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Travel to Oak

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#1Akira Eiji 

Travel to Oak Empty Thu Jan 28, 2021 5:51 pm

Akira Eiji
Akira would sigh, finally being finished with his mission.. It was so boring.. Besides the combat. His feet would continue to step forward, following a stone trailing. In all honesty, Akira was the type of guy who just wants to get ‘shit’ done. He doesn’t like to waste time, and he prefers to just get it done in a good fashion, but, in a quick manner. That’s how he likes it. Nothing wrong with that.. He sighs, continuing to walk. His focus would go over to some animals, honestly just trying to see what they’re doing. Next, his eyes travel to the path, looking down towards his feet. Akira begins to walk faster, speeding up his paste greatly. The blonde male begins to run, trying to make it to Oak as fast as possible. Obviously, he was heading towards the west. He just wanted to get this long walk over with. There was no reason to waste anymore time in this town.. It just seems like a wasteful area for the military. His body would turn, and cross when he’s running. His body begins to sweat a bit, him slightly panting running. He would see something in the distance, as he realizes he was already in Oak.

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