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Patterns [Social]

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#1Griar Tetra 

Patterns [Social] Empty Sat Jan 23, 2021 6:22 am

Griar Tetra
Bustling streets of people surrounded the packed station, filtering up and down the steps side by side as the city of Magnolia continued as it always did. Like a river of colors and shapes moving in a pattern that was unique to the city itself even as the shapes and movements changed, at least for the most part. Such an unbroken pattern stuttered as a new shape entered the streams of people and just like that, all of it was once more real. What had been routine was snapped into the 'new' as the first face climbed onto the streets. Compared to the normal of Magnolia, there was no chance this one would blend in to the crowd even had he tried.

Shoes gleaming lightly on the cobblestone, sleek and pressed pants climbing tall legs into an immaculate dress shirt and vest buttoned and straightened, one hand holding a luggage trunk and the other arm carrying a long coat and scarf, the man's head adorned with a slightly askew hat and light reflecting off glasses that highlighted his purple eyes. With a sharp inhale that shifted the lilac bow tie on his neck the man took in his surroundings, casting his eyes to and fro as he seemed to note, but ultimately ignore, the light stares coming from the area around him. In a place like Magnolia he wasn't necessarily the most out of place person in the world, but he stood out more than enough to make a small scene as people took him in.

Nevermind his companion, whom he was waiting for at the top of the steps.

Magnolia was like a breath of fresh air for Griar as he let himself slowly stretch and take in the sunshine. The sheer volume of people around him was like a refreshing white noise compared to the villages and hamlets he had been crossing through, the promise of a real city reinvigorating him even after what had been a slightly uncomfortable train ride. He could still feel the place on his arm where his companion had gripped him the entire deeply uncomfortable ride and while he hadn't had her reaction, there was still a part of him that didn't like being a passenger on something like that...But it had been worth it! They were here, and Griar's smile couldn't be suppressed as he considered the opportunities ahead of him.

Certainly, a nice hotel with a good bath would be welcome after making due across the countryside and he would certainly enjoy a nice place with some tea, but none of that was what mattered to him...No, Magnolia was no doubt going to be positively bursting with work for the pair of burgeoning wizards, and the thought of making their names here was what had truly inspired this good mood from him. For months now the pair had been traipsing across Fiore proper, fixing minor problems and taking work that others wouldn't even touch with as much gusto and fervor as he could muster. Certainly his partner hadn't complained, she always was much more at home in the less populated areas, but it had only taken a bit of convincing for her to agree to the journey here. They'd made more than enough money to afford the journey and the costs of getting settled down in such a large city, at least enough to make sure they could withstand a week or so of not necessarily bringing in money if for some reason jobs were not forthcoming...

The entire thing, the unknown and exciting prospects ahead of him and the allure of a large city like this, were making Griar incredibly energetic and it was also making him impatient as he dug his heel into the stone anxiously while waiting. A sound behind him, footsteps he recognized, caused him to turn and  look for his traveling partner, adjusting the coat in his hand so he could offer his hand to help her up the last few stairs.

"Finally here. Isn't this so much nicer than that stuffy station? Goodness, after so long on that train just stretching my legs feels like a gift..."


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She'd only seen a large city before just the once, all those years ago on the worst possibly moment of her life, having been taken to the Wood Elves' capitol city within the Enchanted Forest. Within her emotional state she didn't much remember much so seeing Magnolia for the first time had been an absolue delight from the train; perhaps not so much for her companion whose lap she had clamoured atop of to take in the city with an expression of complete excitement and awe. Positively giddy.

A good alternative to the restlessness she had been feeling on the train, not quite comfortable with the mode of transportation her companion had chosen for them. The first part of the journey had been most uncomfortable for Griar, Neenth had his arm in an iron like grip that would make most scorpions jealous by comparison, wrinkling his jacket and otherwise making the journey far more disagreeable than it would have been. At least the moments when she had napped worked out in his favor, her grip lossening on his bicep and falling into a sleep.

The unusual woman was wide awake now, however, having followed her partner from the stationary train and into the station of Magnolia, a quiet anticipation dancing in her eyes and feuling her eccletic presence. As Griar movved forward up the stairs she had been distracted as she looked around at all the different flavor of personage bustling around her, completely oblivious to those gawking after her when she finally realized her sharer had gone ahead of her and bounded off to catch up with him with a flourish of petals that got loose from the flowers adorning her antlers.

Her leather and cloth footwraps helped make the stairs quick work as she caught up with Griar and a his musings, looping one of her arms with his and keeping close. The smile on her face didn't quite mirror his but it was still a happy one nonetheless, nodding her affirmation to his comment. "Nothing beyond the train thus far has been that stuffy to me, the complete lack of flora is always an unsettlng experience... I can feel some life here, so it is not so bad."

#3Griar Tetra 

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Griar Tetra
When she linked her arm with his, Griar's eyes softened and his formerly quiet smile screwed up into a somewhat more warm expression as he met Neenth's eyes, watching her speak for a moment before he turned away. Seeing the excitement in her eyes was just as invigorating for him as the sights of the city itself were, though he didn't really understand why. It was hard to express what she provoked inside him and there wasn't exactly a good time to figure that out right now. They had things to do and a city to explore, after all.

"Why don't we check for a nice place to stay near the park or near the edge of town, then?" he asked, allowing her to weigh in on the decision given how uncomfortable she got when confined to 'civilization' for too long. Griar's only true requirements for a place to stay were 'cheap' and 'had a working shower' at this points, considering their limited funds and his inexperience with the city. They needed someplace to stay, and considering his own low bar for picking it, Neenth's opinion would be the biggest influence.

Before any of that, however, they needed to actually find out where they were going.

With her arm in his Griar stepped forward, guiding Neenth through the crowd that was now dispersing back to their daily routine when it became obvious neither he nor Neenth were going to cause anything particularly interesting to happen. Griar mostly kept them to the main street in front of the station as he kept his eyes open; He was looking for those who'd gotten off the train with them, any direction that a majority of them were going might lead to either a hotel or at least a place where they could ask where that could be found.

Of course, Griar's best laid plans were about to be torn to shreds as they rounded a corner and, internally, the man cursed. There was a crowd gathered around a small building, most sitting around tables and benches with drinks and food, chatting excitedly, while the building itself seemed like it might be worth checking out given it's size and the crowd. That wasn't the problem, really.

The problem was a wagon coming towards them, coming from the other side of the street, which looked to have dozens of animals housed in the back. Griar instinctively looked to Neenth as the wagon came closer, drawn by what looked like a pair of muscular, shaggy furred horses and the wagon's driver guided them to turn down the opposite street of the pair. The animals in the back were numerous, most of them separated by wooden slats into pens of sorts, and visible from the outside. Some of them were completely alien to Griar, and he suspected Neenth would be no more familiar...

Which meant he was going to lose his arm if he wasn't careful right now.

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