other, with absolutely no regard to the safety of the innocent people around them. This was clearly a murder, and yet, they were acting like an “apology” and some jewels should suffice. And that’s when she learned about the noble, and his relation to one of the delinquents responsible.

Ravanna was thirteen when she realized exactly how corrupt their society was. Their supposed protectors and defenders cared more about the opinions and words of a noble than getting justice for a child’s murder. She swore an oath that day, she would get stronger, then eventually take revenge for her brother’s death. The nobility with their disgusting hands in the criminal underworld, the Rune Knights whom sit idly by while they commit these atrocities, and every single other member of society that excuse this behavior as acceptable and try to pretend they live in a perfect society. They would all pay. Yes. Every single one.


Morrigan, Ravanna Lightning-Returns-Final-Fantasy-XIII

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