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Checkmate [Quest][Solo]

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Only one party remained of the forces attempting a raid on the newly discovered tomb. Mikajia received one more letter, stating Cain’s associate requesting that you intervene with this raid party, but also making an additional request. Apparently among the group there was a rather mysterious girl. She possessed faintly glowing eyes, and the rest of her party seemed absolutely determined to keep her safe at all costs. According to the letter, Mikajia was to infiltrate this group and during their venture into the tomb, was expected to capture her and turn her over to Cain’s associate. Nothing else was given about why she was special, or why the associate wanted her. But he was actually accustomed to this when dealing with Cain.

So far, the man had always made good on his payment and never asked more of Mikajia then he was capable of doing. So he simply tossed the letter aside, after taking careful note of the descriptions of the raid members once more so he could easily locate them, then got ready and headed out. It didn’t take him long to make it to the location described in the letter; the small raiding party standing ready to receive him.

There were only a handful of them, but Mikajia could tell they were by far the most talented of all the groups that had decided to venture into this tomb. When he approached nearer, he could sense a rather peculiar magic power flowing off of the girl, but made sure not to mention anything about it. Considering even now, when they were just standing around, the other party members were standing so as to keep her from being easily accessed, Mikajia figured if he said anything about it, they would most likely become instantly suspicious of his motives.

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For now, he simply strolled up to the group, smiled politely and introduced himself. They seemed a bit standoffish at first, being polite, but making it obvious they didn’t actually trust him. He inwardly arched a brow, yeah it was true, he was here to ultimately betray them and hand the girl over to Cain’s associate, but they actually had no way of knowing that. Did they really deal with such frequent attempts at the girl’s capture that they were constantly suspicious of every single person that spoke to them? If that was the case, this girl suddenly became a lot more intriguing to him.

Regardless, he kept the smile on his face, and pretended to not notice their behavior towards him. Introductions were made and once he gave them a brake down of his spells and skills, they each took turns informing him of their own abilities. They certainly were a well-rounded group, and it was clear they had a great deal of experience fighting together. However, that also was their greatest weakness. They had spent so long fighting together, that if even one of them was taken out of the equation, their cohesiveness would be destroyed and the group would crumble.

It was honestly going to be exceedingly easy to make sure the rest of the group was killed off. All he had to do was wait for the perfect moment whenever they were engaged with an enemy, and use the distraction to kill off one of them. With their group missing a member, they would be pitifully easy to finish. Then Mikajia would be free to hand over the girl to Cain’s associate. Now, all that was left to do was make sure they encountered a powerful creature in the tomb, which should be easy enough, considering what kinds of creatures he’d encountered so far in this tomb.

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As they entered the tomb, Mikajia could sense that something was a bit different compared to the last few times he had entered this place. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but it almost felt like something, or someone was watching them now, keeping their distance. He had no way of knowing who or what this was, just that the gaze seemed to never leave them as the strolled along. And from what Mikajia could tell, only the girl in the group seemed to also notice. Her eyes kept wandering over the place, as if trying to locate some unseen force.

He made sure not to show that he also could feel this gaze on them, pretending to be as unaware as the rest of their group. Mikajia also started up a simple conversation, trying to keep the group distracted as they wandered along, and started asking them how long they had been working together as a party, and what kind of adventures they had been on. For the most part, his plan worked, however, the first set of creatures they encountered, were far from dangerous, so there was no way Mikajia would be able to take out a member of the party and stay undetected.

They encountered a few other small groups of creatures along the way. Most of them were insignificant and posed no challenge whatsoever. There was one group that seemed like it might pose a challenge, but the group’s teamwork was simply too good for Mikajia to actually do anything. He kept a perfect poker face while fighting the creatures with the group, but inside he was groaning. He was about to say fuck it and just start killing them here and now, to save himself any further frustration, but soon after he started considering it, that’s when things changed.

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As they were dealing with a group of undead skeletons, suddenly, there was a flash and they were all teleported to an arena deep in the lower parts of the tomb. As Mikajia looked around it looked like they were in the middle of some kind of large arena in the middle of a massive forest. Soon after the group arrived in the arena, Mikajia heard a deep voice greeting everyone. As he looked back around, he saw that the voice belonged to a large Lich. And this Lich possessed a level of power that Mikajia had never encountered before in his life.

This had to be him, the associate of Cain’s that he was working for. As the Lich spoke, welcoming them to his arena, Mikajia noticed the girl with the glowing eyes looking like she was going to puke. He figured it was because she was registering the level of magical power the Lich was giving off. Mikajia would probably be doing the same if were even a little weaker than he was now. Mikajia was honestly barely managing to keep a level head while around the Lich as well. He just had to focus on the task ahead of him.

It wouldn’t be too much longer now till this task would be finished. All he had to do now was play along as if he was actually helping this group. And hell, he wouldn’t even need to be the one to land the killing blow on any of them now, as the Lich was certainly powerful enough to kill them all if he actually wanted to. So his job now would simply be to play along and put on a good show for the Lich calling himself Monmo. Just hold out long enough for the Lich to take out one or more of the group, then the task would be all but completely finished.

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The next couple minutes saw the group doing their best against insurmountable odds, to somehow find a way out of an obviously hopeless situation. It was honestly admirable, and Mikajia honestly held nothing but respect for this group, but that didn’t really change anything. He was there to do a job, and that’s precisely what he was going to do. But he supposed he could say it actually changed one thing. Out of respect for the group’s courage to stand tall in the face of such hopeless odds, Mikajia would grant them a swift and painless death. That was a gift in its own right.

Mikajia made sure to at least appear to be helping the group to the best of his abilities. It definitely helped that he knew he didn’t have a chance in hell at actually even hurting the Lich, so he didn’t have to hold anything back. What’s more, the group already made it clear that the mage girl was to be protected at any cost. So it was incredibly easy to make sure that the other members were taken care of by Monmo, and left in tatters on the ground. But only one had actually died so far.

But that didn’t actually make them somehow extra resilient, it just meant that Monmo was sadistic, and allowing them some sense of false hope about their situation. Eventually though, the two remaining members called out to Mikajia, telling him to help the mage girl escape. Her entire goal from joining this group and going on this raid was to make enough money to live peacefully with her siblings, and they wanted her to have that chance more than anything in the world, more than even sparing their own lives. Mikajia nodded, then pretended to help the girl get to safety, fending off multiple undead creatures that came after them.

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Once the mage was well out of range, Mikajia doubled back, making his way into the arena once more. The undead creatures Monmo had summoned parting to let him through. The remaining party members saw this, and simply sat there staring at him, trying to process what exactly was happening. Eventually the other girl started screaming at him, demanding he tell them what had happened with the mage. While she was screaming, Monmo told Mikajia to finish them off. Mikajia nodded, the other two looking between him and the Lich, trying to grasp the full reality of what was happening.

Mikajia told them to not worry, that due to their bravery and courage against such odds, he would grant them a swift and painless death. They didn’t seem to like this answer and shouted in rage as they ran towards him to attack. All of their previous dignity and grace was gone at this point thanks to his betrayal. They were no longer the honorable fighters he’d seen before, now they were simply out for blood. It was very unbecoming of them. But he would stand by his word, and as they attacked, he simply drew his dagger and welcomed the attacks.

Until now, Mikajia had only been using his spells while fighting with them, so neither knew or expected his physical prowess to be so refined, believing he was similar to the mage girl. As such, they heavily underestimated his ability. And that, coupled with the fact they were striking out in anger made them all too easy for Mikajia to defeat. And true to his word, Mikajia made both of their deaths as quick and painless as he could, cleanly snapping the neck of the ranger, and cleanly severing the spinal cord of the heriophant with his dagger.

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With the two lying dead at his feet, Monmo applauded, telling him he really appreciated the show and commending his acting skills. He then told Mikajia that he still wanted the girl, and to make sure to head back as quickly as possible and capture her. Once he had done so, he was to bring her back to him at once. But most importantly, she was to be unharmed. Mikajia nodded, telling him he understood and would be back shortly. With that, he turned and transformed into his full Daemon form, giving him the ability to fly.

He took off, shooting into the sky like a bullet, then soared through the air, quickly closing in on the mage. It had been less than three minutes since he’d helped her escape the arena, so she hadn’t been able to make it very far. Mikajia was able to find her once more in less than a minute, and before she really knew what was happening, knocked her out. He then picked her up and flew back to Monmo. Once Mikajia was back in the arena, he landed and reverted to his humanoid form before setting the unconscious mage on the ground at his feet.

The Lich commended his speedy execution of the task before finally handing over the jewels, telling him he greatly enjoyed this little charade, and hoped they could do it again sometime. Mikajia bowed his head, thanking the Lich for his kind praise and said that he looked forward to assisting him with any requests he may have in the future. He then turned and left the tomb, happy to have finally finished dealing with this tomb. And truth be told, he would be fine with waiting a while before having to re-enter this place. It kind of gave him the creeps.

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