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Aspects of Failure (Solo Quest)

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#1Leika Earthe 

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Leika Earthe
Leika headed to Hinoki Theater as that was where her next mission directed her to be. Prancing by her side was her loyal, though small and adorable, Blitzle whom she affectionately named Bolt due to his electrifying personality. Due to her habit of running about naked, Yua had generously donated a few outfits to Leika. Today, the wolf-girl wore a red kimono, while still barefoot as she disliked the way shoes felt on her feet. The kimono had a hole cut into the back of it over her tailbone, just large enough for her tail to go through.

Her Leather Vest was concealed beneath the kimono, her Frayed Huntsman's Cap rested between her two orange wolf ears. Strapped to each thigh, concealed by the kimono, were her two daggers. The kimono had slits up the sides for easy access. Her long orange hair draped elegantly down her back, stopping just above the base of her tail. Her red eyes glanced around nervously at the crowd that had gathered to watch the show as the actors and actresses prepared to take their positions on stage.

According to Yua, all Leika had to do was act as a guard and patrol the area. Her task was to protect the actresses from being potentially harmed or kidnapped by a criminal that had previously threatened them. As the show began, Leika watched with intrigued curiosity. She wondered what the purpose was for such a thing to exist. Her ears twitched a bit and she hugged her tail for comfort as she wasn't used to being among so many people in one place.

Deciding she needed to distance herself, the Demi-human headed outside to begin her patrol there. Surely, the criminal would have to start outside in order to get inside, would he not? It made sense in her mind at the time, at least. She could hear the play taking place within the theater as the music sounded and voices were heard singing and speaking to each other.

Bolt stayed alert as he followed Leika, the two of them diligently searching the outside of the theater. No sign of this Ayakashi character to be seen so far. Perhaps he was bluffing with his threat? Maybe it was a prank or someone only trying to scare them?

Just then loud screams resonated from within the theater. Her ears perked up at the noise as she and Bolt ran back into the theater. In the center of the stage stood a masked man. In each of his arms, he held an actress. The girls looked absolutely terrified as they struggled for their freedom.

Leika's eyes narrowed. This had to be Ayakashi.

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#2Leika Earthe 

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Leika Earthe
It hadn't dawned on the wild wolf-girl that the best plan may have been to lay in wait or even to split up with Bolts and set an ambush. However, it was what it was and this man had not one but two hostages in his grasp. Perhaps his plan was to use one as bait while escaping with the other? Surely he didn't think he could outrun her with both girls occupying his arms! In either case, it also meant he couldn't fight back. At least not yet. Leika, while hidden among the crowd of onlookers, searched the theater for some form of advantage.

Bolt nudged her arm and looked up toward a rope attached to some sandbags. They must be used for the curtains or something, she assumed. She knew nothing of theater, or really of anything human-related that was considered normal. In fact, she rarely spoke unless spoken to as her comprehension of language was far from perfect. Her tail swished as she quickly climbed the rope. Thankfully she didn't weigh much. All those years of neglect came in handy for something, at least. As she reached the top, she walked gracefully along a wooden beam now positioned above Ayakashi.

Down below, mixed in the crowd, Bolt awaited Leika's signal to strike. It was too risky to have the electric zebra do anything, however, as there was a chance of injuring one of the girls. They'd have to do this carefully. As the masked man gloated and monologed down below... the Rogue drew out her daggers and prepared to pounce. It was now or never. Leaping off the beam, Leika landed on the masked man's back, stabbing one dagger into each shoulder and causing him to yell in surprise and in pain from the unexpected backstab assault performed by the young Rogue.

The attack caused him to loosen his grip on the girls allowing them to wiggle free and run away from their captor. "No! You little bitch, you think that you can come in here and ruin my plans?" Ayakashi yelled infuriated as he reached behind himself and grabbed the wolf-girl tossing her over his head where she landed on the stage with a thud. Upon looking down at his attacker, he was surprised to realize it was a girl! A smirk crossed his lips, hidden behind the grinning mask.

"Well, well. If you intend to play the hero... or, I suppose, heroine... of this little story... I suppose I'll just have to take you instead." He approached Leika, laughing maniacally as she glared up at him, scooting backward across the stage to reach her daggers that she had dropped when he threw her.

Bolt wasted no time powering up his Lightning Charge as he realized his friend was in danger. He stomped his hoof and brayed loudly to alert the crowd of onlookers, and they all gasped and stepped aside whispering among themselves as they watched the pony-sized zebra's coat began to glow bright yellow crackling with sparks of electricity. He then charged toward the stage, galloping up the steps in front of him and ramming full-on into Ayakashi sending him flying backward into the wall.

Leika grabbed her daggers and stood up, but before she could do anything else the guards arrived and escorted Ayakashi away in cuffs. The actresses were shaken by the incident, but unharmed. Leika sat out the rest of the play, her ears pricking up as she tried to learn the language spoken. She was always looking to improve her speech, as the more people she encountered the more she realized communication was quite a necessary trait. After the curtain closed, Yua approached Leika and she was paid for her services to the theater.

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Aspects of Failure (Solo Quest) Re05b7827f6d0915b454b47e52dbd19ed?rik=nl96VdRemUpvjA&pid=ImgRaw
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